Only slightly related but back in the 1970 (i think) My uncle from New Zealand use to ride bikes and all the neighbors were worried because 1 It was a loud bike but were happily surprised to see him walking the bike down the street before starting it and riding away. They all thought it was so he would not disturber them early in the morning. When in reality the bike would not start on its own and would need to be jump started and he needed to get some speed up before starting it...


I had a neighbor who did push his motorcycle down the street to be courteous. It was months before I even realized he had a motorcycle and then only because I saw it in the driveway.


Not that neighbourly if you think about it. I had a girlfriend who forced me to do the same thing. When I pointed out I would have to start the bike up eventually so it would still annoy folks, she said that at least it wasn't *her* neighbours I was annoying After we split up I went and got myself a quieter bike


Neighbourly refers to being nice to your neighbours not someone else's. You can be neighbourly and still an inconsiderate asshole to people down the road.


"He is really neighbourly. I mean sure he murders people but it is not in our neighborhood"


I don't think Mr Rogers would agree with you


It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, a beautiful day in my neighborhood. But only in mine, only in mine.


So I'll make the most of this beautiful day; you're from far away so you must stay away; don't cross the line, don't cross the line, you are not my neighbor.


Mr. Republican Rogers?


But he wouldn't overtly disagree. Instead he would ask a few polite, interested questions in simple language that might help you realize on your own that you should stop.


Neighbourly, not Neighbourhoodly.


Growing up in a rural area one of our neighbours worked night shift and lived on a track we used to ride our dirt bikes up and down. We always used to pull in the clutch and hit the kill button 200 yards before his house, coast past, then drop the clutch and jump-start 100 yards past it.


I got a boost of endorphins reading this. You can tell he is Canadian






Those old kick starts are a real bitch. Especially if you don’t weigh much.


I have a 1978 Yamaha xs1100 with a kick starter (it’s supposed to be just as a backup to the electric start, but sometimes I like to kick start it for fun). It’s not too bad because of the 4 cylinders, but I’ve seen some 2 cylinder bikes that were just a complete pain to kick start.


My buddy’s dad had an old old Harley that had a kicker on it. Felt like trying to balance a tank and jump on a pogo stick at the same time. I was like 21 and 150 pounds and terrified of dropping it.


Trick from a fellow featherweight, use the kickstand. I have a dirtbike that doesn't like to start unless you throw a ton of weight into the starter in a very short period. I lean it on the kickstand, stand on the left peg, and just THROW myself into the starter. I don't have to worry about balancing that way.


I know nothing about motorcycles, but I feel like there should be aftermarket kickstands for that. Got a stiff kickstarter? Turn your dinky Air Force landing gear into beefy Navy landing gear, designed to be slammed into the deck


I had a 450 mono cylinder husqvarna that my uncle broke, he was rich af and just bought a new bike and i repaired and used his. I was 15 and barely 60kg. And also on husqvarnas the kickstarter isnt on the right, but on the left, so you cant stay on the bike to start it. You have to jump on the kick to get it going. If it wason a compression phase first and not exhaust, you end ub being catapulted over the front. And if your foot slipped during the way down, it will snap back behind your lwg, i was blue for month. But still loved that bike


We used to push my brothers mustang down 4 blocks before we fired it up to be “courteous” to our sleeping parents…


The courtesy of not getting caught sneaking out?


I'm far more interested in hearing from people who accidentally ride ridiculously loud motorcycles. Their story should be a doozy.


Recently bought a slip on exhaust that had the nicest tone in all the videos, but didn't sound too loud. How wrong I was. Put it on the bike and it's fucking loud. I'm going to slap my stock exhaust back on next weekend. But yeah, I'm accidentally riding a ridiculously loud motorcycle at the moment.


Looking to get rid of some pipes I hear?


