Relax a bit. Nobody else's time line is right for you, and it's ok if you don't have everything you want yet. Just do the best you can, and enjoy the ride


The reality is that your friends and acquaintances are going to start getting into serious relationships, they are going to get married, they are going to start careers and they are going to have kids. Please, don't stress out thinking "oh God I'm falling behind" and that you are some failure because you are still working a retail job after getting your degree (personal experience). It will all make sense one day and I'm not being wishy-washy here. I figured out what I wanted and set my own timeline.


This applies to me. Thank you.


Ya me too, can definitely relate... Currently at my friends' new house wondering whether I'll be able to afford my own some day. Still happy for them tho


Needed to hear this as a stressed out 21 year old. Thank you.


Lol, I need this reminder today. I'm 37. It's a beautiful day, thank you!


35 and right there with you. Trying to learn to be more in the moment.


I did the opposite. Throughout the entirety of my 20's I did nothing but live in the moment. I didn't plan or save for shit. Now I'm 32 and wishing I spent a little more time being proactive, but things are coming together now.




Seconded! I fell into the trap of going right to college out of high school, ended up burning out, flunking out, and working menial bullshit retail jobs for 15 years before I went back to school, got a degree, and started my career in IT. I now own a home, have a wonderful wife, an awesome kid, and a naughty German Shepherd. 10 years ago I had none of those things. Point is, it's never too late to change your life's trajectory. You don't need to have all this shit figured out yet. The unspoken truth is that *none* of us have all this shit figured out, we all just wing it and do the best we can. Im 43 years old now with a 4 year old and Im still just figuring my way through adulting. I still feel like a kid putting on their dads work clothes in the morning most days (imposter syndrome is a bitch), but I take it one day at a time. Anyone that tells you they've got it all figured out no matter how old they are is either lying or a fool. Take time to smell the roses. Do the things that make you happy. Dont let anyone pressure you.


I also needed to hear this as a depressed 21 year old. Thank you for this.


I just can't get rid of the feeling of "staying behind my peers". I want to change fast and now. Wish I could find ease in some hobby or something. All I can do is study, work, and be at the home. I feel like I should have a more active and better life than this. I'll never be 22 again, nobody will grow younger.


I was already in my career at 22. Married. Otherwise “successful.” But lemme tell you. 10 years later, 2 divorces deep, and just restarting at a new job in the same field, I’d give anything to have my twenties be for me. Working a retail job for a couple more years. Having friends to celebrate and celebrate with. I feel like the responsibility of my career overtook my entire youth and now I’m old before my time and very much envious of the “have 6 roommates in a shitty apartment in the city” lifestyle.


They were the best of times , they were the worst of times. But goddamn did we tear some shit up and live to tell about it. RIP to the many friends we've lost along the way.


I'm 33 with young kids and I really envy you for having time to yourself. I got kids when I was 30 and I was still first among my friends. I found a good job at 25 and now I am a very busy specialist in my field. You still have mountains of time. All things will come. Have fun and enjoy the present. If you need a hobby I've found enormous joy in playing bass.


Thank you! I'm 23 and older people keep telling me I'm running out of time, that I need to go to college or hurry up and get a career, hurry up and get my license, hurry up and buy a house. And people have been saying these things even when I was in high school. I always feel like my childhood was rushed because people kept telling me to grow up and I had to lose so much in life because of it.


I’m 52, and am reinventing my life. My life needs a makeover. I’m moving across country with few plans, and will figure it out. You have time. The people saying that you are running out of time are projecting their fears and anxieties on to you. Yes, at this age, there are certain practical things I wish I had done around finances but eh, I wasn’t ready then. I was a mess.


My biggest problem in life is that I typically don't move unless I'm pushed. I do go at life at my own speed, but on the downside is I ended up spending the later half of my twenties getting upset because I was working a crap job with crap pay. I'm in my thirties now and just got a sweet full time job with decent pay and is *way* less stressful. And I get along well with my coworkers. Definitely take it easy and enjoy the ride, looking back I was still young and shouldn't have been so stressed out looking at others when I was only like 20. I went to a pretty well-off high school so plenty if my classmates almost immediately got really prestigious jobs and didn't wait to tell everyone about it. But it's important to keep moving.


Time speeds up. Think interstellar. 10 years in 40s feels like 5 years in 20s.


