What's something you're sick of having to explain?

Silicone and latex are two completely different materials.


Silicone and latex are two completely different materials.




That i need time for my self. Like, it's not that I need time away from you. I just need time with me.


If I need free time, that means freedom *from* things, **not** freedom *to do* things. People hear "free" and assume that means they can take it.


This was a BIG fight between my partner and I. He just could not wrap his brain around the fact that I need, NEED to be alone sometimes.


When I see stuff like this it makes me so grateful for my fiancée. She absolutely gets this and will leave me to myself when I need it without question, and in return I get to be a properly functional human and partner to her the rest of the time. Everybody wins.




I wore sunglasses to hospital once because I had the most awful headache - they were the only ones I own and are big, fashion sunglasses. The midwife came in and asked me "ooh, are you famous?" (completely serious) and I said "I just have an awful headache" and she said "ah, that sucks for both of us then". Haha, I liked her.


I am not quite at your level but I absolutely cannot go outside without my sunglasses. I own a couple pairs of Chanel model No. 5183 polarized lens glasses because they are the largest, darkest square lenses I’ve ever found and the price tag was well worth it for something I’ve had on my face several times per day for nearly a decade. When they went out of production I started buying them used on eBay; now they are super hard to find without terrible scratches (like all of mine, sigh), so I’m in the market for a suitable replacement, but this isn’t the point… The *point* is that my eyes are so sensitive to sunlight that it doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy or twilight or even raining; if there’s ANY sunshine, I need glasses. If I’m inside, I need the blinds closed. I am not a hermit or agoraphobic, I’m not depressed, I am just trying to avoid a migraine, thanks.


That the animals in my care are rescues, and that I did not inflict the injuries/illnesses they have on them.


Having this issue with my rescue puppy. She was very very skinny when we got her and we have been playing catch up for a month. We feed her double what the bag says…. Trust me she is fine. We go to the vet often!


The difference between a debit card vs. a credit card. Yea I have to explain this to adults on a daily basis.


My mom gets on to me for using credit for everything, daily purchases, bills, etc. I pay it off monthly and have never paid interest. Just don't spend outside your income. I get cash back, so I actually get paid to use my credit why would I use my debit? Bonus: fraud on you debit card is more inconvenient than fraud on you credit card. The bank will fight harder and quicker to fix their money and you're not out any actual funds in the meantime. I get it though spending on credit can easily get out of control.


Oh man, I didn't get a credit card until I was in my 30s. I had serious debt PTSD from my parents being incredibly irresponsible with credit and loans and my older brother following suit. When I got one, my mom was all up on my ass for being irresponsible and ruining my life. She didn't believe me when I told her my credit score was in the 800s. She said that was impossible if I had more than two credit cards.


You gotta love when people who have terrible debt management skills think they know anything about credit scores.


If you require five years of experience, it isn't entry level






Surrounds and rears are 2 different speaker locations and neither of them go in the ceiling.


Before I got my current job a month ago, I only had about 6 other interviews over the course of 5 months. At most of them the recruiter would always be so confused about why I've lived in so many places and it was so annoying and weird. I was a military kid, my parents moved when I was in college and now I live in a completely different state from them because that's where my fiance ended up. I don't really understand why that's confusing. People move more often now than they ever have.


I never understood why people are confused when you have multiple addresses and live in multiple states, especially as a young person. I always list my permanent address as my parents’ house, but I also have my college address and sometimes even a separate, summer internship address. Why is that so hard to comprehend? Like, do they really expect 20 somethings to just live in one place for the rest of their lives like their parents?


Why I intermittently need a cane and that no- I’m not too young to need a cane.


Like not all wheelchair users are wheelchair bound 100% of the time.


I feel this!


That I can produce quick work, or quality work. You can’t have both. Got sick of explaining this to the same people over and over… so I quit my job and got a better one.


"Quick, Cheap, Good." - You only get two


The iron triangle. Or the conjoined triangles of success.


Red Green color blindness. Now when it comes up instead of playing the “what color is this?” game I have a picture on my phones that illustrates how different color visions see things.


Any chance you can share the picture?


This is the one I use, they all look the same to me other than bottom Right[Picture](https://imgur.com/a/pTyKluZ)


My husband was 50 when he learned cauliflower was not a “green vegetable.”


Are you sure he didn't just think cauliflower and broccoli were the same thing?


