Richard Dragon is the third most popular character to be introduced in his self titled book. He has been used sparingly for decades.


3rd? Shiva is clearly #1. Is Bronze Tiger the other? You would put him as more popular than Dragon?


He's certainly used more then Dragon.


Let me put it like this. I know who bronze tiger is. I’ve never heard of Richard dragon lol


He has shown up in Arrow, the DCAMU movie Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, Deathstroke: Knights and Dragons, Batman: Brave and the Bold, AND Batman: Soul of the Dragon. When Richard Dragon has been adapted into other media, he shows up as Latino/Hispanic (Arrow) or Asian (Batman: Soul of the Dragon) rather than as his original white self. So I would figure Bronze Tiger is popular to appear as his comic self in most other media.


The version of Richard Dragon on Arrow is an insult to the comics version. But yeah, he's gotten better use outside of comics as of late.


>Richard Dragon This is a good answer.


Dick Dragon, that’s a comic book name I’ve ever heard one


The Arrow writers then violated that man over and over lmao


I actually thought Diaz was a total savage. Badass mf who came in outta nowhere and proved himself unkillable. It took Arrow forever to defeat the guy and he kept pulling so much wild shit. 🔥 One of my fav villains. No idea where all the hate comes from.


Much as I love the Giffen/deMatteis/Maguire Justice League, it made people think of the Ted Kord Blue Beetle as a joke, when he's actually a great superhero. Yeah, he's pretty similar to Batman, but he's better with technology and he's less grim and he really does have his own particular style. He deserves a better treatment than he's gotten.


The weirdest part about this is even though Justice League International was a fun book, the Justice League were competent in it and took down serious threats so why do people act like they weren't


The JLA/JLI/JLE books focused more on the downtime and social interactions, so people think they did nothing because that's what they remember most.


Yeah let’s give him a very powerful death and keep him dead permanently. On second thought let’s bring him back and make it meaningless and do nothing with him.


The Countdown prequel book that featured him was excellent and reading it, I'm like OH BOY, Blue Beetle's finally going to be a major playe-- oh. I will follow this up and say not enough has been done with Dan Garrett Blue Beetle.


>OH BOY, Blue Beetle's finally going to be a major playe-- oh. lol


Alan Moore also treated him as a joke


I'm obligated to say that in my opinion one of the most disrespectful things that writers can do to a character is intentionally regress their character development. Seeing a character grow and change and become a different person than how they started is the most compelling part of these comics, and seeing it undone for no good reason really makes the character seem wasted and pointless to me. With all of that said, the most prominent example in my mind (mainly because of everyone saying Ted) is Booster Gold. I feel like he went through an incredible arc after Ted's death where he really matured and became worthy of the title of Time Master. But every recent appearance has been back to square one, and in some cases he's even worse. They usually just play him as a bumbling idiot wrapped in technology that he abuses just for fun.


Beast Boy also heavily applies to this. And his character regression is also tied to literal regression.


Definitely. I guess he's an adult again now, so that's nice. We'll see how long it lasts!


>They usually just play him as a bumbling idiot wrapped in technology that he abuses just for fun. Except that's kind of "covered" when Booster Gold became a Time Master. The continued "bumbling" is treated like a façade for his actual prowess... except my current fav Tom King did Booster dirty in that Batman arc. I hope he knows better now with his Human Target/JLI run.


Yeah, his part in Tom King's Batman is the biggest problem. It would be believable if he were just being an idiot in the present, but when he's fucking with the timeline you can't really fall back in it just being his cover. "The Gift" played out exactly the same as when Booster broke the rules to save Ted, except it was driven by goofy misguided confidence instead of a desire to save his best friend. Not to mention, instead of learning a lesson he just got PTSD.


It was King's attempt to stack the deck for Heroes in Crisis, which is also a misfire, IMHO.


Agreed. Heroes in Crisis had a lot of cool ideas but mixed in with a lot of bad ones.


Tim Drake says hello.


Can say the same for the Young Justice generation they all are in this limbo where they get older and than get younger and all the progress they make either gets erased or nothing happens to continue it.


Remember the time when Impulse actually became the Flash? Good times...


