I always thought it was really weird how in the 90's, every other cartoon's go-to target of hate were mimes.


I figure go ahead and make fun of mimes. What are they going to say about it?


What are you doing on r/askreddit, when you could be racking up the karma on r/dadjokes?


Mimes were just inexplicably popular in the 90s for some reason...even Pokemon had to include a mime. It's really weird now that I think about it, right up there with the fixation on dying in quicksand.


Quicksand reached its xenith in the 60s when 3% of all movies contained quicksand as a plot point.


Sounds like the drop in quicksand popularity in film is correlated with both global warming and obesity rates.


The increase in obesity makes people overall more bouyant, decreasing the risks associated with falling into quicksand. I think you might be onto something here.


The quicksand thing was common throughout the 20th century. Old Looney Tunes liked to use it.


Well, I was once attacked by a group of mimes. They did unspeakable things to me.


You don't say?


It's an issue in the mime community, but no one is willing to speak out about it. And some people deny it's an issue at all, but I say just because you don't see it, doesn't mean it isn't there.


Being a mime means never having to say, "I'm sorry."


Actors because of the characters they played. I read that the woman who played Brian Cranston's wife on Breaking Bad still gets hate mail.


The girl that tried to get Jim to cheat on Pam with her in The Office gets hate too. Her pet died and she got a bunch of messages saying good and she deserves it. Edit: Here is what she said. “If anyone is wondering what it was like to be on The Office, the best comedy of this century. I just posted something on Instagram about how my dog was murdered and a bunch of people were like, ‘Fuck you, Cathy, she deserved it!’ So. There ya go!” By murdered she means her dog was killed by another animal.


Imagine how the dude who played Joffrey in GoT feels.


He’s such a good actor. It’s a shame he decided not to keep going with it after GoT. I’ll never forget a video I saw where he says a perfectly happy line in the most miserable way. Mad talent.


I remember reading that Tom Felton (the guy who played Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter) reached out to this guy specifically to give advice on how to deal with the hate he'd get for playing that type of character


So sad that he was ready to give advice because Tom Felton is such a sweetheart 😭 shocking and sad that anyone would give him any hate, one look at his interviews and you know he is a beloved member of the cast.


I’ve never hated a character that much before. EVER. He will remain as one of the greatest actors and he’s done with acting because of his awesomeness:( Edit: just want to mention that I do adore his acting abilities.


I’d really like to track the people down sending these messages and ask them what the fuck their logic is here???


The logic is that some people simply can't separate fantasy from reality. They become so fixated on the characters and their plight, that it's all they think about. Sometimes it's people that are half joking, and getting carried away with it. Sometimes it's assholes and trolls that have nothing better to do than ruin someone's day. Sometimes it's people who are legitimately mentally ill, and an actual threat. For the recipient though, the lines are blurry as fuck, and I'm sure it's fucking terrifying and alienating.


It’s funny how they follow the actor on social media but think of them as the (one) character.


It's the same people that bullied Kelly Marie Tran into deleting her social media because they hated Rose. Tran simply played the character that was written - has nothing to do with her, personally; she was just given a bad script and worked with what she had. But the lunatic side of the SW fandom can't break themselves of that reality. Really sad shit.


Don't they understand that victory isn't destroying what you hate, but saving what you love?


> what the fuck their logic is here They are crazy.


Wait actually?? Don't people realize they're actors🤦‍♀️


There was a certain subgroup of fans of Arrow, who thought that Stephen Amell’s character should end up with a specific other character. But they believed it so much, that they legit sent death threats to his real wife because she was getting in the way of Stephen’s true love and was clearly making him unhappy. Some people are scary.


People are insane sometimes and it genuinely scares me. Like there's actually an unnerving amount of people that get so ticked off over the littlest things celebrities do that they'll immediately doxx, cancel and send death threats to them. Or they'll stalk them and grow creepy fetishes for their favorite celebrities.