It's annoying how many of the cliches are coming true along these lines. I feel like I blinked at age 26 or so and now I'm suddenly approaching 40. I was recently talking with an elderly family friend who is approaching *80* and she said that she still basically remembers/feels like she's in her 20s in some ways, insofar as certain personality traits are concerned anyway. Weird thing to process. There is also that middle age threshold (and source of many a mid-life crisis) where it starts to sink in that you'll never be young again. That you may still have youthfulness or feelings of youth but you won't actually ever be young again and that can be a doozy to process as well. One way to mitigate the time dilation feeling a *bit* though is to always keep exploring and trying new things and putting yourself out there and embracing change and a certain amount of volatility. It's when you get too set on a particular routine or sense of "okay this is who I am and what I do" that the feeling really intensifies.


Im 28 and I can relate to the second paragraph. Probably should follow some of your suggestions!


This. I'm 34 and starting taking improv classes. Gets me out of my comfort zone and makes me feel less old.


That sounds like a lot of fun, I hope you're having a blast with it.


28-34 passed in what felt like a year and a half.


I'm 32 and I feel like I lost my late 20s. I really feel like 26 was two years ago.


Pfffft, 25-47 passed in what felt like 3 years.


25-52 passed in a… wait. I’m 58


Quit smoking (I quit smoking thanks to the patch)


Don't start smoking


But start sucking.




Decent reply. Second Place. Silver.


Well somebody needs to get 1st or 3rd then right?


Dude....i wasnt expecting someone to give me a silver So thank you so much for the silver




Nobody gives a real shit about YOU. By that I mean whatever happens with you over your life will matter to people inside your close social circle. You'll stress nights over nights about what your Boss thinks, what your teacher thinks, how what you did last week will follow you for the rest of your life. We are not Johnny Depp, and 10 seconds after leaving no one will have a thought for you until they need you again. I might seem a bit pessimistic, but don't go hurting yourself in the long run for things you'll eventually find out won't matter. And I'll finish at that, YOU decide what matters!


And this can actually be a relief. Nobody thinks about you as much as you think they do. Stop stressing about what people thought about this report, or this mistake, or this question, etc. They don’t think about it so don’t stress!


People are often more pre-occupied over what's going on in their life, that doesn't involve you at all, to be thinking about you in that moment.


Great advice. It's taken me decades to realize how these things don't matter to anyone. In the last few months I've gotten my anxiety under much better control and I no longer stress what my boss thinks or things like that. Thank goodness ETA we are always teaching our kid that when you're older no one will be able to advocate for you but you. Better practice now


You're not old when your 25. You're not old when you're 29. 30 only seems old, because you viewed it as old when you were young. Don't tell yourself that you failed to live out your dreams at 30. You fail to live out your dreams when you stop chasing them. You don't need to do anything important by the time your 30. In fact, a lot of people have to figure out how to be an adult throughout their 20s and then get started doing what they need to in their 30s.


I second this message to my younger self. Unbelievably, things really came together at 32.


I'm 32 and my life is finally coming together.


32 here and finally making sense of things, at last. Who knew meditation and funny portobellos would help so much


Funny portobellos LMAO


wtf is a funny portobello


What happens when your life comes together? I'm starting to feel it happening at 28, still got a good way to go, but I'm anxious that when it does come together...what's next? You spend so long building and then what?


What happened at 32?!


No one loves you when you're dyslexic and 32


Made my day, sir


33 (34 in a few days) here. From 30 to now, I have made bigger strides than in my 20s. Met my husband when I was a month shy of my 31st birthday, going back to school for Medical coding, got married, switched roles (Work at Disney where they pay my tuition) and now I have more freedom. Things are slowly coming together. I’m complaining at my life now but 5 years ago if I saw myself, I would be very happy.


Same. I didn't even go back to college until 26. Fast forward to 34 and I just finished my Masters degree and have a job at one of the largest companies in the world.


> largest companies in the world. McDonalds


Lol no it's an engineering company


I'm 26 and needed to hear (or read) this today, and I'm still figuring things out. Thankyou!


I'm 33. Once you figure one thing out, there's always another thing to figure out. It is the nature of life.


This is such a good reminder, one I have to constantly give myself. I work in tech, where 25 year old founders are held up as the ideal everyone should aspire to. In reality, the most successful founders [average over 40 when they start](https://www.statista.com/statistics/1220545/founder-age-startups-usa/), which tells a very different story. The lesson is probably true for most/almost all fields: life goals can take a lifetime to achieve and are no less impressive if they come later.


Never stop learning. Learn your rights. Learn your limits. Learn to accept who you are. Learn to be good to yourself.