Eh it was rushed


Bette Kane seems to get the short end of the stick as far as Bat characters go


I liked her as Flamebird :/


Nightwing in Teen Titans/Beast Boy basically tells her “yo can you fuck off? You suck at this”


Ted Kord? While certainly heroic and all, only once taken seriously, and that was after he died.


They did my man dirty in countdown


there's probably a case to be made for Simon Baz


His first appearance was being interrogated for being a terrorist...I understand the writer meant that to be meta-commentary on the state of Muslims in America, but it felt sterotyped and racist. I would much rather have an arc about how his status as a Lantern effects his faith, if at all. Islamophobia should definitely be addressed more in comics, but it's like only centering racism in a Black character's origin, it can be interpreted as letting the bigots define them rather than getting to know these characters on a more personal, intimate, basis.


It really felt like they introduced him to tick the box, and then immediately planned to introduce another lantern and phase him out. I love Jess and the buddy cop vibe they had in their shared book, so in a sense I'm glad they went that way. But poor Baz, like Khalid Nassour didn't get much time either but I feel like that was handled way better


Roy Harper.


If comic Roy Harper is anything like his YJ counterpart I'll need to start reading


They have done some absolutely awful things to Roy in the past like... 20 years at this point? At this point I beg every day that they'll just take a page from YJ's book and let him retire.


I'm obligated to say Kyle Rayner. Hasn't been used significantly for 2 and a half years, only cameos. They cancel his ongoing (Titans) and his TPB collection during his 25th anniversary. He loses the chance for a mini series to a Robins book that everybody hates. He shows up in Thorne's run only to lazily be put in a coma. In every poll he is always 2nd or 3rd most popular Lantern, he's consistently in the top 50 DC characters, and it's been proven many times over the last 27 years that he can lead a successful solo series. Yet... nothing.


Hoping he’s the main Lantern in the TV show while Jordan and Stewart are the ones in focus for the newer theatrical releases


Already confirmed he won’t be appearing.


No but at least Gardner is getting some focus in the show


It's really frustrating, why DC keep underutilizing Kyle is beyond me.


Because he's not 'iconic', like Hal is


I honestly wish that Green Lanterns could split in some ways! I think it'd do good. Kyle takes over the Earth solo book, or goes back to New Guardians shenanigans. Hal and Guy stay with their respective JLs (Main group, International) John takes over the Lantern Corps, with the other Earth Lanterns being thrown into that part!


Hmmm okay, I've heard a few people say that Kyle is their favorite GL and this comment has made me even more intruged. If you had to choose one Kyle story to read, which would it be? (I'll read a few issues to see if I like it)


The Power of Ion (Green Lantern #142-150)


Dc disrespects him so much they've been canceling and pushing back the ion trade for a year now


One of Green Lanterns major writers at the time turning out to be a pedophile also kinda put a wrench in their plans


Perfect! I've been wanting to check out more of Winick's stuff anyways and specifically his GL run. I think he won 2 GLAAD awards for it. Definitely ordering this from my libraru. Thank you!!


New Guardians. See why Kyle was the only person to ever earn a White ring through effort and empathy.


The whole story? Or is it covered in the first volume?


THE POLL WAS THE MOST ATROCIOUS THING EVER. The fact that I was robbed of another Ambush Bug story to yet ANOTHER batfamily book (one of a gazillion at this point) drives me crazy.


Everyone picked Robins because they hoped for a good story with the Robins, not the garbage we’re getting. Kyle and Kilowog shouldn’t have died for that.


He's the most iconic after hal but yet hal and John get all the love. Hell Jessica gets more love


Kyle Rayner is the Tim Drake of Green Lanterns. He’s a character that was introduced in the 90’s, has lots of loyal followers, yet doesn’t seem to have a home today, so he just ends up getting random stories and cameos that always feel forced or misguided. That being said, I did enjoy him in Omega Men.


I think John is more iconic thanks to his inclusion in the DCAU.