Yep, it got so bad that Anna Gunn received death threats from irate fans over Skyler White's actions in the show. She wrote an [**op-ed for the NY Times**](http://www.nytimes.com/2013/08/24/opinion/i-have-a-character-issue.html) about the whole thing.


What the fuck. Being in the spotlight must be scary... you can get threats over anything. Skylar wasn't even a terrible character compared to others. Anna played the role very well of a mother protecting her children in an intense situation


Not related to Breaking Bad, but: When the original Friday the 13th came out in 1980, critic Gene Siskel hated it and actively encouraged people to harass actress Betsy Palmer in her small hometown. Adrienne King, the movie's lead actress, quit acting for years because of a stalker. Actors can sometimes have to put up with some unfair crap. (EDITED TO ADD: Also yeah, these people's perspective on Skyler in Breaking Bad is just loopy. *Walter White is the villain*. *Of the entire show*. Her appropriately alarmed reaction to her husband's illegal drug lord activities is not out of line.)


>Gene Siskel hated it and actively encouraged people to harass actress Betsy Palmer Gene always was an asshole but I can't believe he would be *this* moronic. My how times have changed. If Someone did this today they'd probably be sued.


Someone should sue Gene Siskel posthumously.


I went into the show knowing she was widely hated online. She wasn't necessarily a nice person, but she tried to protect her family from the fallout of her husband's actions. The part where Walt fakes being Mr Nice Guy after she calls the cops, and *they fall for his act,* was pretty chilling and a more realistic outcome than I was expecting of the writing at that point.


Jack Gleeson from Game of Thrones left acting for a while because he played Joffrey. If I hate your character - kudos, you're doing a fantastic job. I just wish people could separate the character from the person. Its ridicuous. Edit- yes I was mistaken about Jack but my point still stands.


What I find weird, Jack Gleeson perfectly portrayed one of the most famous, visible, and irredeemable villains in the entire series, and as far as i'm aware, didn't receive much hate from the general public. Meanwhile, the actor who played Ollie (the orphan kid that joins the Nights watch and is part of the plot to betray and kill Jon Snow) portrays a complex character that does the wrong thing for fairly understandable reasons and [gets death threats over it](https://www.businessinsider.com/olly-actor-game-of-thrones-death-threats-2016-5) God I hate fanbases sometimes.


People despise annoying characters more than villainous ones. Why? Well because fuck them that's why I guess.


Annoying characters are more relatable - everyone knows someone in real life who annoys them whereas few people know someone who is truly “villainous” or evil.


The kid who plays Olly did such a good job he's got his own subreddit Also r/fuckollie Edit: lol oops


My point is that it's unnecessary. Celebrate their talent! Remember the person.


He didn’t get as much hate mail, he left because playing Joffrey caused him psychological distress because he hated being mean to people


Wasn't the kid that played Draco Malfoy also hated online but was actually a pretty nice dude IRL?


Tom Felton (the guy that played Draco Malfoy) did mention when he was 12/13/14 he got booed and hissed at in the street sometimes, but AFAIK he's played down the abuse/hate and laughed it off but also since the HP fandom has a fetish for Draco, he never got it as bad as more recent actors in GoT and other stuff


Based on what I've seen from the fandom I bet ALL the major Harry Potter actors have had more than their fair share of harrowing fan experiences, whether they played villains or heroes.


The reunion special on HBO seems to indicate that the rest of the cast LOVES him.


He was older than the rest and had been acting longer than all of the main 3 actors so he helped them along from what I heard


Oh boy, wait til you hear about Jake Lloyd


He and Ahmed Best have some of the most tragic stories. While I thought they both did a great job with their characters, there’s a saying, “No one hates Star Wars more than Star Wars fans”. It’s gotten a little better, but still lots of hate. They’re actors from a movie you don’t have to watch; it’s not like they walked into your man cave and smashed all your Star Wars paraphernalia while laughing.