30 was the first year I felt like an adult. I loved my 30's.


Feeling this at 28 right now. I've never been this old before, and I'll never be this young again. Just trying to honor the mistakes I've made moving forward so that I can continue to learn and grow as a person. It's really all we can do, and I know from doing soul searching lately that this feeling is almost universal, and there is real solace in that.


I just turned 25 and needed to hear that thank you


I came across a thread the other day where someone pompously stated “if you haven’t already made progress on your life’s goals by the time you’re 25, it’s over for you. It’s too late.” No perspective could be more damaging. Success is never guaranteed, but in order to succeed, you need three key ingredients: (1) patience, (2) eagerness, and (3) the belief that what you’re doing is valuable and worth your time. If you truly believe your opportunities are over in your 20’s, you’ve cemented your own destiny. Whatever you do, do not fall into that trap, and *never* let anyone else push you in. edit: for context I spent years of my life trying to be an artist. Gave up at 27, had literally no plans or backup. Fell into a deep depression. Managed to force myself to learn how to code (not for money but because I discovered it and genuinely enjoyed it). Now I’m the CTO of a startup and living a very successful and happy life.


Yes. I am 40 and wish I realized in my twenties just how young I was. I was a practicing attorney by 25 and got married at 32. I was widowed at 35 and ended up leaving my law career. Facing starting over was SO daunting because I thought I was too old: too old to begin a new career and too old to find love again. I wasted a year or so feeling sorry for myself and wallowing in depression. I was so incredibly wrong. I will turn 41 this year. Last year, I finished my masters and became a licensed therapist. I also got engaged to a wonderful man and moved to the mountains. I have an entirely new life and am getting to start again. You are not old. You are not washed up. You are not less deserving than people younger than you. Find a career path you enjoy, date, make friends, travel. Don’t let any reservations about age slow you down.


This is true. I too gave up art at 27 and thought I'd never succeed because I wasn't making money. I wasn't making money off of painting, but I'm starting up a custom cosplay buisness that this town needs.


I *started* an art life at 27. I mean, I've been working freelance since early 20s for pittance, but at 27 I went to study. I'm presently working with an esteemed screenwriter in my country, I'm making concept art for him *and* I scored a pretty solid internship which is particularly nice because those dudes are my friends from when we were teens. I'm graduating in 2023, at 31. I'm not counting myself a winner yet, but after floundering for so long, *slowly* things are beginning to go right. Only for me to graduate into another major financial crisis. :\] Again.


Yea I thought 25 was a ginormous deal, but honestly it was more like the very beginning of my true adult outlook on life. At 31 I can confirm, yes, life is ruff as an adult. Just my perspective. I think plenty of people have lived much more interesting lives by the age 21 than I have all my years.


This is actually very good advice. Thank you.


The idea that 20s are the fun times before you hit “real” adulthood is not true. Do not feel bad if you are stressed out and thinking you’re doing it wrong. Establishing your path in life is way harder than following the path. Most people I know consider 30s their favorite decade, because you know who you are, what you want, and how to do it.


Your current decade should always be your favorite. Sure HS was great but wait till college. College was fun but your 30s will be better. Etc etc


Take care of your body. Alcoholism is real. Obesity is real. Drug addictions are real. You may feal invincible but it all comes back to haunt you. Quite a few people i grew up with have died in their late 20s and early 30s because they didnt take care of themselves.


Replying to this to tag along with this idea. I cannot stress this enough: **take care of your back.** Lift with your knees and hips and watch some youtube videos on how to properly support your back at the gym. Etc. Etc.


I wrecked my knee in college then let myself go. I pay for it everyday. The weight really makes the knee problem worse, losing weight has been a strugglebut i have lost around 70 lbs and have about 50 more to go to get down below my college playing weight. Its been a struggle exercise is still harsh on my knee so the weight loss has been almost exclusively through diet. Especielly since the gym was closed for a year and a half about a month into my routine. Im speaking from experience dont let yourself go.


Alcoholism is real and it's a bigger problem then what people want to talk about. Seriously, we live in an Alcoholic culture. Having a stressed day? Liquor. Celebrating? Liquor. Open Instagram and see people posting stuff about drinking to celebrate the weekend.


My husband has been sober for almost 2 years and it's the most admirable thing about him. He lost a majority of his friend group but he still says it's the best decision he's ever made. I wish I had his courage.


