I saw like a couple trailers for it on youtube and thought “huh that looks interesting” but that was the full extent of it, I literally didn’t even know it was out yet?


I feel like that's the recent Disney vibe. I had the same reaction to Luca (didn't know it existed until it was released to streaming), and only saw Turning Red in a YouTube ad once or twice. Advertising is for pansies I guess


I was really surprised by Luca. I thought I'd hate the artstyle, and I had barely any ads to go off of. I thoroughly enjoyed it though. (It also seemed kinda gay even though it was never explicitly stated.) Edit: said gay, but queer fits better. (Also Luca and Alberto were originally going to be in a relationship according to some sources)


It is very, very gay, yeah, though i expect the vibes might be a bit subtler to straight folks. As a trans person I felt SEEN though. I think what throws some people is that it's not a queer *love* story, it's a queer LIFE story. It's about what it's like to grow up othered for who you are, not about a romance between two characters -- straight cis people in my experience don't always appreciate the distinction there. I would give almost anything to be able to show that movie to me at like... 12 years old. God damn. Lowkey jealous of all the good shit kids can grow up watching nowadays, it's great.


I only saw this movie yesterday by chance as I did not have Disney+ access but only got that vibe >!Once the old ladies couple switched at the end!< and I was nicely surprised by that.


you kinda fucked your spoilers it has to be \>\!like this\!\< not >! like this !< , no spaces


Damn, sorry, corrected now. Thanks for letting me know, I wasn't sure if they were showing or not as it was the first time using that and initially, I ignorantly thought that it may not show me that because I was reading my own post... Go figure, lol.


Actually, it seems there's no right way to do it. On desktop, the way i said was right works, but on mobile, the one i said was wrong is the only way that works??? Don't worry about it ig


> It is very, very gay, yeah About Luca, but further up this comment chain: > Well they have to make it seem like nobody wants to watch movies with a gay protagonist About Strange World. They seem mutually exclusive. There wasn’t a ton on fanfare for Luca because it was released directly to streaming in the middle of the pandemic. They didn’t need to get people out of the house and into theaters. They just needed to get their attention while they’re sitting on the couch.


Love your comment. Thank you for sharing! I feel like an IDIOT!! I didn't even THINK about the corollaries for the trans community in Luca. I'm a Black woman, so I'd thought of their changing more so from the code-switching lens.


ooh that’s an important interpretation too, i hadn’t thought of it that way


A coworker was just going on and on about how much they didn’t like this movie because it was “so in your face and ‘political’ about this, just BAM here it is accept it.” This apparently really bothered them that the “mixed race family with the gay son” was not given explanation in the movie and just forced people to accept it. The look on her face when i responded back that if people stopped making A Big Deal out of the whole issue and just accepted someone for who they were and left it at that maybe it wouldn’t be so much “in your face.”


Hey! This is kinda random but it's the only place where people are talking about Luca! Does Luca seem bi? I loved the movie and I'm bi and I even look like Luca, so my brain has just decided Luca is bi but I'm curious if others felt that way


I’m hardly an authority, but if something about the movie spoke to you, that’s between you and Luca. There aren’t a lot of wrong answers when it comes to fiction — all that really matters is how it changes you.


I didn't get the impression that he was bi. If anything, I felt that Alberto was bi or gay and that Luca had to mitigate that relationship even more than normal preteen friendship growing pains because he was aware of Alberto's feelings for him.


It had nearly every possible gay storyline (forget the term for it, storylinr is the closest i can think of.) Like to the point of being multi layed lol. Theres probably video essays on it that would explain it better though but safe to say its one of the gayest animated films ive ever seen.




I feel like I didn't see anything for Encanto either


Neither. I only found out when people started talking about it (specifically about how the colour green was a clever misdirection, since Disney uses it as a villainous colour, but it is not a stereotype in the movie's setting) , and the music got uploaded to YouTube.


Encanto was actually a box office disappointment (might even consider it a bomb) when it released, it only hit peak popularity several after release and it hit streaming. It probably attracted enough streaming viewership to be considered a success, it topped Nielsen ratings for streamed content for a *while*.


Honestly I can't remember the last officially Disney movie that I actually saw ads for. Ads for movies from companies that belong to Disney, sure, but the latest animated movie? No idea tbh. Which is why I'd say that there isn't any conspiracy and that is more how Disney treats all their animated movies.


