John Wayne as Genghis Khan.


That's the second worst. The actual worst miscast is the location that they filmed at. For those who don't know they filmed in an area that was near a sight that was used for nuclear testing. Everyone was told it was safe but most of the cast ended up developing some form of cancer including Wayne himself. Quick edit: Thanks to those that brought up Wayne's smoking habit I'm sure the nuke didn't help but it I'm aware it wasn't the only factor.


41.36% of the cast of that film developed cancer. Sounds terrible, except that 39.5% of all Americans are diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. An actual analysis of the cancer rate would have to be adjusted for the birth years of the cohort. As we have learned to make things like asthma and diabetes manageable, more people live long enough to develop cancer. But overall, the cancer rate on set is not a red flag at all. John Wayne chain smoked, drank to excess, and was overweight. They could have dropped the bomb on his head and it would still be a minor factor in developing cancer.


Charlton Heston as a Mexican Sheriff.


And as a Roman centurion…


"Truly this man was the son of Gaaahd."


I was a religious studies minor in college, I took a class we affectionately called "Jesus 101." We analyzed how Jesus is viewed in different religions, looked at the historical Jesus, and ended with Jesus in pop culture. My professor had a bunch of clips from various movies and TV shows he showed us as we discussed them. He threw this one in for fun, and I still remember how utterly ridiculous he found this one. He replayed it like 4 or 5 times just cracking up the entire time.


the leads in Valerian


They resembled twins and shared the charisma of a single brick.


I was expecting one of them to turn into water and the other to turn into a bucket.


Oh good, I’m not the only one who understands the Wonder Twins definitely boned.


That first scene was so weird. I thought they were siblings or clones - but then he jumps on top of her and they make out.


And then it turns out he's like her boss too? And they don't make out, she rejects him, and he's still super pervy. It's just really creepy.


And this was our main character's only personality and backstory. Without him wanting to fuck her, but him being her boss there would be nothing left in those lifeless characters.


I had an argument once with some guy who was claiming that Valerian is secretly some subversive anti toxic-masculinity movie. But to me it would be like when we first meet John Wick, and he's beating his dog for chewing up his shoes. Then of course later he redeems himself be avenging the dog's death. Why set up your main character as a real piece of shit? He's her boss, she's on break, in her bikini, sunbathing alone, and he completely invades her space and makes a pass at her.


Someone said it well that the leads in Valerian and Passengers should have been switched. I tend to agree.


I thought the story was going to be about rookie agents fresh out of the academy but then they say these guys are hardened vets who have been doing this for a decade. Did they start being agents in kindergarten?


Kind of hilarious if you've seen the BTS stuff. It looks like they are great friends off camera, but on camera, pretty stiff.


Cameron Diaz in Gangs of New York.


She kept fudging her accent. It was awful.


Not fair to cast her opposite Daniel Day Lewis in that role. It was like having the best high school basketball team in your state go up against the 95-96 Bulls. It just made her look worse.


Agreed. I don't think Cameron Diaz is that good of an actress and then to put her up with Daniel Day-Lewis, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Liam Neeson is crazy. There is no way she is going to look good.


Mickey Rooney as a Japanese man in *Breakfast at Tiffany’s*


I think the casting of Mickey Rooney reflects the thought that went into casting the entire film. When I say this, I'm not ripping on Audrey Hepburn or her excellent skills as an actress. I'm saying if you read Breakfast at Tiffany's you would know she is definitely not Holly Golightly. Holly was a farm girl *pretending* to be a socialite. A phony. Audrey is just too genuinely graceful and demure to be thought of as a fake socialite. Paul Varjak is written as very tall dark and handsome. George Peppard is blond and baby faced. Holly's husband Doc was only supposed to be ten years older than her. Buddy Epsen looked ***fucking ancient*** like she married someone's grandfather. Truman Capote, author of the book, *hated* the movie and said it had as much to do with his book as the Rockets had to do with the Bolshoi Ballet.


Capote wrote the book thinking of Marilyn Monroe as the lead. He really didn't like Audrey Hepburn.