Tone/note was exactly what I was going for when I replaced the full system on my bike. Fucking loud! Went to a custom exhaust place and asked them what my options were for quieting it down. *That's not loud at all*, says the man. *I like my neighbours and would like to remain on good terms with them*, I replied. Ended up getting them to fabricate/extend the perforated mesh on the db-killers and it's much more tolerable. Now I got a much nicer sounding bike (although it still sounds like a glorified sewing machine), proper back pressure and still have some pops and crackles on decel.


Totally not motorcycle related but - Did a bunch of research for my first ebike, checking tons of YT vids. I wanted to get around affordably. Looked good, guy said his 5'3 GF could easily ride it, looked like it was just a nice cruiser style bicycle with slightly wide tires. So, I'm 5'6, should be nice and I'm thinkin' "Yeah, this won't stick out, it'll just look like a nice bicycle and I don't have to worry about people eying it to steal it" Then it arrived. Not only is it a bit big for me and the reviewers were like 6 foot+, the tires are 5x wider than I thought and no joke, every time I go out I get people asking me about the bike, ebikes in general & complementing it & I really, really hate the attention. So I accidentally got a bike that's not normal sized & not at all subtle, at all. But at least it's quiet!


V&H slipon? On a Bolt?


I lost my right side muffler in Saint Paul (MN) on I-94, there was a little bit of traffic but I noticed right away my bike was sounding a little loud, but I tried looking for problems and couldn't find any, until I got home and noticed my muffler had broken off from rust. The next day I went back on I-94 and found my muffler on the shoulder. Luck would have it I found a new old stock header and muffler pipe on eBay with a $10 starting bid and free shipping and no one else bid on it!


When you said "Luck would have it" I thought you were going to say you found new muffler on the side of the road.


Hello from Minneapolis! What do you ride?


The loud motorcycle on I-94.


My exhaust exploded. And then I couldn't afford a fancy exhaust, so I got a decent one for cheap and it was loud. 100% not my intention. I just bought what I could afford lol


During a motocross meeting, had the muffler bracket break off and it got jammed in the rear wheel. Melted my glove when I grabbed it but still managed to finish the race with a straight pipe.


I was once biking around Crete on a crappy rental bike and about 2 days in the muffler fell off. I felt like a real piece of shit driving this thundering monstrosity through beautiful, peaceful little villages and ruining the atmosphere and local's days. Stopped at the first mechanic I could find to get it sorted.


Still better than the truck that reversed out of a road way to fast and drove over my dad’s (correctly parked) rental bike. My parents were getting ice creams and watched it happen without being able to do anything. This was in the early 80s as well so they had a hard time getting this stuff sorted at the rental place with the truck driver. They barely spoke English back then.


My brother rides. "Loud pipes save lives" is the mantra from the group. Many accidents with motorcyclists are caused by inattentive drivers. The loudness of the bike helps mitigate them not being as readily seen. I've lost a bandmate to a motorcycle. A couple of friends. Their noise from a nearby main thoroughfare regularly disrupts our peace. I have nothing nice to say about motorcycles.


I bought a car with a custom loud pipe once. It was a package deal. I had it replaced with a factory pipe and sold the custom one for a net profit.


you had the [woo wooo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSgYtmCnyYw)?


Accidentally? I got a hole in my exhaust, I thought it was louder than the other days, so i inspectected the bike at home and i discovered the hole somewhere underneath the bike which was hard to see when it was just standing there


I bought my dream bike from someone on Craigslist but he had modified the exhaust. It's pretty loud 🫤


I used to serve behind the bar at a pub that was the local of a former British super bikes champion. I asked him what it was that got him hooked on bikes and he said he’ll never forget going to watch his first ever event and the sheer noise the bikes made as they went past. Interestingly enough, he also told me that he would have given up all the bikes and championships if he could have been a rockstar guitarist. I’ll never forget that, because it taught me that you can be one of the most successful ever people in your field and still have a bit of sadness or longing for another life or roads not taken. Anyway, I wonder if there is some connection to how he loved music and how he was also hooked on the noise of the bikes. As the motorcyclist above said, some people just like the sound. Different strokes for different folks.