If alcohol was invented today, that shit would be so illegal. It's absolutely a hard drug. Kills people in withdrawal even. Heroin doesn't even do that (despite heroin being a hell for withdrawal)


I think alcohol and benzodiazepines (Xanax & other drugs) are the only two substances that can kill you from withdrawal.


Stay fit, don't get unfit. It's easy to go one direction, hard to go the other.


To add to this in my early 30s I was working full time while going to graduate school part time and raising a family. In a 2 year period I gained around 60 lbs from the stress alone, and my mental and physical health took a big hit. I’m doing a lot better now, but it took me another 2 years just to drop the weight back down to where I was, and I still don’t feel like I’m as physically fit as I used to be. There’s nothing more discouraging than stepping on the scale and seeing you’ve lost 20 lbs, only to then realize “fuck, I’m still fat.” Don’t let yourself go! Stay in shape and keep that habit up.


Don’t wait. Find a way to do the fun stuff now.


I agree with this. You're not always going to be physically capable. If you find short cuts, take them. Do not rot in a job just to get by - you may be laid off just prior to retirement. There is no loyalty there.


Dude this hits hard. I'm 23 and feel like I'm always postponing fun over lack of money or having to study :/


People say college is the time of your life, but honestly once you get that degree, not having to study constantly frees up a lot of time to do what you want.


Right? Studying takes most of my mental time too


Exercise now. Be in shape, and eat healthier now. It only gets harder. Also, don't compare yourself to others. I was doing that throughout my 20s and it did not help my mental state. We all have our own path. Go down that path as best you can.


Take. Care. Of. Your. Body. 30s hits way harder when you're obese.


This hits hard. In my early to mid 20s, I was in great shape and thought that wouldn't change. Now, I'm in my mid 30s and obese and the older I get, the harder it is to get the motivation to work ad hard as it will take to even get into a healthy weight and BMI. Moderation and exercise please, you really don't want to end up where I have.


65 here. The only true wealth you have (and ever will have) is your health. I'm in good health and older than Steve Jobs was when he died. How much of his $ do you think he would give to be in my position now? See - health is the real wealth. Don't do sports or activities that destroy your body. You will regret it. Protect your back - back issues are sooo common as you get older. Almost everything is melo-drama and never is as bad as it seems. You will have many types of jobs and professions in your life so dont fret if you dont like what you are doing now. It will become a faint memory. Help people but do not expect to be thanked. Perfection is an illusion. You will never be perfect, your life will never be perfect, your loved ones will never be perfect. Stop expecting perfection of yourself and others.


Maintain your friendships.


I'm single and wish I had maintained acquaintances just so I'd have a better chance at meeting someone through someone. Online dating is so bad lol.


Then I add, learn to make new friends as adults. Kinda the same way as when you’re younger. Find things to do outside the house, not necessarily clubbing or barhopping. If there’s an adult kickball league or board game group or people practicing a foreign language, find one you’re interested in and join up. If there isn’t something interesting going on near you, start something.


Everyone says this but often times it's not really true. I've gone to many of these places, and they often like to isolate their friendships within that activity or they associate you with that activity and only talk to you about said activity. For example: I went to play football with a bunch of guys. I bring up any other topic, they drop it. It's only football. You can still be friends, no worries. But when they talk to you, they associate you with that football thing, and they will only, majority of the time, only talk football. You can have friends who are only interested in one thing. But it becomes dull quick, and when you don't want to.. you don't talk and the friendship dwindles. ​ Also starting something seems like a good idea, but if you start something it's hard to advertise and start up stuff. It's like those people who are like "Oh just go use meetup!" ever been to one of those? It's 99% of the time people usually trying to practice the language, or they just enjoy the activity and go home. I've made a meetup for board games, we have \~ 60 people who are regulars. It's fairly popular. None of them are friends.


Started going to a board game group off of meetup about 5 years ago. Didn’t hang out outside of that setting with anyone there until this year. No one wanted to talk anything but board games either. My point is, friendships take a lot of time and trust building to be able to socialize about random things. Meet up can be great, but if you don’t give the group adequate time and you’re going into it with the expectation of making a best friend in a month then it is only going to disappoint. Find a hobby, be consistent with it, drop your expectations, and be kind. This will eventually make you a friend. I guarantee it.


And don’t maintain toxic friendships


yup, get rid off negative people


Big one. Wish I didn't have to learn the hard way


My main group of friends is six dudes (including me) and we all met/have been friends since first grade. The older I get, the more I realize just how insanely lucky I am and how much I truly cherish those relationships.


