John Coffey had a pretty shitty life.


I'm tired boss.


Don't put that thang over mah head boss, don't put me in the dark, I's afraid of the dark. Fuck that's where I broke.


I think *The Green Mile* has to be the saddest movie I've ever seen. My girlfriend hasn't seen it yet, and while it's such an incredible movie, I struggle to find the right time to dive into it again. It's just such a well told, depressing tale and it's very hard to watch.


The little matchstick girl. She is cold, hungry and alone trying to sell matches no one wants to buy. She lights the only remaining ones she has left to keep warm and dreams of being in a warm room with a family eating a delicious meal but then the match goes out and she wakes up to the reality that she’s alone on the cold streets. She dies of the cold all alone.




We read it among others when we talked about realism but, only danish ones because we had to "learn about Danish"


Real hans christian anderson is a bit darker than frozen let’s you believe.


Terry Pratchett's retelling of the story in 'Hogfather' was long overdue.


“There is no better Present than a Future.” https://www.reddit.com/r/hellsomememes/comments/kh20kb/a_hellsome_comic_in_time_for_hogswatch/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


A story so sad that even Death was like, "Man, fuck this shit."


Cat in the Hat: How about a day of mischief and mayhem? Very Hungry Caterpillar: Let's learn how to count! The Giving Tree: Today we're going to learn about sadness! Little Matchstick Girl: **Y'ALL READY TO GET FUCKED UP???**


To be fair, The Giving Tree is about a tree who gives qnd gives and gives of herself. She allows her limbs to be cut off. She allows herself to be carved upon. At the end, the boy sits on her. And he never once says "thank you."


I remember being a kid and having the homework to read that story. My mom decided to help me out reading it to me (without knowing anything about it) and by the end she was literally crying and didnt want to say the last part out loud lol.


I remember watching this when I was 8 or 9 years old. I think that's probably the first time in my life where I feel so devastated.


My wife an I were watching something on Netflix (I forget what) and one character called another "The Little Matchstick Girl" as a casual insult about their appearance. My wife was confused why I said "holy shit! that's terrible!". I had the unfortunate duty of giving her the cliffs notes.




Ouch. Especially the original version from Victor Hugo's novel. How they ever decided to turn that into a family movie in the first place... I saw a play based on it. It's such a dreadful, hopeless story...


How Disney decides on any of their adaptations is beyond me. Them making Zeus a loving family oriented father was their greatest trick


Disney: is it in the public domain so we don’t have to pay a licensing fee? Can we add some whimsical animals and a fun soundtrack and make a billion dollars? WRITE THE SCRIPT NOW!


BUT!!! They have to first add some twist to the story to take it out of the public domain! Like making Zeus a loving father and devoted spouse or making Tarzan less racist. Otherwise people might recognize them as characters that should still be in the public domain.


I had a delightful conversation with an intensely frustrating young man who refused to believe that Zeus was a prolific rapist and philanderer - or that Heracles had extreme rage issues and once snapped and murdered his entire family - because "Disney would never have made the movie if that was true." I honestly didn't know how to respond to that.


I was the mythology friend growing up, so whenever we did sections on mythology in school people would always ask for help. It was always fun seeing peoples expressions when I explained that the whole 12 labors was basically his redemption arc for slaughtering his family. I remember when we read The Iliad in high school and the entire class could not believe how gay Achilles was.


I love how even in ancient times, you had pretty furious shipping wars over Achilles and Patroclus with people in Ancient Greece arguing who was on top and some people saying it was nothing more than a bromance. People never change.


Most of the characters in the Greek myths are pretty awful by our standards, but Hercules really had a screw loose and Zeus was a damn maniac when it came to pursuing women he wanted to fuck.


The little mermaid originally ended with the prince marrying a different woman who he mistakenly believed saved him. Ariel's sisters then sold their hair to buy her a dagger and strongly encouraged her to sneak into his cabin on the ship and murder them both. At the last minute, she decided to commit suicide instead. But it's a lot harder to write a catchy sing-a-long song about. Under the sea, under the sea, Life doesn't matter so blood's going to splatter, under the sea! So you prince married another girl, take this knife and send them to hell! And if you wimp out, then take yourself out, under the seeeaaaaaaa!


