What’s something you still beat yourself up about sometimes?

What’s something you still beat yourself up about sometimes?


The things I said 12 years ago to someone I loved.




the time i literally beat myself up


Mostly that I didn't understand anything as a child, I didn't understand what people meant, and I beat myself for not asking what others meant or just ask for help to understanding. But in the end I was afraid as a child to ask, but I still beat myself for that. edit(spelling error)


A really cute girl had a crush on me in middle school. I really liked her too but I was the shyest boy ever so I never asked her out. Eventually she got a boyfriend and I felt like a wimp.


that i ignored pain in order to keep playing guitar. that eventually led to me ending up with cts/tendinitis and drastically changing my life.


My heart goes out..That hasn’t happens to me but it’s not unlikely for that to happen to me too, I instinctively get so anxious of falling behind; it’s so easy to forget that slowing down and taking time doesn’t equal to getting worse or useless (for me it’s because of both peer pressure and my own anxiety) and sometimes it can get to the point of despair and unironically not doing anything; maybe this resonates with you and helps you not feel guilty to take care of yourself more in the future💕 Hopefully you’ve found some sort of peace❤️All the best


That I make more than my BF does. I work so much, and only get 2 days off every other week. Since I’m second shift, I don’t get to see him much. And I barely get to spend time in the new house we have.


Hopefully things play out smoother and works out in your favour after this❤️☘️ it sounds somewhat bittersweet at best Take care❤️