Stewart is the second most iconic if we’re being real, all thanks to the Justice League animated shows All my friends that are only casually into DC that grew up watching it still associate him as their green lantern


Yeah that's not true lol. I don't even like John but he's way more iconic than Kyle. I don't think casuals even know who Kyle is


Ted Kord, and many of the Justice League International characters


The Question


I support this. With how in the nose is Vic sage on the reporting news side of things, there is no FUCKING way he'd let GGG manipulate a freaking country just because


Red Tornado


Just up and vanished after Crisis, then showed up as a literal shell of himself during that "Primal Force" series. Introduced as the mentor, the summarily dismissed during "Young Justice" comics. Relegated to backgrounds ever since, except when they did the other "Red" androids arc, later adapted to the YJ cartoon.


Not to mention basically zero comic appearances now, I’m loving One-Star Squadron but the whole shtick of that is that Red Tornado is a washed up superhero who can’t find work anymore. He’s had quite the fall from grace.


Also why do they keep showing him eating and drinking? He’s a ROBOT!


It's Captain Atom and it's not close.


Captain Atom in everything he's in: ![gif](giphy|3o7abwbzKeaRksvVaE)


I would honestly take Captain Atom over Firestorm. FS can either be written as a knockoff Human Torch or as an extremely OP hero.


Most of the tome, I see him written like the former. Even his gameplay in *Injustice 2* is more like a Human Torch than what the crazy stuff he could actually do.


To be fair, the Injustice games buffed and nerfed pretty much every character in the story. How else could they justify Green Arrow fighting Superman or Green Lantern and fuckin WINNING?


Plotarmor Arrow


Isn't it that everyone is on like a superdrug that makes you as strong/durable as Superman?


More like as strong as a weak kryptonian, but yeah. Though most already powered characters didn't get it. (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, etc.) For obvious reasons.


Yeah but in injustice 2 they really didn't use it


He was great in that series where he killed the Wildstorm Universe. It's stupid that they swapped him for Hawk when the true identity of Monarch leaked on the proto-internet for Armageddon 2001. Believe me, NO ONE WAS PAYING ATTENTION THEN, except the loudest people. Should never have been rewritten. The problem was too many comic pros using the proto-internet at the time caused it to act like an echo chamber. NO ONE WHO ACTUALLY MATTERED KNEW.


doom patrol, they have a long history of being killed off


I really like how in their show they treat being killed as just another day. I can’t even remember how many times they have died at this point


Donna Troy


Wasn’t there like a Wonder family embargo for awhile? What was up with that?


Wally fans trying not to answer Wally despite all the good that's happened to him since Speed Metal. Difficulty: Impossible (Source: I'm a Wally fan and my answer is Wally)


What do you think of the new flash run bro?


I've been absolutely loving it, it's by far my favorite ongoing at DC right now.


having a bit of a rest from that at the moment, will start up again once barry is back and wallys turned into a villain or some shit.


terra - gets groomed and raped as a minor by a middle-aged guy then we get several decades of stories about how it was all her fault.


I wasn't expecting to see this answer but it's absolutely the "right" one


Yeah that just messed up


I wish that she wasn’t a minor, deathstroke is one of my favorite characters and I didn’t like how DC made him have an inappropriate relationship with her. Wish they made her a woman in her 30’s/40’s that looks like a minor, like what they did with BabyDollFace in Batman: TAS.


I get were ur coming from. I mean, even tho my favorite character have been physically mentally torturing multiples kids and blew up multiple orphanages, that pedophilia part still gives me that gross feeling.


I get what you are saying but murdering people and trying to destroy the world are just general supervillain shit. Pedophilla is just a different level of ick.


Nono I agree with you


Nah she’s still a psychopath. Like death stroke is messed up for grooming but she’s pretty a horrible person. Which is messed up from a narrative perspective portraying the victim as a monster but at the same time that’s how she’s potray as a character


Becoming evil and sociopathic is something that presumably happens as a result of the disrespectful character treatment rather than being inherent to child Terra's personality and coincidentally only manifesting after she becomes a mole.