Yeah, some people like two-strokes... Some like four-strokes...


I mean either option I’m finishing anyway


Four strokes? Ooooh, we got a marathon runner here!


For Girls That Ride Til Death


4 stroke gang


I used to be a professional tuba player. I'm not into loud engines, but I *do* have a sound system at home that annoys geologists. I think that tracks


Consider that in both cases, he was attracted to the adrenaline and being the center of attention. The noise is a signal for things that make him feel powerful.


Imagine your life long dream is just wanting to be deaf.








There’s a South Park episode that addresses this question …


My name is Butters and I'm Bikes Curious


Yeah she'll be missing a few teeth... But she'll be mine




I still do this in my head when piss pot wearers ride past


Haha me too


Figs man.


Someone took a shit on my harley!!


There's a little flag in the shit!!!


Chicken spears!




"90% of people at Sturgis are decent people." That seems extraordinarily high.


Apparently it's 90% of "the baddest looking guys" there, not necessarily 90% of all of the people there.


I think we’re going to need spreadsheets


And even that 10% are people who were hurt in a way in their youth, probably.


You can be both traumatized AND racist for sure haha


It’s about time we changed the definition...






I wish that insult had caught on. I'm gay BTW.


Loud obnoxious Harley rider. What else does it mean?


Damn F words


We were looking for houses last year, and we found the perfect house. We loooved it. Walked outside to get back in the car and noticed about 50 Harleys outside of an establishment across the way. We both looked at each other and said NOPE! Dodged such a bullet.


> We were looking for houses last year, and we found the perfect house. We loooved it. Walked outside to get back in the car and noticed about 50 Harleys outside of an establishment across the way. Not as perfect as you were led to believe. My rule I like to tell people is, if you are interested in a particular house, go by the neighborhood in the early evening, and also on a weekend, to get a better idea of what the neighborhood is actually like.


Bro that house is sold before that weekend even comes by.


Yeah this is reality, you have about five hours to put an offer on a house after you see it you don't have time for all this.


Yup. Even years before the frothy covid market we had a bidding war situation and had to decide within 5 hours of seeing the place whether or not we were going for it. It's so rare to have weeks worth of time.


Put the offer in, then research. You can pull out later. It's a shitty thing to do, but it's a shitty market when you have to make one of the most major financial decisions of your life without enough time to research it properly. Here in the UK, you can do this everywhere except Scotland where when you put an offer in you can't just pull out. Not sure if it's the same in the US.


In the US, we put down a little cash when we make an offer to show we're sincere, usually $500-5,000ish, depending on the house and norms of the area. It's to prevent people from putting in offers then dragging their feet and backing out. If there's a negotiable issue later down the road (e.g. the inspection shows the house is made entirely out of lead), you don't lose your deposit. But you lose it if you back out cause you don't like the neighborhood. The market's slowing down a little with the 7% interest rates, but it's been a rough decade for house shopping. 😅


A lot of countries you can't do this. Here in NZ once you put an offer down you are beholden to it, barring any stipulation like building inspections etc. If people can do it in their country though? 100% as a buyer you get screwed left right and centre by agents and the market, get away with what you can.


You can put broad conditions in your sales and purchase such as "due diligence" and it's pretty much a get out coz you don't like it anymore clause.


I live in a country where the buyer is very much protected though if you signed the contract and end up not being able to get a bank to give you a mortgage you're on the hook for 10% of the price of the house. You can put 'on the condition of being able to get a mortgage' in contract but any seller will steer clear and accept a more secure bid. I feel your suggestion will have the same result.






For the past few years houses have been selling so fast here are more easily counted in hours as apposed to days.


> apposed to days. The word you are looking for is opposed.




Motorcycles are a bit like alcohol. It’s fun to be drunk. It’s not fun to be sober around drunks.


