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I paid £35 for a set of clippers and a hand mirror about six years ago.


Had a haircutting incident about 7-8 years ago now, that resulted in my having to shave it all off. Never looked back and love the ease of it all now.


Same. I came back from the barbers looking like Kim jong un. Went straight to Argos and bought a set of clippers, that was in 2019 and haven’t paid for a cut since


Mine was my grandad doing a grade 5 all over. He was tidying up the back of my neck with no guard on. I suddenly heard and felt it take a chunk out of my hair. He went "you moved". I hadn't moved a muscle. We had a good laugh and I just shaved the lot.


Same here. Only I was the grandad and my partner was the victim. I still swear he moved 😂 Twenty years later, still together and still shaving his hair - so he forgave me.


We used to call our mate Kim Jong 😅


Had my first one at 16 so when I eventually started thinning on top the transition was painless. I know a lot of people struggle with it later in life.


£12 for mine 8 years ago. Don't see any reason to ever go back




This is more like it, bought mine for around this as I remember it paying for itself in 2 cuts, when I last visited barbers it was £9.50-£10 for a haircut so in 2 cuts it paid for itself.


r/frugal is leaking


As it should be.


When I get home I am going to learn to do it myself


£12 for mine 8 years ago. Don't see any reason to ever go back






Every couple of weeks I give it a once over before a shower. Easily the best money saving tip I can give. Once I saw I had a bald spot at 27, it was only a matter of time.


20 years and 3 sets of clippers later. I also take my hairdresser out for regular drinks...


Same here. Best investment ever made. I would like to think that after 20 years or so. I have saved at least £1k


My wife does mine, but only when I'm sure she's in a good mood.


Yeah but what about your hair?


Only when she's in a bad mood.


I do my husband's and really enjoy the process.


Local Turkish place, grade 2 back and sides and tidy up on top £8. Always do a good job and do my eyebrows, nose and ear hair too


I have always had absolutely awful experiences with Turkish barbers, they seem to only know how to cut hair in one specific way. I ended up looking like every other no socks and boat shoe wearing idiot down the pub.


Short back and side merchants


Snap. I've only had 2 occasions and vowed to never go to one again. 1st time the guy asked me if I "wanted it blended" so I said yes and he proceeded to shave my sideburns to points meeting my squared off beard and shaved a triangle of hair out of the front of my parting. 2nd time, as he was getting ready to use the cutthroat, he sliced his finger open and then proceeded to burn my face when he did the ear hair thing because some of the flammable solution flicked off the cotton pad. I do my own hair with a little help from my other half


People in this thread looking at “total cost” instead of “price per minute in the chair”. Suddenly those cheap (and shite) haircuts aren’t such good value.


This is my experience. Regardless of what I asked for they would cut my hair exactly like theirs. I don't want sideburns that look like they've been drawn on with felt tip thanks. Also they would always do other things without asking e.g. The flaming ear bud thing that burns out ear hairs....theyll just grow back thicker now and they actually have a purpose. Then they have the audacity to just add it on to the bill. I didn't want or ask for it so I'm not paying extra.


They won’t grow back thicker, that’s an urban myth.


You know you can use your words to stop them right?


They'd already flamed one side by the time I noticed.


How do you not notice them burning your ear?


While I was getting my haircut another guy walked up to my side and wafted the flame into my ear without asking or alerting me to it.


Always had my best haircuts at turkish barbers, cheapest too


No unnecessary conversation either!


"I prefer no talk" All on board with that mate 👍🏻


I went about 5 times over a year to one. The first was excellent, the rest were dogshit. Different person every time, I don't think any of them were Turkish.


A lot of them or basically all that I’ve seen are Kurdish/Iraqi and not Turkish


35 last time I went to a Turkish place. Hair, beard, nose, ears.


Where is this? Most Turkish barbers near me are around £20. I think part of the cost is where you go but part of it just comes down to where you live.


Back shave included?


Ear and arse candle thrown in?


Arse candle thrown in? How much action has this arse seen?


Oh my whispering eye has a Vietnam vet thousand yard stare at this point


"Arse candle thrown in" - that's usually and extra couple of hundred, right there.


Just increased to £18 (from £16 due to cost of living) and I’m happy to pay it. Walking distance, nice lads that run the shop and always leave happy with the cut.


Seems prices are going up everywhere, mine just went up from £15 to £17 for a hair cut and beard trim. Can’t begrudge them putting their prices up and they do a good job … just wish my salary would go up as well


This is what I pay. I can pay £8 elsewhere but with the Kurdish lads all you can talk about is Shisha and have to listen to a crap music channel for 10 mins.