A lot of people are saying this and I don't disagree, I also haven't seen an ad for a Disney animated movie that I haven't gone out and sought since... Ralph Breaks the Internet, probably? I saw ads for Soul but not for Turning Red or Luca, in terms of Pixar. But are any of us saying that right now actually watching anything in places that Disney might aim to find its primary audience? Because I'll be honest, I'm not sure my not seeing the ads are because Disney isn't advertising or if I'm just not watching children's TV and getting to see children's TV commercials or something.


>Turning Red Ain't that the movie where they hit the Pentagon?


yeah and they kill BTS in the attack




Gesundheit, lord voldemort


We truly are in a Tumblr sub


No, you're confused. That's [redacted]


Ads are more targeted now and how much disney channel and nickelodeon are you watching lately? Most people aren't watching ads, thanks to dvrs or streaming


>and only saw Turning Red in a YouTube ad once or twice. I never heard of this movie until I read your comment just now! It looks cool.


It's super fun. My daughter loves it.


It’s for sure been disneys Vibe for Pixar movie, they seem to be actively trying to blow them up. This is weird since it’s a Disney animation films (encanto, raya, frozen, Ralph breaks the internet)


just went and watched the trailer and scrolled down just a bit to see another comment about disney making WOKE movies. why do i bother


I've seen ads for it, but the ads do a really shit job of making anyone want to watch it. They don't offer any inkling of the plot at all. It's all just "this family is in a strange place and some goofy shit happens" Wouldn't be the first time Disney purposely scuttled a film.


Conveniently this will be the last Disney animated film that was produced under recently fired Disney CEO Bob Chapek


Although wasn't it ordered while Bob Iger was still present?


If the movie was ordered with Iger, then that’s were the core/idea of the movie was made. Then Chapek decided after the creatives delivered the idea that it had to be squashed.


Yeah no, visually it looks nice but any ad I’ve gotten for it tells me absolutely nothing about the plot at all which makes me not wanna watch it, although I might since I’ve been hearing positive things about it


> which makes me not wanna watch it, It had that vagueness that is usually from a bad movie that they'll hype but not give too many details. I figured bright colors, weird characters, shitty script.


Kinda unrelated, but I wanna rant about 9, with that fucking Coheed and Cambria trailer. Looked super badass a bit creepy and also actiony, but other than that was incredibly vague. Turns out to be a huge slow burn and Welcome Home never even showed up.


I don't think I've ever been as disappointed in a theater experience as I was by 9.


Yeah, while my daughter(8) enjoyed it and I personally really dug the solar punk utopia (which turned out to be a rug pull) it was otherwise utterly forgettable.


Why would the trailer not telling you much about the plot make you not want to see a movie?


It might just be me, but I feel the exact opposite. If the trailer gives away too much of the movie, I will refuse to watch it. What's the point if the trailer gave away most of it. I personally like trailers that highlight a little bit of the characters and the world, but thats it. If it was up to me, it would be completely new scenes/dialog outside of the movie(or unreleased scenes), instead of reusing the scenes from that movie.


> I've seen ads for it, but the ads do a really shit job of making anyone want to watch it. They don't offer any inkling of the plot at all. It's all just "this family is in a strange place and some goofy shit happens" In fairness, isn't that the plot of almost every Disney film?


Not to mention what they have shown hadn’t exactly inspired confidence. The only thing I remember from the trailers I’ve seen is the part about turning the amoeba-thing into a marketable plushie, which is just such ‘how do you do fellow kids’ level writing.


Syr, id like to introduce you to Treasure Planet


What's funniest is how hard Treasure Planet goes and how any bad part is deliberate executive interference.


To this day I hope for spinoffs... I think the story of the first movie is very much finished and I am not really that interested in nay of the characters, but I want more from the aesthetic and the world it was in!


If you like real-time tactics games there's *Treasure Planet: Battle of Procyon,* which is on Steam and follows an adult Jim in his navy career


TBF trailers that explain the entire plot and the 3 funniest moments of the movie ruin the movie. Trailers should just give the premise and a vibe.


sounds like it got Raya'd *looks up the director* oh no


Raya was such a disappointment


I saw it with my kids this weekend. That basically is the plot. It’s not a great movie. Not bad. But honestly what has Disney or Pixar put out in the last several years that wasn’t just mediocre?