It's pretty obvious who he had in mind. A farm girl playing a fake is tailor written for Marylin Monroe. She had two other roles where she already played a phony and it's believable people would just put up with it because she's gorgeous and has interesting character. Rock Hudson would be the obvious choice for Paul. And I heard they originally wanted Slim Pickens to be Doc.


That entire movie is just a huge departure from the novel!


Steven Segal


But you didn't name which mov... oh.


5ft 6in Tom cruise as 6ft 5in Jack Reacher.


If you haven't already check out the 'Reacher' series on Amazon. Alan Ritchson is far superior.


I have, and it's a blast. To be fair to Cruise, the TV Reacher is 8 inches taller and thirty years younger than him, which gives him an unbeatable natural advantage.


I'll give Cruise this- he nailed the quiet, cynical sarcasm of Reacher surprisingly well, given how nuts he usually is.


As awesome as Ritchson was as Reacher, it was still hard to shake the thought that Thad Castle was solving murders.


He's got a lot more time on his hands now after losing Oxana


Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist in The World is Not Enough. The miscasting is so bad, it's mentioned in the opening section of the movie's wikipedia article.


"I thought Christmas only comes once a year" God I hate that they gave her the name "Christmas Jones" for that shitty joke at the end of the film.


Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't she also say right before that line "Don't you want to open your Christmas present? "?


That must be the filthiest Bond joke of all time.


Mine has to be the end of moonraker where he's with the girl under the covers on zero gravity in space in camera, M asks what he's doing and Q, who's only looking at the radar hits out with the line "I believe he's attempting re-entry" [To do it justice](https://youtu.be/nbPzSHVxaRA)




Oh, that's my little octopussy.


There was a brief period in the late 90s when Denise Richards was in everything because she was hot I guess (it certainly wasn't because of her acting skills, that's for sure).


>Denise Richards was in everything because she was hot I guess 13 year old me would like to present the film "Wild Things" as evidence, your honor.


Haha was just about to mention that. That’s the movie that made me hit puberty. Denise Richards + Neve Campbell… good lord.


"Would you like to know more?"


The only good bug, is a dead bug!


Keanu Reeves in dracula. Love the guy, but that was bad.


Yep. I maintain that *Bram Stoker’s Dracula* is the best *Dracula* adaptation we’ve gotten, but Reeves as Jonathan Harker and Winona Ryder as Mina are just…terrible. They’re both fine actors but you’re telling me Coppola couldn’t find two British actors?


He probably wouldn't have been too bad with a decent vocal coach. The accent is really what killed it.


He was in an adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing and god damn. His English accent felt like a Family Guy parody of what a Hollywood actor would think was an "acceptable" accent.


He didn't even try to do an English accent in MUCH ADO. He was trying for an elevated general American accent and failed. Guy had to go to Shakespeare boot camp twice (at Shakespeare and Company in Lenox, MA) and he still sucked. How do I know? I worked for that Shakespeare company for years.


Anthony Hopkins and Tom Waits, on the other hand....




Like I said above (another Terminator: Genisys comment), Jai Courtney not only was terrible in the movie but you're right. No semblance of not only Michael Biehn but not Kyle Reese at all. He wasn't war torn and banged up inside and out.


It was during that whole "Lets make Jai Courtney happen" moment in Hollywood.


They have yet to cast anyone correctly for the role of Storm in any of the X-Men movies. They were both lousy. I am still holding out for Storm to get a solo movie. There is so much potential there.


I have less problems with Halle Berry as Storm than I do with whatever the fuck they decided to do with Anna Paquin and Rogue. Is it too much to ask for a proper 90s cartoon Rogue and Gambit?


Justice for Rogue and Gambit, my all time favorite 90s cartoon characters


It would be really cool if she got tied into BP2 somehow.


Beyonce playing Etta James in Cadillac Records. I honestly think she only got this role because she's well, Beyonce. She looks nothing like Etta, sounds nothing like Etta, and her acting was subpar. Phenomenal singing voice, not the best actress.