Mine has gone up fromm £16 to £18 this summer as well. It's a bit annoying as it was £12 when I first moved to this city 3 years ago and I was paying £10 before I moved here from my hometown.


I go to Toni & Guy, where it costs about £35-£45. To be honest, so far at least, they do tend to cut it better than when I was going to cheaper independent places but the real reason I pay more is the head massage they offer while you're seated in the electric massage chair while they wash your hair. I'd almost pay for that alone, forget the haircut


Apt username lol


Where I used to live I went to a unisex place purely because of their magical fingers when they'd shampoo my hair, felt like all my troubles had been washed away 😂


I do the same, I find the barbers near me don’t really accommodate for longer styles (my hair is mid-length), and the salons near me have minimal men’s hair training and so cut my hair in the way they would a woman. So I just go to Toni & Guy on the days I’m in the city for work.


I went back to a barbers recently after growing my hair out and the guy remembered me. Said how he hadn't seen me in ages, so I explained I had long hair and assumed they didn't want to deal with that. He said they do because a short back and sides gets boring all day. Wouldn't trust anyone with it though


I pay £22 at a Turkish place, first time I went he started slapping a face mask on me I had no idea what was going on. After the cut he wrapped a hot towel round my face set the foot stool to vibrate and used one of those thera gun things on my shoulders. I loved it haha. Haircuts bang average though


I go to Toni & Guy also. Tried other places but you get what you pay for. I get a head massage too, I swear the chic who did it last time took like a reaaaaally long time with it. Best head massage I've ever had. Finally found a hair dresser who does my hair just right too. Over all very happy with the service. £35 last time I paid.


£13/skin fade, SE London. £15 if i want a bit of beard shaping or what not. Usually £15 regardless incl a tip but £13 is the menu price, per se.


Where in SE? Mine's great but have gradually reached salon prices now so thinking about looking around.




Replied to another comment if you can find it for detail but Cirta on Lee High Rd. Algerian run place, great quality in my opinion. They could easily charge £20+ if they wanted to


I’m south London too, £14 skin fade and decent


Yeah these places exist. There was a Pakistani run place in Croydon that was £6 for ages! This was just before Covid, no idea what it is now. My advice to guys seeking a cheaper cut is to just give the shitty looking tiny one that doubles up as a phone repair shop or whatever a go, you'll be surprised they're just as good as the ones trying to look all upmarket and fancy. And if not, it'll grow back right... Right? 😕


£10 trim off top and number 1 on back and sides - guess it also depends on location and what you have done.


Zero English pounds. I simply do it myself at home. I'm thinning on top and so I just clipper it all off. Taught myself how to manage my beard during lockdown and have not paid to see the barber since.


I pay about £25 at a very good local barber, I’ve been going on and off for about 10 years, it’s round the corner, the chap is a good egg and does a very very good haircut, 1/2 hour slot, no rush. It’s v hard to get an appointment usually, SE London.


Same for me, £25, really good quality half an hour cut, I can book online, and always leave happy. I’ve tried cheaper barbers in the past but I’ve found them so inconsistent. I’m in Edinburgh


Same with my barber. £25-30 depending on what you want. Standard is like £15 but that is if you can actually book an appointment. But, good luck unless you book like 3-4 month in advance, he's in very high demand. He does mine during his out of hours which obviously comes with a premium but I wouldn't go anywhere else.


Think I know him.


20 for skin fade & beard clean up, used to be 15.


Same my barbers has gone up to £20 for a skin fade and beard trim and lineup


Zero. My mum does it and always has. She says I'm the coolest 40 year old around.


I cut my own. 0£


Sod all


The price of the clippers I bought 5 years ago. About £30 I think. I've got pretty good at it.


£20 for a fade. I tried finding it cheaper but they always destroy my hair.


£10 for clipper, £12 for scissor. Usually go with my son and they charge £8 for him.


Just found a local barbers that did mine for £12 which seems to be well below other places nearby that seem to average about £16. I'll be going back to the £12 place in future. Prices seemed to have jumped immediately post-covid lockdown, presumably to cover PPE and recoup losses from lockdown.


Anything under 20 is rare these days


Where do you live? Genuinely curios btw not just being a wanker


Really? I pay £14, used to be £13 pre-pandemic, old place was £12. I would say anything over 20 is crazy unless you're getting a beard trim/wash as well.