Encanto was pretty good


Agreed, anyone with a messed up family can see the deepness of Encanto. How about that song with the strong sister? "Bend don't break, take on every family burden" sort of thing. Deep stuff for a kid's movie, man. Hit hard for me.


Yep and a banger of a sound track. I can’t think of any others in years besides that though.


Turning Red was this year lol


/Cough/ treasure planet


I literally have never heard of this ever, and **it already came out??** the no marketing thing was not an exaggeration huh?


Of course it came out, how else would you know it was gay


Omg *daaaddd.*


ugh. this was pretty much dialogue from the movie.






I'm seeing it this weekend, people in tumblr were pointing out it's also got an interracial relationship, which Disney and many other shitheads find icky, but know better than to outright say


I don’t think Disney cares about *anything*. If they were in the business of sawing human heads off they would dully go about that business to feed the accruing of capital. It’s purely their chosen (very successful) strategy to be cautiously conservative in how they respond to social changes. The actual Disney executives don’t give a shit if the world burns down with them inside as long as Disney continues to grow at its expected rate. If making a film with a gay character will gain them more fans in the youth sector than it will lose in an increasingly dwindling older conservative sector that is simply what they will *do.*


It really is no more complicated or subtle than that. Their business is rooted in exhaustive data research and every possible scenario is translated into countless spreadsheets that calculate every variable imaginable and then spits out whatever next move they make.


Yeah. And like yes, individual execs probably have some vague or concrete underlying beliefs or morality. But those would never come up in a meeting, because to become a ranking C suite Disney executive is to subvert every aspect of your inner and family and personal life in service of the Margin. The system is self designing. The knife hones itself or it does not cut. It takes active effort to prevent societies from becoming like ours, this state is not the result of one persons policy or evil plan, it is a systemic tendency left unchecked because if the system had the tendency to be checked by itself it would not exist in this form. The benefits and kickbacks that flow through sophisticated channels to leverage legislators are planned individually but systemically they exist and are passively and indifferently calculated precisely to continue maintenance of the whole system at a market rate. Sorry if that is incomprehensible it’s 6 am and I’ve been up all night


Lol, no apology needed. I’m dealing with a bit of insomnia myself which is maybe why everything you said makes total sense! In many ways, Disney and Apple are like the absolute exemplars of what our system produces, in both the best and worst possible senses. Strange times!


>sawing human **heads** off > >accruing of **capital** ...I see what you did there


I swear if I see articles complaining about people not watching it...


What's with this conspiracy shit, they're a company, they make things to make money, they're not making a whole CGI quality movie about gay people so they can.... NOT make future movies with gay characters? Wtf


Meanwhile, WB scrapping entirely finished movies just so they dont have to pay for marketing...


But in that case… why make it at all?


Yeah. The movie got "Treasure Planet"ed. Released at the end of the year to little fanfare, a sign the studio think it's a bomb, but those who see it say it's a good flick which just makes them wonder why there was no marketing.


saw one commercial for it and it legit looked like the most generic copy pasted animated adventure film ever. Like I’m not saying it’s bad or anything but the advert seriously looked like an AI watched a few pixar and disney animated films and was told to spit out “family sci if adventure in strange planets with alien comic relief”


I've been seeing ads for it but it looks like cloudy with a chance for meatballs without meatballs


no meat, only cloud


If there are gay characters I am sure there is going to be at least SOME meat. This was meant as a joke and as no offense to anyone.


straight people have flesh too wtf you on


too much meat.


Not when I’m done with them (I like eating carrion before its hosts die) (I know I might be small but I am a freak)


There’s a lot of meat actually


And also some goofy hallucigenia ahh thing in the trailer


I have heard that this movie is actually really really mid. So while the well written gay character is nice and all it seems like the film has like ZERO other things going for it. Oh well, take what you can get and all that


It received a Cinemascore Audience Score of B. This is a score based on early audience viewings, and the criteria is just "Did you have fun seeing the movie?" This makes a B is an incredibly low score. Every other Disney animated film has scored at least an A-, while flops like "Thor: Love and Thunder" scored a B+. Even if it ended up being a great movie, this is more than reason enough for Disney to get cold feet on marketing.


It's B cinemascore is so wild, I've got to think it's skewed by conservatives who were surprised and mad about the gay representation, cause by all accounts the movie is a little bland, but otherwise quite harmless. And cinemascore comes out after the movie comes out in theatres so it doesn't affect marketing. Also In what world is Thor L&T a flop?