I felt bad for Ahmed Best; finally gets a big break, does his absolute best with it gets shat on by fans of the series.


Two words: Anakin Skywalker


That's so sad. She is a phenomenal actress. I still watch the climax to Ozymandias just to see her, it's THAT good. I can't imagine spending time writing death threats to great actors


God, people are so stupid


It’s amazing when you are of perfectly average intelligence, realize you’ve done something monumentally stupid and think: wow, half the people in the world are as or more stupid than me. Oh crap. Half of everyone.


Wile E. Coyote. Personally I hope he blows the Road Runner to pieces.


He caught the Roadrunner on the final episode, which aired on prime time TV. He didn't know what to do with him...


Maybe there's another episode that I'm missing, but it's not so much that he didn't know what do to with him, but that he physically couldn't since Wile was like 2 inches tall at the time.


Did you mean smithereens?


I love that word.


it's from the Irish word 'smidiríní' meaning 'little bits' :)


For the record, it’s Wile E. Coyote, Suuuuuuper Geeeeeenius.


And don't confuse him with Ralph! Ralph just wants to get those sheep!


As a shareholder in ACME, I disagree. He's our best customer.


Fun story: I got to write my college admissions essay on why Wile E. Coyote kept buying ACME products when they never worked against the Road Runner. The instructions said that "any answer including the word "because" would spontaneously combust." I wrote a 3-4 page essay and, instead of writing an actual conclusion, I wrote, "Finally, Wile E. Coyote continues to buy ACME products because..." and burned a whole through the paper. I was pretty proud of my creativity on that one. *Edit: for everyone asking, yes I got in. This was 10-15 years ago, though, so I don't remember much else about the actual content of the essay.


Building lego sets according to the instructions. People would always shit on me for "not using my imagination" and "ruining what the sets could be.' Motherfucker I paid $50 for a spaceship, so let me build my goddamn spaceship!


Build it by the instructions then play with it til it breaks -> now you’ve got a lot of pieces to add to your collection to build whatever you want. That’s how we did it growing up.


My wife and I bought the $180 Space shuttle Discovery with the Hubble space telescope. Of course we made that according to the instructions. Which was really fun too. We'd switch who read the instructions and who would actually build it. So when it was her turn to build, I had to accurately describe what was in the instructions without her seeing them. That made it extra challenging and fun!


Dunno how broad this is but teachers who are just trying to do their job.


i had the sweetest teacher who was made the victim of a nasty instagram account making fun of her body (she was a *little* overweight) students would take photos of her without her knowledge and zoom in on areas and post to the instagram. i never knew about it till the principal talked to our whole class. the creator, followers, likers and commenters all got in major trouble. that teacher never came back to finish the rest of the year…. makes me so sad….


That is very sad, teachers cop a lot from nasty kids, kids truly are nasty little creatures. Almost every one of them.






The word moist Edit to add: 6k upvotes am I famous


Gonna be honest here, I've never gotten that one. Also, in baking if you say, "you want the cake wet" imma assume you're making a tres leches cake.


I was in a high school production of Peter Pan. The girl who played Wendy was being all stupid about not being comfortable with the word moist, so in the actual production in front of a real audience, she delivered this line: “Mmm! This cake is so rich and *damp!*” I cringe whenever I remember it.


She shouldn’t have been cast in the part if she couldn’t say a word in the script. How ridiculous


I've always thought this one was dumb. Like, it's just a word guys, how did this become a bandwagon to jump on? Edit: punctuation




Best response to haters on this : let me check my 37 pockets for a fuck to give.


I wear cargo pants or shorts like 90% of the time. So good. And it's not like you have to wear the classic giant pockets and thick material ones. There are a hundred different styles at any decent outdoors store.


