Ads that try to hide the x button by putting something white where the button is.


Ads that you have to wait 30 seconds to close and when you do you are forced to watch the title for another 10 seconds. Another great example is when I watch an ad willingly only for the screen to go black and pressing it takes you to the store. Going back makes you look at the black screen for 30 seconds and when you go back to the game you have to watch anotherad because the last one "did not play" I am convinced they do this on purpose. FUCK YOU


This shit should become illegal. Also buttons with an x but when you press it to close the ad it automatically loads the ad/webpage. We are being taken hostage by ads and ad makers. Fuck them all!


When I go to a webpage but it doesn't load all at once so when you go to click something the page shifts as other things load in and you end up clicking the wrong thing.


When this happens I can feel my body physically reeling from the anger and stress


And when it happens repeatedly...


Or the webpage is taking a millenium to load and as soon as you press the back or reload button, the entire webpage loads.


I swear there must be an actual mechanism reason behind this, how often it happens


There is. The webpage is coded not to display anything until its fully loaded. What you have is a webpage that is basically fully loaded, It's just waiting on one last thing, probably some tracker bullshit to load before the entire thing will display at once. When you press the back button it stops the loading, which instantly displays all the content you have already downloaded.


It's called Cumulative Layout Shift and Google actually ranks sites that do this lower now. https://www.searchenginejournal.com/core-web-vitals/cumulative-layout-shift/


Google does the same thing with their search engine though. Sometimes I’m about to click a link and it gets moved out the way by the suggestion box that pops up after


Most of google websites have an awful google page speed score. Only plebs has to follow their guidelines.


this only seems to happen to me when a clickbait ad catches my interest, which makes me think they do it intentionally to get clicks by accident


I agree 100%


You know what's worse? I usually do it at least twice before I slow down and pay attention.


Stepping in something wet while walking in socks. Could be in the best of moods then BAM, day ruined.


People standing in doorways Especially people standing in groups having conversations in doorways. Get the hell out of the way already! People's lack of awareness of others really astounds me


this REALLY bothers me, the lack of spatial awareness that people have is incredible, then they glare at you for having the audacity to exist in their world... baffling


Trust me it’s even worse when you are in a wheelchair (and therefore not only below their eyeline, but due to being physically lower, they seem to think you are socially lower or mentally handicapped along with any physical handicap you might have). Lots of sighs and tutting if you ask for room to get by. In fairness the vast majority of people are the exact opposite of this and cannot do enough to be of assistance (which sometimes is actually counterproductive, but of course you accept as graciously as possible because they are at least trying to be right).


My best friend uses a wheelchair, we joke about attaching cattle prods to the front of his chair to make people move


I'm so with you on this. I absolutely HATE when the parents where I work block the parking lot while talking to other parents, block the walkways with kids, strollers, each other etc. Block the doorway while their child is throwing a fit, crying etc. It's like look people, I already don't want to be here, but I need my paycheck soooo. Get the hell out of my way!!! You are not the only people trying to go somewhere. They stand there chatting about play dates, yoga and whatever else, which is fine, just do it off of the walkway and in empty parking spaces. Infuriating!!!🤬


Yes this! It's sooo frustrating. Get your goddamn stroller out of the way. You aren't more important than anyone else.


When a ballpoint pen doesn't work when it clearly has ink in it. It has one job.


When you scribble to test, there will be ink. But when trying to write, suddenly no ink.


Hell hath no fury like me when this happens


Or pen writes fine when making left-right lines, but doesn't work when making up-down lines.


Take pen out of casing, blow down the open end of the little plastic tube. Thank me later. Fixed many pens that way during school exams.


Tried this in 3rd grade Ink exploded in mouth


When you bite your tongue or cheek while eating and then suddenly that one particular spot becomes like a magnet attracting your teeth to it and you keep biting it


My Dad and I both get murderous rage when we bite our mouth. We’re not sure why, but that first split second it occurs we just want to scream. After that we just feel resigned irritation that we keep biting the same spot (because it’s now inflamed and in the way.).