Spooky ghost broccoli


My stepdad has this. He says strawberries growing have the exact same colour as their green leaves.


Gardening must be annoying if you have colour blindness. That's how you tell when most red produce is ripe.




My god….. is fucking infuriating honestly . “What color is my shirt?” (Obviously blue) Me: “blue” Other person “hurrrr durrr no!, Is GrEeN hue hue hue”


> hue hue hue *laughs in color vision*


That just because I don't talk to people, doesn't mean I'm lonely. I'm perfectly fine being alone with myself. Alone does not equal lonely.


I'm with you. I got asked by an upbeat, extroverted teacher "why do you act so depressed?? Is it a lifestyle choice or something?" in response to being quiet and ignored by the more popular folk : )


ah yes, the famous **lifestyle choice** of *depression*


That you can be young and still have chronic illnesses/disabilities.


I got into an accident when I was a child and grew up with chronic back and neck pain. I already had terrible migraines before I was ten. The amount of adults around me constantly being like “you’re too young to be in pain”, “you’re too young to get headaches”... like what???


It’s insane. Even if headaches had an age bracket (?), then if they think you were too young to get such headaches, it is therefore a sign that SOMETHING IS WRONG!


Oh the looks I got when I had to use a cane due to a bad leg injury, but not a broken bone… Even had older folks target me to ask for my seat on the subway… like the hell, I can’t stand without being in pain. Like they thought I had the cane for looks.


To be fair, the pimp hat probably throws them off.


I got hit by a car at 17, have been in pain since and I've told by every doctor I've seen that I'm too young to be in pain.


“You got hit by a car, just walk it off you’ll be fine.”


As a teenage skater/moron I broke eight toes by the time I was 17. In my 20's walking is pretty fucking horrible sometimes


Or the "You can't know what's wrong with you. You're a young female, are you sure you're not pregnant?" Yes, I'm sure I'm not pregnant. I've known my body longer than you've studied medicine, now tell me what's wrong with it, because SOMETHING is wrong!


Yeah, and it’s possible to have a stomachache and/or nausea as a woman in “childbearing years” without it being a fucking pregnancy


You seem a bit angry, are you sure you’re not trying to hide that you’re pregnant? I may have majored in Medicine but I’m a bit of a detective.


Ugh, yes. I once made the mistake of explaining to a coworker that I was applying for disability. She (mid-20s, healthy, able-bodied) didn’t get its necessity, its purpose, who it’s meant for. She got upset that some people get money and said that SHE should just get disability instead of working. Like. That’s not how it works. It’s not free money. It’s my consolation prize for having a dying body, you knucklehead.


And really it's not like government disability is a particularly sweet life. IIRC it's like 850 a month to live on. 1200 if you are married. And comes with tons of horrible restrictions. You can easily be on disability and still need food banks and other r assistance.


It’s really not a lot. The amount depends (in the US, anyway) on how many quarters you’ve paid income taxes, so, basically, the younger you are when you’re approved, the lower your monthly payment. Mine is under $800 a month. There’s a limit on how much you’re allowed to earn by working. I’m still WELL under the poverty line with my disability and the money I earn from my 4-hours-a-week job. It’s really like being painted into a corner. Do I need what they give me? Absolutely. Is it anywhere near enough to live a comfortable life, especially considering my high chances of having some expensive medical emergency? Nope.


I used to work for Disney and we worked closely with Give Kids the World children. Among other things, they would get a pass where they could skip the line. I'd have parents complain, saying it must be nice. I wanted to tell them that I can guarantee those parents would gladly wait in line if it meant they had a healthy kid.


Yup, and that taking a nap doesn’t fix chronic fatigue issues.


Yes. Yes. So much yes. Also, I'm not "too young to be tired" or less tired than you because you have kids. Multiple illnesses and meds that include fatigue as a side effect are legit reasons to be very tired.


The amount of times my bald, wheel chaired ass was told kids can't get cancer was unfathomable.


Yes, I can code, but no I can't fix your PC that won't turn on for some reason.