In London or any of the major cities perhaps, but I've never seen a barber charge more than £20 where I live. My local does it for £10


I do my own (am neither paying nor leaving the house for a zero all over twice a week!) but beard trim is about £6 but I tend to go for the full shape up and hot towel up for £10, or £12 with ear and nose waxing. Kurdish shop in a cheap part of Brighton.


£18 at my local Turkish barbers. I feel its reasonable as they do a really good job and I'm always happy with the cut. I go around once a month, No3 fade to No2 and around a inch and a half cut on top. If it they rose the price to £20, I would still go, but would probably stop leaving a tip...


Personally pay £12 for mine


I’ve been cutting it myself for years, but recently starting paying £24 a go. I’ve been getting compliments on my hair so I’d say it’s money well spent




Well my gf has been telling me it looks like a proper haircut. So I think we need to have words!


Used to pay £14 but my barber moved to a new place, now pay £27. Happy to pay it he does a good job and I get on with him


£10 I find a cheap barbers near my house and stick with them. My hair style (or lack thereof) deserves only basic funding.


Jeez, I stopped going to a barber when they charged me a tenner for a number 4 on top and 2 back and sides. Started cutting my own hair since 2014 and do a decent enough job that nobody mentions it lol


Not to your face anyway 😉


Female but I prefer a barber cos I wear my hair short, guy I goes to charges £14 for a skin fade and style on top, but I tip him up to £20 cos doing my hair takes him longer than most peoples (and as a woman I’m used to paying considerably more at a hairdressers!).


I think it's officially £12 but I pay £15. There's a barbers near me that advertises an £8 haircut, never tried it.


My old barber gradually increased his prices from £15 upto £25 and then moved to a shop in the centre so I’d have to pay parking etc ended up being a £35 trim. Changed barber to one within walking distance he charges £18 for a skin fade it’s a good trim Edit - this is in Leeds


Mine is 18 quid now but once the gf gets confidence she’s going to start doing it as 18 quid is alot of money


My ex used to do mine. Hair and beard/goatee. I miss that. She was great at it, and genuinely enjoyed doing it. She was great at a lot of things. I am such an idiot.


I love the unfiltered thought process being written out with how this comment started to how it ended


Oh dear ! What happened buddy ? (No need to answer if you don’t want )


We moved in 2020, was costing me £10 at my last barbers for a skin fade and bit off the top. Would always do a great job. Gone to 4 different barbers where I live now. All of them were a tenner as well. First one was good, but a dive. Second guy, well wasn't a trained barber, but a hairdresser and wasn't good at all. Moved to Turkish owned one, but had English barbers as well, they were pretty good, but couldn't walk there. Was going there when I was at my previous job because I'd finish on at 1 on a Friday. Now I'm at what I'm assuming is Turkish. It was £10 when I started going, now its £12, but they're way better and much faster. It's only a 2 min walk from my house, so can go on my lunch when I'm WFH.


£27 headmasters standby appointments.


£10 for a number two all round.


You'd be wise to buy some clippers.


£20 gets me a full hot towel face/head shave, eyebrows trimmed, ear hairs singed and nostril hairs waxed.


£9 quid tend to give a tenner and tell them to keep the change.


I got to a very reasonable place. Just up the road from me. It's free..it's my mum


Your mum charges me.


£25, simple cut but they do it well and conversation isn't awkward.


Lady here! I was being charged £30 for my hair until I went very short. I have a number 2 cut back and sides then it's longer on top with a styled long fringe. Started going to local barber and he's happy to do it for £16. He also does this for a handful of local ladies with short cuts. I did try once to just pop in to another barber in the city just to tidy up the back and sides and was told to get lost. "No women" ah well. Their loss.


(Hampshire) £51 for a senior stylist, plus a head massage and massaging chair, tea/coffee etc. Feels steep but talking to the stylist it has allowed them to reduce the number of appointments, so the salon is quieter, they reinvest and train their staff and they get more time off so have a better quality of life. So, less grind for them and the haircut is much better than other places I've been, where the cut starts off as I asked but each additional appointment it trends to gradually becoming an expensive short back and sides.


£14 for a basic gents haircut at the one I use. Used to be £9 but COVID forced them to switch to appointments only and they've stuck with that since then (hence the higher fee)


Why does an appointment mean a higher fee?


£15 skin fade, twice a month as my hair is so thick and grows ridiculously fast. Walking distance to the barber and they always do a good job. Well worth the money!