You're lucky. For me it always becomes a canker sore which lasts at least a week.


When the people walking in front of me are really slow, but also spread out so you can't walk past them.


Or the traffic version of that where there’s a lot of open road … except for the two semis occupying both lanes in front of you while one is passing the other by going about 0.01 MPH faster.


As a trucker I have accidentally gotten into that situation once or twice and I have hated myself for it every time. Here in the EU trucks are limited to 90 kph. So if I come up on a truck going 85 I will make sure that I have enough time to pass without getting in someone's way. But when I get to slow trucks cabin, the fucker will notice that he is driving under the limit and speed up. And suddenly we're both at our limit and I'm no longer passing so suddenly I become an asshole instead of just being able to pass without bothering anyone. I don't expect you to understand, just wanted to rant a bit


A friend of mine is a lorry driver. He admits it's bad form but driving long distances isn't very interesting. He said that when you have spent the last half hour catching up to the lorry in front of you hes damned if he isn't going to overtake it. I get his point but it's no fun coming up behind a group of lorries taking miles to shuffle position.


> I don't expect you to understand Oh I do, because the car version of this exits when using cruise control. I have cruise control set at 70 (mph). I am catching somebody doing 60 so I move out to overtake. As you get alongside they increase their speed to match you. You're now alongside and pissing off the people wanting to get past and looking like somebody who doesn't know how to use the overtaking lane. Not wanting to speed, you have to cancel cruise control and slow down (pissing off the people behind even more) so you can move back behind the person who sped up. Who then slows back to 60. So you move out to overtake...and the cycle repeats. And the one time you say sod it and floor it to get past them, there is speed camera on the next gantry. And then they tailgate you for doing the limit, that previously they were driving under. Or overtake you and slow back down to 60. It's a problem I genuinely have struggled with for years, because I can't work out the solution that doesn't involve breaking the law. And it happens daily. If anybody has any suggestions how to solve this, gratefully received.


Or when you attempt to stride past them and they veer into your path, it's bloody infuriating.


Brings me memories from when I travelled to N.Y.C.


Or they veer left when you try to pass them on the left




The incorrect autocorrect


And when it continues to incorrectly autocorrect while you’re trying to correct it


It does this to me every time I type a real fucking word, and type it perfectly. Main offenders are the words "but" and "throw" they'll get changed to "bit" and "through." And then vice versa happens, too, of course. Come the fuck on, phone. Damn.


I dont mind it fixing my mistakes, but yeah, fixing my correct word and switching it out for something completely different, unrelated, and illogical irks me. It pisses me off even more because it used to be perfect. No idea why they keep making a much more aggressive autocorrect.


There is a reason i turn off autocorrect on every single phone i get as soon as i can. I dont care if one or two letters get mistyped, there has never been a point in human history or the existance of the universe in which i meant to type "ducking"


You can put fuck and fucking in your phone’s dictionary so it doesn’t automatically correct it to duck or ducking. (In this instance my phone tried to correct ducking to fucking.)


forgot password? *Enters new password* New password cannot be the same as old password.


Took me a while to find this. Also it doesn’t feel safe when the website remembers your very first password from a decade ago. Like please man I know you are keeping my passwords hostage!


apologies if you already knew this, but if they're doing security properly then websites can do this without actually knowing what your old passwords were.


Someone standing with their cart in the middle of the grocery aisle making it impossible to squeeze past them either in front of or behind them.


This happens at Costco all the time, and often the person is no where to be seen. I started moving the carts out if the way. I ended up moving them to another aisle. I'm like the passive aggressive Cart Narc


Oh I'll definitely push it to the side if I need to get by and the person is not at the cart. I've got dirty looks a couple times when they see me do it as they're wandering back to the cart. That annoys me even more actually, the idea that between the 2 of us they think I'm the one who has done something wrong here. Oh well.


And you know they see you coming that way, is it really that hard to move over???