Quasimodo predicted all of this


Rickety Cricket


Cool if I smoke PCP in the bathroom?


You do you, Cricket!


Hips and nips, otherwise I’m not eating


No beef? I was a priest before I met you guys. Unbelievable


You want to hear about a... dog orgy or when a cat bit off my toe?


I mean does my scar look like a dog's vagina? You know, maybe? I don't know, I'm not gonna sit here and try to get inside the mind of a dog, that's gods work. Not that I believe in God, I don't. Not since that chinaman stole my kidney!


Shit up, street rat.


Each season we see him in he gets worse and worse


Fantine in Les Misérables.


The fact that I have seen 3 completely different characters from Les Misérables probably says something about that book.


I mean… the title’s a pretty big clue as well.


She was my answer as well. A poor woman who fell in love, only to have her man leave her pregnant and destitute. She gets a job to support her child who she loves dearly, but has to leave her child with other people. Most of the money she makes goes to the abusive couple her daughter is with. Meanwhile, Fantine is sexually harassed in her job during a time when it was expected for her to just give in and let the man have his way. When she rebuffs him, her female co-workers get jealous and manage to get Fantine fired. Unable to find another "reputable" job, she sells her hair (and in the book, I think she sells some of her teeth) to make money to try and still support her child. She eventually resorts to prostitution and is again punished when she rebuffs an abusive man. She is arrested and dies in prison. The only bright light in her life is her child, and at least she dies knowing Jean Valjean will take care of her child.


> (and in the book, I think she sells some of her teeth) I think I remember that happening in the movie, too. I don’t remember if it happens in the play.


That little kid who lived with the methheads in breaking bad


Jesse looking after him and making him visible for the authorities to take him warms my heart.


Piggy, in Lord of the Flies... we never even got his real name


He even said he didn't want to be called that :(


His death was quite the turning point there.


Simons death was more of the turning point


Sirius Black in Harry Potter. What a terrible life he had.


Sirius Black for sure, life in a terrible famoly, escaping the family, people think you are a murderer, spend over 10 years in the worst jail possible, flying ghost hunting you down trying to take your soul, eating rats in a cave, living in a house you hated and then dying young.


Joe from Johnny Got His Gun. Seriously, his life in the story is one of the most depressing and scary things I’ve ever read.






Winston in 1984, knows he’s living in a miserable existence and hates every second of it, and when he finally gets an opportunity for real happiness he’s tortured in the worst way he could imagine.


"Don't do it to me, do it to Julia!" is still one of the most heartbreaking lines I can remember in all of fiction.


I always thought "Do it to Julia" would be a great safeword, but nobody ever finds it as funny as I do.


Just terrible. Even when he and Julia reunite, they are still both horribly, endlessly alone


Not even figuratively. Room 101 is specially constructed to an individual. Someone else may say “a face cage full of rats” doesn’t sound so bad. Well, your Room 101 wouldn’t be a face cage full of rats, then. Room 101, Ministry of Love.


I'd hate to be tortured with all of life's comforts given to me at my own pace.


Shortly after (IRL) New Years 1984, the premiere of ["The New Show"](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_Show?wprov=sfla1) (an attempt by NBC/Lorne Michaels to duplicate the earlier success of SNL) had a sketch with this as the core premise. In a flashback to Christmas a few weeks earlier, the main character (Jeff Goldblum) is at a ski lodge and comments offhand to his girlfriend "I can't imagine anything worse than being stuck on a sunny beach during the holidays." When 1984 rolls around, the ThoughtPolice seize control of the US. They arrest the pair and the girlfriend is hideously tortured. The chief (Steve Martin) replays Goldblum's earlier comments. The last shot is Goldblum sitting on a beach chair in the tropics, a grey uniformed jackboot standing over him and radioing back to HQ. "He hasn't broken yet, but it's only a matter of time!" The show lasted one season and this sketch might well be the only funny thing it ever broadcast (although thinking back, John Candy's "Food Repairman" sketch was amusing enough for me to still recall it existed) Edit: Some cleanup. Edit 2: Completely mistaken on the show! It was "The New Show" not "Fridays," which was a *different* SNL knock off from a few years earlier.


