Flirting is subtle and both parties will engage and escalate it. Being creepy is one sided. I recently flirted with a girl because we were talking about exercise and I mentioned I want to gain a little muscle. She smiled and said I look fine the way I am. So I thanked her and said she looked good as well. Then there were a number of exchanged glances and smiles. If you don't feel like they are reciprocating your vibe, just full stop, don't even escalate it in the first place.


This is solid advice. I thought of it as if you get the vibe they aren't into flirting then back off. You broke it down better. Both parties engage.


When they start referring to your private anatomy and/or their own. Boobs included.


someone who's flirty is not creepy, not sexually suggestive and respects boundaries. a pervert is the opposite of those things


Someone who’s a bit too touchy feely when you interact with them, without really giving any indication that you wanted it in the first place


Won’t stop when asked


Being a peeping tom, Poppin out the bushes and shit.


What if you live in the bushes?


Then you probably need to take a bath first before flirting .....


If you're spying on people in the bathroom you're a pervert


I think it depends on the person who is trying to flirt. Two people could say the exact same thing to you and one person would be flirty and one person would be pervy LOL


How hot they are.


I'll wag my eyebrows and lick my lips a lot when I'm talking to 20 year-olds at the gym. I'm a flirty 50 year old, right?


I don't. As long as you're not seriously hurting anyone you can be into whatever you want.


When the flirts. If I went to a woman and flirted I’d be escorted out of the building unless it’s a bar


I threaten him with my machete


They persist if you told them to stop


Pervert is when the talk goes to the bodies in an uncomfortable way. For example, you and a lady friend talk about her boobs, if you ask to see them, you’re being a pervert. If you ask about size solely because she’s complaining about a bad fit or some wire cutting into them, it’s normal. If you get coy and she gets coy back then it’s flirting. I learned that distinction the hard way.


Sometimes it really depends on your own looks. An ugly guy asking are you alright somehow makes him a pervert but a handsome guy who slaps a girl with money for fun is somehow flirting. I wish I was making this up


Believe me it goes both ways. Most men are openly hostile to any woman they consider unattractive that flirts with them.


Well that changes my perspective on things I'm so used to stories where a guy keeps an unattractive person as their freind and convince them that every other guy is bad or if they are really desperate start dating them


Most guys are willing to bang an unpretty girl on the downlow. But god forbid you approach them in front of their friends.


the line is 100% determined by how attractive the guy is to the girl.


When they rape you