Honestly, a lot of times they don’t. I’ve realized that a lot of people are just off in their own little worlds, unaware of their surroundings much of the time. It’s so obnoxious.


You're right. I think a lot of people never really learned this as kids. That's why I am always teaching my kids to be aware of their surroundings wherever they are, especially at the store. Not only does it help keep them safe, it helps them to learn common decency.


I've tried educating people about this, but they're stubborn. Even in my teen years, I'd suggest to the other youth at my church that we move into the giant foyer instead of congregating right in front of the doors, but then right after service they'd go right back to hanging out right in front of the doors.




Ads in the middle of videos. Ads that block the paragraph I just started reading. Ads that are made to look like normal content. Ads.


Ads in the middle of a video you waited 2 ads for to watch.


Youtube is shooting themselves in the foot with how aggressive they've gotten with ads. People are REALLY resistant to paying for their "premium" service.


There's a YouTuber that I love, his content is fantastic. His name is North02, and his documentaries about ancient humans are fascinating. He's sponsored, so he usually gives a brief like 30 second pitch at some point during his videos which typically are almost an hour long, so I really don't mind the brief sales pitch for a vpn or what-not. What aggravates me is that YouTube always manages to interrupt his commercials with more commercials!


I don't mind sponsors. A lot of the time they are more relevant than the ads. Also the sponsor is usually done by the youtuber and they can basically make it what they want. Also you can skip through the sponsor if you want. The ads on youtube are ridiculous, and there's so much political ads on there that don't even pertain to my state.


I mean, ads are the worst thing to appear in the middle of paragraphs. It’s extremely stupid because you’re reading about someone rambling on and on about a specific topic that you’re interested in, and suddenly, [to continue reading, please install NordVPN to your software so you’re device is protected from any threat]


The ads that look like subreddits


Struggling to get clothes off for whatever reason. Makes me panic and see red.


Sports bra + sweaty body = panic


And having an itch on the bottom of your foot but wearing shoes 😩


That's brutal, especially while driving!


Being trapped in a top or dress in a fitting room. Nightmare.


When I go to use the stapler at work and it's empty and it's just an unsatisfying empty click.


When the cord from my headphones catches on something and they’re yanked from my ears.


Try to put the cord under your shirt if you’re listening to music and don’t really need to check on your phone


Then the loop hangs out from under the hem of your shirt and no matter how short it is, it will find every doorknob you walk near.


Clothing getting caught on door knobs. Infuriating.


I swear this only happens when I'm already in a bad mood or when I'm running late, which makes it so much more rage inducing!


My hips and hence belt loops are exactly door knob level




My wife’s pockets constantly get caught on the cabinet handles. Our daughter likes to scold the cabinets. “Stop trying to undress her!”


When someone steals my gd pen. It’s on my key board for a reason. I’m looking at you William


Fucking William... that guy has *always* been suspect!


Standing in line at a retail store and someone carrying on a conversation with the cashier after they’ve checked out — basically holding up the next customer(s).


As someone who works in a bar, this annoys us too. Like if I have no customers, I'll appreciate the conversation to cure my boredom. If I'm pouring your drink then feel free to chat to me, it makes it less awkward. But if I've charged you, you have your drink in hand and the bar is 4 deep, please just leave.


As somebody who used to work in a gas station, I don’t mind the conversation, but if there’s a line, step off to the side or just go. I have other people to take care of. As a customer, ESPECIALLY in a gas station, I will start putting my stuff down on the counter in front of you. We’re not here for chat session, we’re here for gas and coffee and gtfo


Dropping something going to bend down to pick it up but miss it slightly. So minor but so infuriating


And then you end up having to do this several times because you keep missing :/


If I pick it up and drop it again, I always say "just making sure gravities still working!" Gets a laugh when others are around. But I also say it when I'm alone so I dont hate myself


When I’m in a line and the people behind me get super close


and every time you step forward they get closer as if i’m not trying to get away from them


That's when I turn around and stare until they get the point.


