Hunches and gut feelings


Karma, the concept that if you do good things, good things will happen and that if you do bad, it will catch up with you. Sadly this is not usually the case most times, although most want to think it is. Life is not always fair.


What they read on reddit


Dead family and friends watching over them


isn’t this part of religion tho?


That life is "real," other people are "real," and others think and feel in similar ways to ourselves.


Gravity and electricity


"One reaps what one sows."


The sun will rise.


A plane will take off and land without crashing


not faith that’s statics


Most People who get on a plane don’t understand how a plane works therefore they couldn’t understand the depths and intricacies of the stats behind it. They just believe it’ll work


by that logic everything we do is based on faith, the faith that the phone will work, the car will run, the tv will turn on…


Pretty much. Our modern world is made up of many highly complex systems that most people won't understand, and in dealing with all this we all just default to the trust we have in the people who build and maintain these systems that things will just "work out," even though we don't really know enough about that ourselves to base that assessment on knowledge and technical know-how. In short, we all act on faith every day.


Yeah that’s my point,collectively hundreds of thousands of people understand a variety of different topics and equipment but you or me? You may know how a plane works but can you build a phone from scratch?,or make a transformer to make your own electricity? Or maybe building your own house? You take a lot more on faith than you realize.


I think there's still a valid argument to be made that what you describe is different from 'faith'. An individual may not know how all the systems in a plane work, but most people will at least be familiar with the basic concept of lift that they're based on, and many people understand the methodologies that underlie the engineering and science involved in constructing planes, transformers, and electricity. I'd argue that having this understanding means that the individual does not have 'faith' that the plane will take off, even if they don't understand every detail of every system. (For individuals that do indeed have no concept of aerodynamic lift, and have zero understanding of the scientific method - then yes, they would be taking it on 'faith'.) To contrast, consider the typical faith involved in things like crystal magic or religion or astrology. These were not developed using a scientific/engineering process. There's no underlying mechanism that people can understand to work. There's no evidence supporting them whatsoever. Believing in things like these is true and pure "belief"/"faith", since there is no chain of understanding based on evidence that can logically result in them being proven correct.


Yeah, the main difference is that for one a man can actually explain to me how it works in detail, for the other the explanation is "trust me bro".


The political opinion they hear about in the community they live in… this could be either the university college community as well as the family community they live in