Pakistan name 12 for 1st Test vs Bangladesh

Pakistan name 12 for 1st Test vs Bangladesh


Babar Azam (c) Mohammad Rizwan (vc) Abdullah Shafique Abid Ali Azhar Ali Faheem Ashraf Fawad Alam Hasan Ali Imam ul-Haq Nauman Ali Sajid Khan Shaheen Shah Afridi


Was going to ask why Iman was back but looking over his recent FC scores makes sense. Hopefully he can kick on this Time, very talented player.


Pitches have been pancakes recently, haven't they? Regardless, I pray he does well tomorrow. For someone who spends so much time out in ODIs looking comfortable as hell, it's almost criminal he can't replicate some level of success in Tests. Let's hope he doesn't end up knicking it off to slips again - 11 of his 19 dismissals are catches, and some 7 lbws. His dismissals are pretty reminiscent of his ODI ones. Usually no slip in the middle overs if he knicks there, or he gets LBW because he traps himself on the front foot. Some figured it as as easy as bowling it a bit full across him, and then bringing the length back. He's like slip practice then. Or making him play on the front foot but bringing the ball into him. Tbh these are pretty concerning weaknesses for an opener at test level, ngl, but deserves a run nonetheless. Even if we can at least consistently manage to scratch 50-2 by the time Azhar settles in, it'll be much better than whatever the fuck Imran Butt was. But sooner or later we'll need to fucking get rid of Abid Ali, my God, and we can't do that unless Imam steps up since Abid is the one who's been statpadding but also scoring 20s and 30s in SENA. With Shakib also ruled out, think if we put up a pretty dominant performance, they'll think about debuting Abdullah, but idk, still feels early af for him. Misbah said he looked the second most comfortable batsman before our WI tests, so I guess it's inevitable even with Misbah gone and him in this squad of 12.


Nice toon art. Wish Pak would rest a few to make things more competitive.


Man, they did Babar kinda dirty with that toon art. Even in ICC events, always got to make him look like [the ugly best friend](https://youtu.be/ff_65dsdMJc?t=430) who takes the picture with the hotter friend and is the one of the two who makes it their DP.


Ha ha ha good lord they literally made him look like a maniac with some manic glean in his eyes. Ouch. And having to be picturized with Rizwan doesn't give him any help either.


God damn this dude can talk fast. And that's coming from someone that always speeds videos up. This dude spoke so fast I had to check if I was playing the video at 1.5x lmao


bechara, he’s not even ugly at all t: bechara = poor guy


Why would we rest our top players when they’re completely available and ready to go. I’m not a fan of that tbh. And this is an important away series.


Fair enough.


Looking forward to this match. We need to pay out full strength team. Pakistan barely plays any test matches so we need to play out best team always


Looks pretty good. Doubt they're giving Abdullah Shafique the debut but let's see.


So who's the designated slip catcher in this team because I don't see a specialist option in these 12?


Need to drop Abid. Guy is not a solution. Develop imam and abdullah in an easy series


I agree with this - now would be a good time to switch it up.


Hoping for some high scores from our openers and Babar (who has been playing de facto opener anyway).


Am I right in thinking with the draw in the Caribbean that a whitewash here and a demolition job of Aus/Eng/NZ in Pakistan when they go over guarantees Pakistan a WTC final spot?


Probably yeah. Demolition job of those 3 isn’t easy though. And neither is a whitewash here frankly. Pakistan should have won in WI too and look what happened there.