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This looks like it’s from a stock photo image library


No joke, love how many people flip off this building when walking by. I live on the top floor in the building on the right.


Good It’s a clear demonstration of the morbidly obese orange guy’s loss of influence except for the rubes still being grifted ![gif](giphy|h7poIVSJYrs323ZPuu)


I don't even follow politics. It's clear from just the handful of political post I've seen that reddit is just a left-wing echo chamber. Like, you guys literally go out and actively delete right-wing comments. That's not how freedom of speech works 🤣🤣 Stop letting ideology divide us


I used to work in the Illinois Center at 111 E Wacker. When I'd do outside to smoke, I'd see soooo many people walking by and taking a picture of the building with their middle finger up, I considered starting a new Instagram of just people taking pictures of them flicking that building off.


You could very well be in this picture in the building and nobody would know


I do every time I drive down The Loop 😂😂


So stunning. So brave.


So mad


Fuck trump tho


I’m British so excuse any ignorance but would it be possible for democrats to actively campaign to get Trump the presidential nomination for the Republican Party because fro, following US Politics for the last two decades it seems like any swing voters would vote republican rather than let Trump back into Office. I don’t know how it appears over there on the ground but following the news via British news media it seems like even republicans dislike him now.


He is going to run and split the party and lose another election for Republicans. He is basically anti republican and anti Democrat at this point He just wants to win at all costs and it's going to cost his party greatly....and he doesn't give a shit. He is a horrible business man, a horrible family man, a horrible celebrity, a horrible president, and a shameful loser who can't accept reality if it's not what he wants.


NO DONT SAY IT OUTLOUD, let them figure it out on their own through tough lessons


Sir the GOP doesn't learn lessons...


Just in case there’s a grifter shhhh


His party is Democrats. He voted democrats most of his life. He ran Republican because he knew they were easiest to manipulate. His words from various interviews. Easy to find with Google search. Not fake news. Infact, when he says it's fake news, he is manipulating you.


Some conservatives might not vote, I doubt they’d vote the other way though. I still don’t feel it’d be enough. There are cult-like organizations formed around this dipshit. People literally worship the ground he walks on and I feel like some of those people would vote for him just to prove their point and try to win, keep democrats out rather than his campaign and plans for his term.


Technically yes. Democrats pulled this strategy in the recent midterm elections by boosting the crazy idiots most likely to lose the general election, [and it paid off](https://www.newsweek.com/democrats-skewered-republicans-funding-these-maga-losers-1758128). So yes, Democrats could gamble that Trump is less electable than DeSantis at this point, and actually help get Trump the Republican nomination. But that's a pretty big gamble and it feels like playing with fire. Biden won the popular vote by a landslide, and seemingly won the electoral votes by a landslide, but the margins by which he actually won those electoral votes were very narrow. When you do the math, those crucial remaining states that got him to 270 electoral votes came down to less than 100,000 votes total (if I recall). It was similar to the 2016 election where Trump only narrowly won his electoral votes over Hillary. What obliterated Trump in 2020 was his failure to handle the pandemic and the general chaos that followed. He actually GAINED a few million more voters in 2020 than he had in 2016. Now with inflation and your average redneck fuck knuckle thinking it's because Biden is sitting there smashing a big red hammer and sickle communism button on his desks, who knows if Biden's swing voters will swing back to Trump this time around. DeSantis is arguably more dangerous than Trump because he's better educated and smarter in general, but he has the personality of a dead seagull. So it's hard to say which one would be a bigger threat.


No one thought the Republicans would POSSIBLY get behind him the first time he won, and he had a long history of failing and cheating even back then. In the last election, he didn’t lose by much…. So almost half the country is willing to ignore his gross, unethical, and dangerous behavior. It’s mind blowing. I’m so cynical at this point… maybe he is the Prez that America deserves? We’re apparently too stupid to vote in our best interests… I mean, even the Dems managed to get Biden out of a huge pool of VASTLY better candidates. The best thing I can say about him is that he’s NOT Trump.


No one thought he would beat hillary....


Yep, they did that in 2016. Didn't work out super well.


this is what you call a hate group/sub.


I hope he wins the GOP primary! Between thousands of his worshippers dying from Covid because “my freedom!” And 2.6 million baby boomers dying each year while on average 8.3 million new gen z voters occur each year. But time 2024 arrives Millennials and gen z will far out number boomers and Republican gen x to just absolutely crush Trump in the general election! Also if your Gen Z and you voted this mid terms…thank you for saving democracy!! Seriously Gen Z voters helped stop a complete overtaking of democracy! Thank you, you are all heroes!