My ears are ringing as loud or louder than the white noise of a fan. It is not fun to be "drunk" in that metaphor.


Tinnitus is something that legitimately scares me. Hearing damage is something I never want to fuck around with.


Good, It should. I have a minor tinnitus in my left ear since childhood and even that is awful at times. Took me a long time to adjust to it. It's for this reason that I get really mad when I see toddlers/kids at big sport events or other loud events, just so irresponsible.


Jesus christ, so true. I am trying to push that people wear earplugs at concerts/raves up by the bar, people think I'm crazy. Imo, it needs to be seen as something like wearing a helmet when riding a bike, just the safe thing to do. Wear protection. Listening to ringing right now because of stupid decisions I made at concerts in my 20s. I always bring extra earplugs to raves now. Though, once I gave some to a guy and he tried to eat them...


It’s the only way I can get around to look for my lost muffler.


I wish I knew so I'd maybe have a reason to be empathetic to my neighbor that wakes my kids up at least 4 times a week revving up his "super cool" bike to take off at 20mph on a quiet residential street


Edit: spacing it really is just a "this loud noise makes me happy" thing I hate loud vehicles of all kinds, but I've asked this question all my life and this was the only legitimate answer I've ever seen, people are allowed to like loud things.. but.


I wish they'd just wear headphones to blast their ear drums maybe the vibration between their legs? get a seat vibrator and headphones lol


buy your local bikers vibrating but plugs lmao


I can answer this for my step father. He's just an asshole. His bike is so loud I could hear it over 10miles away. I'd hear him start up at work and drive home. We lived on a hill and his work was on the far side of a lake, that was on the other side of a valley from our house... You could hear him the *whole* drive around the lake, into the valley, and out of it. He's just a fuckin' asshole tbh. Doesn't give a fuck about common decency. edit: For those questioning the 10miles, I should point out that because we were up on the hill there was effectively a clear line of sight to him the whole time. Sound travels a long ass way when there's nothing to get in it's way.


My wife's step-dad replaced his car horn with a train horn. He has an air compressor in the back seat for it. It is unbelievably loud, and he thinks it's hilarious.


To be fair, the horn is not making sound continously the whole time you're driving, so at least there's that.


I believe there was an AITA about this a few years ago, because those horns are illegal due to what a disturbance they cause / can freak out other drivers so badly they can cause accidents.


When I was a teen I was riding my bike to work in the rain one morning. This pickup truck comes flying by me and honks his train horn as he goes past, 10 feet to my left. It was so fucking loud and startled me so bad I immediately ate shit. My body just said "immediate danger" and went fetal.


Even with regular horns that’s absolutely terrifying. That’s also happened to me, luckily never while it was also raining, but every time I’ve felt like I was barely keeping control of my bike. (E-bike so also a little bit faster and more dangerous if I wiped out)


And hearing loss. Maybe I'm the asshole here, but I think I'm entitled to use public areas without unnecessarily having my hearing damaged.


One of the best ideas I've heard in the last few years is that horns should be as loud inside the car as outside.


I think you should need to register your own scream as your horn sound


This is the real answer. They ride those bikes *because* they’re annoying. It’s like a power trip for them to make you listen to something you don’t want to.


Yes, and they can't be an asshole in isolation, they need people to know it, whether it's with swagger, happy pipes, or bumper sticker philosophy on their perfectly clean truck.


Assholeism requires a victim.


>perfectly clean truck God DAMN this is a chef's kiss of shade throw


People who play music on their phone at full volume. Attention seeking assholes with tiny penises


Yup. I live in the center of a small town, right next to the only gas station. I can't tell you how many times I've had people with loud vehicles sit outside my house and rev their motors to show off. Seemingly no concept that people live here. Nope, all that's important to them is how their ego is attached to their loud ass exhaust.


This. The only real answer is this. I AM A FUCKING ASSHOLE.


This is the only actual answer. They are assholes.