When I was leaving basic training, I was genuinely disapponted when I put my normal jeans back on and didn’t have the handy pocket halfway down my leg to just drop my phone into or the chest pockets for my wallet. I straight up dropped my phone on the ground (because my brain went “put in side pocket of pants”) and then just stared like “Awe man…”


Man I miss my ACUs, so many pockets. I could carry my phone, a little notebook, a regular book, pens and a pencil, a little first aid kit, my Game Boy (fuck yeah), some snacks, and any other little trinkets I needed to have on my person during a normal work day. So comfy too once you break them in.


Black cats. They are so sweet and funny. But psychos go out of their way to hurt them or some people think they are 'bad luck' so they're less likely to be adopted.


The void always stares back, but it's lovingly instead of coldly


Just remember that if you stare into the void, the void may steal your food.


And if you reach the voids belly it may become prickly


My void stretches out to present more of her belly for rubbing.




Perfect name for him!


Yep exactly, he looked and smelled like a greasy mechanic shop. It was a name chosen by fate haha


My dad rescued a kitten that had crawled inside his car. She dropped out of the engine and hissed at everything. Thus she was named hisser. Some cats definitely get divine inspiration for their name.


>And he thinks he’s the coolest thing on 4 paws. And he IS the coolest thing on 4 paws. There, fixed it for you.


Diesel is a perfect name for a black cat. Especially one you rescued covered in oil.


Yep the whole family agreed there was no better name for him.


Gonna need some cat tax on this one


In Japan, China and other Asian cultures black cats are considered good luck and symbolize long life and prosperity. I think its mostly western countries that have this idea that black cats are bad luck.


I don't know about good luck, but black cats with white socks are poetically called "4 paws on snow" (四蹄踏雪)


That makes me so sad. I had 2 black cats growing up and they were the sweetest.


Yep I’ve had cats all my life. Currently have a black cat and she’s the most loving and vocal cat I’ve ever owned.


What is it with black cats and vocalizations? My void seriously tries to carry on a conversation with me, it's wild. If you talk to him he will meow back very intently like he is trying to understand what you're saying. (He also meows a lot when you aren't talking, including in the middle of the night, so that's fun. haha)


My demon void is also very chatty and LOUD. Her tuxedo sister barely squeaks. I got the cat translator app and it mostly says “pay attention to me!!”


Most shelters won’t let people adopt black cats during the month of October since people hurt or kill them on Halloween and there’s no way to weed out the psychos.


Guy Fieri Dude has donated millions to charity and done phenomenal things for the world but because he has spiked blond hair and is a meme people hate on him


He's the reason I became interested in cooking. He makes it look fun, not like a chore. And how can you hate a guy who just wants to cook great meals for all of his friends? Plus, Guy Fieri is the Mayor of Flavortown. If you don't respect the man, at least respect the office.


He also makes cooking look dope as fuck. Diners and Drives or whatever it's called has such and air of "yo, experiment like crazy and you can make some fantastic food", whereas a ton of other cooking shows are like "if you don't do it this way, your cooking sucks".


And the show, which he obviously gets paid for to produce, is literally commercials for smallish eateries all over the country. The exposure is worth it just to be on his show.


Yea man. I am from New Zealand and did a road trip around America a few years ago. Ate at 4 places on that show because they looked so awesome.


I live in a county in California where he has a vacation home. During the wild fires that devestated this area over 6 years burning down 80% of the counties land, he donated his own time, and money to feed refugees... he also donated a truck load of bikes for christmas for kids in poverty.


When the wildfires hit Santa Rosa, I sprinted up there to go volunteer, as I had ties to the area. At the shelter I was volunteering at, Guy showed up with only an assistant and helped cook up some cafeteria-styled dishes for the entirety of the shelter, from victims to volunteers and soldiers. He was keen to have short report with folks, such as a quick thank you’s to all the volunteers. Gotta say, I didn’t expect him to go so hard on that food because I was gobsmacked by how good his pasta was. Dude really is a great guy and the Mayor of Flavortown.