I don't have any since I was severely depressed between 18-22. 28 now, all friends from my youth are gone :(


I’m only 22 but I already feel this so fucking hard, I want to reach out to people and talk to them but I don’t know how since I don’t really like texting and most of them have moved away I wish I could just call them and chat to catch up every now and then, but I feel like people don’t like that these days, calling out of the blue feels rude and idk how to initiate anything. So I sit here feeling anxious about how I should be texting or calling people but it just gets weirder the longer I dont :(


How to maintain when have none? Lol


Floss your teeth thoroughly before going to bed!!!


Im very healthy and take care of myself overall, but this is my biggest challenge. Even got a waterpick to make it easier. But still don’t use it because something in my mind just refuses to let me floss my teeth :/


The something that refuses to let you floss your teeth is only you. Just do it bro. Plus waterpik is soooo easy and feels so good. I always get compliments on how clean and healthy my teeth are ever since I bought one & an electric toothbrush.


And wear your retainer :’(


I’ve been wearing mine on and off unfortunately, not sure if I should get fitted for a new one or just put it back on and keep it there


Unfortunately, at 20, I knew it all and blew off all of the good advice I got.


You’re right I’m in my fifties and now I know what I don’t know and it’s overwhelming. If you’re young and you think you know how the world works just wait…


Look after your teeth, very expensive and painful to fix.


It's OK if you still don't know what you want to do in life (e.g. career, family, children...). Don't make any major decisions just because you are pressured into them. Make them when you are 100% sure that's what you want. Start savings account. Even if you contribute a little in the beginning, I promise it will pay off later.


Don't know if I'll articulate this well but here goes. The older you get, the more you realise how ridiculous it is that human beings are expected to make important decisions about the future at a very young age. You're essentially supposed to choose your career when you're 15-18, and at that time you have no idea what you actually want, what you're good at and what will be most fullfilling in the long term. Trust me, you don't. These things come with time. So if you feel like you completely messed up your life and your career/school isn't what you actually want to do in life, it's not the end of the world. You didn't fuck up everything. You just didn't know what you wanted out of life before, and now you do. You can still take action and correct your course.


I've been thinking about this a lot...yeah I made a decision about my career and I'm not quite enjoying it.But I was so young when I made that decision...I can still change.


Get off my lawn!!






I heard that in Nebbercrackers voice lol




Learn to cook.


You're doing okay. You may not feel like that all the time, but you should remember to give yourself credit. Ten years ago you wouldn't be able to handle your life nearly as well as you can now and ten years from now you'll be handling things even better. The bad news is you'll never notice your improvement except on a years long timescale, but you should know its there. Just keep going and don't worry about it so much.


Thanks for that. And we have the same name.


My life at 30 was not great, my life at 40 was awesome. Some are late bloomers and it's fine. Also time flies so enjoy the good moments when they come. Dont miss on important stuff for menial stuff. IE dont skip quality time with your friends who should be there for you in 10 years for spending time at your job for a company that wont know you ever existed once you're out the door.


Wow thanks for saying this. Turned 25 a couple months ago and worrying that I’m so far behind of where I “should” be


Thirties are easier because you generally arent as stressed out as much about your mistakes. 20’s are making mistakes


Feels like I wasted my 20's. Ten years of doing shit.


Doing what you want (even if it's nothing) is never wasted time.


Yeah, depending on how your were raised, your 20s can be rough. All the responsibility of being a grown adult with none of the experience on how to navigate it


It's not like some random dial turns in your brain when you turn 18 where now you are a fully-functioning adult that knows it all. You only get there through life experience and it sucks some boomer parents don't understand this.


Take care of your teeth, they’re not coming back and dental work is expensive.


Quit smoking. Cut back/quit the booze. Take care of your body, Especially your back and your teeth. Open up a savings account. You don’t need the newest piece of a technology every year. Cut any toxic people out of your life.


Welp *casually hits cigarette while typing on new phone*


do everything you want to do as soon as possible and don't say "i will" "in the future" "somewhere down the line" because your 20s go by so quick. from 10-20 it's like every year is a whole different era. like another decade or something. from 20 on up everything goes by so quick, you'll be 30 before you know it. and every year is like the last one so in hindsight it will seem as if it was yesterday from 20 to 30. while from 12 to 15 feels like a few ages so if you want to do something, do it now


While I agree with everyone about start saving money now, I’m going to counter that with this: Enjoy yourself. You work hard, you pay bills and you tuck a little bit away for a rainy day. DO NOT forget to smell the roses. Got your eye on something silly but it’s well within a reasonable little spend? Go for it! Big difference between recklessly blowing money and treating yourself when you can here and there. Make sure not to cross the line.