`You know what is in Room 101, Winston. Everyone knows what is in Room 101.`


God the writing in that book is so good


I don't know what you're talking about, in the end he loved Big Brother.


The best outcome is that he probably didn't live for very long after the ending...God, that's depressing.


He lived normally for a bit, but he and Julia had betrayed each other, he was defeated by Big Brother, and only waited for his execution. He had accepted Big Brother like everyone else.


**Carrie White**. Bullied at every year of school. Tormented at home by crazy religious Mother. Finally gets to go on a date with a nice, good-looking guy--only to have it ruined by having a bucket of pig blood dumped on top of her in front of everyone in an evil prank *(which accidentally kills her date*). Everyone laughs at her. She snaps, kills everyone and sets fire to the building. She goes home. Gets stabbed by her Mother. Kills Mother in self defense. Then dies. All before the age of **17**. Then is forever remembered the **Monster** who killed everyone on Prom night.


Max payne from the max payne series. His whole family got killed and his inner monologue throughout the series is pretty depressing but he does have some good quotes. Don't forget the guy had depression, opiate addictions, and was an alcoholic. He also had PTSD most likely


"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings." Is a legit good line.


Leomon, the guy only exists to die.


Man, the Tamers one was so good though. His death was pretty upsetting for a Saturday morning kids cartoon.


ice king


Eeyore. -"thanks for noticing me" So depressing even as a kid


The nail in his ass probably got something to do with it.


I always liked Eeyore when I was a kid because I felt like he understood me. I did not have a happy childhood.


Koba from the ‘Planet of The Apes’ trilogy by M. Reeves Dude was a Bonobo, one of the nicest most peaceful ape species, who singlehandedly was tortured and hurt so much that he wanted all of humanity extinct


Yea..you've messed up if a bonobo chooses violence


The scene where he steals the gun. That was great.


Wreck It Ralph. Dude was an outcast in his own game, living in the rubbish, and not even invited to the anniversary party. Goes anyway, snotty Nicelander tells him to get a medal and he'll be accepted. Gets his medal, inadvertently takes the bug to Sugar Rush, gets treated badly, mocked and tricked there, returns to his own game and is still treated like shit by the Nicelander dude. And then, still willing to give his life to save Venelope and her Sugar Rush game. Seriously I still get weepy at that part where he's dropping into the Coke & Mentos mountain and reciting the bad guy pledge. And I've seen that film so very many times.


“I'm bad, and that's good! I will never be good, and that's not bad!” “There's no one I'd rather be, than me!”


And then in the sequel Vanelope does everything Ralph got shit for in the first movie, and everyone immediately piles on Ralph for not instantly validating her bad choices.


THANK YOU! I feel like the fans of that sequel are just nuts, because it shits on ALL character development and world building of the previous film... Like, literally Vanellope goes borderline Turbo because of what felt ultimately like an impulse decision. Ralph also seemingly just didn't learn from his fuck ups and went to almost killing the internet.


Makes you wonder why all those homeless game characters in the first movie are forced to live in a bus station / power strip when it's apparently trivial to insert them into other games.


> I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me.


Charlie Brown


Charlie Brown has a lot of setbacks but at least he keeps trying and takes pride in his efforts. He *is* that tiny tree he picked out for the Christmas play. People just need to give him some more appreciation.


Finnick from The Hunger Games Miserable life > forced into child-killing arena > wins but then forced to be a “companion” away from the one person he cares about > another hunger games > escapes and has a brief moment of happiness > jokes he’s dead


My 11 year old self cried over his death for DAYS. 8 years later, still tearing up. HE DESERVED TO SEE HIS SON


Vergil from Devil May Cry Left to die after his mother failed to find him when demons attacked their house. Tortured by Mundus for years causing his body to start to crumble. Split his own soul into two pieces to prevent himself from dying, but effectively throwing away his humanity in the process. He was then reborn, nearly fought to the death with his brother Dante, and then locked himself in hell with seemingly no escape. Overall I think Vergil has had a pretty rough life.