Great it will be a one party system 😍


Actually it will dismantle the two party system, finally opening up the ability to have a multi party system. There are alot of political parties that can’t break through the two party system. In fact there are over 60 active political parties in the U.S. and PR. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_political_parties_in_the_United_States


Holy shit you're insane.


This is a really shitty comment to make, essentially celebrating the death of people because you think you get what you want, politically speaking? You don't really give a shit about anyone but yourself is what it seems and you probably talk about how important mental health is to everyone around you. Gen Z people who voted are heroes? Unless they voted for republicans, of course. Then they can just die from COVID, right? You realize a lot of Gen Z are people and have their own perception and circumstances which may include aligning themselves and voting Republican. Not all Gen Z people are just robots programmed to vote for the Democratic party because of their age. I'm not from US and I don't identify with right or left wing politics but this comment was so stupid I just couldn't help but point it out. You need help.


Pointing out that people died because they refused to wear a mask and get vaccinated in the name of their perceived “freedom” is not celebrating people dying. You taking what I wrote and twisting it into your own narrative is insulting. I personally know many people who died because they believed Trump and the conservatives who lied and downplayed the pandemic because they cared more about money than lives. I am low risk for complications of Covid, yet I wore a mask every time I stepped outside my door for 2.5 years to protect my community and those who were high risk. I got my Covid vaccine and 3 boosters. I have received a flu shot every single year of my adult life. I did all this to protect those in my community. Did you know that if everyone in the USA got their flu vaccine it would save over 20,000-40,000 lives a year? I don’t get vaccinated because I’m at risk I do it to protect others. So no, I did everything to help save lives while others were spitting on people, having mass spreader events and mocking people who got vaccinated and wore masks because they valued their “freedom” over the lives of their neighbors. That’s disgusting! And I have watched many of my friends, family either die due to these beliefs or someone in their family or friend circle die. I was a Republican until 2020, because I watched these people turn a horrible pandemic into a political stunt that literally killed over a million Americans. And the fact is Gen Z are more politically aware at this point in their lives than any other generation before them. They are driven by their anti-Trump sentiment after watching Trumps disgraceful performance in office that he spent mocking people and spreading conspiracy theories that have lead to events such as the recent attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband trying to get to her or the planned kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer the governor of Michigan following Trump making several negative tweets and speeches attacking her. In a poll in 2020, only 25% of Gen Z said they would vote Republican. Gen Z are pro government and progressive. In 2020, 73% of Gen Z said they would vote for Biden. So yes, Gen Z are progressives who hate the Trump Republican Party. You are right, you are not form the USA, you do not understand what has happened since Obama was elected. Trump was the one leading the witch hunt on Obama saying he wasn’t really an American citizen and trying to tie Obama to Islamic terrorism. He started the disgusting change in the Republican Party we see today. I voted Republican my entire adult life from 2003-2014. In 2016 I voted for Cruz in the primaries and when Trump won I abstained from the 2016 election and in 2020 I voted for a Democrat for the first time in my life. You don’t know me You took what I said and twisted it into something vile You have no idea the abuse and gaslighting we have endured under Trump and his worshippers. I can’t even move back to my home state which I was supposed to do this year because they now have a complete ban on abortion with no exceptions! I am of child bearing age and so is my 19 year old daughter. God forbid my daughter is raped when she goes to college and gets pregnant. She would be forced to go through with the pregnancy and the rapist would have rights to shared custody! Or god forbid she has an ectopic pregnancy, she will have to be on her deathbed before a doctor would be legally allowed to intervene and by that time it could be too late. We would need to have an emergency abortion fund to cross hundreds of miles to a state that allows abortions! And why did this happen? When it was legal a year ago? Because the conservatives pushed through the Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett. When Scalia a conservative dative justice died in February 2016 (an election year) the Republicans begged Obama not to appoint another judge because there would be a new President in a year. The Republicans then used their control in Congress to prevent Obama from appointing another judge and in the end Obama who could have pushed it through agreed not to as long as they agreed to do the same when a liberal judge died. Then in 2020 when RBG a liberal leaning judge died less than 2 months before the election (Sept 2020), on her deathbed she begged Trump to wait until after the election to let the winner of the presidency appoint a new justice. She died and the Republicans and Trump reneged on their promise and pushed through Amy Coney Barrett. This greatly imbalanced our Supreme Court where there are 3 liberal leaning judges, 6 conservative judges. One of the conservative judges often makes his decision based off the middle or purely off the constitution and previous rulings. He would vote to ensure abortion access. However Amy Coney Barrett who wrote that there was not enough supply of babies to adopt in America to those who want to adopt babies so therefore we need a larger domestic supply of American babies to adopt in her argument to overturn Roe V Wade, taking away the women’s right to her body and giving that right to state governments instead. So it is absolutely clear that you are not an American. You come into my comment and made perverted my comment to your own twisted version. Then you decided to speak about a Generation in America you clearly know nothing about. And then you want to criticize me, a former Republican for speaking out against a political party who has done immense damage to Americans, women’s rights and have taken the away the voices of minorities through their gerrymandering? Where I lived in TN the whole city and surrounding area of Nashville was district 5…this election year they took the white part of Nashville out of district 5, then they took the area where there is a large minority population and went 200 miles south consuming large areas of all white conservative voters. Guess what? District 5 has voted democrat every year for as long as I can remember so 30 plus years. After they gerrymandered the district, in 2022 it was the first time it went Republican drowning out all the minority voices. https://vanderbilthustler.com/2022/01/24/gerrymandering-nashville-legislative-redistricting-proposal-splits-the-city-sparks-protest/ Your comment is beyond insulting to be honest.