You have all the time in the world. Until you don't


Start good routines / habits now. Save money in a retirement account. Leave it alone once in there. Travel before having kids. Days get long but years get short. Learn the difference between good and bad debt. Learn to say no to family, friends, and your boss.


I agree with all of these, but also want to add that you should travel with kids if you can afford it. Traveling is different with kids, but having kids shouldn't mean travel is over. It's just a different of a pace and you need to make compromises. I can honestly say that I've traveled more now than I did before kids.


Be careful who you make friends with.


Start a savings account, even if your contributions to it are really small at first. Get into the habit.


Take care of your body now! The older you get, the more parts of your body will be easily prone to injury and pain. Especially pinched nerve pain, my god, it hurts!!


Three important tips: 1 - drink LOTS of water 2 - wash your face every night and use moisturizer on your face 3 - exercise These three key items will have u looking younger in your 30s, 40s and beyond.....


Replace washing your face with using sunscreen on terms of importance.


I'm 40 and just found out that my birthday date on my birth certificate was forged. I have absolutely no idea when (exactly) the date I was born. Anywho, as a "40 year old" , my mentality is still the same as it was when I was in my 20s. I just use more logic and keep myself level headed when deciding my choices. I quit drinking completely in my early 30s. I save so much money, headaches, and shenanigans. As you get older, that doesn't mean you need to change who you are as a person just because of your age. Don't follow the mainstream. You do you and you be you. Damn the naysayers.


Do more. Take more risks. Explore the world while you have the energy to do so. Don't play life safe and don't feel compelled to settle or commit to societal pressures while you still have the opportunity to fully explore who you are and what this world has to offer.


How about i don't be afraid to settle and relax. I have no desire to take risks or travel the world. I like my simple life with simple pleasures.


I think combining these two comments boils down to do what you want to do and don't be ashamed of it. If you don't know what you want, then start experimenting and trying new things!


second this


don't be too quick to pursue your success, you don't always have to start young like content creators like mrbeast. take your time when finding your career path, it won't come straight away. i graduated uni at 28 and have had classmates that were in their 40s when they graduated. you're never too old to pursue your dreams


Start saving and invest early


Spend one afternoon, just one, running through the numbers on how your savings could pay off over time. It’s *absurd* how small increments in the beginning wildly change the outcome. You may be young and poor, but you’re rich in life’s most valuable asset - time.


Wow this made me feel better “young and poor but rich in life’s most valuable asset- time” thank you


[http://www.helpfulcalculators.com/compound-interest-calculator](http://www.helpfulcalculators.com/compound-interest-calculator) could cheer you up.


Don't murder anybody. They will find you.


Get the fuck out of that retail/hospitality job. I spent my 20's basically treading water career wise and didn't get my shit together and get a journeyman certification until I was 32. I'd have been in a much better position had I ditched the shitty jobs a decade earlier.


Don’t take yourself too seriously because no one else is going to either.


Brush them tooths.


Please, please please please, stop caring about what everyone else thinks about you and just act in the most moral and kind way you can. Others opinions don’t really matter, outside of your significant other.


You can recover from it. Yes, even from that. The key is finding help. Might be a forum, might be a local support group, might be a large organization. Just do your best.


There’s a difference between a choice and a perceived lack of options: Don’t settle for Mr./Ms. Right Now and lose out on Mr./Ms. Right


20s are for learning, 30s are for earning. Take risks in your 20s! Learn a skill, craft, or find the right job. Perfect it in your 30s. You can make a fuck ton of money in your 30s.


1)You will never be as free as you are right now. Your responsibilities stack with age and you'll have less room in your life for the things you want to do. It's not impossible to travel the world in your 30's or write a book or whatever. It just becomes more difficult. Stop saying "someday", if you can, do it now. 2)In the long run, the easiest way is the hard way. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Things you don't fully address will cost you more time, effort and peace than just embracing the suck and handling it fully. Anything you cut off at the stump will grow back, digging up the roots may be hard, but it's only hard once. 3) If you're good at something, get better at it. Double down on your strengths. So many people try to be well rounded. It may make you better at jeopardy or interesting at parties, but being well rounded doesn't improve your lot in life. The less you have to struggle to maintain, the better quality of life you will have. If you're not wealthy already, you likely trade time for money. The force multiplyer is skill. The more skilled you are at some particular thing, the more valuable your time. Once you nail that down, then round yourself off.