He did something similar for hospital workers during the earlier days of Covid. Went to all of the local hospitals with a food truck and provided free food to the employees. He seems to really care about people in his community but doesn’t use the opportunity as a way to look good on tv


Honestly, that makes it more authentic to me. Goodguy Guy


I remember this. Some newscaster jackass was heckling him and giving him tons of shit. He brought a $50k portable smoker and was BBQing brisket. Hundreds of pounds of it. This jackass was heckling him for the smoke from his BBQ saying he was taunting the victims who lost their homes and causing global warming. You could tell Guy wanted to punch his stupid face.


So that didn’t happen at the shelter I was at, but dude put in a crazy amount of work at a whole bunch of them all over the area. So let this be proof he’s an even better guy than my story presented.


Wait, people hate Guy Fieri? Who? Everyone I know just sees him as a fun jolly dude.


I think there are people that used to hate on him just because of his “trashy” style and love of non-fine dining, but after people realized what a good guy he is and how much he does for charity the tune changed


I love DDD. To rip off Shane Torres, yes Guy Fieri looks like he got struck by lightning while drinking Mountain Dew, but I've found some great restaurants in my own city, thanks to his show, that I might have otherwise not come across or thought to check out. Is it 3 Michelin Star dining, no, but that's kinda the point!


I think you nailed it. Seems like most people have come around on him in the last 5 or so years. Seems like such a great dude.


I think besides the goofy style, a lot of it was born out of Chefs disliking him mainly for his gimmicky restaurants and menus (He absolutely comes off as appealing to the Applebees and Chili's crowd. That became the face of Food network, a network who as it got more popular, abandoned what many viewed as real chefs and cooks in favor of gameshows and gimmicks. ​ Guy may come off cheesy, but he is a good dude.


We used to have a TV at work that would play on mute in the front of the office. I was never in early enough to choose the channel, and it was almost always on the Food Network all day long, for years. No less than half the programming that was on during my shift was just back to back to back Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. Most of my time was spent hands free just talking on the phone and listening while staring at montages of Guy in his Camaro, close ups of kill-me-now delicious food that I'll never be good enough to eat, followed by Guy taking a giant awkward bite, nodding and fist bumping. Before I ever knew his name or anything about him, I had years of this muted footage burned into my brain.


If you want to hate someone on the food network, choose Bobby Flay.


My wife asked if I wanted to watch "Beat Bobby Flay" and I was sorely disappointed that no one physically beat him.


I didn't watch it regularly or anything, but I caught an episode where the challenger had no idea who he was. "Ahh I'm just here to cook and beat some guy named... Bobby Fry?" And you see Bobby Flay just fuming. Absolutely amazing. I wish I remembered more details so I could find a video.


For what it's worth, my wife used to work for Bobby Flay as a pastry chef. She says he's very supportive of his people and overall a nice guy. He's comped us a couple of times at his restaurants and I've met him. He was very friendly, at least to me.


Wife and I both worked for him for a few years. Never had any issue. He always treated the staff well, very supportive and a generally good dude. Took me on some great gigs, even got my mom into the audience for Iron Chef America on the episode I assisted with, and this was during her battle with cancer, so it meant a ton to her and I.


Morimoto also hates Bobby Flay.


Guys liking “feminine” things. I grew up in Vietnam and lived there until the age of 15. I’m a guy who played dolls and house with my elder sister (who is 6 years my senior) when I was 5-6 and subsequently received so much flak and jeering from fellow elementary classmates (both boys & girls) as well as homeroom teachers after I accidentally blurted out about my “abnormal” playing activities to the world (or my small world). Luckily, my parents just let me be. My dad later told me to not reveal my interests to anyone whom I do not know well out of concern that I might be bullied. He personally bought me a Sailor Moon action figure.