Unironically yeah. Queer representation shouldn't have to clear the hurdle of being in a good movie. If they want to make a gay character in the most cut and dry, milquetoast, predictable Marvel film possible, they should. If we want representation to become widespread, that means it will find itself in blockbuster films, and that means that not every movie will be an A24 production. I think that's a good thing.


I agree! Again, take what we can get. And yeah, even if the movie IS mid as fuck, the good representation is still good representation, for sure.


damn, this is what I needed when Raya came out


I loved the film. I think the overarching theme of the film is important. I would definitely not say there’s zero things going for it.


Well, the creature design is pretty cool from what I've seen.


Honestly, I saw as much advertising for this as I did for like Encanto (couple trailers on Youtube). Maybe this subs demographic which I have seen lean "I have 3 adblockers running at any given time and if I even think I see an advertisement I will literally combust" isn't the best sample from which to judge marketing.


THANK YOU! I'm not sure if this movie is the best example since I really did only see a couple of ads for it (one in a theater and one on TV), but I always see people on Reddit say "I didn't see any advertising for this, there must have been NONE ANYWHERE" when it's been on cable TV ads, streaming ads, and YouTube ads nonstop.


I think people on Reddit are forgetting these are kids movies too. Like unless you've children it shouldn't be surprising that this isn't being advertised to you? I enjoy a good kids movie as much as the next adult but I'm only gonna see it if word of mouth is that it's good, not because of advertising


I was recently driving around downtown Chicago and it was THE AD on every screen, on posters, on animated loops. Couldn't get away from it!


Disney literally pulled Pixar films from theatres, pulled all marketing, and made it direct to D+ I’m not sure what their reasoning is for killing their animated films, but I don’t think it’s because they want to be “less gay” Raya, Luca, Encanto, even light year were box office bombs, not sure why they’re killing both Pixar and Disney Animations like this


It’s because Bob Chapek (former CEO as of last month) is lame and hates fun (animated movies).


Ya I just looked into it, and chapek fucked up extremely hard by putting Pixar direct to streaming Now people expect to watch Disney animated films on streaming, or torrents day 1, and ruined the mystery and prestige of both studios Which makes sense because even I don’t have the appetite to watch Luca, which now feels like an animated short


Tbf encanto is a musical and does all do well


Tbh, I do think that Disney has bungled the marketing on this one, but I don't think the repeated failure of the new more diverse Disney films is some right wing thing, I think it's just that nobody wants to pay $100 to take the family to see a movie when they can wait 30ish days and watch it on a streaming service they're probably already paying $9/mo for. That being said, having worked for Disney...I wouldn't be surprised if the choice to undercut themselves repeatedly here is deliberate, as a way of being able to say "Well woke movies weren't viable so we're going to stop trying now." That kind of fuckery really seems par for the course of the Chapek era. If this is the case it will probably stop under Iger, and Iger and his people are going to have to find a way to handle the epic pain in the ass that will be making box office releases exciting again while also not taking value away from D+. But you won't hear a big public announcement of like, "Chapek was deliberately torpedoing the woke Disney movies", you'll just notice them quietly trying to find a new strategy.


I have hardly seen ads for *any* Disney/PIXAR animations in the last few years, and any ads I see for Disney+ are all for shows that came out months ago, not the ones currently running or recent ones. I think Chapek just had some really dumb advertising strategy.


I will say that when I see ads for D+ I usually get a push for whatever is brand new in terms of shows and movies, but my household watches D+ and Hulu frequently so that might be the reason for that. That being said, I am genuinely not bullshiting on the $100 price point for taking a family to the movies - I did the math recently because I was curious and yes, if you live in the NYC area and you decided to take two kids and three adults to see a movie at the Times Square Regal there you would pay $100 for tickets literally just to enter the building. And I realize NYC prices are obviously an outlier but I checked around and that is really par for the course for most major cities; on the west coast it's going to be closer to $85 for a family of five, in most of the New England area it'll be around the same, the Midwest is closer to $60-75 but Chicago is another outlier and so on. Even where I am in central TX where the cost of living is pretty low it would still be almost $70. And again this is just ticket prices to get into the building, not counting buying concessions or anything else. My point being, I genuinely don't think that in the current economic downturn there is any amount of marketing push for a Disney movie that will be available on D+ or Hulu later that will get parents to overlook the ridiculous amount of money it costs to actually take your family to the movies right now.


