Couldnt agree with this any more if I tried. Odin does fuck all to try and prevent his own death. And I didnt notice this at first, but as you said, HE KNEW KRATOS HAD A WEAPON TO KILL HEIMDALL. Why the fuck didnt he let Heimdall know about this? Hell why would he allow Heimdall to leave Asgard at all? Hell if he must send out Heimdall, then DONT LET HIM KEEP THE HORN WITH HIM.


The idea that he lets all this happen so he can look into the rift is what makes that plot point fall imo, nothing in the game convinced me why he cares so much about it


I couldn’t agree more on many fronts As much as I loved Richard Schiff in this, he really gave his all, they kind of let me down. As someone else said, although I don’t really care that much, they went overboard with the use of modern language. He isn’t remotely intimidating in any part of the game because he’s just so chill. Heimdall is also very chill but every time he speaks you want to punch him, and he’s chill in a very condescending way. Odin is just an average guy, that scream was horrendous. 2018 builds him up to be this complete monster. And he partly succeeds in being a massive asshole, which leads into my biggest issue with the character, but he isn’t threatening. This guy hung himself for knowledge, destroyed an entire pantheon of gods, had children killed to be used as his ravens, ruined the lives of his own family and slaughtered an entire race nearly. But we never see any of that in game. That side of him is basically nonexistent after what they built up in 2018. I was expecting a scene where he’s all malnourished and sick and injured in his true state, using magic to make himself look pleasant, and he reveals some horror to show the lengths he goes to for his goals, like a giant that he embedded in his body to attempt to use it’s power starts crawling out of his back or ear or some shit. But nope he’s just some slimy old man and fighting him feels like fighting a Disney magician And the biggest problem I have for him is compared to Baldur, Thor for the most part and even Gryl, I can’t feel anything for him at all. His desire for knowledge seems so fabricated for him to be a villain that it makes him so hard to get behind as a villain or find him intriguing as a character. Why does this mean so much to him? How did this make him go from the hero he’s supposed to be to those who don’t know him to the complete asshole he is now? What compelled him to do all the horrible things he did? And it hurts Heimdall and Thor slightly (they completely stole the show in this game) because it gives them no reason to feel any loyalty to him (aside from Baldur), there was nothing in it at all for them so it feels like Thor only turns on him when the plot needs him to. I can’t understand why Atreus or anyone who knew him well enough would ever consider standing with him, and I can’t feel anything for him as a character compared to insanely emotional villains like Pagan Min, Dutch Van Der Linde, Gehrman, both P5R main villains, Vergil and for this matter Baldur in the first game And the mask feels just random in the story. It drove such a large part of the story forward but was never expanded upon in any way, any fan theory about it (personally I think they will go the Gurren Lagann route or create a meta narrative of them being in a video game in some way) could be onto something So in conclusion or TLDR: he didn’t live up to the hype or image they created for him in the first game and I don’t think he’s a well written or emotionally compelling villain


Yes. Odin was hyped as a completely paranoid monster in the dialogs of the first game but we have seen nothing from this. Also, (I pointed this out in a previous GOWR post as well) I can't understand why everyone is so concerned that Odin is some kind of genius manipulator mastermind. Yeah, I felt his 200+ IQ intellect when Brok managed to see through his lies and he instead of trying to talk his way out of the situation just mindlessly killed Brok and gave a personal reason to Kratos for a fight and he ended up provocating the war that he tried to avoid in the first place.


I wish his final fight had something like Godfrey in ER, he starts with his usual persona but then turns into the the crazy fuck they built him up to be at first instead of his cape falling off, they fall down some stairs and he gets like 50 new and completely random attacks And no I’m not gonna go on a rant about how ER is superior, I have 1 mandatory and like 3 optional bosses left in ER and I prefer GOWR and it isn’t close at all I brought this up on r/godofwar a couple days ago but as usual I just got downvoted into oblivion which is why I’ve generally stopped going on that sub cuz when you say anything remotely criticizing the games that happens. Like the opposite of r/persona5


Yeah, the fight with Odin was the most anti-climatic final boss fight I've ever seen in a GOW game. Also, it was weird that his legendary animal companions were left out of the game. His ravens (Hugin and Munin) are there but his wolves (Freki and Geri) and his superfast eight-legged horse (Sleipnir) are doesn't even mentioned. I mean it's bizarre that they left out Sleipnir since it is one of the most iconic creatures in Norse Mythology.


FOR REAL. That and his legendary spear, Gungnir, that he used to kill Ymir in the battle for all creation and so on, had like no impact around it. Kratos’ weapons and Thor’s hammer have become some of the most iconic parts of the games but the spear of the god king was just some random gold stick. And I hate how they just gave him a bunch of random attacks from like every enemy in the games at once. Thor, Baldur and Heimdall all had their own unique fighting style but his was pretty unexciting. That and his general lack of intimidation made it seem like you were fighting the wicked witch of the west and not the genocidal war maniac that he’s supposed to be


Yeah, he felt very weak. The gods here didn't feel like gods. If someone would say to me that they are some kind of shamans/wizards/warlocks or something like that rather than gods I would believe it. Also, the fact that we can't use Thor's hammer is just infuriating. One of the most iconic mythological weapons ever and we can't use it.


Virgin " I what to know what's happen next please" gow odin VS chad " I will force a war between old and new god has a sacrifice for myself" Neil gaiman odin


I hated the modern dialogue. Why did he call Freya his ex and use other modern language


I miss the Shakespearean dialogue of the old games. New game’s definitely have a better story but the older game’s dialogue was so fucking cool


Even the Marvel movies were able to nail the Shakespearean dialogue


My theory on that was that they were trying to display the relative age of people. You have people like Kratos who guess is really old at this point talk in a very particular way that feels very cut and dry. Then you have a lot of the Norse characters talk with modern slang so I wonder if there intention was to show Kratos age relative to them. That or they just wanted there antagonists to come off as shallow.


Happy Cake Day! 🎂


Why do people think "ex" is modern language? It isn't at all. Its derived from Latin. Even just the English usage dates back to the 1800's.


According to etymology site it was used in the late 1920’s even then if it was the 1800’s that is wayyy past Norse mythology


I’m not a fan of the new direction , you can see some of the stitching as you pointed out. But it is very successful lol so what do I know.


Sony game#42


He's not outwardly threatening because he's a meticulous manipulating bastard. He doesn't need overwhelming force to get what he wants but he can do that. Rewatch the opening and see how he handles Thor and Kratos at the same time. He's the leader of a gang of gods.


>because he's a meticulous manipulating bastard. Except he isn't. He comes off as a complete moron that thinks he's a smart manipulative bastard. All of his plans and manipulations fail because they were just too stupid to ever work.


I think main problem with Odin is that with inclusion and or retcon of the mask which supposedly held infinite knowledge. Nothing else mattered to Odin. Not his family, not his kingdom or even Ragnarok itself. To him so long as he gains what lies beyond the mask everything would turn out find or be worth it and in turn this damages his own agency as character


Because Atreus is young Odin.


It's because Atreus is actually young Odin.