£13 for an in-and-out place (the kind that gets the job done in 15-20 mins). For the far nicer place where they wash your hair and give you a nice scalp massage, then take their time with the cut I've paid £30-£35. The latter is really nice occasionally as it's really quite relaxing.


I forgot about haircuts at the start of covid, but I think I usually paid £15 to get my hair cut. Will probably more when I finally get a trim as it's now rather long.


£10 skin fade every 4-6 weeks. It depends on the area you go to, as the prices align with how much they have to pay for the property.


Mohawk trimmed and thinned. Sides shaved back to the skin. £15 at the local Turkish barbers. They put some stuff on my skin that makes my head feel and smell great the rest of the day


£13 but always round it up to £15.


Paid £13 for a top cut yesterday at a traditional barbers


I always to to one of the the local barbers that doesn't go for any of the 'gentleman's barbers' bs. Always cheaper.


I haven't been to a barber for about 4 years now but at that time I was charged £12. I bought some clippers at that time and then about 2 and half years ago I made the plunge to bald so I just use a bald shaver now. If your haircut is a simple clipper cut, then it's definitely worth considering buying your own. If there's more style to it, I'd probably stick to the barber.


£17 at my local place in London which is pretty normal barbers but they do a good job.


£5 for number 1 all over. Bought some clippers for £10 a few years ago and the wife usually does it but every now and then I go to barber for a £5 cut.


25 quid in East Dulwich, south London. Really good place.


I pay £21 & give a £4 tip. But I get my hair washed before and after. Fade and trim. With a hot face towel and light massage, some times they throw in the flame for cheeks and ears. Pretty goof deal I'd say. Down Green Lanes, London, N4.


Nature payed for my hair cut some years ago


What haircut? But I know that’s not normal.


£18 in Hertfordshire, £10 in Nottingham, live between the two


£28 now at my local place which is more mens stylist/salon then barber. It's mostly scissor work with the clippers coming out only for the fade. Its bloody expensive but I've used the same guy for 10years and it's the only place that can cut my hair properly with scissors.


£20 for fade and beard trim. Although that's just cause I'm a regular. The normal price is something like £23.


Me and my arl fella still get a lad & dad deal. £14 for the two of us. Haircut is shit but the woman is sound and it’s more a ritual than anything else


£12 scissor cut. Was £9 pre-pandemic.


Baldy fuck so £0 My last haircut cost £20 and that really cemented the genetic propensity.


Electric clippers. One-off cost of £25-£50. Many happy mornings standing in front of the bathroom mirror wondering what the back of my fucking head looks like. I fucking hate going to the barbers though.


Used to pay £16.50 before covid and after covid their prices went up to £27.50 and I couldn’t justify paying that for my simple haircut. So now I go to a barbers and pay £11


I get hair cut and beard trim for a tenner, barber usually charges £15 but I've been going to him for ages.


£0, my Mrs does it.


0, then even with the razor cost, 0 since someone gave it to me.


I’m paying £28 (£30) with tip where I am! Skin fade, lines, beard trim and shape up…Every 2/3 weeks!! Even in London was £25-£30 I must say these guys are good and spend a good hour on me so I can’t complain, looks fresh af


Pay? I'm still using the clippers we got in the 90s


Get a decent bear trimmer kit. Saves you a tonne doing it yourself. I pay like 12quid for a back and side-on the clippers. Not much left up top. Lol.


I used to have a ponytail, then one time some other customer "pretended" to be the barber when the guy nipped out and cut it off. He messed up a kids as well, didn't even say anything. I won't ever go back.


Skin fade, beard tirm and shape up in Sussex £20


£0. Just shave it at home by myself.


Been going to the same guy for years. He charges £15 but I always pay £20 as he does a great job and I believe in supporting small business.


12 including 2 quid tip


I pay £10 every two months, but my local just raised his prices to £12. Not a problem, since I get a complimentary coffee if I have to sit and wait.


My brother used to pay £25, had no idea that was extortionate. I assumed it was the going rate and that barbers must be minted.


Your getting a cut and beard trim for £18? In love in North Wales, it's not an expensive place to live but I pay £15 (always give £20) just for a cut I can imagine the beard trim being at least an extra £3


20 quid, grew up with him and its one of the best chats I have whenever I go. Glad to see him make money so doesn't bother me if there's cheaper barbers around. Plus he works magic with my hairline and at 33, that's important 😂


Used to go to a Cypriot barber in London. Funny thing about these places is they are mostly run by Turkish or Greeks. Paid £13 and he once did the fire trick on my ears. Was deaf for a week.