Can we add her as Nala in the new Lion King too :( She completely overpowered Simba's va in Can You Feel the Love Tonight.


When I think about Beyonce acting, all I can do is remember the only film I've actually seen her in - Austin Powers: Goldmember. God her acting was so bad in it. Cringey.


This was mine when I read the OG Beyonce comment. I still cringe when I hear "I'm Foxxy Celopatra and I'm a *whole* lot of woman!"


Actually, that was totally on point. She was playing a character directly based on the 1970s Blaxploitation movies, such as "Cleopatra Jones" and "Foxy Brown". That sort of over-the-top acting was par for the course in that genre.


I think they deliberately wanted an actor for all three of the love interests who wasn't exactly Meryl Streep to parody the bond films to a degree...but Liz Hurley and Heather Graham managed to pull off the bond girl energy whilst Beyonce was just...yeah.


>Beyonce playing Etta James Cadillac Records was 2008, and "Ray" had come out in 2004. Jamie Fox hit a home run and won the best actor Oscar, so I can imagine Beyonce seeing that, and thinking that she had an opportunity. However, being a great singing talent does not always translate onto a good acting performance.


Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sully Okay actors; but terribly mismatched with the roles.


I *could* believe Holland as a young Drake, but they really dropped the ball with Wahlberg as Sulley.


Chris O’Donell as Dick Grayson/Robin. Why is Bruce Wayne adopting a full grown adult? It makes no sense.


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Batman Forever, does he actually adopt him in the movie? I assumed it was more of a ‘taking him in after his family was killed which was also his livelihood and also I feel guilty about not preventing it’ kind of thing.




At least Tom Holland looked like a sixteen year old kid despite being in his twenties. O'Donell looked like he was in mid-twenties.


The gas station attendant in[Wayne's World 2.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eWsFFQP0gA)


I know it was a small part, but couldn't they have found someone better?


Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor


Jesse Eisenberg is just Michael Cera with confidence


I read somewhere that Michael Cera seems like the delivery guy that ended up in the set of some production and everyone was like: "... alright" and went with it.


I'll always be mad that they didn't go with Brian Cranston, and older mature measured villain who can put batman and superman against each other. Playing off Bruce's father issues and supes desire to be a goody two shoes. Just...God damn it!


I tried and tried to make Jesse work. I saw the movie at least 3 times. he does not. Luthor is NOT a bumbling ranting mess, he's cool, calm and composed. jesse not only physically does not match but the personality he portrayed did not either. oddly he could been a joker/riddler and that would work


>oddly he could been a joker/riddler and that would work I think that's what they were going for. They wanted another Joker but couldnt do that so soon after Heath Ledger died so they just did Luthor and pretended he was Joker.


I think they were going for the "Zuckerberg/tech billionaire kid" archetype. It could have been an interesting take if the movie itself hadn't been such a shitshow.


Lex Luthor is charismatic and physically impressive. It was such a bad casting.


Probably just nostalgia talking, but Lex Luther, to me, will forever be Michael Rosenbaum.


Gene Hackman


Always will be Gene Hackman. "Miss Teschmacher!!!!!"


Jeff Bezos


All cast of Vietnam War US soldiers- Average age was nineteen. Average age of case in every Vietnam flick- late twenties to early thirties. Totally throws off how young the men were- every scene lost to true meaning of the waste of youth.


Atleast laurence fishburne in Apocalypse Now is accurate


I have to remind myself of this when watching Band of Brothers.




For Brits it was 27, but [more 19 year olds](http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/greatwar/ages-of-the-dead/) were killed than anyone else. It's skewed by much older soldiers.


My grandfather was 18. Only 18 and he had to watch his best friend's head get blown off and other horrific things. Then he had to be the one to escrort the body home to the man's family, and all he got was ridicule from anti-war hippies who seem to have thought that these poor men wanted this. My grandfather still suffers from PTSD, and I was the only one who had the balls to ask him about it and he sat me down because he knew he had to tell someone and I could never describe the pain and the horror on his face. Making it seem like most of the soldiers in Vietnam were over 20 is terrible because most of these soldiers were barely even adults. It's truly terrible.