This is exactly why I put my shopping cart behind me. Then there is space that I can control.


I hate when I’m anywhere in public and someone stands near me when they don’t need to be. Like, what are you doing? Take a step back.


I was once in a grocery store on my tippy toes reaching for a yogurt, when I put my heels down I stepped on someone's foot. Know how close you have to be for me to step on your foot simply putting my heels down? I was really angry that day.


Jesus Christ they must have been trying to sniff your hair or something


When traffic lights don't match up and I get every red light after waiting at the previous one.


And they’re not set on a sensor but on a timer so most of the time you’re just sitting at a red light and there’s NOBODY coming the entire time. There’s a road full of these on my drive to work and it will determine if my commute is 8 minutes or 15 minutes, not even exaggerating.


When you miss a green light because someone is not paying attention


And they make me boop my horn and I see them look up from their phone. Pure rage.


Being in line behind someone playing lottery at the gas station when I just wanna pay for gas.


Gas is nothing my friend. The lottery people are absolutely *hated* by alcoholics.


Can we just agree that lottery people are hated by everybody? Who likes to be stuck in a line behind some asshole who decides to hold up the queue for 10 minutes? Just gamble online you degenerates.


This is the one for me to. Can you scan these 97 lottery tickets and Keno cards, before I ask you for five number fours, one number two, wait is that a new two dollar ticket? When's the last time someone won on a number twenty six? What number on the roll is it?


Dude this happened to me yesterday. The guy was having a full conversation about how much he liked the different numbers and why he played certain birthdays and shit like that with the attendant. Attendant couldn’t have cared less. After all of that he went through your script… took forever to make a choice, got his dumb ass cards then stood at the counter and scratched them with his kid sitting there. He kept talking to the guy while scratching his tickets and was about to get more. I said loudly behind him “can I please just pay for my beer and gas and leave?” Guy turns around and starts trying to talk to ME about the lottery. Bro fuck you and your lottery for keeping me in this gas station for an extra five minutes after work.


I'm constantly about 30 seconds from just stealing what I'm attempting to buy when this happens. It isn't worth being late to work because someone is scratching 15 minutes of lottery tickets and jabbering about nonsense while I stand behind them, asking repeatedly to just buy my things. I just really don't want to be as absurd as just walking out after asking to checkout, so I haven't yet actually done it. It feels like such an overreaction.


Always asking what number each scratch off is on like he’s some scratch off winning pro, as he then drives off in his 1997 crown Victoria spewing smoke from the exhaust.


The real pisser is when they win something and immediately try to cash it in for more tickets. No, motherfucker, that is a new and separate transaction. Back of the line.


When people pull out in front of me on the road when they were just at a full stop. I’ve never understood that logic. I’m going anywhere from 30-55 mph and you’re at a complete stop decide to pull out in front of me? What if I didn’t slow down? What if I were distracted? I’m sorry, but I could never put my safety in the hands of other people. Plus the amount of horrible accidents that happen from people doing this very thing. What gets me seething is when people do this just to hit the brakes or drive ridiculously slow.


Or people that merge into your lane but don't accelerate.


Or merge and then go even slower because fuck everyone


And people that don't know how to merge from an on-ramp, so they come to a stop.


It’s worse when they’re looking right at you for several seconds, and WAIT until you’re in “cutting-off” distance to go. I hate driving right now.


And then all that bullshit, and they end up taking the next turn anyways.


They pull out right in front bring 55 mph traffic down to 30 mph and the take the next right 🤬


Even more aggravating when there is no one behind you.


Having to go back upstairs for something after you were just up there


People not using their blinker when changing lanes.


Proving I'm not a robot


I failed a robot question in front of my elementary students once and one of them gasped and accused me of being a robot


A little cute, tbh.


It’s like that SpongeBob episode where Spongebob accuses Mr. Krabs of being a robot the whole episode


We prove to a robot that we’re not a robot. It doesn’t make sense.


No. YOU prove you’re not a robot!!