I have brothers and they all used to watch Sailor Moon with me religiously when we were kids. My dad made fun of them but then he got sucked in too lmao. No one ever cared when I watched DBZ. Double standards suck. Edit: loving all the sailor moon nostalgia in the replies! It’s a great show! I’m glad people of every gender were able to enjoy it growing up. :)


I collect candles and I can’t tell you how many times my male friends have judged me for it. I didn’t know making my house smell like cookies was feminine.


i am a big powerlifting former Marine. I fucking love scented candles. that shit aint even feminine, and even if it was, fuck you at least my place doesnt smell like farts and gym clothes.


My 5 year son likes purple. He has a purple winter jacket, that is a girls, but he rocks it and no one would look twice at him for it. My mother asked him what he wants for his birthday and he said a purple bike. She told him that no he doesnt because purple is a girls color.


Tell her that purple isn't a girls color, it's a king's color. Purple was an historically expensive dye to make so only members of royal or noble houses could afford them.


PURPLE IS THE COLOR OF ROYALTY! TELL GRANNIE THAT HE’S ROYALTY AND CAN GET WHATEVER COLOR HE DAMN WANTS. Seriously, I hate it when adults say this shit to kids. Like you’re really going to take away half the rainbow based on something as random as their chromosomes? Based on anything? The rainbow is for everyone, that’s why it’s in the sky so everyone can see it.


Liking things meant for people way younger than you. My 17 year old brother likes Thomas the Tank Engine, has a huge layout with buildings, trees, storylines the whole thing. My dad and his girlfriend refuse to buy it for him and actively ridicule him for it. Like..WTF is it to you?


Thomas had never seen such bullshit before in his life


It was time for Thomas to go. He had seen everything


But it's too late, Thomas has seen everything.


Let me tell you. Your parents should be pumped he hasn’t moved onto scaled/model trains. Train layouts/city layouts are real things for adults! Just look at the model train community (with all their accessories) and the lego modular lines.


No offense, but your dad and his girlfriend are clearly Diesels Edit: No, I am not referring to some other Redditor's cat lol




He's the coolest thing on 4 paws.


lemon was my favorite character


By extension, *any* niche hobby or interest. As long as you’re not hurting anyone, nobody should give a shit how you spend your free time. Like kids shows? Good for you! Furry? Knock yourself out! Collect creepy dolls? I’m never visiting your house, but have fun! It always baffles me how judgmental people can be, especially when people with nerdy hobbies judge other people with different nerdy hobbies. We’re all nerds! Can’t we just get along? Sheesh…


I collect Pusheen plushies and I have heard that “men won’t like it” but if a man gives me shit for having plushies of a cute ass internet cat then he’s not the man for me


My 19 year old son Is a happy, well rounded, hard working young man. He has great friends, is generous and has always had a sense of/has demanded what's fair and just for himself and all others. But his dad (who truly does love him to be fair) gave him shit because he was just never interested in dating. It's like, "so what!? Leave him alone!!". I warned his dad to back off, ease up many times. Once my son turned 18 he stopped going to his dad's. He visits occasionally and his dad had finally learned his lesson but my son is still apprehensive and careful about visiting his dad. My son tells me everything. He hates the culture of meaningless sex and just hasn't connected with someone Romantically. What the hell is wrong with that? Nothing. Yet every other weekend he'd hear "you need to get out there", "when you gonna start dating!?" and never, "damn dude your book you are writing is really coming along nice!" or "I heard you took on that asshole bully who was messing with that kid the other day, you're a bad ass". He knows who he is so leave him alone. Your brother digs trains, so the fuck what!? My dad is building an entire train track that goes around his room right now. He digs Thomas, too. I get it. It's like, let people be themselves and not what you consider " normal ". Normal is boring anyway!!!


As someone who has been where your son is, I'm glad you've been supportive of him figuring things out in his own time and just being himself. Hopefully his dad hops aboard that train of thought eventually.


I hope you have had support too. It's crazy how the world likes to keep people in a tiny little box.


It took a little while, but I definitely have support now. Also, I think people just stop asking when you approach 40.