Doing something to spite others reminds me of another demographic.


Oh he's definitely in that demographic too.


As someone whose babies have been woken on multiple occasions by loud excessively loud bikes, I second your answer. They're all assholes. I *just* got my very colicky baby to sleep only to have some neanderthal on his Harley romp on it going by us and there we go, I have a screaming baby again. I'm using a big paintbrush here but I automatically hate anyone who rides a stupidly loud bike.


Same, I started looking into noise reduction windows and other sound proofing measures just to combat some of those assholes. Honestly though, the police are nearly just as much to blame. They don't enforce excessive decibel laws so people continue to be shitty.


Oh, don't worry about your big paintbrush. I'm just out here with my giant paint roller hating on everyone who feels a need to buy one of these stupid things. I'm excited for electric motorcycles getting popular some day.


I was looking for this answer. And finally found it in this huge pile of shitty non interesting stories. Yes, they are assholes. And not only bikers but “auto enthusiasts” with unnecessary loud exhaust too




I started reading everyone's comment as if they were yelling.... man.




But I'm a goddamn half mile away *in my house*.


Same thing with those import cars with the loud mufflers, trucks with loud exhaust, and those assholes who drive around neighborhoods with their fucking sound system waking everyone up.


I lived on a country road to the coast for several years. It happened to be in a canyon. Saturday mornings were a real treat. The South Park episode when Butters goes bi(cycle) is one that echoes my sentiments on loud drivers.


Definitely assholes. The city I live in, someone has petitioned to have them banned, but some people cry that it singles out minorities. I don't care who is diving them, they're all of the asshole race.


Ok I have to ask because I cannot figure this one out, but how exactly does it target minorities? If anything it seems to be fat, old, bearded, white men who ride this things.


This specific case was about not motorcycle vehicles.


Hold on, do the whistles go WHOOOOOOOOO?


"Loud pipes save lives" answers aside, the responses I'm getting from actual loud bike owners are TELLING. Either they just like the way it sounds (and don't care that it bothers literally everyone), or they do it specifically to make people mad. Might as well just answer with "because I'm an asshole!"


Same people say they don't use a mirror on their bike because it doesn't matter if its behind you. I guess a mirror won't stop anyone from rear-ending you, though helpful for changing lanes. Simple logic is lost on some. The volume of their loud bike also prevents them from hearing anything coming up behind them.


And requires them to blast their radios louder than their bike so everyone can hear that too.


the fucking old fucks who do that can all die in a fire, no one wants to hear your personal mix of shitty music and exhaust. EDIT: we have some security guards at work that are all about 65 and do that, they are about as tough as a deflated build a bear but they just have to be the center of attention at 5am when they wobble there way into work.


Any decent bicyclist knows to look over his shoulder prior to merging / switching lanes / leaving the bicycle lane / coming out from the shoulder. The ones who don’t are idiots.


My brother in law is a loud bike owner and that was pretty much his response. He likes the way it sounds and feels when you ride something that loud and know everyone hears you coming. Most surprising part was that he genuinely didn't understand why people would think it's annoying.


> Either they just like the way it sounds (and don't care that it bothers literally everyone), or they do it specifically to make people mad. Might as well just answer with "because I'm an asshole!" It's like people who put train horns on their trucks.




This is EXACTLY what it is. Look at ME on my bike! I'm soo cool!! Meanwhile everyone else is rolling their eyes and praying it passes soon!


I was into loud car audio, and I was and an immature asshole. And I wish I could apologize.


Worked half my life installing car audio.. I like loud music, but some people go way over it.. I remember this guy with 4 15s kickers and a Rockford amp, that car would literally rise your hair it was crazy.


My friend was like that. I had a couple of 12s and I had a nice 100 watt Amp. I had a 250 too but it didn't sound as good. My friend ended up with a thunderbird with I don't know how many 12s in the removed back seats. 4k+ watts. Loved that you couldn't sit in the car and listen to it without most of the power cut. Always asked him why. Because competition's. But you don't go to competitions. He'd just shrug. Weird guy, most of the time his equipment was worth more than his car. He couldn't figure out why he was always getting pulled over.