At first it was 20 (beard too) but didn't like it so I searched for something else. Found another barber for 18, but didn't like this one either. At last I found some Brazilian barber for 15 pounds, but everything from the haircut to the type of person he is was great, so I always leave a tip of 5 pounds.


£14 but always give £18. Always tip your waiter & hairdresser.


£25-30 here for a cut and beard trim I tend to get just a cut (fade although no price difference) which is £19-22 10% off if you book next appointment on the day This is in a small rural town where the average income is definitely on the low end. Surprised by some of the low prices on here. When minimum wage is nearly a tenner it's hard to imagine there's much profit at all in cuts costing less than £12 unless it's a very quick clipper cut.


Done my own for 15 years. Every month I say am gonna go to a barbers. It never happens.


Something like £50 at a stylist but I have longer hair and go about three times a year because they cut it so it grows out nicely too. It's more expensive then I probably have to pay but it's nice and £150 a year isn't breaking the bank.


£7, but give them a tenner


£9 plus I leave the £1 change as a tip.


Fade and clean up on top for 6 quid . Barbers my mate but 6 is still the shop price


Used to cost me 12 plus tip for a 10 min so so haircut. Bought some clippers save myself 15 a month.


I go to my friend, she charges £9.50 but I always just give her a straight tenner. She has said that she's going to have to increase her prices before Christmas though. I don't suppose her customers will be happy about it but it's happening right across the board.


I've done my own for about 20 years, so it costs me a new set of clippers every eight years or so. (about £25-£30)


I find that i have to buy new blades every couple of years, and when the body goes it can be repaired for virtually nothing. It is worth spending on a good pair of professional clippers. I think my pair were £80 about 20 years ago.


£12 for a short back and sides using clippers and scissors. This is on the edge of Zone 1 London - there's on cheaper place nearby that's £10.50 but they gave me a dodgy haircut when I went so haven't been back.


£55 now


Mine's just gone through the roof so might have to find a new barbers. I've been going near my office, which is in trendy East London, and the cut has always been great but it's gone up from 24 to 36 in the past year and a half. That's not even counting the fact the card machine asks for a tip whilst he stares at me pressing no.


I pay £20 Used to go to another barbershop that still charges £15 but I found their attitude towards COVID a bit cavalier which has meant I can't bring myself to giving them any more money.


£16 and I leave them £20. It's not a lot for half an hour's work IMO.


£12 normally but I usually give them £15 as a tip if they do a good job. South East UK


£12 in Liverpool, Kurdish style and takes around 45 mins, attention to detail is second to none! Give them £15 which I think is fair


I charge £28 a haircut!


Lewisham town centre there's a few actually in the £10-15 range. I believe Croydon has cheaper cuts too although haven't been round there for awhile.


Nowt. I shave my head


12, I always tip to 15. I get zero all over. There was one place nearby which done £300 for the year, go as many times as you wanted, they would even give you a drink/beer whilst you waited


9 quid i lash him a benner


£15, lass cuts it that did an apprenticeship at my old barbers and she always cut it then. Used to like it as it was walking distance. I then moved house 10 min drive away, and shortly after she set up her own barbershop in the same village so made sense to support her there


Lancashire here, used to pay £8/cut, then a friend started doing it for free then I just bought a £30 set of clippers and do it myself. Outside of London, yours sounds on the expensive side if it's just a straight hair cut and nothing else.


£25 but that includes a beard trim, and it's from an apprentice


Bought a pair of clippers 3 years ago, haven’t paid for a haircut since.


I pay £14 and get a half decent one.


£11, pre covid £7 went up to £13 during due to extra precautions


I pay £13 for a high and tight, about every 3 weeks


Shave the top whenever I shave my chin, haven’t paid for a haircut in almost 40 years.


My barber charges £17 and he does an amazing job


18 quid, although occasionally I go to a ladies' hairdresser and pay 350 or whatever just to avoid the risk of being asked my opinion about football.


Grade 1 my own head every week for free.


I have some hair clippers but will get it done professionally every so often (weddings and the like), which usually costs about £10.


I’m pretty frugal with money but I do pay £25 for a hair cut every 2 months at a woman’s hairdressers. I’ve got dead straight hair and found when I go to a barbers I walk out with a bowl cut. Plus get a head massage, cranberry juice and a biscuit I do get ripped by my colleagues about it though but personally I think it’s worth it