Imagine getting shit on all your life and making inventions just to be happy and then getting shit on again by 10 year old kids and a fucking platypus


He seems pretty happy to have that platypus in his life


I started to think Perry wasn't there to stop Doofenschmirtz from evil, but to save him from his own "inators"


the platypus is like free therapy


*platypus puts on fedora* PERRY THE F***ING PLATYPUS!!


While his childhood was miserable he has a daughter who adores him, Perry as his best friend, a good paying job at Milo's school and on the way to become Professor Time.


I noticed that he always looked to give his daughter the moments he never had


Indeed, he wants to give Vanessa the childhood *he* never had. And she knows it, just watch her song :3


Not to mention a sweet alimony deal that pays for a penthouse apartment downtown, and a fully stocked engineering lab.


He's a clone


Frank Grimes


Or "Grimey" as he liked to be called.


Whatever happened to that guy?


Electrocution. “What does this say? High voltage? Well, I don’t need safety gloves because I’m Homer Simps…”


Change the channel, Marge


*laughs* That’s our Homer!


Lived above a bowling alley and below another bowling alley.


This might be my single favourite Simpsons joke.


Oedipus? lol


The real tragedy comes when you understand all of the material concerning him as a whole; Oedipus wasn't cursed, himself. Oedipus was the curse, and it was his father who was the one truly being punished throughout, with his life and legacy going down in flames and with nothing do to for it, having already been killed by the son he abandoned before the horrors came to light.


And that curse continues. Wherever Oedipus dies is cursed so he’s doomed to wander never welcomed anywhere but never harmed


The fish in Spongebob: “I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.” May have been a story, but even fictional characters can create fictional characters right?


Simply the most poetic misery put to film.


Donald Duck. Forced to live in poverty by his uncle and taking care of three kids that are not his. A fucking bitch of a girlfriend who dates his lucky and rich cousin at the same time.


He served in WWII, and very likely has PTSD, and everyone in his life goes out of their way to trigger him. Those bouts of rage make sense in that light.


I'm old enough that when growing up, there was always one father in the neighborhood you had to be careful around, not startle him or get him mad.


Can't even afford pants either. Humiliating.


Don't forget he also has that antisocial, white trash neighbour who constantly torments him. Yes, Donald is just as petty, which is why their fights keep escalating all the time, but Jones is often the one who starts it by being a blunt d\*ck.






Didn’t even think of Guts! Definitely Guts.


Guts has had such a horrible life and despite everything he keeps moving forward. I really hope he manages to be at peace and achieve even a bit of happiness in the end.


I love guts! The skeleton knight says everything to understand his character. " Struggle, challenge and rise to struggle again! That s the only sword a struggler can use against death!"


I've recently started the manga (Berserk Deluxe Volume 1) and I already have the feeling that the man doesn't have it easy.


Advice: do absolutely everything in your power not to be spoiled


Elmer Fudd has to be up there, shit hunter, gets hurt all the time, outsmarted by a fucking rabbit, can't even pronounce his "Rs", he ain't good looking either, no way that guy gets laid....he must be 90 years old by now, long futile existence


Yeah and he only finds comfort in his "gwilled cheese"


The Phantom of the Opera


Poor guy, he's a musical genius and thanks to him Christine got a chance to show her talent but because he's ugly nobody wants him around


People probably also took issue with him edgelording around the basement and occasionally popping out to murder people


Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter. She spent her entire life bullied in both the muggle and wizarding world, and got killed at 14 by a basilisk.


Then proceeds to spend her afterlife being made fun of while existing in the bathroom she died in.


And on top of that some People flush her down the toilet.


I don't even know how this is supposed to be possible with a ghost


Big Otto Delaney from Sons of Anarchy.


Kurt Sutter wrote some dark shit for himself to play out. Like the scene where he proved he'd never snitch by >!slamming his own head into the table to bite off his tongue, then tossing it at the two way mirror.!< Damn, dude. Go to therapy.


I was going to mention Juice, but Otto had it way worse. Everyone in SOA is miserable in the end though.


The creature in Frankenstein


Smeagol / Gollum.


Agreed. His life was not only tragic but made centuries longer by the thing that made it tragic in the first place.


Two of the three little pigs.


Meg from Family Guy


I'll never forgive Brian for convincing her it's basically her role to be a punching bag.