I have a hard time believing that Disney would spend millions on a movie and then intentionally kill it by underspending on advertising. Disney is a money hungry corporation. Making money is their whole thing. Why would they throw away money on purpose?


If you look at their latest earnings call, they are barely making a profit (for a company of their size, anyway) and basically all of the profits come from the parks. I don't think they can afford to kneecap their own movie just so they have an excuse not to include gay characters. They haven't needed one for the last 99 years, after all. I don't remember seeing very many, if any ads for any of the other Disney movies in the last few years. Any Disney+ ads I see are advertising shows that came out months ago like Kenobi or The Book of Boba Fett, not current/recent ones like Andor or She Hulk. I think Chapek just had some kind of godawful advertising policy.


Disney have already did something similar to this s couple of times before, more specifically when they want to shut down their 2D department and switch to 3D.


I studied animation in Orlando and a few of my professors were former Disney Animators that briefly worked at the short lived Orlando studio before it was shut down. They’ve all shared the few ways Disney would sabotage their own releases, but they said by far the worst sabotage was when they released Brother Bear. Apparently it’s the only Disney film in history to have a theatrical release on a Saturday vs the usual Friday. Why? Half the opening weekend wasted = smaller numbers making it look like a “flop” and Eisner at the time had made it clear he wanted the Orlando studios gone and 2D to be downsized.


They won't ever out and out say they're trying to alter markets, but there's suspicion they did this with princess and the frog in an attempt to justify gutting their 2D animation department


Treasure Planet, too. There's a lot of evidence pointing to Disney killing that movie


So they can cool anyone's jets and neutralize rumors by saying "oh we did that already and it didn't work". Disney may be money hungry, but they also know how to burn money and throw it away to their advantage. There's a nutbrained theory that Frozen was made to drown out the Frozen Walter Disney conspiracy, but it has some merit in showing what Disney has done to culture. Because of the outcry of "No black princesses", Disney made The Princess and The Frog, which did okay, but simply was made to satisfy the itch of the crowd who wanted it. Same with Encanto and Spanish culture, same with Moana with Pacific culture, etc. Disney sees cultures as a checklist for profit, and that has damaged the concept of representation in media in my understanding. This has lead to the use of stereotyping and pigeonholing of roles, which seems like it's only making things worse for people, which presenting these cultures should *absolutely not do*.


Encanto and Moana are fucking bangers though. Christ, that scene at the end of Moana where Moana squares up against Hakaa? Goddamn it, gets me every time.


i love capitalism!!!!!!!


is not that simple, in a company that big theres a lot of moving parts and conflicting interested wrestling for power, like a goverment


They did the same with *Treasure Planet*. Wouldn't be the first time.


this might be their first gay character in a film but PLEASE don't forget the owl house!!! luz is canonically bi and amity is lesbian!! ik it's different to a gay male lead but TOH has such good rep and did a lot of 'firsts' for disney


I’m so fucking ready for january and april(?) I NEED more owl house content .


Praying for Huntlow (though I prefer to call it Winter) content, more sussy Belos, Raeda and Darius too!! Oh, and Tinella Nosa and Hooty. They’re my favourites


It's literally my favorite show and they almost shut it down because it's gay, I fuckin hate bigots


At least we have awesome creators like Dana and Alex Hirsch who will always support the community. Even if their shows get cancelled or censored, they’ll keep fighting :)


If you're looking for something similar and have even a mild tolerance for anime, check out Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun. It's got a very similar aesthetic and premise, and while the anime hasn't gotten to the story arc revolving around a lesbian romance yet, it'll get there in a season or two.


YESSSS I LOVE THAT SHOW (/manga cause I read ahead)!!! I think I read ahead before the lesbian romance arc started (unless you mean the competition after the festival stuff I think) but god it’s So good. I love how literally every character in that show is some shade of bi/pan. eiko my beloved


They forgor 💀


What? I've seen ads for it everywhere, definitely more than I saw for Encanto, for example.


I fucking love Encanto. What an incredible movie in every way.


Having the first gay character main and center is cool and all, but could they actually make the movie good?


Strange World is great though.


I'm glad you enjoyed it but it was a snoozefest for me. The whole script was bland. My daughter enjoyed it well enough. That game in it looked fun though.


I'm contemplating watching it, but it looks like a pretty generic adventure quest so I dunno if I want to watch it.