On the flipside, working in IT doesn't mean I can develop your application or design your website


I work IT in a hospital environment. My actual job is turning on ports on the switch for wall jacks that connect to medical equipment. Once I’m on site w medical personnel, they expect me to activate the port, ensure whatever machine I am plugging into works & whatever possible issue they can think of while I’m there. Even when I say no in a polite way they continue. ‘Hey can you figure out why this label printer isn’t working for me?’ ‘I really don’t work with those machines, it would be a different department that can help you with that’ ‘Oh it’s ok, you’re a smart IT guy just take a look’ *I take a look* ‘Yeah I’m not sure about the issue, maybe restart it’ ‘Wow I thought you guys could fix anything’ *me holding in my inner rage* Edit: Most medical personnel/hospital staff are courteous & helpful when I arrive. Like most things, it’s the few that give everyone a bad name. Thanks for my first silver and highest rated comment!


Bring your sick dog to him and ask him if he can fix it for you


Nah, dogs are pretty easy. Bring them a bird.


Had a bird and spent tons on vet bills over a couple years trying to figure it out so can confirm. Ended up being that her immune system essentially stopped working, RIP Cara


In my case, its "Yes, I can code. Yes, I can fix computers I'm sitting in front of. No, I have no idea why you're having all these strange and weird Windows problems because I never have them myself and don't use the same software as you do."


I had a similar situation myself today, they somehow converted all of their Microsoft Office documents and spreadsheets to Microsoft Works (discontinued like 10+ years ago) equivalent formats, then couldn't open them anymore. They were mad I couldn't figure it out and I'm like "sorry I've never seen anyone screw up this badly before?"




why we need to stop planting exotic plant species. Edit: I work in parks.




Nasty bradford trees... every fucking spring the neighborhood smells like hot cum. Who liked these stupid trees so much that they're everywhere?!


I admin a butterfly gardening group. We try to gently explain to newbs that tropical milkweed is horrific for the monarchs, but it’s getting hard. So, I feel this.


Butterfly garden volunteer here, when we explain that there are several different kinds of milkweed people are surprised. It's like tropical is all they have ever heard about. People think because of its name it's native to Florida, it is not.


So legit question. What makes a plant exotic? Like different content like Asia vs South america? Or different region, like the US west coast vs US east coast?


Invasive and non native. My idiot neighbor planted bamboo next to me so now I have bamboo shoots in my yard.


Fuuuuuuck. I had a neighbor do that and over the next 5 years that bamboo went carazy AF and started growing into my back yard, tilting my gazebo and pushing my fence up with it's knotty ass roots. It was impossible to kill the stuff or halt it's growth. I tried everything. Herbicide, gasoline, burning the roots, chainsaw-ing the roots outta the ground, nothing worked. It was all just a temporary fix and then next year the shit would be sprouting right back up. Bamboo is great for many things but it is not great to plant in suburban backyards with limited space. I eventually moved but the stuff was well on its way to growing right back when I left


Clumping bamboo is ok, but runner bamboo, which is what you were dealing with, is not. You can't even plant it in a container because it will escape. What we have here is a battle royale between English ivy that some idiot planted, Himalayan blackberries that some idiot planted, and peppermint. (I have a container of it on my deck and it went to seed and the birds are carrying it around, so I guess I'm the idiot here, but I didn't plant it) It's fun!


*kudzu has entered the chat*


I know you shouldn’t have to pay money for someone else’s stupidity but if you really want to stop it a rhizome barrier will take care of it. Bamboo roots are often quite shallow so it doesn’t have to be especially deep to stop them from spreading into your yard.


I’m with ya bro. I work in forest management


Not all disabilities are visible.


I'm epileptic and I've had people tell me I don't "look" epileptic. Whatever on earth that means.


Don't even get me started on having any neurodivergent diagnosis... "You don't look like you have ADHD" "You don't look autistic" What does an autistic person look like


Their idea of a person with ADHD is a kid running around uncontrollable. Their idea of an autistic person is someone sitting in the corner, rocking endlessly, never speaking a single word. They don't imagine that a person can be more than just a bundle of classic disability traits. They don't get that maybe I do sit in the corner and rock a little sometimes, but that that doesn't prevent me from having a regular job and bills and taxes like everyone else.


Thought I had ADHD at 15 cuz i saw an internet add of like "do you struggle with xyz, abc, efg?" And I went "wow! That's an interesting list of literally all my main personality traits...." So I went to my folks and they said I didnt have it because they had me tested in the 2nd grade when my teacher told my folks they needed to (this teacher was kinda abusive though and didnt like me so it wasnt taken totally to heart). Turns out this test was my mom telling my family doctor what the teacher said, and my doctor saying "she doesn't have ADHD". Got diagnosed at 17 after being hospitalised for being about to kms.... Disability stereotypes are fucking BS. Edit for spelling


Had self esteem and worth issues for most my life. Finally got diagnosed at 30 (harder for females and I had to fight to even get tested). I'm starting to heal from decades of mental anguish. Also finally getting to develop my "toolbox" for dealing with adhd (as well as sensory processing disorder).