What's weird is that the family was never like that before. In an early episode, Lois goes out of her way to ensure Meg has a fun spring break, and then in later seasons just becomes downright abusive toward her.


After Mean Girl Gretchen/Wild Thornberry Eliza Lacey Chabert left and Mila Kuniz took over is when she became the punching bag.


Even after Mila took over, Meg was still mostly well-liked by the family for the first 3 seasons. It wasn't until the 4th season when the show was revived that it seemed like the family started treating Meg like garbage.


Marina Gregg, from the Agatha Christie novel *The Mirror Crack'd From Side To Side*. She had previously retired from her world-famous career as a world-famous Hollywood actress after suffering a severe mental breakdown. And when she starts trying to make a comeback in a large-scale movie directed by her latest husband - with her two previous husbands having dumped her - someone starts trying to kill her which is driving her to paranoia and another majr breakdown. And as Miss Marple discovers, the reason for her original breakdown was because Marina was desperate for a child of her own, but when she was pregnant she had contracted measles from someone else which caused her child to be born extremely damaged - mentally disabled, blind, lame, mute, and deaf are among the descriptions of what happens to an unborn child when their mother is infected. >!As Miss Marple also realises, it's the reason for Marina murdering Heather Badcock during the village fete - Heather had innocently revealed that she was the one who gave Marina measles, and worse is the fact that Heather knew full well what she was doing as she had snuck out of her military barracks while it was under a medical quarantine to get backstage at a concert Marina was performing in. Marina instantly went through another breakdown and unfortunately, happened to have her pills with her...!<


German measles. Not Measles. Different virus. proper name is Rubella.


Inspired by actress Gene Tierney. *In June 1943, while pregnant with Daria, Tierney contracted rubella (German measles), likely from a fan ill with the disease. Antoinette Daria Cassini was born prematurely in Washington, DC, weighing three pounds, two ounces (1.42 kg) and requiring a total blood transfusion. The rubella caused congenital damage: Daria was deaf, partially blind with cataracts, and severely mentally disabled. She was institutionalized for much of her life. This entire incident was inspiration for a plot point in the 1962 Agatha Christie novel The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side (Christie's official website says about that novel, "The plot was inspired by Agatha Christie's reflections on a mother's feelings for a child born with disabilities and there can be little doubt that Christie was influenced by the real-life tragedy of American actress Gene Tierney.").*


Inspired by real life Gene Tierney and her daughter.


Daredevil's life brought him to depression, and by now he's just accepted that happy moments will always be ripped from him.


I think there was a girl… dog, i meant In Full Metal Alchemist…


Nina😭 still haunts me




Gengar. I remember watching the trainer leave Gengar at the house or whatever that place was and he just sat there waiting patiently for him to come back, it was so sad.


The hollow knight from hollow knight. Born without a voice, had to leave his thousands of siblings to die, was perceived to be completely without a mind or thoughts, and was eventually chained up with an enraged god in it’s head. And was left to slowly rot alive, unable to do the one thing it was born to do. But unable to die, at least for a long time.


Almost every character in hollow knight could be said as well- the stag beetle who is the last of his kind, the nailsmith who has literally no purpose after he upgrades all your nails because there are no other bugs who are going to come along and need upgrades, even elder bug is pretty sad although that does improve as the game progresses.


So no one's gonna mention Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad? Like bruh, he had the worst couple of years I have ever seen. From getting a red eye in the middle of a desert to being a slave to bunch of neo-nazis.


He also watches his girlfriend get murdered and wakes up to another girlfriend dead, choked on her own vomit.


That his “friend/partner” allowed to happen vs. stopping it bc of his endless greed/ego.


Shitty family. Best family member, his aunt, dies. The person he loves gets him on heroin and then dies in his bed. Shooting Gale. Watching Brock’s mom get shot, knowing that Brock is right there and not being able to do anything about it. Constantly being betrayed by Walter White. Then those years of torture by the white supremacists. Truly miserable.


That was going to be my answer too. He’s not perfect but he’s constantly manipulated,tormented,lied to and he gets beat nearly to death about 3 or 4 times in the whole show.