Probably not *the* most, but for a good while, Cass & Steph both really got the short end of the stick (thanks DiDio). Nowadays, I still want to see more of the arrowfam (Mia and Connor in particular) get a lot more love, but that’s unlikely


Every character from milestone and windstorm that was brought in the main universe and then forgotten about. Also citizen steel


Elongated Man. He was a frequent co-star in Flash, had his own feature for years in Detective Comics, graduated to the League in the 70s, and was one of, if not the greatest detective in the DC universe. Even Batman admitted it at one point. His wife Sue was a well-written, fleshed out character in her own right. They had one of the only marriages free from the drama that usually happens. He could be goofy but he was serious when needed. He proved his worth over and over in JLA, and then in JL Europe, at least the first couple years. E Man's slow descent started with Gerard Jones portraying him as a complete buffoon in later issues of JL Europe. He disappears until Identity Crisis, Sue dies horribly and he gets dragged around the 52 series until sacrificing himself to restrain Neron and Felix Faust who escape right after anyway. They become ghost detectives or something and disappear in New 52. He has a weird turn in Secret Six in another identity and then nothing. DC openly said Plastic Man was more versatile and played him up only to let him fall thru the cracks too. The Flash TV show gives us a not so nice version who goes thru a great character arc and ends up a hero. Then they dump him when the actor screws up. I mean he can change his looks so they could easily being him back... No respect I tell ya...


Doctor Light II, Kimiyo Hoshi. Big deal adding her in during the original Crisis, but then nothing. Implied to be in the JLI, but not really. Lady Quark was done worse, IMHO. She did get some L. E. G. I O. N. time, IIRC.


Tim Drake


I kinda want to say Firestorm but I think other characters have been pushed WAY more than him...


Firestorm needs an ongoing, he’s barely made appearances since his short one at the start of the New 52


I appreciate all the comments about Ted because it makes me think I'm not the only one who appreciates him and ask his journey, but you guys guys gotta admit there is a case to be made that: August General in iron is never used to his full potential Dr will Magnus, i mean making him work with villains? And accomplished perfected Physician. I mean he is a healer what else do you need for him to be in the league? AND THE WORST OF ALL SUE DIBNY WE NEVER GET TO SEE HOW SHE FARED AFTER HER TRAGIC ENCOUNTER WITH DR LIGHT. WE NEVER SEE ANYTHING OF WHAT HAPPENED TO HER TO OVERCOME SUCH TRAGEDY! it's never explored and it makes me flip the fuck out


\> SUE DIBNY \> WE NEVER GET TO SEE HOW SHE FARED AFTER HER TRAGIC ENCOUNTER WITH DR LIGHT. ​ OK, so that incident was ret-conned into the DCU by Identity Crisis. It was never a thing until Identity Crisis was written. Prior to that miniseries, she had a fun pre-Crisis JLA Satellite Era supporting role, but where she really shined were her appearances in the post-Crisis JLI/JLE, again as support, but much more frequently appearing. She wasn't disrespected until Identity Crisis rewrote her history by inserting that incident.


Yeah but still Least they could do was take that crappy retcon and do something good with it


i think green lantern got a bad rep from Reynolds early movie.


Superman. He's literally the star character of DC and he has been nothing but mishandled by them for years now.


I agree. Particularly the New 52 version of Clark/Kal El was a travesty.


I don't agree with that myself, I think new 52 was the last time someone tried to put a new spin on him, while remaining true to the ideals. Everything since then has just been "what if he was a dick", which is just the laziest superman story anyone could write.


True that the New 52 Superman began well with the qualities you describe. And I agree that the current (since then) strategy has been featuring a corrupt (or 'anti-life' zombified) Superman story line which I also dislike. It's just that I found the New 52 Superman's decline into a victim of terminal illness and then being replaced by a Superman from the Convergence pocket reality to be insufferable.


I do agree his ending was bullshit, but I think that was more a reaction and sudden retcon of the retcon. If people had actually given new 52 a fighting chance, that is never where his story would have gone.


Good point. I must say, however, I'm guardedly optimistic about the 'Infinite Frontier' era. They're stirring things up a bit with storylines and all. But I feel like they are generally trying to adhere to the MAYA (Most Advanced Yet Acceptable) balanced strategy.