It kinda does prevent me from having some of those things, but I still don't "look autistic" lol.


The judgment of people who are definitely not qualified to be weighing in gets so annoying. "Well you look just fine so you don't need X" well you look just fine but you're actually really annoying : )


“Yeah some disabilities are invisible. For example, I didn’t know about yours until you started speaking.”


And when I say I've had enough, I mean it. Let it go, I need to go home, I'm done.


The difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. As a type 1 diabetic, I get asked this all the time or people confuse type 1 with type 2. They’re very different diseases.


My daughter found out she was T1 last Nov aged 13. “No, it’s not her diet, her pancreas no longer produces insulin, but thanks!”


When people say shit like medication is bad you should just try to eat better. And its like you don’t understand I will literally just die


Not diabetic, but have hypothyroidism. Like diabetes you can't cure it, just manage it with meds forever. No amount of special diets or vitamins fixes some things!


My so has type 3c diabetes. We don’t even try to explain it, we just say he got the beetus.


"He got the beetus" I feel bad for laughing at this


When I was pregnant, I had gestational diabetes and my husband would say I have the fetus beetus. It gave me a good laugh for the months, I had to strictly control my diet and avoid all the desserts and carbs I loved!


I didn’t even know there was a third type


There’s also diabetes insipidus. Completely unrelated, other than urinary manifestations, hence the “diabetes”.


there are several different types of diabetes; the most common ones are just type 1, type 2, and gestational. i did a research paper on MODY5 (mature-onset diabetes in the young type-5) in uni and it blew my mind that not only did MODY exist, but *multiple types of MODY exist*. had never heard about it in my life before then.


Same. I'm also type 1. Had a nurse shame me because I was insulin dependent.


Wow. A nurse should be at the top of the list of “should know the difference”. And even at that. No matter if it’s type 1 or 2 you shouldn’t be shamed.


As someone who works with them a lot, nurses are either angels who know their shit, or completely clueless assholes. Absolutely zero in between.


You'd be surprised at how many nurses don't know a lot about diabetes. I am a type 1 diabetic and when I was pregnant, I had to be admitted to the hospital because my protein in my urine was too high. The nurse brought my dinner and said ok, I'll be back in 2 hours to give you insulin. I said no, I need insulin before I eat, not 2 hours later. She said well that's doctor's orders. I told her I'd bolus myself.


“You have diabetes? You don’t look diabetic, you aren’t fat.” makes by blood boil over EVERY time.


My pain, and the things I can and can’t do. Having an invisible disability is annoying. People either think you’re lazy, lying, or a wimp. I even had to file a case with the EEOC against one employer after an interview with a woman who gave me a dressing down, asked me my disability rather than my limits, and told me I’d actually have to *work* and not sit around like those other 5 star hotels. It was a front desk position. All I wanted was a chair. She had me out of the room in less than two minutes after berating me for what she presumed to be laziness and hardly letting me speak at all. I’m not an overly emotional person but I was so shocked that I left the interview crying. It fucking sucks.


It is absolute nonsense. Family member got stuck in a similar loop.


Yes, and I tried to get disability twice. All the doctors they sent me to agreed that I needed it but I was denied. I gave up after that. Hard to find work in a small town with mostly factory jobs but I’m working on it.


Why I cut contact with family. If I say it once that they're toxic and my mental and physical health is better for not being involved with them, do not tell me to rethink it or ask me every few weeks why I still haven't reached out.




Awesome! I'm happy you don't have to deal with her any more. That emotional abuse wears in a person. I've been NC 10 years and am still working on healing. Gah!! "But that's your mom" IDC who it is I'm choosing me and my happiness and safety. Not my loss or problem and 100% not my job to stick around for the fact they brought me into the world. I hope things get easier for you, here's to healing🥂


People always ask me “why aren’t you smiling?” and I can’t stand that I get so annoyed


I sometimes reply with: because I’m relaxed. Most of the time it shuts people up but it’s so annoying… like… I’m not here for your entertainment or whatever, let me be and mind your business.