A cousin is like your son. Had few relationships and didn't pursue non romantically. He told us when he was about 24 that he met someone and they were getting involved. Another cousin said "oh wow, we all thought you were gay." before asking all the usual details. I'm still trying to get my head around her statement. Like the logic and train of thought. I know she's not homophobic and very supportive of the gay community so it wasn't that. Just.. why is lack of a girlfriend automatically equals gay? I don't know. People are weird.


I think it's easier for people to wrap their head around "Tim doesn't bring any girls home because he's gay and he isn't ready to tell anyone but I'm sure he has loads of dates with guys" than "Tim just isn't into dating". Our society is pretty obsessed with pairing people up.


My mom asked me the same. I have had one girlfriend, haven’t had luck since. She asked me if I was gay…


That is terrible. Finding the right person for you can be tough. Better to be reasonably picky while dating than marrying just anyone only to end up divorced.


You sound like a really good person and a great mom.


This means so much to me. Thank you. He's truly an incredible person and makes it easy on me. The younger one is my "hellcat" but damn it I relate to that boy from the depths of my soul. They both make it easy even when it's hard. Thanks again.


Gingers. South Park made my life a living hell in high school.


I still remember the next day of middle school after that episode came out. We all congregated in the same place before school started. No less than 10 people came up to me saying something about not having a soul and calling me a ginger. I never even heard the word ginger before. I don’t watch South Park so I was so confused. I was more confused than insulted. I think I was the only redhead too, or at least the only one around at that time. The next several weeks sucked


Prior to that I was always called carrot top instead which also was annoying so really the new name meant nothing to me. Though my skin got darker and I became a "daywalker" instead


So this is a really weird one. Where I come from, if you are a redhead it is assumed that you are really smart. I was really shocked when I moved to the UK and found that there was so much hate for them ETA: it seems that my experience of this growing up was very different to some. So I apologise to those who did have bad experiences growing up as redheads in South Africa, I am not trying to undermine your experiences, just saying that this is how it was where/when I grew up there.


where are you from?


South Africa


As a ginger having grown up in the UK, lads like Stephen Kitshoff are always iconic.


Black cats. Superstition isnt a reason to hate them. They are so frikin cute like the others


Black cars also have the added benefit of not being killed by predators at night as often because they’re harder to see


but the added downside of being killed by crazy people for being black


Anything that girls between 12 and 16 like


I was like this when I was younger. It wasn't til after high school that I realized I didn't hate the products being advertised, I just hate advertisements that assume I'll like something because I fall into a basic category... so... all advertisements.


It wasn't until I was older that I realized how many things are looked down on solely because they're liked primarily by teenage girls. Even The Beatles were heavily criticized and seen as a joke until their fan base expanded beyond teenage girls. Then they magically became critically-acclaimed legends.


Wow, you made a really good point with the Beatles comparison.


It was kinda aggravating how people shat on *Turning Red* for this.


Beans in chili. People are either super against or all for.


And all this time I thought beans were the base of chili


I hear all the time about beans not supposed to be in chili. I live in a state where they take great pride in "no beans in chili!" To me they are a great filler, I enjoy them and I don't see why people get so upset. I add them all the time when we make chili just because it makes it a larger pot honestly.


And so much added fiber!


Right? Trying to figure out how you make a complete chili without beans... So it's just seasoned meat in tomato sauce?


Oh get this, there are people out there who think *tomatoes* don't belong in chili either.


so it's just browned meat and spices?


BUT WAIT... Some people don't think meat belongs in chili either... Those people prefer just spices and water


Good gravy!


Thank you! Its just brown and water


Vegetarian options.


Haha ya the thing I don’t get is the morons who, for example, when Tim Hortons began offering the impossible breakfast sandwich start commenting on their post “you just lost a customer”. Like wtf, nobody is forcing you to order or eat it, they simply are offering it to anyone who might enjoy it.


There was similar outrage when Cracker Barrel offered impossible sausage as a side. Again, they didn't take anything away, just added a new item, but damn did some people vocally lash out on social media.