Don't have kids till your 30's. Take the decade for yourself. You don't have to travel if you don't want to but explore your city's different cultures. Meet new people. Check out your city's Meet-up options. So many things to learn about the place you live. Experiment with your sexuality as much as you like but never without the consent of all parties involved. Don't throw yourself in your career. Agree to certain hours and take the rest of your time for yourself. Realise that your behaviour is a reflection of you. How you treat people is being watched. You just never know by who. ALWAYS behave with integrity. Behave in a way that will make the most important person in your life proud of you. Learn to cook. Get into healthy eating and exercise habits now. Make them a priority. Figure out your boundaries and how you want to be treated. The hardest person to stick to the boundaries will be you. But if you don't comprmise them you will hopefully develop full and rich relationship. Find a good therapist. Shop around if you have to. Do the work on yourself so you don't bleed all over friends and family. Get a hobby. Maybe 10. There's never anything wrong with learning.


Save your old toys and video games, you don't know what will go up in value.


Make sure to tell your parents that if they ever plan on tossing out your old toys and video games (it will happen after you graduate high school if not before) PLEASE get them to call you first.


Beanie Babies checking in…


In your 20s, everything that happens seem bigger than they really are. Be patient with yourself. Give time to everything- relationships, school, jobs etc. Things have a way of working themselves out. You are doing great!


Wear sunscreen Stop stressing about shit. If a problem can be solved somehow then don’t worry about it Live for today, the past has gone and the future isn’t here yet Love the people who are always in contact with you Visit your grandparents as often as you can Always use a magnetic drill bit Remember what you have and don’t take it for granted, job, relationship etc Go travel Be open minded If you are in a shit relationship then move on Don’t burn bridges


Drinking is only fun in moderation and some things can’t be managed in moderation. Don’t smoke, vape, or do the really addictive drugs. The curiosity isn’t worth the recovery.


I’m 26 and I literally can’t drink anymore… 2 drinks and I’m guaranteed a headache and stomach issues lol


Ugh this is me. My stomach just makes me pay for it hardcore, there's no way I can get piss drunk, let alone blackout drunk.


Wear earplugs around loud noises. Do yoga.


Your wife will be your best friend first, and your sexy-time partner a distant second. Remember that when you are choosing whom to date.


Get a good primary care doctor and go to them at least once a year for a checkup. When things start going wrong they need a baseline of what's normal to see how off you are.


Your health can deteriorate really quickly. One day you are a normal person, the next you have an autoimmune disease that takes over your entire life. Don't put off doing things you want until you are older. Do it now while you have your health.


Listen. Really listen to what people say and don’t feel the need to be the loudest or most heard.


Keep your circle small and don't care about opinions from those outside of it. Being able to do things on your own and not caring how you think you look to others is one of the most freeing things in the world.


Your 20s and 30s will disappear in a blink of an eye... document EVERYTHING


Embrace who YOU are. Sod societal expectations. Sod what others may say. Take on board the opinions of loved ones but ultimately you need to make decisions for you. I'm in my early thirties and I finally feel that I am embracing me. My twenties may have been different if I had these realisations earlier.


In your 30s, the time dilation really speeds up. It gets harder to alter your life course as a consequence. Focus less on what's coming up day to day, and build a framework to fill in later. If you can do that, when you look up after 5, 10, 15 years, you'll find more goals achieved than you realized instead of finding a desert of half-started ambitions.


Try not to take a loan at your 18 like me, because than you take another and another, im 23 now, drowning in debts, working 30 days in month, 16 hours per day, 2 jobs. Now my life is only work, no fun, no gf, no nothin... Dont ruin your life, dont be like me...


People are mean. Not everyone you call a friend in your 20s will be in your life in your 30s and that’s totally ok and necessary!


Millennials, zoomers, boomers, and every generation for that matter have upsides and downsides. No generation is better than the other, anyone who says different probably is full of themselves.


Popularity isn't everything. If you don't have many. Or any friends. That's okay. You will meet people as you grow and the ones that mean the most will come and stay with you. Even if that's just your future partner.. they will be all you need. Don't feel less valuable for not having lots of people in your life right now


Stop having an age complex. I’m 31. Nothing has changed except I like respect myself so much more. I’m still hot, I dress better, I’ve had experiences, I’m still getting a PhD. There’s no time limit. The time will pass regardless of what you do or don’t do. I hope you make the best of it.


