I only got into medical marijuana after my diagnosis. I messed around with it a handful of times in college but I was so tired of all the side effects from the muscle relaxers my GI gave me, I decided to try it out. It helps me a ton. Whenever I have a bad stomach day, headache or migraine, or just feel “off” it greatly helps easing my symptoms. Pro: It is a natural way to treat Celiac symptoms if you eat it. Con: If you smoke it, that hurts your lung health over the long run. Also can become an addictive habit for some people.


I think the issue I’m getting into is the lung part.. my throats constantly sore and I think it makes my acid reflux gluten symptom worse. Might just move somewhere where it’s easily available and do straight gummies.


I for sure take smoking breaks and just utilize the gummies. Smokiez brand gummies are gluten free and work pretty well for me. You could also look into a vaporizer as that tends to be less harsh on the lungs than straight smoke.


They're actually not terribly hard to make, there are lots of ladies on r/entwives that make gummies all the time and have recipes. I have made other kinds of edibles and it wasnt bad, but haven't tried to make gummies because i havent bought moulds for them yet!!!


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Try a dry herb vaporizer - way better than smoking it.


Easiest on your lungs for sure


Gummies, tinctures, and RSO have made my life bearable.


I’m a fan of THC myself and also worry about my lung health. Tinctures and mints/gummies work well too if you live in a state with medical or recreational cannabis. If not you can make your own GF edibles


Totally agree with you, I also have asthma, and many celiac’s do , don’t compound your health problems by smoking weed keep your lungs in good shape , and eat G/F pot brownies , or mix it in a salad , good point you made on the addiction side of it , I’ll eat if I’m at a house with G/F friends but I won’t have it around, I have enough trouble dealing with my chocolate addiction.


Be cautious with papers if you're smoking a joint, some papers use wheat past as glue. Don't share with a gluten eater, you don't know where their mouth has been. I thoroughly enjoy cannabis. I use it as salves on aching joints, and much rather smoke a bowl than crack a drink..


I don't get why drinking is so socially acceptable and weed is so hated. I guess i do understand why it was that way originally, but honestly not anymore


I don't find it hated so much up here. The stigma that was attached has dissipated at the very least. I am comfortable in my daily life to mention my use. We had a weed advent calendar this past Christmas. My coworkers were definitely interested in hearing about what was in that.


I fall into the “it’s not for me but you do you as long as your habit isn’t impacting your quality of life/impacting the people around you camp” when it comes to weed. As long as you use it responsibly, it’s your call! It has benefits for sure and can really help a plethora of medical conditions that are tough to handle without heavy meds. My ONE big gripe is with weed smokers who smoke in close proximity to others without being considerate of the smell/second-hand smoke. I have the same gripe with cigarette smokers. If you’re gonna toke up, do it in a private space where your smoke can’t waft into non-smokers’ space! That stuff REEKS to high (har har) heaven and I don’t want to be breathing that in! We have a pot smoker in my apartment building who tokes up every morning in a NON-SMOKING building and stinks up the whole damn hallway to the point it seeps into our apartment. We have another somewhere in the connected vents whose habit makes our whole bathroom and bedroom reek in the evening. I’m 16 weeks pregnant and have always been sensitive to smoke (headache, nausea, etc) so whoever this person is, I hate them with the passion of a thousand fire-tempered Karens.


Well i'd personally rather smell a bit of weed then have to listen to a drunk person yell all night. Maybe you should talk with them before hating them immediately


Honey I have friends who smoke. This ain’t “a little bit” of weed, this is enough to hotbox an apartment so thoroughly an entire corridor reeks of the smell for hours after. It’s rude as hell, especially in a non-smoking building.


I'm an avid MMJ user. Marijuana is the one thing that gives me relief from the glutening. My glutenings always consist of a migraine that doesn't go away with meds. But marijuana certainly offers some relief.


It can just turn off my roiling guts. Just pure plant magic.


Anything that helps you feel better. Nothing really treats it per se, but anything that helps treat your symptoms is great! I get relief from gas x and Tums


Tums have always made me throw up, it’s so weird. I mean sure I feel better after violently ejecting the offending substance but not quite the relief I was going for!