I thought that too of the trailer but the trailer does not do it justice at all. I thought it was really good.


Gayest disney movie is Luca, change my mind.


Mulan. Prince was ready to throw down even when he thought she was a dude.


"That Ping fellow fills me with pride and hope for the future of China. And also some other feelings that are weird and confusing." - Shang


“Mulan? So it’s you I’ve been attracted to? Oh, god, I’ve never been so happy to be shown up by a woman!” - also Shang, probably


Hey, that's no way to treat a member of the platoon! Especially one whose skin is so silky smooth. And by that I mean someone who's as smooth on the battlefield as his skin is silky... I mean thighs are milky... I have to go!


Yentl vibes


>"That Ping fellow fills me with pride and hope for the future of China. And ~~also some other feelings that are weird and confusing~~ my penis with hydraulic might." - Shang


She was a hot dude to be fair


not disney but the villain discovered my identity has the same energy as mulan


Got a link to read the manga?


No person you asked. It's manhwa (Korean comic which is read English style) and also called [Caught by the Villain](http://bato.to/series/81013/caught-by-the-villain). The love interest guy falls for the cross dressing woman main character. He's confused about his feelings for a bit and actually talks about the fact he must like men in addition to women because he's attracted to (what he thinks) is a man.


Ah, thank you much. I read a lot on mangabtt18.com, but it seems to be down right now. Mostly korean comics. Thank you for the new source, which I did not know of.


If you don't know, [mangaupdates.com](https://mangaupdates.com) is a good place to look up eastern comics and they track fan translators which supply links to the websites they upload to. That way you can avoid the machine translation versions that people will pump out. You can also see what other names it goes under and link to official sites if you want support the official english releases. Bato's a good default site for reading. About half a year ago they had some sort of problem with their ads redirecting people to shady sites or something. I don't know the details, but using an adblock is probably a good idea.


I appreciate it. I'm fairly new to reading titles online. Some of those machine translations are definitely jarring. I've supported a couple of good translators that put up their page at the end of chapters, just hoping I'm not throwing money down a hole. I guess a shitty, hand drawn placard with a discord makes it look like they actually put in the work.


That IS a good reader. The touch to advance works great, rather than scroll scroll scroll scroll.


thanks! the mc gives off the same vibe as mc from the red knight does not blindly follow money theyre both good but i like this one better


I feel like the storytellers wanted Luca to be gay but they weren’t allowed so they stuffed in so much subtext the whole way through that it feels queer but so deep in the closet that it hurts. Strange World one is very open about a boy having a crush on another boy, it’s brought up multiple times and has a very cute awkward teenage flirting scene. It’s gayer on a surface level and I think it’s an important movie just for being so straightforward and normal about it, but it doesn’t permeate the whole film like it does with Luca. I took my kid specifically for the gay shit but honestly I enjoyed the bigger message of the movie even more than that. It was a great movie all around.


oh yeah, I'm mostly making a tongue in cheek comment. Love Luca though I do I think Strange World is a great step forward for representation, and I hope this opens the doors for bigger things.


thats more pixar than disney imo


But Cars 2 exists


Did you watch Raya??? So lesbian


Awkwafina Queen.


If you don’t see any Disney ads, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not advertising something. It might mean you’re not Disney’s target audience, which some people seem to be forgetting.


yeah that explains why they're killing it


Why would they make it in the first place then


So they can say they tried gay media and it "didn't work" so they have something to point to when they get called out in the future. ~~Similar deal with EA releasing Titanfall 2, a pretty niche game, in between CoD and Battlefield with minimal advertisment, thus swan-songing the movement shooter.~~ Edit: turns out I'm wrong about the TF|2 thing, but I stand by that Disney did it intentionally, because it's a win-win for them. Either it does well and they make a bigger profit from less investment, or they take a minor loss (that's easily eaten because it's Disney) and they can keep investors happy in the future by sticking with "safer" straight media.