The opposite of the top comment. Do NOT take your time. Use youth to get ahead. It's a BIG advantage. Take action.


You don't need a bunch of friends. Just a couple good ones.


Simplify. Don’t buy stuff. Find something you’re in to and supply it ie. Art, gaming, cooking, reading but don’t buy “stuff.” Clothes. People do not care what you wear. Buy 2 or 3 mix and match tops and bottoms. Have some comfy home and a a couple casual and 1 or 2 dress up outfits. Learn to cook the basics. Boil, steam, pan fry, bake. Stop eating shit. Move. Don’t have to go to the gym. Walk. Shoot hoops. Yoga. Move every day. Read. Read a book a month. Casual at first. Then books meant to improve your understanding of you and others. Invest. In yourself financially. Go to a financial advisor. Read Dave Ramsey. Read someone other than Dave Ramsey. Do a side hustle and bank it. Give religion a try. It’s been around a long time and billions are involved. There IS something good to it. Travel. Now. This is an amazing planet full of amazing people and sights and food and activities. Get a group to split gas and stay in hostels and cheap hotels or camp or sleep in the car. Go. Get over yourself. You are not worthless because of *insert whatever negative thing you think*. You’re old enough now to realize that other people have their own shit to worry about and your weight, acne, background, sexuality, religion, skin color, gender, politics means very little to others and if it does …. Move along. Be kind. People are hurting. It’s not the pandemic or financial situation or the war it’s because they’re human. They were hurting 5 years ago, 20 years ago, 100, 500, 2000 years ago. Life is hard. For everyone. Even the rich. Be generous with your resources: financial, time, knowledge, advice, joy, happiness, energy. To steal from Jordan Peterson: make your bed. Do the minimum to make your space usable and supportive of your physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health. Wash your dishes, take out the trash, wipe the counters, vacuum. You’re not a child. Be you. Don’t waste energy on trying to be something you’re not. You’ll find your “thing” faster and you’ll be more happy and useful. Opportunities will open up because others will see it and want to join you or ask you to join them on endeavors (jobs, relationships, adventures, collaborations) Forgive. Don’t forget. Get rid of anger and hurt with others and yourself. Go to counseling if you need to. Reconcile if you can and it’s safe. If not, avoid them and forgive them and move on. Free your heart. Watch classic movies. They’re social shorthand of the past. Drink water. Hug.


Don’t spend your 20’s secluded from friends/family playing video games. Learn to play in moderation and only after you’ve taken care of your IRL responsibilities. I put myself in a bad place financially and ruined my IRL social life because of a video game addiction. Take care of yourself.


Do yoga. Stop drinking and smoking. Also if something hurts, stop doing it immediately: don't do anything that hurts.


My advice, if you know what you want in life, focus on that goal and make it there no matter who tells you not to. If you don't know what you would like for your future in your 20s that's cool too, most people don't! Don't feel guilty if you just want to travel the world and explore what life has to offer. I am returning to school in my 30s because I don't want to be an accountant anymore, I now know I want to be a child psychologist and thats what I am working towards, my sister, 33 is in school to be a marine biologist. 30s is when your life sort of feels like its all coming together, you are more confident in yourself, you know what you need in life to be happy and you really start to understand the world in a whole new appreciative light.


It's good to enjoy your youth but spend your energy and time wisely for your future. Experiences are great, but choose the right ones. Don't smoke (not too much anyways), don't drink too much, exercise, tell the people you love that you care about them. Start saving + investing when you're young.. no matter how little the amount.


It is ok that you are gay.


Invest money now. As much as you can comfortably afford, and continue monthly contributions.


Do not go into debt. Do not go into debt. If you cannot afford it, it's probably not worth having.


I have my own house, my own car, and a lot of stuff with a bit over 30. But I never truly lived. I worked like a plow ox in my 20s. Don't do it!


Don’t worry, I’m today’s economy we won’t be able to afford a house even if we work three jobs throughout our twenties.


Success and failure are both part of life and neither is permanent.


it's a trap all of it


Save money.


Stop drinking so much


Don't listen to people who tell you what you can't do.


Please live your life to the fullest and stop overthinking.


Do not have children. I think I'm so content in part because of my lack of dependents. Garbage in, garbage out when it comes to food, beverages and anything you put into your body. Do not be defined by your career. Avoid office drama as much as possible. Focus on keeping your side of the street clean: look at the plates of others only to ensure that they have enough. Desire is the root of misery; really try to be grateful for what you have.