Booster Gold...I dont think i need a reason here


In universe: Booster Gold By readers: Damian Wayne Don’t look too deep into it, it’s just my opinion


Honestly, I feel like it's the writer's fault that Damian is so disliked cos they basically just made him an insufferable asshole thinking that made him "cool", and all the terrible shit he does to others like Tim just make him seem like a terrible character


I think that’s true, but I think he’s been written well in a few instances, like the Judas Contract film. It’s not a comic I know but I thought he was better there


Vandal Savage. The guy is the oldest living human being and no one wants to hear a damn thing he has to say. No respect I tell ya...


In fairness, he has existed for basically all of human history with the sole purpose of ruling the world. He isn’t ruling the world now and I don’t believe he is gonna pull it off by the end of the issue.


sideways!! he has so much potential to be a really cool character and not a peter parker knockoff. hope he makes a comeback someday


He appears in Young Justice, briefly Speaking of which, we’re never seeing Jinny Hex again


Rest In Peace Sideways, gone and mostly forgotten.


Jay Garrick and the rest of the JSA. Doesn't even need to be new stories; I'll take period pieces about World War II, Korea, the Cold War, anything! Just give me my first generation of superheroes back!


Captain Atom, Cheetah, Doctor Polaris


Ambush Bug


He's been brought into the DCU proper recently via Suicide Squad.


Poor ambush bug.


Steve Trevor. If he’s not being a simp for Wonder Woman they have him around people who are just way better than him at everything. DC could make him on par with them all, but they don’t. He’s just a handsome punching bag.


I don’t know man, there was a portion in Wonder Woman’s Rebirth run (couldn’t give you an issue exactly, I wanna say it’s in volume 7) where Steve and his Totally-Not-the-Howling-Commandos are able to beat the Furies (as in Darkseid’s). That’s not for nothing


The relatively ordinary human soldier / spy who gets to be Wonder Woman’s love interest is a simp in your opinion? I would think he’s the most respected dude in the DC universe. Mr. “Death-By-Snu-Snu”. Dick Greyson, Oliver Queen, Mr Miracle … all tipping their hats to Steve Trevor.


Honestly, I think a Steve Trevor series could work really well, exploring the clandestine side of the DCU, and mix it up with mythological stuff from Wonder Woman every once and a while.


Honestly, my favorite thing about New 52 is how relevant and badass they made Steve. He was the best part of almost everything he's in.


Steve's a good answer they killed him twice pre crisis to try and get rid of him, aged him post crisis and married him off to etta and then in the new 52 keep him separate from Diana while also making him kinda a dick


I have a pipe dream comic book idea where Steve is Vibe's handler for an agency like ARGUS and the two of them have to handle multiversal threats spilling over from parallel dimensions. It's a spiritual continuation of Vibe's New52 story.


It is without a doubt in my mind, Eddie Bloomberg, the Kid Devil/Red Devil * Disrespected by his idol, Blue Devil * Makes a contract with Neron, realises he got played because his mentor betrayed him * All the teen titans are assholes to him pretty much the entire time he’s there * loses his powers * sacrifices himself * unused post Flashpoint for like, 7 years * Dies in Heroes in Crisis without any dialogue


Killer Moth


The OG Teen Titans


To add, the Darkstars Yeah, people NEVER think about HOW THE HELL is it possible for the green lanterns to manage a FUCKING Galaxy of enemies, THERE BEING SO MANY ALIEN RACES? Well the Darkstars is how. Motherfuckers keep basically a bubble protecting full sectors of alien menaces, namely, THE REACH, and not with help of the guardians, mind you, this is controllers territory. zero respect no dignity


At least Manhunter Kate Spencer got some use out of the Darkstars.


Pretty much every character from Bloodlines. Anima in particular had a solo run that ran for 16 issues only for her to get offed by Prometheus. Conan O’Brien and Peter Girardi mentioned Bat Lash during a segment covering DC characters that suck. I disagree, fraggin love Bat Lash. Outside of Young Justice, I haven’t seen much of Arion in other forms of DC media. Dude has had two runs, one of them lasting for 35 issues. Aztek.


Anima, Gunfire, and Hitman all had ongoings But even then, the Bloodlines characters really got shunted. They even got rebooted and had a shit time


I hate when writers bring characters up by giving them solo runs just for another writer to tear them down. Nomad from Marvel is a big example of this, imo.