Sean Connery as Gandalf. Thank fucking God.


In Connery's defense, he personally turned down the role, citing that he "just didn't get it". This... is an honest man.


He turned down Morpheus in 'The Matrix' because he didn't get it, and the movie made money hand over fist. He turned down Gandalf in 'Lord of the Rings' because he didn't get it, and the movie made money hand over fist. So then he decided to take a risk on the next role he didn't 'get,' which is how he wound up playing Alan Quatermain in 'The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.'


To his credit, he was fantastic in that movie.


Connery was a good actor, but he couldn't pick scripts to save his life. Good thing he lucked into Bond.


"You shall naught pash"


lol "... and in the dawknesh bind them!"


Speaking of ... Sean Connery as Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez in Highlander. And they knew it was a miscast, because this is an actual line from the movie: "So, tell me about Scotland, for I know nothing of it, being from Spain myself."


Everyone in Avatar: The Last Airbender


When this movie was in pre-production they did an open casting call in my town. I went and auditioned for the lead part with zero acting experience. I stared at the camera the entire time. The sweet casting director kept stoping and asking me to look at her instead of the camera. Nah, I couldn’t do it! Stared right down that camera unblinkingly the entire time. After 3 tries she said “ok that’s enough. great work.” I genuinely thought that I NAILED it! I still cringe about it today.


We talkin the movie right?


There is no Avatar movie in Ba Sing Se....!


Something something ba sing se. Literally nothing about the movie was good for anything other than memes about suspiciously phallic hairstyles.


Topher Grace as Eddie Brock.


I used to get Topher Grace and Tobey Maguire mixed up all the time, and that movie just made it worse. I subscribe to the theory Grace was cast because he is so similar to Tobey, he would make sense as an evil counterpart.


Every time he was on screen, all I could think about was Red Foreman walking into a scene and calling him a dumbass.


I *adore* Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock though, conversely.


Lol he was great. Loved it when he gets into the aquarium at the restaurant because he is burning up


I’m fine with Jennifer Lawrence, but she is not Mystique. Fair to say the script’s version of the Mystique she portrayed was lame as fuck. Even so, Rebecca Romijn Stamos nailed it and Lawrence’s paled in comparison.


Not to mention Rebecca Romijn's version didn't even have that many lines and had that kind of silent assassin quality to her (at least in the first two *X-Men* films).


Agreed. She was a fully fleshed out character without a lot of lines. Everything between her and Wolverine was fire! I don’t even remember Lawrence’s storyline.


I hated that they kept trying to force her to be a main character.


Fully agree! Her strength was supposed to be that she was *mysterious*. That was the whole thing.


I can't believe they take baby faced round cheeked jennifer and try to pass her off as Mystique. First one killed it actually felt lethal. Jennifer just seemed like a basic girl who dipped her head in a paint bucket. I could never get past it.


The two leads in Terminator Genisys.


Jared leto as joker


In fairness, Jared Leto is miscasted by just being an actor


I don't know if he was miscast, or if he just took the character in a really weird direction.


Jared Leto is a weird guy, he’s gonna take everything in a weird direction


To be fair, Joker is a character that works well taken in some weird directions… Letos version of weird just didn’t work.


He was brilliant in Fight Club and American Psycho, but I didn’t like any of his other roles




*I forgot about that*


Dallas buyers club was amazing too


Colin Farrel as Alexander the Great.


That movie had some weird vibes. I know she was supposed to be his mother but Angelina Jolie and Colin Farrell kept giving me "Oedipus" vibes. Good chemistry between them but they were horribly miscast as mother and son.


Wasn't that precisely the point?


Kevin Costner as Robin Hood. Just using a straight up American accent to play the legend of Sherwood Forest. Bold move. And I do love that movie in a..."this is ridiculous" kinda way.