More like 3-4 times a season


Yea his story gets really tragic


Dude has a terrible run of everyone he cares about dying, his best friends kind of suck and take advantage of him (albeit they have his back when shit hits the fan), Walter manipulates him into horrific situations from getting him beaten half to death multiple times, disposing of bodies, straight up murdering Gale, etc. He's far from innocent in the grand scheme, but holy crap I don't think I've seen a character go through so much horrific crap.


He is far from innocent, but he was also blackmailed into cooking with Walt. He did not want to be involved in any of the shit he went through.


Jude from the novel “A Little Life”. Most depressing book of all time.


I also came here to say "Jude", but from the old story "Jude the Obscure". Guy's entire life is a complete and total train wreck from beginning to end


John Locke in the TV Show Lost. The dude was pretty much screwed over his entire life. He was used and left for over and over even by his own father. All he ever wanted is some meaning to his life, something bigger and grander to look up to. To find meaning and solace in his misery by finding something bigger than himself to look forward to. Genuinely tragic character that you feel sympathetic towards.


Locke is the kinda guy to fall for a Nigerian Prince scam because he needs validation so, so badly. Great character with a lot of subtlety I think a lot of people missed because we were introduced to him at his best and as such most viewers saw him for it.


Came here to say this. Absolute gut-wrenching emotional agony in every chapter.


Theon Greyjoy


He made his own misfortune. I pity him, but it's the truth.


I think that makes him more sad and miserable, if anything. He can’t be an innocent victim. He has the torture of knowing what he brought upon himself and others. Moral trauma.


Kaori from the movie Akira, Tetsuo's girlfriend. She lives in a lawless society and is a hanger on to a youth biker gang, gets her shirt ripped off and then is punched in the face by a rival gang member, and then she's crushed to death brutally by a rapidly expanding mound of flesh that was her boyfriend.


I remember the first time I watched the movie a friend of mine pointed out how no one really cares or notices she died. Such a sad character.


Oscar the grouch. Feel like moving out of the trash can could have done him some good


That thing is bigger on the inside. It’s like a mansion. I’m not even fucking with you. It’s canonically huge. He has an Olympic sized swimming pool in there.


Welp, my new head canon is that Oscar is a Time Lord, so that’s cool.


My favorite Dave Chappelle joke ever: "Oscar, you're a *grouch!*" "Bitch, I live in a fuckin' trash can!"


Fitzchivalry Farseer. He didn't even get a name




Shireen Baratheon


Mindy. From Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. Because she offered to trade you a haunter... and she gave it an everstone so it wouldnt evolve from the trade. And then she leaughed at you for it. I can't even imagine the sort of hell she must have gone through to leave her such an empty, soulless monster. r/fuckmindy


You just unlocked an old memory of mine I only ever played Red/Blue back in the day. And Haunter was my favorite pokemon. I remember wanting to start a new game, but I wanted my faithful Ghost pal with me. Little did I know at the time that trading Haunter was the condition for evolving him. The prompt came up "press B to stop evolution" but that gameboy was in my friend's hands, and I was too late to find out I'm sure that, given the context, Mindy is trash. But I'm a bit biased. I'd take a permanent Haunter any day. Fuck filing out your pokedex


The dog left behind in Futureama


This hurt


Seymour was a good ol pup.


Seymour, Fry’s dog from Futurama.




Can't believe I've not read a darth vader yet... he was born into slavery, literally groomed by a warlord while being shunned by his "family"... accidentally kills his wife, loses his kids, loses most of his body parts and lungs... and to top it off he gets given a suit that is absolutely terrible and spends every waking moment in pain... man's life was awful


While true, you say "accidentally kills his wife" like he wasn't force choking the shit out of her. I mean, there's "accidents" and there's *accidents*.


Marvin the Paranoid Android


Life? Don't talk to him about life.


Cirilla from Witcher deserves a mention. It's almost comical how much despicable shit happens to her along the way and almost entirely through no fault of her own. Not entirely sure why the author treated her that way


The kid from “the ones who walk away from Omelas”


Literally every character from Dark


Eponine from Les Miserables😭


I wanted so badly for her to have something good in her life. I sob every time I hear "A Little Drop of Rain" from the musical.


The entire cast of les miserables


Job. Tortured/Family killed by God to win a bet with the Devil.


I don't really care for Gob.