Damage (Emerson) is a huge example of this too. Plus, Aztek, or any 90s hero. Pretty much any non main Titans roster teenage character gets this treatment down the line.


Billy Batson a.k.a Captain Marvel. He was the most popular and influential golden age hero, and yet DC used their money to sue Fawcett comics over an opinion and leech them into submission. Then Marvel buys the rights to the name, so essentially he can't even be in his own series with his name as the title, and DC buys the rights to the character, where all they do is make him get whooped by anyone they want despite him originally being WAYYY more powerful than them. Not even mentioning how DC continously gives him small series that seem to hardly ever last/consistently nerf him and retcon & rewrite him to the point he's hardly even the same character anymore. Also, the wizard was originally named Shazam. When Billy spoke the wizards name, lightning bolt would strike him, turning him into Captain Marvel. However in 2013, DC decided that Captain Marvel was no longer his name and just refer to him as Shazam now and the wizard's name is Mamaragan. The movie still calls the wizard Shazam, but that's not the point. It's such a huge middle finger to the character and his history. That being said. 'Shazam: Power of Hope', 'Justice', 'The Power of Shazam', and the early days of DC Shazam comics were all very good and recommend everyone to read.


I’m gonna go with Zatanna. She could use more love


See there is overall, in universe by other characters and then there are the ones most disrespected by the New52. Overall- Captain Atom, Roy Harper, and Ted Kord. In universe- Booster Gold New 52- Wally West, Tim Drake, Bart Allen, and Conner Kent. Like for the first half of the New52 they had Cassie Sandsmarks walking around with Teen Titans who were her friends but not really. Like Superboy was a clone of an alternate future Jonathan Kent. Bart was Bar Torr, a resistance fighter from the future with no connection to The Flash. And Tim Drake wasn’t even that Tim’s real name because he was in witness protection and also he was never Robin only Red Robin.


God that Nu52 teen titans run was pure garbage. I have a hard time deciding if I hated that or Red Hood and the Outlaws more.


Everytime I think about Harvest and N.O.W.H.E.R.E. I throw up. ...excuse me...


It's either Aquaman or Green Arrow.


Funnily enough they’re in a series together atm.


One I don't see in the comments is Phantom Stranger, almost always treated as a plot device like superhero chekovs gun or even just a narrator stand in for Rod Serling rather than a genuine character.


Challengers of the Unknown


Kite Man


I just miss my boy Snapper Carr. That’s all.


In terms of the A-List characters....Hal Jordan. He's the star of most of the standout GL runs. He's a founding member of the JL. He's pretty much the lead character of the Corps version of Green Lantern, and the guy who's lead the franchise the longest, and yet the man is repeatedly set aside in ways that Clark, Bruce, and Diana never would be.


My biggest problem with DC is the trinity. They have to be the best and the brightest. They are shown so much respect that it absolutely shits on every other hero.


The Spectre, no contest. The guy gets shit on in every crossover he’s in.


Tim Drake


Cyborg getting absolutely ruined by Grid was pretty rough. Swamp Thing has a lot of disrespectful moments, he went out brutally in the Justice League Dark movie and didn't even get a shout out at the end when they were mourning the dead. Never be a non human in a story with PG-13 violence, all the horrible deaths are coming your way. Over all def the Teen Titans in general, relentlessly dunked on for like 20 years


Hmmm my answer would have to be Kyle Rayner if we’re talking about overall as he’s practically in the backseat and has been for a while. But besides him, I’d have to say another character that’s not as prominent as they should be and has definitely been given the “shaft” is Red Tornado. New 52 completely screwed Red up and he wasn’t even in a book until Death Metal and then now One Star Squadron. Popular Justice Leaguer to poof nothing. If it wasn’t for Young Justice and some cameos in other DC shows, I would never have known who Red was and been interested in him as to me, he’s basically Vision from Marvel but with a cooler power set.




I’m pretty sure they have their own series currently (Blue and Gold)


Two years ago I would’ve said Wally West, but right now, I have to go with Captain Marvel. The New 52 turned Billy Batson from the purest soul on Earth wise beyond his years into an emo, edgy teenage delinquent. It also generally ruined the dynamics of the whole Marvel Family. Post-Flashpoint Marvel might as well be an entirely different character.


