Yes, I don't do cheat days because it can derail me and consistency means consistent results, which keeps motivation high. I hit my goal and now have been in maintenance for a while. Doing well. Lost a few more actually.


Nope never had one during my 7 month diet. Lost 155lbs and then turned around and went into eating a calorie surplus and trying to build muscle and I had put on 8lbs in 5 months of eating 4000+ calories and now am back to dieting as of last week to cut down lower.


I’m almost four weeks into it without cheat days, I know it sounds like nothing but it’s the first time I’m doing it without cheat days and it feels so good that I wrote a 14 points bullet list of advantages of not having cheat days to motivate myself


It depends on how you define a cheat day. Is that a blow-out day that wipes out your past week of hard work? Is it having an extra slice of pizza, bowl of ice cream or order of fries that put you 500 cal over your deficit goal? Is it eating at maintenance levels for a day, or slightly over? IMO the latter two are fine, but the first is a concept best eliminated from your life. Blow out days are what got us in this position. Granted, probably many in a row, but they just have to go. The real life thought process of budgeting around weak points and special events is important: ie, "I'm going to a friends party or BBQ this afternoon. I'll eat and drink more than usual, therefore I'm having a small bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and a banana for lunch before going to the party". Or - "I'm sticking to my deficit, except, every-other Saturday I get to have a nice meal of XYZ that is at maintenance or slightly over". I find it empowering to successfully manage those events and wake up the next day not having back-tracked on my goals.


I've taken two basically month-long breaks in the last year where I am eating at maintenance. But if I am in a cut, I don't cheat.


Yes! I certainly ate over maintenance occasionally throughout my weight loss process, but I never had a "cheat day", as it's commonly defined. And as of now, I've been successfully maintaining my weight loss for about 3 years, doing very well both physically and mentally! Personally I don't really like the the idea of "cheat days" as a concept - I think that that kind of mindset can encourage a bad relationship with food/dieting, for me at least. The best approach for me has just been to make sure that I'm incorporating all of the foods that I like into my diet on a regular basis, either by fitting it into my calories or just by going over my calorie target every once in a while. Maybe some people would just call that a "cheat meal" anyway, but I prefer to use more neutral language when talking about this kind of thing, even in my own head.


Yes. I never had a cheat day and my cheat meal felt like one because it tasted so good but I was still not over maintenance calories. If you enjoy healthy Whole Foods you shouldn’t have a problem with cheat days to begin with.


I don't do cheat days or cheat meals. I have a calorie target I try to be within 100 calories of either way. Most days my nutrition is pretty well dialed in; but there are some rare occasions where I'll spend half my calories on a slice of cheesecake. I had a Snickers bar for dessert earlier; maybe I'll have Burger King for dinner tomorrow. My highest weight was 12 years ago and about 95 pounds heavier than my weight today. I think I'm doing alright, thanks.