It's so nice to see someone admit it. So many people who are still in the asshole phase are just like 'it's my music I can listen to it if I want to, no one is making you drive near me'.


I think it’s really weird that people get so into car audio. I’d rather spend the money on hookers and blow.


Here in Thailand we call them "van-vans", and basically everyone hates them. It's one thing if you want a good muffler, but to just put on a new one that does nothing but make it fuck-tardedly loud, just makes you a cunt.


I ride a motorcycle, but I keep the stock exhaust. Why do many riders change exhaust? They like the sound. That's it, really. Some may claim that loud pipes save lives, but that's bullshit. If they wanted to be noticed, they would instead invest in hi-vis gear and aftermarket lighting. Not all motorcyclists are inconsiderate assholes.


Basically there are some that just love the raw power and noise, but even then riding that around public and residential areas is totally inconsiderate of others. Then there are others that actively do want the loud sound as a fuck you to everyone else. Either way it's a bit trash. I say this as someone who has a personal interest in motorsport and motor vehicles. Same goes for idiots with uneccessarily loud shirty diesel 4wds and extremely loud cars.


> raw power That's something that always gets overlooked in these threads. Everyone assumes either you're a "loud pipes save lives" advocate, or you're just an attention whore. But there's a 3rd reason -- performance. A muffled exhaust is a restricted exhaust. The more air you can cram through an engine the more power you can produce. It's why there aren't any quiet race cars. That being said, I have a bike with a modified exhaust, though it still has baffles and is relatively quiet and won't bother the neighbors when I leave the house as long as I keep the RPM's down. I find it's a good balance between muffled exhaust and straight pipes, combined with other mods I've done to it. It doesn't rattle the neighbors houses or destroy your hearing at a low cruise, but will open up and provide tons of, as you put it, raw power (and noise) if and when I need it. I've provided this type of answer numerous times to these threads, and no matter how much I stress that I ride respectfully, the downvote brigade usually shows up because I said I have a modified exhaust. edit: Comment got some attention, and here they come. Please form an orderly queue folks. I'll address your misunderstandings and misrepresentations of what I said one at a time. 2nd edit: There continues to be some confusion regarding whether or not faster/more powerful is an acceptable reason for all the noise. I'm not claiming that it's a *good answer.* I'm just saying it's *an answer.* The fact that some people are just attention-seeking idiots isn't a *good reason* for it either. But it is a reason.


Former, and hopefully soon to be returning, motorcycle rider here. Aftermarket exhausts don’t provide much more power on modern sports bikes (don’t know about Harleys). Yes, an ECU remap + exhaust might give you single digit % power increases. And I guess a full (not street legal) race exhaust might get you to the teens. Best way for most riders to get more speed and acceleration is to drop a few pounds. If you want to experience real speed and power, get a dedicated track bike and sign up for some track days. Ride safe!


> Best way for most riders to get more speed and acceleration is to drop a few pounds. I have no science to back this up but I bet taking a nice shit before going for a ride would have about as much of a performance impact as an open pipe on a Harley.


Loud motorcycle guy is like a toddler that walks around banging pans together.


So you're saying they're just like [2-year old Bart here](https://youtu.be/EKYz2M6zoII)?


I am so great! I am so great! Didn’t even click on that and I got that chant in my head before bed. Damn you! 😡😂


Not just a loud motorcyclist, but also people with loud exhausts on cars and lifted trucks.