That my migraines are categorized as Chronic Migraines. I take a lot of medication to get down to 6 month. There is almost always pain rumbling around behind my left eye. So far I' have been told my migraines are because: I had kids too young, because I do not attend church enough, because I am separated, because I work rather than stay home, because I drink coffee, wine and soda, because I am not vegetarian/vegan, because I listen to rock/alternative music, I don't get enough exercise/fresh air/sex. I'm sure there's more, but trying to remember makes my head hurt. Oh but nobody remembers to blame the car accident that gave me actual brain damage.


I get tired of explaining how debilitating migraines are and that it's not "just a headache". They make it so that I literally can not function.


Totally get this one. I have gotten so many of these. I’ve gotten the you eat gluten, you eat chocolate, you had alcohol, you haven’t had kids yet, I’ve even had my mom tell me I should have a kid and try that. I told her fuck no. That’s not a reason to have kids, plus I’d be a single mom with a major disability. Because I pushed through my migraines and am in so much pain all the time I’ve lost vision in one eye. It’s all. So crazy. Migraines suck.


Having to take care of a screaming baby while having a migraine sounds like literal hell.


I used to get so annoyed having to explain to my friends and peers my strict parents not letting me go certain places, or to do basically anything.


Leash laws to dog owners with their dogs off leash and no training / recall


That depression and anxiety take a toll on me more than people realize. I can’t do some things due to it and that’s that. Edit: Thank all of you for sharing your experiences with depression and/or anxiety in my replies. It’s great to see a discussion about how mental health can take a toll on a person and that others need to understand it more. It’s also great knowing that we’re not alone in this. Please, take care of yourself and keep fighting. ❤️


I have high-functioning clinical depression. I can hold down a job and keep myself relatively presentable for it even in the deepest throes of depression, but at the cost of pretty much everything else in my life. And then when I talk about my struggle it's just "But you seem so happy all the time, you can't be depressed!" That's the high functioning part, yo. When I'm not here I'm a miserable mess that can barely get out of bed. It just doesn't compute for most people.


Hell, it doesn't even compute for me when I'm in it sometimes. "I'm probably giving up on myself again for attention, that sounds like something my stupid idiot brain would do. But I'll never let on that I'm just an empty husk, so take that, brain! See, nobody cares! Good job! Fuck you!!"


"What do you have to be depressed about? Look at everything you have compared to other people in the world. I bet some starving person sleeping in the rain cause they got no roof over their head wishes they could be 'depressed' casually" I don't talk with my family about mental issues much anymore




Why I’m deaf. Or how I became deaf. Or having to repeatedly explain that using your mouth to communicate doesn’t work. Edit: I have been getting some insults. Really guys?


Side note then - so what is the polite and respectful way to communicate with a deaf person when you do not know ASL? Ty


Grab your phone and open notes. Go start typing


This^ I had cholesteatoma (inner ear tumor) and was completely deaf in my right ear for two years and lost major hearing in the left. When I regained decent hearing in one ear, I only had ONE ear to use so if I'm on the phone at work, I CAN'T FUCKING HEAR YOU! No need to be an insensitive prick or assume I'm ignoring you. Just because the ear is there, doesn't mean it can hear you...


“Just because the ear is there doesn’t mean it can hear you…” I love this sentence so much


Why we don't have kids. Whether or not we want kids is no one's business, and the fact that we're probably not able to is even less so.


Oh I love explaining this one because it's easy and I enjoy the dumbfounded reactions that follow We don't have kids because we enjoy having disposable income and free time to spend on our hobbies, travel, dining out, going to concerts/live events, hanging out with friends and just living life doing whatever we want whenever we want. "Wow must be nice, better enjoy it while you still can". I mean ya it is and that's why we're intentionally choosing to live this way instead of giving it up to raise kids


And people who will tell you that it's selfish to want to live your life like that. I don't get it. Why would I want to give up what makes me happy? Selfish would be bringing a child into the world that I did not want.


Right? If you told people you don't like going for walks, or playing in the park, or toilet training, or barking but you still want to get like three dogs to ignore they'd call you selfish for doing *that* but go the other way and decide you do don't want kids and...that's selfish? I dunno, I don't get it either.


That would annoy me too. Being born female, I was always told "you'll change your mind" and they'd argue with me about the topic. I got sick of having to explain it, and given that I was just a child at the time, I feel like it's a creepy thing for adults to push onto young girls.


