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Did you get prescribed an antibiotic? It seems like you need to take that stat.


You said you were tested for celiac and it was negative…so why are you asking here if it’s celiac? Tooth decay is not one of the symptoms of gluten exposure in Celiac patients.


Enamal erosion is actually a symptom of celiac.


Enamel formation defects can be, but that's only in children. I'm assuming OP isn't 7 years old or younger.


Sharp enamel edges is a symptom. I experienced it when things were at their worst for me just prior to diagnosis.


What’s that look like?


No clue what it looks like. I could feel it with my tongue on my molars.


what about low calcium levels?


It is one of the symptoms due to acid reflux, but OP said they don’t have that.


Do you get acid reflux?






How do you know you don't have reflux? A lot of reflux happens at night and can be silent reflux. Do you have any other ENT symptoms like cough or horse voice or clearing the throat?


I'm not sure, it depends on what's tests were done for celiac disease. If it truly was ruled out then no, this isn't celiac. But since you didn't mention the exact diagnostics involved, none of us will be able to tell you what this is.


Yo, I have the best story of a natural food treatment for SIBO. I couldn't eat rice or potatoes for years but I can now. It's called Natto. It's fermented soy beans, but the microbe is a bacterium, instead of the usual fungal soy fermented foods. I believe it is a powerful but natural antibiotic. It doesn't taste great. Very acquired. Sort of nutty when fresh. I found a ground and frozen product here, that is good for small doses every day, but the fresh whole bean packets common at asian food places work too. I reacted slightly to it when I first ate it, because my immune system is so overreactive, but it got used to it. I ate it every day for a couple weeks before any starch (I used to only be able to eat brown sugar for calories). Then I tried stopping and I could still eat rice without major gas. It took a while to be able to eat potatoes (fresh cooked and hot seemed to help, plus daily Nancies yogurt), but I can without any problem now. Had Carbohydrate Intolerance / SIBO. I'm also on well water now, and that could have something to do with it. Think about the chlorine in water.. is designed to kill bacteria, and yet most people drink a bunch every day. It can be somewhat neutralized with vitamin C. HTH I think so many people with Celiac have a problem with SIBO.. so much so that SIBO may be triggering CD. This is a great question. I think it will help a lot. Oh, and the tooth decay was rampant with me. (Partially the fault of dentists ignoring signs and putting on metal bands on molars the trapped the plaque). Anyway, something happens every time my immune system is triggered. I can feel pain in a few areas that is perfectly correlated to a reaction. I think something happens with inflammation system and the nerves that stops anabolic repair in the teeth. It may involve calcium. Tweekers have bad teeth I think for similar reasons. The stimulatory affects of allergy (think epinephrine), before the brain fog, I think cause this. Hygiene can help, but not until after the body is over the inflammation. The best is vitamin D or another anabolic thing like adaptogens like ginseng to start the rebuilding again (but be cautious of the cancerous nature of hormones in general. Berberine may help with that).


Coeliac seems unlikely but keep chasing your physician. It is probably something else and needs to be treated.


I mean. I do have dental issues and I have Celiac disease and antibiotics destroyed my teeth when I was little.. but you're saying your tests were negativey so idk..?


Yes it COULD be celiac, could be other things too. GERD could cause tooth problems too. The reason I say it could be celiac is because excessive damage to the intestine can cause numerous vitamin deficiencies. And usually one vitamin deficiency will cause a cascade effect on other vitamin levels. Vitamin A and all the B vitamins can upset your oral health. Not related to celiac, a vitamin D deficiency can affect your oral health by leaching calcium, and low vitamin D can also cause low B12 (which will also affect your other B vitamin levels), and low B12 will destroy your gums and teeth as well. Try getting a micronutrient panel to assess your health.


The teeth issues makes me think it could be crohns.