Farting in class. I was given detention.


WTF??! Damn, some teachers are stupid.


Painting over swastikas and racial slurs I found underneath a bridge. MDOP, probation, $3,000 in total fines/restitution + 180 hours of community service.


Wow. Heaven forbid we cover that up.


For not being white while shopping.








Paying for the $24.99 oil change instead of the $19.99 one. My stepdad went down to the jiffy lube and made them give him $5. I had paid with my own money (and it was my own car!)


In primary school there was this huge paper recycling bin, it was made of metal and a crane would lift it up and empty it every couple of months. It would always go back to a certain spot. Except one day it was significantly further from the wall as usual and I tried to push it back (I was the smallest in my class and I didn't have a chance) into place all lunchtime. At the end of lunchtime we queued up in the playground in our classes and a teacher, who really thought I could have pushed it away from the wall and yet she didn't think to try to push it back, called out for me to come to her and explain why I had pushed the paper recycling bin away from the wall? There were so many people watching me I couldn't respond and I was taken to the headmaster and he was confused and said to me "I saw it was away from the wall, I know you didn't push it, what were you doing?" and I said I was trying to push it back. It was one more thing to be bullied over, I just don't get why people weren't scared of my crane strength


You were showing early signs of your Conan ancestry.


In middle school Mrs Herbert held up my essay to the class and said it deserved an F because it said peas have fiber, and she thought that was a blatant lie. Well...you know what, they do. Wtf Mrs Herbert.


What, does she think peas have sugar in em?


They have that also.


It was grade 8, my friend and I were suspended because I provoked him into slapping me by saying "Slap me if you are \*insert ethnicity\*. He ended up slapping me so hard the teacher sent us straight to the principals office.




Well they weren’t your panties were they 😅


Using the eraser in Kindergarten


I got involved in this bullshit cheating accusation in college where I formally moved my exam scheduling forward a day, and supposedly got a copy of the exam on the day everyone else took it, so I could see the answers. This all occurred because my professor believed I couldn’t score so well on the exam based on my prior performance in the class. I gave my testimony to the Dean that I was never in the hall that day of the initial exam; as how else would I get ahold of a copy of the exam. Four fucking hours later, I get an email from said Dean saying they had *pinged my phone* at said hall for the date I said I was not there, and as such they were moving this up to a much more serious matter due to my lies. **Except he got the fucking date wrong on the ping**. The ping was for the day I took the exam, the day AFTER, and not the initial exam date. And they still made me go through the whole pretentious honor council thing despite this ridiculous error the Dean made. My case should’ve been declared mistrial immediately and the Dean should have formally apologized.


I used to do art classes. I would get a lift from my family afterwards. I stood next to the art building waiting. It was cold so I walked up and down the street a bit. Suddenly two old ladies run out of their house. They think that I am some drug dealer dude. They ask me more questions than a police officer. I say No I'm just doing art classes and getting a lift. I was tempted to say some Ninja comeback like "it is what you do not see that you should be afraid of."


In my catholic pre-K we were not allowed to say the word “butt”. I clarified what word we were allowed to say and then carefully crafter my next sentence around the word “sat”. I got paddled on the butt.


i found a watch on the school bus and waited to give it to the driver until my stop then she tried to accuse me of stealing and i had to talk to the school cop the next day


Not tucking my chair in after class, got me 8 days in isolation


The time I got framed for sticking gum in my chair for the kid in the next class to sit in. I was asked to spit out my gum, and as I did, the teacher stepped out in the hallway for a moment. Everything continues as normal and then the phone rings in my next class. My teacher calls me over to take the phone, and it's my teacher from the last class. She asked me why I left gum in the chair and some poor girl sat down in my chair and got gum all over her pants. I was very upset because I would never do something like that. I was new to the school. I was shy and awkward. It just doesn't feel like an unfortunate coincidence to me. I looked like an awkward androgynous 12 year old but I was so terrified and never spoke out of turn.


7th grade, social studies, 1980. Someone says something I dont believe and say bullCHIT, with strong emphasis on CH. The kid goes "OOHHH did you hear that Mr Coolick?" And I reply "I said bullCHIT". Got sent to the office. This teacher remained one of my favorites due to his ability to teach and keep things interesting. He was a great orator. So I explain what happened to the VP, who doesn't like me at all. He's strangely not a dick about it. Tells me next time to just say BS.


I once got yelled at for getting out of my seat at lunch in middle school and it was only after I was yelled at to the point of crying was I able to explain that I was told that my parents were there to pick me up and I was given permission to get my backpack from the stage (because that was in the cafeteria and where we were told to keep our bags if we knew we were leaving school early). That teacher was very apologetic and kind to me the rest of that year after making that mistake, which I appreciated. Also, not me but that same year, a girl I worked the library with got in trouble because her boyfriend hugged her before going to depart for their separate classes. One of the teachers saw them and gave them both referrals. This same teacher then went on to yell at my sister about seven years later because she thought she heard her talk about her while using the wrong pronouns. She was, in fact, talking about someone else (not in a negative connotation but she and a friend were just looking for this person) and got yelled at for literally nothing.


Not knowing how to spell my very complex last name in 1st grade. My first name is already unique enough. Don’t complicate it for me more. Teacher refused to let me out of my chair until I wrote my 15 letter last name.


Working in retail, I sold a computer package deal with a special-order printer. The manager, who was running the cash register while training a new hire, failed to scan the printer order barcode. He manually overrode the price to give the customer the promised package discount (that would have been triggered by the printer), causing the store to lose about $130. Somehow, this was my fault for "promising nonexistent package discounts."


Going to detention every day when I wasn’t ever sent there.


Saving my Bestfriend :)


I got yelled at and detention for telling someone their being groomed and should get help… by my hs


when I was in third grade, the teacher was going through an English exercise talking about words that rhyme but have different spellings at the end. She used the examples of “straw”, “awe”, “blah” etc. I blurted out “what about bra?”, and I got in trouble and had to sit in the dunce corner for the rest of the class


Having sex with my teacher …


Asking for a glue stick and not being able to do my work. Hated shcool man


I was 7th grade there was a guy I was going out with, he sat across from me. Mr. Piper always made fun of kids and was good natured but not this time, not with me. I had been writing a note to a friend about breaking up with this sweet guy with puppy dog eyes, looking right at me.. when I was caught writing the note. He wanted to read it out loud and I couldn’t let that guy be embarrassed that way. So I ate the note, was kicked out of class. Put on On Campus Suspension.


Reading books my stepmother put in my room Apparently they were in there for storage and not for me to read


So basically your bedroom turned into an attic


Basically. I was in high school so it wssnt like they were too mature for me. 😒