That being neat and organized, or being “germaphobic” does not equal having OCD. ETA: I have OCD. I feel that the misconception I described downplays the mental illness.


Individual with PTSD here and I'm tired of people saying 'that (insert restaurant/movie/place) gave me PTSD' in a joking way. Also hate when people tell me they have PTSD too because (insert random trauma such grandparent illness) trauma is serious but does not always = PTSD. PTSD sucks! I'm afraid to shower because I can't hear, I have to keep all my lights on and I took off all my doors, I'm so exhausted it's not even funny and it's so isolating. : ' - )


The misuse of 'triggered' had also genuinely made it harder to actually communicate information in both casual and medical situations. No this trigger doesn't 'bother' me, it will pull me into a looping hell of flashbacks that won't stop for at LEAST a few hours, but sure, use the term to insult people you disagree with. It wouldn't be such a big issue if there was another word for a 'trigger', but there isn't. It's a very specific, very intense thing and 'bother', 'annoy', 'distress' and 'upset' don't cut it. It's like trying to explain that shellfish will kill you when 'anaphylactic shock' became slang for being slightly winded and no one understood the original term's severity anymore.


I told someone I had PTSD once and they asked where I had served. They legitimately did not think that you can get PTSD from anything other than combat. They then wanted me to describe the most traumatic incident in my life so they could determine if it was as bad as being in combat. I didn't leave my house for 8 months when it first happened. 5 years later and my symptoms are much better. Not gone but not disruptive on a daily level. I hope you can find the solace and peace you deserve.


I was gonna say this. People are always so surprised when I tell them I have OCD and that it tells me people are gonna die if I do certain things. (Magical thinking ocd) there are so many different types and I have a lot. We’d be here all day for me to explain it all in depth and how many insane and terrifying thoughts I have lol! it’s a real and debilitating mental illness and not just being *quirky* and *particular*


Correlation is NOT causation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


- Friend farted at dinner at 7:30 pm EST - Plane crashed in area at exact same moment - Friend must be terrorist Case closed.


And coincidences are often juat that!


That when I say "no" to you asking me to do something for you I mean it.


Being poor isnt always a result of irresponsibility


The logical fallacy of "denying the antecedant." (Basically, "if A then B" ***does not mean*** "if B then A" - it means "if *not* B then *not* A".)


Example: If I ate a whole pizza, I am full. If I am not full, I did not eat whole pizza. If I am full, that does not guarantee that I ate a whole pizza. I could have eaten four tacos. Edit: Thanks for all of the likes and the Wholesome award. Okay, so my taco-to-pizza math is inaccurate, but half of a pizza fills me up, so a whole pizza would most certainly fill me up, and I’m mostly guessing on the tacos, but let’s imagine that they’re homemade and not from Taco Bell. Edit 2: Thanks for the Silvers and Helpful award!


This was the example I needed.


Where are you in life that you have to explain this a lot? I don't get into those kinds of debates very often.


A lot of people just don't understand logic! I loved it in college.


Let the water boil, THEN add spaghetti


Preheat the oven, *then* put in the food. I am so tired of telling my mom this, and inevitably having to guess at how long whatever is in there needs because she put the food in when she turned on the oven.


That I have tried "just talking" Every single person I've seen tells me to "just try talking" or something like it Context: 6 weeks ago on a Wednesday afternoon I started to stutter and 45min later I said my last words, since then I have not uttered a since sound. Not had a stroke and my language skills are still present, I speak and I hear them in my head and nothing comes out of my mouth. Waiting on neuro and speech and language referral but #thanksCovid & politics the hospital has rather long back log


Wishing you a speedy diagnosis


Thank you, currently "perfect husband" as I can't argue back lol


Needa update that username buddy u/doesntspeaksthegeek. All joking aside man, I really hope you get it sorted soon!!


Well I'm glad you're both at the cracking jokes phase!


What a strange thing to have happen. All the best for your recovery.


That classic treatment when you aren’t able to do something: “have you tried just doing it? Like, instead of not doing it, just do it?”


I’m sorry if this sounds insensitive, and I’m sure you’ve already tried it, but I’m really curious to know if you can sing? Sometimes different parts of the brain are affected differently, and singing and talking come from different parts of the brain. I hope you get a full recovery!!


Are you sure you didn’t have a stroke ? Speech language pathologist here that sounds like aphasia or apraxia …have you had a head trauma recently if not A stroke ?