I used it pre-diagnosis for fun but also self treating. I continued to use it for 12 or so years after diagnosis. I felt it helped me a lot with digestive and neurological symptoms. I stopped when I got pregnant with my first and haven't smoked since. That said I've healed so much I don't feel I'd need it anymore. I did get glutened really bad lately and kind of wanted some. But I have a toddler and a baby I just don't feel comfortable using it anymore. I would use CBD but again don't really feel I need it anymore.


this is going to sound weird, but the best trick for me is MSG.. I can drink a pot of coffee's worth of caffeine with no effect (until after the gluten resides and then it hits), but MSG for some reason clears the brain fog for me like nothing else. Really, my number one reason for being gluten free is the mental clarity loss. The crap and cramping aren't fun either, tbh. Of course, too much will give a headache.. and there are plenty of ways to get the natural form in "umami" foods like seaweed where is was isolated from or flavorings like bonito, aged cheese, Braggs, etc. There was one brand that gave me trouble, but most seem okay now. Actually, copious yogurt also works well (because of the phenylalanine), but is more expensive to consume in quantity. Activated charcoal helps if its really bad. Large quantities of alcohol also seemed to kill the after gluten gut sibo imbalance, but is unsustainable.. i finally found Natto to work much better.


oh my god, the alcohol bit makes so much more sense now. I got hit pretty bad last week and was going thru so much cramping/bloating, thought I was making a bad decision by going out ln and i woke up this morning feeling amazing! won’t be a habit but very nifty


Thats good to hear.. you might want to try Natto as it sounds like maybe a sibo situation like mine.. lmk now how it goes


I have used CBD for treating glutening symptoms before and it helped quite a bit. Funny related story. Prior to marijuana and CBD being legal in Canada, I got some CBD oil from a co-worker as a "just in case" button. Put it in the fridge and forgot about it for a month or two, until one day I came home from work and felt an oncoming bout of symptoms. Grabbed the oil out of the fridge, which was in a syringe, swallowed some, and went to bed. Woke up the next morning high as fuck! I have never ever been that high before in my life. Attempted to call in sick but was denied. Managed to get through an entire work day on a busy line without ever coming down. Woke up the next morning. Still high! Luckily I had the day off and spent it lying in bed watching the ceiling spin. Day 3! STILL FUCKING HIGH! Granted I'm a lightweight because I never smoke but that was probably the most hellish three days of my life.


I doubt it was a CBD only blend, either that or the dose was far too much. Try again with some CBD gummies, so you can control the dose.


It wasn't. Idiot gave me very high dose THC. Nothing against CBD. I didn't have a valid ID until very recently, so was unable to buy anything legally.


ohhh my god the same thing happened to me in college except i ate an edible, I can’t believe you just took CBD and got blasted! sounds like coworker had something a bit stronger than that lol. When it happened to me, I had to take a mid term with my head resting on the desk bc I couldn’t see if I sat upright. was nuts. had to have a friend walk me home. stayed in bed the next two days completely stoned, not a fun ride 😭😂


Only thing that provides near instant, consistent results. Can spend ages waiting for other things to kick in.


Ive had a medical card for migraines for a year but noticed that it helps tremendously with my gut issues as well. Like you mentioned I have developed some anxiety around eating and sometimes I just can’t eat unless I have some weed first. It also stops the rolling feeling in my intestines and stops the intense pain. The only thing it hasn’t helped with is the horrible gas.


oof, sometimes I have to lock myself away in my room bc I can’t risk being around ppl if I have to let one go, the smell could kill a small animal 😂 Shrek says it best tho, better out than in


It actually gives me relief with gas, as well! YMMV, obviously, but it's worth trying if legal where you are.


it is going to be my go to because if I am going to feel gross i might as well make it funner. My suggestion add a small amount of cbd those days, not to the 1 :1 ratio. I use oils to avoid the asthma tendencies I get from smoking. I figure I have to do a touch more for the malabsobtion.


Medical card here, Cannabis always helps me with abdominal pain, be it gluten or my other health issues.


if i get glutened, or get a migraine from consuming some cross contaminated food, i always smoke, if i can. it helps me so much, more than zofran or excedirin migraine pills. always


Mhmm! Same same. It helps tremendously with my appetite and the mental blocks I get from fear - which happens more when I'm getting cc'ed and can't figure it out 😩 it also helps with the physical symptoms ofc. at least to take the edge off and distract my mind as well. I would recommend either edibles or taking precautions to minimize the damage to your lungs for your long term question. I use a bong (the bigger the better essentially) because the water helps grab the tar that would otherwise coat your throat and lungs. You can look for ones with percolators - honeycomb is better in that they are more durable and easier to clean. Then clean it frequently. Watch out for gluten in papers if you prefer to roll. I do find it difficult to not get in the habit of smoking so it's no longer in my house, but if I get glutened, that's the first thing I go for.


Got to be worth a try. Will add it to my growing list of valid reasons for a little smoke.


I use cannibas gummies to combat severe insomnia and other sleep disorders caused by celiac and it has been amazing in helping me recover from this illness.


Gummies are helpful to me. Apple cider vinegar pills are a miracle cure for reflux. I know I know, sounds like I’m tricking you. Trust me. Do it.


unlikely savior I see… i’ll take you up on this tip, thank you!