Look at me look at me


Hands in the air like it’s good to be, aliiiiive in such a small world, I’m all curled up with a book to read


I live in a really quiet, rural area specifically because it’s peaceful and spread out and I don’t have to deal with peoples shit. Years of sweet solitude, then a small subdivision goes in down the street. Fine, whatever. It’s still quiet, right? Nah. Now I have the worlds loudest douchebag blasting past my house at least 6 times a day intentionally being obnoxious. Like fuck, I live 30 miles outside of town, no restaurants, nothing to do, no amenities, no shopping, it’s a ton of work, but it’s all worth it until someone brings the insufferable, loud bullshit to the people trying to escape it.


That’s just the baseball card in the spokes of my bicycle. Sorry.


Helmets save more lives than loud pipes!


Here is my reaction to "loud pipes" nothing...just driving normally on the highway. motorcycle speeds past weaving through traffic I hear it loudly the second its beside my window startling the shit out of me and I hear it as they go speeding in front of me. How the fuck is that supposed to save lives?


That's for damn sure. I was involved in an accident with a motorcycle. He was being weaving in and out of lanes, on a 2 lane curvy road. He was going into the wrong lane on a turn, hit the car in front of me, flew over the car and landed in my lane. I didn't see in time, as I was coming around a curve. I made every attempt to swerve and stop. I clipped the back end of the motorcycle. I was a basket case! He thankfully had a helmet on, that literally saved his life when he hit the first car! He did have injuries but none life threatening, all because he had a helmet.


Loud pipes don’t even save lives. They’d need to pipe the sound forward for that effect


There are several reasons, but I’ll try to give you a motorcyclist’s perspective. I have a couple of bikes, one of which is a very modern standard bike. It’s not particularly loud, but it’s deceptively high-performance. This is the bike I ride most of the time. It sounds no louder than a car. My other bike is a Ducati 748, a classic 90s race bike with carbon fibre race exhausts, designed for sheer performance rather than politeness. One is quiet, the other is loud. I ride the loud one for specific journeys that are about enjoying the nearby empty Scottish country roads and their twists and turns. It’s a selfish pursuit that’s about being free and on the sort of bike that feels like it lifts you up. It’s also not very good in the city, but if it were my only bike, it’d annoy a lot if people. That’s my perspective, but it’s not the only one. The thing that attracts a lot of people to motorcycling is its rebellious nature, built on the mythology of bike gangs and Brando in a leather jacket. This seed leads to riders who want a bit of freedom and control over their lives when they don’t have it at home or at work, and they get to act out a fantasy on a low-performance cruiser (think Harley Davidson) that makes more noise than it has any need to make. Being perceived as “obnoxious” is part of the thrill, because as long as they’re being noticed, they’re more alive than in their mundane lives. There’s also a theory that “loud pipes save lives” which is utter bollocks, but the belief that you’re more likely to notice a loud bike and not accidentally kill the rider. There’s no evidence to back this up, but you can see why a rider could be deluded into believing it. So, there are a few reasons, but what it comes down to is bikes can be louder and for some that’s deliberate and for others it’s a side effect of a different goal, but our reality is that we won’t get to annoy you for ever as our loud bikes get replaced by silent electric solutions, a future I’m eager for. I’d be remiss if I didn’t immediately hang a lampshade on the subject of obnoxious car drivers, with their tuned baked bean can exhausts designed specifically to sound like race cars without the performance, or with huge trucks modified to “roll coal”, belching diesel smoke over cyclists, Teslas and Priuses to make a really weird point. These are worse than your average loud motorcycle, but they seem to get a pass because you’re a car driver like them. They’ll grow out of it, or it’s their culture, you’ll say. And look, I’ve typed too much, but at least it’s in paragraphs. I’ll let you get back to the comments you were looking for instead of my diatribe.


Just to preemptively answer all the "Loud pipes save lives" comment: >The conclusion of the study specifically says that the assumption “loud pipes save lives” is false. The driver of the car cannot hear a motorcycle if it is more than 33 feet behind the car, and as it gets closer than 33 feet to the car “even if the car driver hears you, it is too late to react safely. https://www.autoweek.com/news/industry-news/a35952569/loud-pipes-do-not-save-lives/#:~:text=The%20conclusion%20of%20the%20study,too%20late%20to%20react%20safely.