I happen to know a decent bit about Gen Z because I am Gen Z. Anyways, thanks for the insight. I also got vaccinated and boosted and got my flu shot recently. I don't consider myself a hero for it. I just feel like I did what I felt was responsible for my own wellbeing, considering my environment. I feel like your original comment lacked nuance and although you feel strongly about your position for the reasons you stated. Yes, I suppose I did "twist" your comment because you sounded celebratory in the death of those who didn't/won't vaccinate for your own political hopes. "Republicans" are people too. It's not a complete twist because it can be read that way. People are not perfect and make mistakes, including believing their mistakes aren't mistakes. But not everyone figures that out before they're no longer living. Also, mistakes are subjective so really this entire comment I make is completely pointless because no matter what we might not agree on anything because you will inherently believe what I'm saying is completely mistaken or misguided. I guess seeing Americans from the outside, it's honestly such a messed up country. And I don't think any political groups should be left out to blame from what I have seen. You're 100% right I don't know much but that's why my comment isn't insulting, it's lacking awareness because you never provided support for your position prior or framed it in a way that made certain phrases sound redeeming. My comment might have been insulting to you but I could argue yours was too. Not saying that I want to argue and upset you, but have some critical thought about saying that I insult you when you don't see how your previous comment sounded. Anyways, not wanting you to have a crappy day or anything, just wanting to share my thoughts. And I wish you the best and I'm honestly very sorry you had to go through suffering the loss of loved ones.


Sanest liberal


Scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds.




Of course he’s running again, the government and media made sure he was kept relevant. For the past couple years he’s been talked about almost everyday in the news about impeachment, taxes, legal problems, “rigged election”. It’s like they said all of this stuff to not charge him and for the people who love him it gives them more affirmation that he’s actually a victim or even innocent even tho it’s obvious he hasn’t been innocent since he was a toddler. No press is bad press, just free attention and campaigning. Fuck Trump but also fuck all of the government who didn’t handle him the way they should have


so brave.


And stunning


How embarrassing


Bigger hands.


Thats funny as hell bro this is the best comment outta all this bullshit trump2024


Yasss qweeenss this will show those nazis who they are messing with. This is the type of activism that I like to see.


This is on par with gme cultists doing this to the citadel building. What are they trying to prove


I think the point is proving..disapproval..pretty simple really


Are you saying this picture didn't secure the election for Dems? It's so powerful though...


*person picks up gum wrapper they dropped* You: “ooh woow you really thought you picking up that gum wrapper would save the environment? Lol I can’t believe you thought picking that up would change the entire world and save the environment permanently.”






I mean, he's right tho. There is no punchline


This sub has gone to shit because of your posting. It never use to be about politics, and now that's all it's about Unsubbed


Yea it’s simple…fuck Trump


Still don't see a punchline


It’s not a joke. Fuck Trump…that is all


Donald you are the punchline


Point to where someone claimed this was supposed to be a joke


Looks like an Ai WeiWei installment.




There’s a really sweet rooftop bar across from the tower that’s super nice. The only thing is that the glow from the letters kind of ruins the mood at night. It’s bright as fuck.




God bless Chicago


They sure showed that building.


Wow great good for you wow


This is not a bad choice! Stick one up for me!!!


Such a blight on the Chicago skyline having that name there….


ayyyy! chicago!!


Yeah everyone does It but he’s better than Biden fuck off tongue my balls


Damn, little dude, careful with all that edge you got.


Wigga Im your father


You seem like a nice man.






As a Native American Russian, that meme absolutely sucks


"you are Russian! Downvote"