It was awesome when they panned that in *Men In Tights* Prince John: And why would the people listen to you? Robin Hood: Because, unlike some *other* Robin Hoods, *I* can speak with an English accent.


One of the best movies ever! Always makes me laugh! Just that song alone is amazing!


I will always love this movie. It’s just fun. And Alan Rickman steals the show. Quite possibly my favorite villain ever. Cancel the kitchen scraps for lepers and orphans, no more merciful beheadings, and call off Christmas!!!


Henchman: "But why cut out his heart with a spoon? Wouldn't a knife be better?" Sheriff" "Because it will hurt more!"


"it's dull, you twit!"


One of the best movie lines ever IMO.


This movie is so tonally bizarre. Kevin Costner is in a 90s romance, Alan Rickman is in a pantomime, some scenes are trying to be a serious historical drama, others are a cheesy action comedy. The climax has a mixture of Little John trying to save his son from a hanging intercut with Home Alone antics from the merry men. Like one guard is on a plank and does a cartoon “oh no” before a barrel launches him into a stack of hay ala Bugs Bunny then BAM Little John’s son crying for his life.


I love Robin hood for how bad it is. Costner not even trying an accent is hilarious. And almost every scene seems like it was a first and only take


Nothing against Kevin Costner but he pretty much plays Kevin Costner in everything he’s been in.


I love the movie but it's funny how he tries an English accent and then just gives up.


Not only this he brings absolutely no charisma or emotion to the role - he delivers his lines like he's reading from cue cards at times - and is far too old to be playing Robin Hood. He was only supposed to be 21 or 22 when he returned from the crusades. Alan Rickman, Morgan Freeman, Nick Brimble and Michael McShane totally crush it though which more than makes up for it. Fun movie saved by it's supporting cast IMO.


You could've put Alan Rickman in any movie and he would always make it entertaining, even if it was shit, he was fantastic and a great actor. He could do any role excellently, and that voice


Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick. Now hear me out. Since they put him in that awful Mummy remake, the only fair thing would have been to cast Brendan Fraser in the Top Gun movie.


I'll say it - I don't care about the whole sensationalist trial thing, but Johnny Depp was a really poor choice for Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts. The look they went with just makes him look like a complete weirdo, and Depp at the time the first FB movie came out had been pigeonholed into playing little else but different flavors of Jack Sparrow for years. I just can't take it seriously when they expect me to believe that *that* version of the character has all this tumultuous history with Dumbledore.


They should’ve just made the first movie and never revealed Colin Farrell as Grindelwald. Worked great without it.


It should’ve been Mads Mikkelsen all along.


He looked like a clown. I absolutely hated it (the way he was styled) back then, and I still do.


Anthony Mackie in Altered Carbon.


Chloë Grace Moretz as Carrie in the 2013 remake. I'm sorry, but someone who can play Hit Girl to a T is too pretty, charismatic, and competent to play that character. I just couldn't see her as it the entire runtime.


They constantly miscast Carrie. In the book she suffers bullying due to having her body covered with pimples and black wiry hair and being overweight. They constantly have a delicate, slender, clear-skinned blonde girl playing her.


The original actress at least could pull off mousy and pathetic pretty convincingly.


Sissy Spacek is the name you're looking for, lol. She doesn't "look" like book Carrie, for sure. But she definitely embodied Carrie in all other ways. No adaptations are great, but I def like Spacek's performance the best.


Halle Berry as Catwoman. The entire movie was regretable. Also JLo as a lesbian assassin in Gigli. I understand she got the gig because she was banging Ben Affleck, but a lesbian assassin? WTF?


To me, Michelle Pfieffer will always be the best Catwoman.


Eartha Kitt.


In fairness, Halle Berry insisted on [accepting her Razzie in person](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-7s_yeQuDg). Fine girl.


Tyler Perry as Alex Cross. I just can’t…


Tom Holland as Nathan Drake




Can we add Marky Mark as Sully... let me say I only played the first game, and honestly Mark does not really have a Sully vibe at all.