What's worse is that I have to prove it to a computer!


Literally anything if it happens 15 mins after I wake up


Like when the toilet paper rips vertically as you try and tear it off the roll


Ads that does not have mute or even sound level option.


Logging into a website Try passwords Incorrect password Reset password You can't use an old password <- right here.


People borrowing something and then losing it. "Can you pass me my phone charger? I'm running low" "I don't know where it is" "Well it was in your fucking hand and plugged into your phone fifteen minutes ago Rebecca, so go find it".


PARENTS WHO STOP AND CHAT IN THE FUCKING DROP OFF LINE. Just thinking about it makes me go a little insane.


Picking up my kid in the after school pickup line is probably the most infuriating experience that I have to relive every day.


Having to scroll through someone's entire life story to get to the recipe I wanted.


Jump to recipe is a godsend!


Oh GOD YESSS!! I don’t care how long this recipe has been in your family or if your husband loves it!! I’m just trying to make some shit!


Seriously!!! Normalize cutting to the goddamn chase with online recipes. No one cares about your paragraphs of drudgery.


Bad UI/UX. Things that could be done in fewer steps but somehow became unnecessarily complicated.


When people do whatever possible not to miss their turn…. Like you can either plan your time better if you’re running late or turn around down the road


Good drivers will sometimes miss a turn. Bad drivers never miss a turn.


When couples randomly call their partners and put them on speakerphone, while dining out or driving.


I agree and I also hate being on the other side of that. If a person that I know tends to use speakerphone everytime no matter where they are/who is around, then I pretty much refuse to answer their calls. If I have to for any reason, I automatically say, "Take me off speakerphone," and I proceed as though I still am on speakerphone just in case.


I would swear 10 times more often just to make them stop this shitty habit.


Why is it everybody uses speaker phone in public these days?


When I signal to change lanes and the person in that lane accelerates, preventing me from changing lanes. Nothing else has ever made me rage in the car, but that does it every time.


Especially when my lane is ending so I have no choice but merge but god forbid the person in the other lane lets me in, that seems to be the end of the world for them!


It amazes me every time that people don't understand the zipper concept of lane merging. How has the human race become so stupid?


And then that person who sped forward changes into your lane..


When people out on a hiking trail are blasting their music through a portable speaker. I came out to nature to enjoy nature, not your latest banger. Shit is just selfish. Wear headphones.


Biting the inside of my cheek. If it breaks the membrane, it's a 99% guarantee I'll have a canker sore there in a few days.


When you're in the grocery store and people park their cart in the MIDDLE OF THE AISLE- making it impossible to go around them.




People not replacing toilet rolls especially when you are bursting to go


Online recipes that are 75% uninteresting ramblings about the cooks life and experiences, 20% ads and then finally at the bottom of the page you get the ingredient lists. Also bonus hate if they put in a bullet point list halfway through to get you to stop scrolling thinking you've reached the ingredient list.


I never understood what people meant when complaining about this stuff until I realized I only look up recipes in my native language. Lately I’ve kinda happened to look up more in english as well and gods I get it now. Just *why*. Ingredients should be the very first thing to see when you open a page with recipe.


Plastic packaging that’s hard to open.


People listening to videos without earbuds with the volume on loud in public


Hitting my bony ass hip on something


When you go to pick up takeout, sometimes it's late. That's not a problem. But when it turns out that, oops, MY bag was the one sitting under the heatlamp this whole time while I was waiting, I get a bit Karen in me. No manager demanded, but pissed for sure.


“Please come inside to pay the cashier”


"Nah I'll just leave"


Do I really need gas today?


Shirt getting nabbed on anything


Not being to find the plug holes in the dark.


Getting my feet wet or wet socks.


Yes!!!! A million times yes! I HATE with an irrationally burning fury stepping in something and getting my socks wet. Or just as bad, getting a sleeve wet washing my hands. For some reason the wet sock or sleeve seems to take forever to dry and all that time it’s this annoying cold thing on my skin




I came to say this. Especially when you hit a slow down and at the end of the slow down, there was no accident, lane closure, or anything that should've stopped traffic.