Booster gold


Animal Man




Garth from the Titans. The original Aqualad, The Tempest. He's been near forgotten for the past two decades.


The Cavalier certainly ranks up there. It seems like every attempt to develop his character has failed miserably even though there's so much that could be done with him. Not only was he not featured in the 1966 Batman series (even though his character was suited for it) but he didn't even get any exposure during pride month despite being the first gay supervillain in the history of comic books (I also suspect that's why Marty Pasko explicitly refused to include him in the BTAS even though Bruce Timm wanted it). That said, I strongly suspect that he'll show up in the HQAS at some point should that show survive past its third season, as well as the upcoming Caped Crusader series.


Jason Todd


Timothy Jackson Drake-Wayne. The guy spent years in the comics proving to be the ultimate Robin and the successor worthy of being Batman. Then Damian Wayne was introduced and since then, Tim has been reduced to a side character who appears every now and then.


I'm sorry, but what has happened to Tim isn't even the most disrespectful treatment of a Robin. Jason was killed off and victim blamed for 20 years to prop up Tim and absolve Bruce of blame and from 2018 to 2020 DC was hellbent on throwing all of Damian's character developement in the trash to kick him out of the Robin mantle and turn him into the big bad for 5G.


Except Jason and Damian are...well, lack of a better term, assholes. They deserved their fates whereas Tim was downright perfect to Bruce, to the Bat-Family, to the Young Justice team, to everyone. He was smart, he was a badass, he was loyal, and he was the first Robin to actually be adopted as Bruce's son. Jason on the other hand is a psychotic killer and Damian is just a demon spawn who should have stayed dead when they killed him off the first time.


Jason was actually the first to be adopted and Dick was second.


Agreed. I still don't like Damian at all.


for me it’s always going to be martian manhunter and shayera. only spotlight was the cartoon. really sucks to see writers completely forget about them when they’ve been around for so long and now they’ve even replaced shayera with kendra


Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle


The DCEU fans.


Nightwing 100% they have been nerfing my boy since the 90s!


Not anymore. His current run is *phenomenal*.


If that’s what you want to believe


The point they were making was the general consensus is his new run is great, which it is. Explain to us how it isn’t/how he’s being disrespected in Taylors run?


To each their own, I’m sure they have their reasons. I’m just really digging the book and wanted to talk it up, but it’s fine if that’s not welcomed.


Tastes are subjective, but I’m far from alone on this one.


I get that tastes are subjective, But what was the point of coming on my post and saying that his current run is great if you all you were gonna do is say “tastes are subjective” when I disagreed with your view on his current run?


All right, have a good day then!


Your tone comes across as hostile so they probably just didn’t want to argue with you over something that is subjective Edit: a word


A year ago, two years ago I would agree. But he had an amazing year in 2021, finally returning from that torrid Ric arc.


Far from it.


Ragman, Arsenal. Both get fucking bodied in any else worlds crossover their in, and on top of that are barely used in the base continuity as well. Jason Todd. In his standalone books and adventures he's treated great, in his bat family crossovers..... He's a chump. Jason is my favorite character, but they could have not put him in Joker War and I would have been fine. He showed up, got his ass beat by Dick, and then disappeared. A y other time he gets his ass beat by Tim, Robin War and Death of the Family.


Any of the original Titans other than Robin.


Tim Drake




Wally West. my man was THE Flash for like 20 years, then they bring back Barry and he gets erased from existence and when he finally claws his way back he gets given nothing to do until HIC and then gets framed as a mass murderer whos penance is to go off and fix a broken multiverse. Or Kyle Rayner. Only GL for a long ass time and the White Lantern only to have his ring shattered by the great blue dong because nobody could figure out a way for a white lantern to logically exist and still have Manhattan be all powerful and then the dude gets literally nothing to do besides a few cameos and is currently in a coma


Wally getting some love these days, not sure how long it lasts though


The downside of Batman’s popularity is writers that don’t understand him, tend to disrespect his character.


Booster Gold.


Animal man.


kite man


Jay Nakamura