Especially when people riding loud motorcycles aren't wearing helmets and are weaving in and out of traffic.


A Harley-Davidson bandana and wraparound shades does not equal a helmet.


I for one appreciate organ donors....




Meat crayons.


Also I feel like it’s harder to determine the side of the car they are on if the noise just rattles your entire car.


If they were actually safety conscious, they would also always wear hi-visibility riding gear and have their bikes painted yellow or bright orange.


If they were actually safety conscious they’d wear armor, including a racing helmet. If they were actually safety conscious, they wouldn’t split lanes or weave in and out of traffic. For that matter, if they were really safety conscious, they’d run quiet pipes because the only thing loud pipes are doing for the biker is slowly giving them tinnitus. But then, if they were actually safety conscious, *they wouldn’t ride motorcycles*.


> But then, if they were actually safety conscious, they wouldn’t ride motorcycles. And finally we arrive at the truth :D




As a life long motorcycle rider, I approve this message. Observant and safe riding will actually improve your chance of avoiding collision. Loud pipes are for obnoxious people who think it's cool to disrupt everyone's cafe breakfast. Brap brap brap brap brap brap brap brap.


I've always said, I'll buy this argument the moment somebody points one forward.


They think everyone who looks at them is thinking "that guy is cool" rather than "what a childish asshole".




Oh, but you see, *my* loud noise is cool. Everyone else's loud noises are annoying.


Honestly - South Park really hit the nail on the head with this one…


I think, "man that guy sounds like he has a tiny dick"


To wake up as many of us as possible. From a NYTimes article about efforts to curb noise in Paris. Imagine what a big loud motorcycle could do. “The initiative follows a mounting intolerance by the French to street noises, particularly motorcycles and souped-up scooters. According to a study by Bruitparif, a state-backed center that monitors noise in the Paris area, a modified scooter crossing Paris at night can wake as many as 10,000 people.” https://www.nytimes.com/2022/02/21/world/europe/france-street-noise.html?


“LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES!” *loudly speeds away with no helmet or gear*


This sums it up. Oxymorons on bikes


LOUD PIPES DO NOT SAVE LIVES. Yelling because the people who need to hear this are deaf.


Exactly. I really love when it's a super loud bike and he also has a radio on it blaring even louder because of course he has to have his jams while riding. It kind of amazes me that communities ban 'jakebraking' for semis but the bikes and pick-ups that are much, much louder than engine braking are A-okay.


Jake brakes can get extremely extremely loud. Most of the motorcycles and loud cars are also illegally loud, but truckers tend to follow laws better than motorcyclists, since it's their livelihood. I say this as a motorcyclist


"Loud pipes save lives" Not really but sure, you know what actually saves quantifiable amounts of lives? Safety gear and not riding like a squid.


Yes why?! Like what a way to tell the whole neighbourhood all summer long that you are the biggest dick head in the world.


Wife of a biker: 1. Loud pipes save lives mumbo jumbo, but more importantly... 2. Because he wants to hear the obnoxious "BAWRPPPPPP" when he rides because it makes him feel all tingly inside. Loud pipes save lives is just how people justify it. He just likes the noise for sure. When he buys a new bike I know just by the sound if he is interested in it or not


Does he buy a lot of bikes he’s not interested in?


Is your husband aware how much everyone within a mile radius hates him?


This is the truth. As I posted above, I'm not a loud pipes guy, but inadvertently bought and rode a loud pipes bike for a good long time. And you described it perfectly: the obnoxious sound made me feel all tingly inside. I did not expect that, I still think it's stupid and indefensible. And I eventually got rid of the bike for something quieter. But I won't deny the embarrassing reality: riding that big dumb loud bike was effing FUN, man!!!


I assume they just have no respect for anyone around them.


They need the attention.