Or you were in 30 minutes of stop and go traffic just for it to be from rubbernecking an accident on the opposite side of the interstate. This happened to me yesterday. Am I bitter about it still? . . . Yes


What makes me rage even more is when the huge backup is just because there's an on ramp and people don't know how to fucking merge


When someone (usually a parent) reminds me to do something that I was just about to do anyway.


The person behind you in line at the grocery store that rushes to be first with the checker that just opened.


Fucking USB, never connects the first time


waking up


Wind. Anything over 5 mph instantly pisses me off if I am outside


When I make the mistake of letting someone cross in front of me in a parking lot and instead of going straight across they go diagonal for 5 blocks to the row where they parked. Get your sack of doorknobs looking ass out of the fucking way!!!!!!


When you go into a different room with the vacuum and you get through almost all of it, but run out of cord length near a corner, so you have to turn it off, walk all the way back to the other room to unplug it and bring it back to plug it in for 2 feet of cord length.


Express check outs being manned by the slowest checker.. thus negating the purpose


Walking into a room and forgetting what I was going to get.


Youtube playing the same unskipable 30 second ad every 45 seconds of a 15 minute video. When you order Coke, but "Is Pepsi okay?" I'm 6'3" so a shopping trip consists of me constantly reaching things for people. The toilet paper dispenser at my job dispenses 1 sheet at a time. Microwave dinners that have to be stirred.


I'm unaware of a minor inconvenience that doesn't instantly piss me off.


People not using their turn signal when I am trying to pull out or cross traffic. Especially when you see them coming from a distance and they’re slowing down and you know they’re gonna turn but the signals not on…and then they turn.


I get offended when the toilet paper is facing the wall


😅 I have to do this so my cat doesn't unwind the whole roll when I forget to close the door.


The entire fucking novels of texts in an online recipe. Let me make my god damn banana bread in peace.


A piece of food stuck in between my teeth.. and there isn’t a toothpick around.


Realizing to go to trader joes ,I have to park in trader joes parking lot .


When the volume on an ad is wayyy louder than the volume on the video you’re watching. Absolutely infuriating when you’ve set a volume for a movie on a streaming service and there’s an ad break that’s just deafeningly loud. Or when a movie or show is poorly balanced between music and dialogue, so you can’t hear a damn thing because you turned down the volume so as not to blow out your eardrums during a bit of the score.


People who drive well below the posted speed limit!!!


When you pick the slow line


spilling spices on the counter when cooking


People who post white background pictures with black words on Reddit while I’m browsing at night. It’s like scrolling past the sun.


Someone chewing with their mouth open. Can not fucking stand it.


When you don't receive an authentication text so you click "send again"... it comes through but it doesn't work because it was the previous one. 🙃


When I have to repeat myself three or more times. If it is someone close to me I usually just say never mind because I hate repeating myself.


I’m kinda softly spoken, so speaking up = me yelling at the top of my lungs.


The opposite side of this is just as frustrating. I promise I am TRYING to hear what you're saying, but my brain is doing a dumb and the words are not wording. I often just end up smiling and nodding.


I so agree. My brain will not process what's been said. Watching TV now I've found if I put subtitles on always I can finally understand that properly and work out exactly what has been said. But unfortunately in conversation there are no subtitles.


I'm on both sides of this problem constantly lol. I hate both equally. So much.


My partner often says things all mumbled/too quiet/quick etc, so I am often asking, “what?” And he says it again exactly as he said it the first time, no added volume no clarity. Then he’s annoyed when I still can’t hear him like


Slow walkers on the sidewalk, especially when they are walking in unison with someone else.


when someone doesn’t reset the timer on a microwave


Someone telling me to do something that I'm already doing.


When you wait in the drive thru for 30 minutes just for them to tell you it’s cash only. WHYYYYYY