So two things there, Respawn themselves have since admitted they had full control over the release date and that EA themselves tried to push them to release in the spring so they wouldn’t get buried. You can google and find this information. Second, Disney isn’t wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on a movie just to make the point that people don’t want gay media. Companies like money and nothing more, they solely produce on the whims of the audience market. I would go out on a limb and say the average audience doesn’t want *gay* media in the same way they don’t want *straight* media. People just want to see entertaining movies in whatever genre and honestly I’ve seen tons of trailers for this movie and I couldn’t tell you a single damn thing the movie is about or even that it was gay. To me personally the film just failed to seem interesting in the marketing it did have.


thank you for being the only reasonable person in this thread. why would disney waste millions on a movie, and even more on opportunity cost, just to show that they shouldn’t produce gay media, when the same thing could be achieved with a shoddily-selected focus group??


Titanfall 2 being sandwiched between (and overshadowed by) CoD and BF1 is entirely on Respawn/Zampanella, not EA. Hell, if EA had their way, Apex wouldn't even be a thing.


But they've already tried gay media, they don't need another one to point to. Lightyear had a gay kiss in it for example, and was a box office disappointment, why not use that as the scapegoat instead of losing another $100 million+ on this?


Ive seen advertisements for it literally EVERYWHERE, on Snapchat, YouTube, live tv, and Instagram but I guess that was definitely not a shared experience


I think it's pretty safe to blame recently fired former Disney CEO Bob Chapek for that one. Allegedly, Chapek didn't respect animation at all, which is why most WD Animation/PIXAR movies haven't released in theaters even after theaters reopened. It has really pissed off theater owners and Disney employees and is probably one of the factors that led to him being canned two weeks ago (three days before Strange World came out in theaters!). I imagine that's also why Strange World wasn't advertised. I don't remember seeing any advertisements for *any* other recent Disney animations, either. I completely forgot about Lightyear for several months after it came out, for example, and that was one I was really looking forward to based on the trailer. I seriously doubt they spent millions of dollars and multiple years making a movie with a gay main character to deliberately flop it to get out of having to include LGBT characters when they could just not include them at all like they have for the last 99 years. They are already in dire straits financially, so they probably can't even afford to do that if they wanted to. They reported less than a billion dollars profit in the last quarter, which is practically poverty for a company of their size. Conceivably they could listen to the people saying "go woke, go broke" and use the gay character as a scapegoat, but they've already got Chapek for that. If you are interested, you can learn more about their [financial situation here](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNwa4_tAwO0). It's a fantastic, easy-to-understand breakdown of their latest earnings call. It predates Chapek's firing by a few days, but it touches on some of the things I mentioned here. Edit: Also, Encanto and Lightyear flopped at the box office too. Encanto became a smash hit when it came to Disney+, but its box office success was very weak.


It also looks like it’s boring and uninspired.


I took one look at the poster when it was first announced and wrote it off as a boring, ‘coming of age’ animation.


It’s completely not, I took my kid a couple of weekends ago and it was terrific.


I saw it last week, knowing basically nothing about it, and the story, plot, and dialogue are maybe the worst I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t even so-bad-it’s-funny, just bad-bad. Maybe it would have done better with more marketing, but bigots bigoting, the film’s “woke”-ness (i use this ironically), gay characters, etc. don’t affect the quality of the writing at all, and that was just terrible.


Mostly bland from start to finish although I did enjoy the solar punk society (until we found out it was a rug pull).


*Image Transcription: Tumblr* --- **elphabaforpresidentofgallifrey** hey just an FYI, disney's new animated movie strange world, which they're saying has their first gay character, is not like, a joke. i just saw it and it's an ACTUAL first gay character. he's the protagonist. him being gay is not his entire character but it's also not like, a cameo, or a background thing, or one scene you can cut out. it's a multi-generational story about this kid and his father and grandpa, and him being gay comes up in adorable ways throughout the story (to the point where this movie is gay enough to immediately be banned in several countries). it's really well done and a very pleasant surprise from the mouse and people should go watch it! --- **simontheweirdo** Yeah specially cause Disney just "forgot" to do any marketing for it... I wonder why? --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


I saw a lot of video ads for it???


As someone who worked in a movie theater during the leadup to its release who constantly was in the lobby where we played the same dozen trailers on repeat, I can assure you it was most \*definitely\* marketed


it may have been advertised there, but not anywhere else I can't tell you how many encanto ads I saw on youtube, reddit, etc., but I have not seen a single one for this movie


Marketed in movie theaters != marketed to the general public. I haven’t been to a movie theater in a long time, if something’s not advertised on social media I’m not seeing it


seems like kind of weak advertising. maybe it's just me but I don't regularly go see movies, I haven't been to one in like a year and that was the first time I had been in several years. I've seen 2 ads for it ever


To be fair, if you almost never go see movies you are probably not in the target audience for, y'know, a movie


I'm not a movie person either but that didn't stop Encanto to be all over my youtube commercials.