I am an accountant for a private company and have to work extra hours during March and April while we have our financial statements audited. I am tired of having to explain (even to friends) that the reason I’m busy is not because it’s tax season.


Any finance person I know seems to lose the beginning and end of every month due to month close. It seems miserable.


I'm the IT Manager for a small company of 60-70 employees. Where do I even begin - Your computer needing to restart to complete an update isn't an "error" and you don't need to call me to ask what to do - No the random email from "Macrosoft" asking for your password isn't legit, please don't click it or enter your password. - Yourname123! isn't a secure password, for the love of god please change it to something else - Your laptop webcam isn't broken, just slide open the privacy cover - The system isn't slow or laggy, your home internet/Wifi definitely is though and your kids streaming Netflix and downloading games while you're working from home isn't helping.


If I'm out, seeing you, I'm having a good day. I don't leave the house on bad days, sometimes I don't leave my bed. My illness still exists even though I can visit. When I tell you that I can do things for about 4 hours on a good day without conciquences then hang out with you for 8, I am not lying. I am going to have a *BAD* day tomorrow, and probably the next day. Which I am choosing, so I can spend time with you.


Introverted means that you get mentally exhausted around people, but energised when on your own. It DOES NOT mean that you are shy or socially anxious.


I’m introverted and shy and socially anxious!


Exactly. I hate it that so many people think introversion is the same as being shy or not knowing how to interact with people. I'm an introvert, and I can work a room, I love talking to people, and I like teaching and giving presentations. Then I love going home and having some alone time to recharge my batteries. One of my conference tricks was to always go up a day early and spend the time alone at a local museum or taking in the sights by myself. After a full day alone, I was always charged up and ready to shake hands and network.


That I’m deaf in my right ear and have hearing loss to my left, so speak up or go away, like literally people have the audacity to get mad when I ask them to repeat themselves, knowing that I’m deaf. And my job knowing I am deaf puts me on headset to take orders. :/ the odds are against me.


Yes! I have elegant hearing loss, so lots of missing tones, significantly more damage on one side. I've taught myself to read lips *because* people (even people who think they're super allies to ppl with disabilities) get pissed when you ask them to repeat themselves. But you know what's the worse, when people take offense because of things I can't control. I'm slow to the uptake in social situations (especially in busy places filled with white noise), it takes a while for me to catch up. Someone goes from telling jokes to saying their grandma died yesterday, and I'm the asshole for chuckling because I just figured out that last joke. I once had this hideous couple come over to my house, dude literally covering his lips with his hand and mumbling the whole night. Girlfriend says I'm an "insensitive bitch" and was "making fun of him" by telling him that I'm sorry I can't respond because I don't know what you're saying because I'm deaf and you have effectively removed every method I have if understanding you.


Why I don’t really talk, I am so sick of being asked “why are you so quiet” because I just am. I can talk to people and understand social cues but I don’t speak unless I think I’m adding something.


It's even more annoying when you're asked that question by a person who never lets anyone else actually talk in the conversation. Because what are you gonna say "well if you'd shut up for 5 seconds and stop interrupting me I might actually say something" ...because that would be rude....


The appropriate response to this is "why aren't you?"


It's not "Omelette du fromage", it's "Omelette AU fromage".


Goddamn Dexter getting everybody all mixed up.


Just because I have fewer friends than the “normal” range does not mean that I have no friends at all nor do I not have any fulfilling relationships. My parents tease me because I have not nearly as many friends as my brother and it hurts. I have been able to cut off some very toxic “friends” the past few years and my social life, while not as busy, is so much more fulfilling and less debilitating


5G is in the same family of radio frequencies as any other mobile spectrum. You're not walking next to a nuclear reactor if you're near a 5G tower. I'm so tired of that conversation and I wish people just paid more attention in school.


That evolution is simply a change in allele frequency over time and that there is no “end goal”. So many people don’t understand the basic concept but choose not to believe it.


In the same vein, explaining to my dad that theory doesnt just mean "wild fucking guess."


That OCD isn’t just wanting things to be neat and tidy. It’s not fun and it’s not an adjective


For context, my skin is the same color as a brown paper bag. Which SHOULD be irrelevant, but causes people to ask me constantly “WHAT are you?” I’m black. There’s also that weird “guessing game.” Shout out to the dude who asked if I was Muslim??? (That’s…not a race…) I’ve stopped entertaining the question entirely at this point.


