Hi, Good day! Backtesting doesn't generate the exact same results as the real funds' Hopper or the paper trading Hopper. The reason for this is the difference in the time your indicator checks your values. You did use the correct strategy. We recommend using the first Paper Trading Hopper to test more features. Kindly be guided on this document: https://docs.cryptohopper.com/docs/backtesting/backtesting/. If you have some clarification kindly send us a message through the chat widget on the website so we can further assist you. If you want to have some clarification kindly send us an email at [email protected] with the screenshot of your issue so we can check it further or if you have some questions. Thanks and stay safe. CH- George


He asked, how do you sell… your answer doesn’t tell him how to sell to close out his buy order


My hopper is setup to buy on the EMA crosses, and I use trailing stop loss to sell the position. Right now my TSL is set to arm at 2% and sell when it sees a .5% drop And only sell on profit.


Is the Macd strategy working well for the down trending markets or is the ema better for you?


Well at the moment I’m sitting on a load of buckets due to things tanking. Waiting on them to come back up which I expect they will. I could have set a stop loss in addition to the TSL.