Piers Morgan had a meltdown because Greggs (a cheap bakery in the UK) started selling vegan sausage rolls. They didn't stop selling the regular ones. They just started selling vegan ones too.


piers is a massive twat tho


Yes! I see it all the time as well. Funny it always seems to be the crowd who talk about cancel culture or talking about how people today get to offended over everything. I tried the A&W impossible burger the other day. I’m a Mozza burger lover but the impossible burger was good. The patty was spiced similar to the cheap precooked Burgers which is alright or that’s what I thought they tasted like. Doubling down on this with the insect based food as well. They are going crazy over chocolate covered grasshoppers in grocery stores for some reason. Although this is more straight conspiracy based. … just don’t buy it? There is a market for it otherwise the product wouldn’t exist.


hahahaha Speaking of, I saw a post about the local Cracker Barrel offering some vegetarian options, and saw people complaining about it and they were saying exactly that! "You just lost a customer!" "I'm not taking my family here anymore." etc. Anyways favorite thing to do is lean into their idiocy and comment "Cancel culture strikes again!"


It’s food politics. “You don’t want what I do so I hate you.” Edit: I’ve been that idiot.


This is one I don't understand. Indian/Thai food are things that I actively go out of my way to get. Not to mention that veggie pizza is also really great


This is so true. I’m a vegetarian and I am so excited when restaurants add stuff, like hey great I can eat here! But people flipped out about Cracker Barrel. Literally nothing was removed. Why do you care????


I'm not even vegetarian, but I sometimes don't like eating meat, specially at dinner. Having options is nice.


Chef I worked for hated veggie options, and only had a few on the menu because you just kind of have too. Fast forward 5 years and it’s now trendy and brings in money. All of a sudden he’s all about tofu and veggies options, and just opened a veggie focused restaurant. According to him he was always pro-veggie options. Fuck him though. He was always a fuck head.


Nickelback. I don’t care for them but they’re hardly the worst band out there.


My husband (jokingly) gets so angry because Nickelback is the only thing out baby will fall asleep to when he’s fussy in the car


That definitely deserves to be a side gag in a movie or sitcom or something.


Something similar happened on *Yes, Dear*, but replace Nickelback with the same episode of *Blue’s Clues*. Drove the parents insane to the point where one of them had a sex dream with Steve, played by Steve. Only remember it because I flipped through a channel playing it in syndication and being surprised to see Steve anywhere other than his green screen cartoon house.


“Basic b*tch aesthetic” — not my style, but let people do their thing!


"Ya basic. It's a human insult. It's devastating. You're devastated right now." - Michael, The Good Place


People are so lacking in seld-awareness about this that even when Bo Burnham released "White Woman's Instagram" poking holes in this kind of shallow mockery, people couldn't believe it and started going through mental backflips to say that no, Bo is just saying that basic bitches are stupid and fake! He holds up a mirror to his audience and they say, "Hmm, can't be me. Anyway"


So I hadn't heard this song before and I looked it up after you mentioned it. And I smiled at the outfits, and poses, and aesthetics. And then it got to the part and I cried. And I understood what it was about. Thanks for mentioning it, and thanks to Bo Burnham for delivering intelligent social commentary.




Coming from a small town in the Midwestern USA, it always makes me chuckle when those with further proximity to agriculture are so anti-GMO. And usually, most of the farming practices that people are rallying against could be solved by GMOs (less fertilizer, pesticides, etc. needed due to the plants being genetically resistant to more things). I know big ag has a big lobbyist presence around here and absolutely wrecks our water quality with virtually zero repercussions, but going after GMOs is not the solution.


Using a computer for its intended purpose even if it's old as long as it still works. Edit: I’m going to specify what I mean. Basically I use older computers as old as 12 years old and I use them to run applications that a chrome book can’t run. I bring some laptops to my school but there are some people who are bothered on how old the pc is and often bug me to buy a new one