My husband deals with this all the time. Once a stranger literally stopped walking, turned around, and loudly asked him “what ARE you”? In what world do people see this as ok? (Also, his mom is adopted. So, he doesn’t officially know. So…..)


You should just reply, “I’m Sherwin Williams 6124”. Or you could go with “I’m [Smoky Topaz, SW 6117](https://shop.samplize.com/products/smokey-topaz-6117-12x12?currency=USD&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google%20Shopping&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIpP70nLnV9gIVrRmtBh1PxwmKEAQYAyABEgIOIPD_BwE)”….which actually sounds like it could be a pornstar or paint color.


I get this too! I'm Mexican American and for some reason that response isn't good enough for people, and they ask for my entire family history. I'm just like I don't know you.


Why I “talk white” I don’t talk white. People can’t talk white. Why do you inherently think black people can’t speak properly


Ugh, I feel this so hard. I became an educator and it only transferred to “oh, you all educated”. …as if that’s a bad thing…?


it's called in-group policing, and can be v damaging and hold people back.


This reminds me of being a teenager on the South Side of Chicago and going to a prep school in OH where I spoke “proper” English at school and slang/hip talk when I came home. I decided that, even though they were going to make fun of me for “talkin’ proper”, at least EVERYBODY understood “the King’s English” and I wouldn’t look like an uncool person whenever I inevitably used outdated slang words!


That my son dying doesn't mean "God needed another angel" or "He's in a better place". Etc...Fuck that. I need him. His place is with me. His mother.




That the “you might have ADHD” tiktok trend is dumb. Also, mental health diagnoses in general are so misunderstood. “I’m happy one second and sad the next. I’m bipolar!” And “I have one compulsive behavior therefore I’m OCD and it’s quirky!”


It *IS* really dumb and drives me up the wall, and I agree with you, as someone with really debilitating ADHD. And yet I struggle with it, because adult ADHD has been really ignored/denied/misunderstood/underdiagnosed. I'm happy to see it get more attention and more people get help. I don't know what to think.


That our tattoo shops body piercer has the day off and how I can’t help you change your jewelry.


How to do my job. I train new employees, and I hate it. I do a great job and do it with a smile because I want good people doing good work. But inside, when I see that I'm training, I have to take a nice long deep breath. And then smile and say hello. Maybe that seems shitty, but they receive good training and I always treat them with respect and kindness.


Perhaps it's the lack of recognition from higher ups that don't follow the procedures you have literally just trained a newbie on? I used to be a trainer at my last job and I swear the entire management would not have been able to run the store properly if everyone else quit. I worked my arse off to train people as thoroughly as possible. And then the managers would come along and just half-arse everything, break health and safety procedures, and just generally fuck up everything.


It's always awkward when my doctors ask me if I have any family history of illnesses. I always have to shrug and tell them that I have no idea. I was adopted as an infant and have no idea who my biological family was or what issues they might have had.


that opinions don’t need to be argued over. someone doesn’t like your favourite TV show? so what? you can’t force them, not everyone is the same. if they were then the world would be a pretty bland area.


I'm sometimes scared to give my opinion on things for reasons like this. I definitely agree with you there :')


Migraines are more than just headaches. And i’m so glad your neighbor’s aunt’s sister’s boyfriend’s mom treats hers with yoga and excedrin, but at some point in 20 years and seven neurologists you must think I’ve tried that. ETA When I say "more than just headaches," yeah, I mean it's not just a bad headache, but I also mean it's not just a headache - it's a whole-body clusterfuck. Nausea, brain fog, chills, fatigue, aphasia, tremor, sensitivity to light and sound, DON'T TOUCH ME, seeing flashing lights, full-body experience. So even when the headache itself isn't crippling, I'm not a real person for days. Also, don't gatekeep migraines. I have them daily, so yeah, I've learned how to live through serious pain. Just because I'm outside or on the internet or at the grocery store doesn't mean I don't really have migraines, Deborah. I just can't spend my entire life lying in a dark room doing nothing, as much as my body might want me to.


I work for an amusement park. You can’t bring your phone onto a ride because if you drop it, it becomes a flying projectile that can cause severe injuries, not because we don’t want you to record the ride and post it online. I don’t care if you post anything, I care that someone’s eye was popped out of its socket after being hit with the phone of the person in front of them