Man, I don't know why I'm so happy about this. I'm not like a Connor Superfan, but man, there's something so cool about seeing him win.


This wasn’t my first choice but I definitely know what you mean. I’m so excited for this mini


I'm not a huge Conner guy either (although I do like Tim, which is part of why I feel vindicated) but personally it's because it feels like it was actually going to do something with the character, unlike some of the other series which were just mashing characters together for spectacle.


I knew it wouldn’t go past the first round, but I really wanted to see the Cyborg book with Beast Boy as the main support character. Been too long since we’ve seen them being friends besides whatever the hell is going on in Teen Titans Academy. But, I’ll root for Conner if it means we don’t have to see vampire Batman lol.


I do think people put way too much credence to it being a Batman book. It was definitely more of a Multiverse book, but people put way too much focus on Batman being why people wanted it. Like no, I genuinely wanted to see the other characters from Earth 13.


I was definitely rooting for cyborg or animal man winning even though I knew it would never happen. Superboy winning is a nice thing that I didn't think would happen either though.


Shocked and happy this won.


As a Conner fan I'm really happy that my dude is gonna be getting attention but damn does it suck how many interesting ideas from this year just aren't gonna come to anything


It feels like they have at least taken fan feedback on board and have said that they are looking into having these stories appear/continue somehow. [I mean we’re getting the Blue Beetle one from the 2021 Round Robin, even though that didn’t even make the final.](https://screenrant.com/dc-comics-round-robin-blue-beetle-series/amp/)


True it seems like they’re slowly ironing out all the issues with this format but I do wonder if us getting the Blue Beetle series isn’t influenced by the HBO-max movie and them wanting to have a brand new trade available for when it drops


Hey, I don't care *why* a potentially good story is put out, so long as it is.


I mean, yeah, they’d already paid creators to develop a storyline and some interior art for a Blue Beetle series; might as well pick that up rather than commission a brand new one.


This year felt like more of a waste than last year in terms of ideas. We had so much info right off the bat that only getting one was a tragedy.


What sucks is that many of the pitches feel like they could have happened without the need of the round robin. Like green lantern by spurrier, a Constantine mini and suicide squad mini feel like safe bets. And pitches like captain carrot, wildcat and nightrunner obviously don’t stand a chance against those.


Yeah, all those Idea would have been better than 3 more young new Batman books thier probably going to be making before Christmas this year. 🙄 DC would have an actual variety of different characters and comics.


Yeah that's the sad part we get so many batman books and ones hotspot but not even a simple book of these other characters. I'm glad superboy getting a book though.


Yeah, all those ideas would have been better than 3 more "young new angsty Batman finds his favorite gargoylet to brood on" books thier probably going to be making before Christmas this year. 🙄 DC would have an actual variety of different characters and comics.


What’s Conners continuity now?


See, it’s good that this won, but that means that no one can complain when Suicide Squad wins next year. They’ve been runner up twice, it’s only a matter of time.


Why was suicide squad dark in the round robin? I feel like that pitch would have been good enough to get an immidiate series? They should just make it lesser known character titles if they do it again or just people who havent had comics


Because that’s how I planned it. That’s right ladies and gents, it was me all along.


Happy for who voted for this series to win, now let's hope they buy the series too.


Superman got a pretty well-rounded family You have the first born(Kara) The neglected middle child(Conner) And the baby heir(Jon kent)


Hurray, bit of a shame it's gonna be about him leaving the planet because Connor "doesn't really fit in this universe anymore" (He should have been the new superman instead of aging up Jon) but still good for Connor Kent FC basically ignored him for the past Decade. (I would have done a Grant Morrison style Superman and Superboy book where Connor because Superman an Young Jonathan is his superboy sidekick) Definitely gonna read this.


This was the one I wanted but I honestly didn’t think it had a chance. Yay for Connor.


Wasn't my first choice, but it is nice to see the Superboy I grew up with finally getting another solo outing.


This was the one I really wanted to win but never in a million years did I think it would


me too! I was like "oh man it would be awesome for conner to win, too bad he's never going to." i'm so excited this actually won. and it has my favorite kon uniform so i'm happy all around


Let’s absolutely go. This is gonna be great


I honestly did not expect this series to make it to the finals much less win but I'm very glad that it did! Conner is a great character that deserves the love


Other ones I wanted more, like Alan Scott in the 50s, but at least it beat Vampire Batman from winning


>it beat Vampire Batman from winning It also beat a multiverse book exploring another earth, something we never get to see outside of them being plot devices to be killed off.


Yeah. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.


Too bad, everyone is so homophobic towards Alan Scott.




Go Conner!


My main thought beyond "awesome to see Conner get a solo" is "Fuck Batman" I know he wasn't even the main character of SSD but he was the thing drawing the votes the moment he was revealed on the cover and you all know it.


So happy this won. See, Batman, doesn’t win everything!


Do hope they do that Harley Quinn Suicide Squad one


YES I absolutely love this! Conner deserves more love!




One day, Animal Man, one day…


It would be nice if DC just... idk... published all of these stories, instead of pitting writers and fans against each other? Like idk maybe just an idea


Sadly it's just the state of the market. There isn't enough money being exchanged to keep afloat so many books. Funny how movies have injected new life into the genre, but the medium itself continues to slowly die.


I think pairing DC Universe as part of HBO Max would do wonders


It probably would. Or make it like a "Add $1 a month and get access to DC Universe Subscription." Like what Hulu and Spotify did.


Yeah, all those Idea would have been better than 3 more young new Batman books thier probably going to be making before Christmas this year. 🙄 DC would have an actual variety of different characters and comics.


Love to see smaller characters or characters like this that are underutilized get a Solo even if it’s a mini. Connor is a wonderful character and I dig the classic costume. I wish I could get a firestorm or the atom book next but I will 💭 dream


Not my ideal choice but at least it's not another bat-book


So does this mean the rest of the books won’t get made? Or is superboy just the first to get made?


This sucks. I couldn't care less about Superboy. I wanted SS dark to win. Maybe next year


have no interest in reading more about the petri dish


Love this…now could we go back to the t shirt design or something new? I really hate the old 90’s throwback and it feels like Conner is being held back from his prior character development.


But is he gay?


Nah that’s just Jon Kent rn