Great so they make a movie and people complain too , typical




[Strange World](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKh2G73gCCs)


I saw the start of *one* ad for on Hulu and I paused it because I actually wanted to watch it but I had to do something first. When I came back, I accidentally hit the back button instead of the play button and I haven’t seen an ad for it since.


Tell me you don't watch tv without telling me you don't watch tv


Right? They've pushed it heavily on TV ads from what I saw at my parents place over Thanksgiving lmao


Wait Disney made a new movie?


I know what the second person is getting at but I've seen plenty of advertising for this movie, on Insta, TV, and YouTube, so I dunno


It’s not a good movie. It’s truly their worst in a long time. I won’t go as far to say it’s bad, and the homosexuality has nothing to do with it being bad (boring and unoriginal), but it’s definitely not good.


Disney cracks me up when it comes to their Queer inclusion and how they view us in the LGBT community.This is a company that has a history of depicting Queer characters in a not so flattering light via their slew of Queer coded villains and are still doing a pretty piss poor job at any kind of queer inclusivity outside of the occassional cameo or retconned character (Lefoo in the Beauty and the Beast remake being the most infamous) despite them saying that they want to do better and move past their history involving negative depictions of us in their films. But when they actually do a pretty decent job of it, they shoot themselves in the foot while they pretend that they actually care about their Queer fans and want us to know that they love and see us? If that's the case Disney, then stop purposely saboraging projects with positive Queer representation.Owl House, Lightyear and now this.I'm genuinely suprised they let Luca be successful, what with people reading that film as Queer. Disney have so much money they can quite literally waste hundreds of millions of dollars on a movie and when the producers find out their Gay shit it in they actively sabotage it because they know they're financially untouchable.I don't even get mad about it at this point, it's more funny to me than anything else.The rest of the world is embracing Queer people in their movies and tv shows and Disney are still unable to just have a Gay character in their film without some bullshit.


The how maniest first gay disney character is this again? I lost count.


I think this is supposed to be the actual, legitimately, not repeated first gay *protagonist,* which we haven't seen so far, iirc, since every other "first" gay character got all of 2 seconds of screen time... cumulatively...


the last first gay character


Okay, gonna be controversial here, but I don't fucking care. Why? Because it's Disney. Other studios have been making gay characters for fucking decades. Good stories about gay characters have come and gone and nobody ever paid attention because y'all were too fucking busy sucking Disney's dick trying to convince them to give y'all a shred of representation. I don't fucking care that Disney made a gay character because they're nothing more than a corporation. They only made that character because they finally decided it would be profitable. They don't care about you, your sexuality, or your rights, all they care about is that you spend money to see a movie. Stop supporting Disney. Boycott their shit, and start paying attention to studios that actually give a fuck.


Wait, is this one of them goncharovs I keep hearing about?


no it exists, disney just doesn't want you to know that until it's too late so they can claim "go woke go broke" when the movie flops


I saw ONE youtube ad for this, thought “that looks cool” then was floored by the release date


Whats it called?


Strange World


It’s not a good movie. I saw ads for it and they all gave no indication what it was about. Not everything is a conspiracy. Some movies don’t test well and the studio decides not to sink a gigantic amount of money into advertising if they won’t see a return on it.


As someone who loves pulp fiction and sci-fi stuff, esecially those old detective serials, it's a fairly solid tribute. Lots of color, lots of whimsy and wonder, it it really caputes the pulp wierdness. In terms of the gayness, it depends on what you're looking for. It you want it to be a big deal, it's not, and neither is it derided. Jaeger, the grandpa adventurer of the movie, doesn't give your typical hyper conservative "What, what?" when the gayness comes up. Both Jaeger and Searcher, the dad, just kind of accept gay kid being gay. It just sort of exists and akward gay kid is akward around crush. I have issues with the movie, and it does some truly irratating things with both Jaeger and Searcher doing dumb things for plot reasons and no reason else. I also wish it more fully embraced its pulp fiction roots, but it's a solid movie. 8/10.


It might have *a* gay character, but it can't be the first gay character because of the owl house


It's treasure planet all over again. If Disney doesn't want a movie to succeed they'll make sure it doesn't succeed