As soon as I saw Mark was Sully, I was out


I would even go as far as to say that Mark Wahlberg as Sully was more egregious than Tom Holland as Nathan Drake.


I just assume the studio wanted a young bankable actor so that if it did well they could have a new indiana jones franchise that could last for decades


Should have been Nathan Fillion, and they should have attempted to make it with him 10 years ago.


I haven't played the games, so I didn't have a frame of reference, and he still looked too young. It felt more like the 4th in a series with an aging lead (Mark Whalberg) that they were trying to hand off the torch to a new younger hero.


Tom Holland seems to be getting the Daniel Radcliffe treatment of "he's too big with the kids to worry about whether or not he fits the role". I could swear that, at their peak, movie producers would happily cast either of them as Andre the Giant.


Jared Leto. No particular movie.


I liked him getting beat up in Fight Club.


I liked him getting an axe to the face in American Psycho


I felt like destroying something beautiful


Fair point


Fisher Stevens as Ben Jabituya in Short Circuit.


He's talked about that role and how he wishes it had gone to an Indian actor. To his credit, he took it because he was desperate for work, then traveled to India and stayed with a family to learn as much about the culture as possible and actually genuinely tried to do it respectfully. Even though the act of casting him was itself hugely disrespectful. He seems like a good person at least. Better than Mickey Rooney in Breakfast at Tiffany's.


Maybe in so much that they were just going to cast a white man anyway. He's actually a good cast.


For those who don't know, this was a white guy in brown face playing an Indian


Shit, I didn't realise he wasn't even Indian. I thought he just put on the accent.


I thought he was Indian too especially in Short Circuit.


Russell Crowe in Les Miserables. Every time he walked on you were reminded that you were watching a film, and that was Russell Crowe making an awful noise in a silly costume. The other actors couldn't save it.


Tom Cruise as "The Mummy" (2017). It ruined the entire Monster Universe they were going to create. Luke Evans from "Dracula Untold" was going to be considered the first movie in the series, then the Mummy, Dr. Jekyll, Frankenstein's monster, etc. The shitty reception of Cruise as the Mummy caused the executives to scratch the idea. Tom Cruise, though very odd, is a great actor. However, he was chosen for his star power instead of his compatibility with the role. Had they put someone as charismatic and adventurous as Brendan Frasier into the role then it would have been a success and the monster universe would a thing going on right now.


Going to have to disagree on that, the god awful script would have tanked that movie no matter who the star was. You say Brendan Fraser could pull it off because he did wonderfully in the similarly themed The Mummy movie, but that film had a completely different tone and was based more around old adventure films, not the DC/Marvel super hero formula they were trying to copy.


George Clooney as Batman


He was more or less fine. No one would've done better with that awful script and direction.


I think Clooney himself said something along the lines of "I think I ruined the Batman franchise."


Idris Elba as Roland of Gilead. That whole move should not have been made.


What do you mean, they never made a Dark Tower movie. *please just let me pretend*


Steve Seagal.... in everything




John Wayne as Ghengis Khan.


Christoph Waltz as Blofeld. Waltz is a very charismatic and charming actor, and he got to use none of it in Spectre and No Time to Die.


The fact that they made him James Bond’s brother was just awful


Oh yeah, that was a terrible terrible plot.


I will never get over the fact that they took a man born to play a Bond villain and did… that. Waltz deserves better.


Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor


Will Smith as The Genie


Adrian Brody in Predators is a bit odd if, like me, the role you best remember him for is The Pianist


Like he did an okay job. Just ok. But of ALL the people you could have cast, why ON EARTH was Adrian your final pick. Tofer Grace was perfect in that movie though.


>why ON EARTH was Adrian your final pick Kind of like Colin Firth in Kingsman, they picked Adrian Brody because he didn't fit the image of a hardman but had the acting ability to pull it off.


I don't know... that movie is way better than it has any right to be. The cast must have ~~someone~~ something to do with that.


Brad Pitt in The Devil's Own immediately comes to mind, his Irish accent was sooooooo bad.