I hope they combine both their names to become ManMan


I'm calling bullshit on it being a new character. They've been doing world's finest covers with Superman on the left, Batman on the right and Dick Grayson in the middle for like 80 years.


It's probably just a new version of composition superman


Ngl this as an update to Composite Superman would be cool as hell


"We need a new character to keep things fresh. Ideas?" "How about we make someone who is Superman AND Batman?" "I don't---" "And we give him Wonder Woman lasso" "Well..." "Green Lanterns powers too" "I mean, I heard worse ideas" "And even though he doesn't need it: a utility belt" "Brilliant!"


I think that's just a grapple rope.


I hope you're right.


I hope that is not what happen, That means they recreated Amazo. No one seems to do research any more...


Well to be fair, they never said a new ***original*** character, so we're good. The design is pretty cool tho, ngl. I do love the color combination. Red and black has always been a combo that I'm a sucker for, but the added blue and gold complements it pretty well. I don't understand what the green energy is meant to be though. Is it like a Kryptonite-based power or something radioactive? Actually, hold, is this a hero or a villain? I'm kinda getting Itsy Bitsy vibes from the Deadpool/Spider-Man comic from 2017.


Baha blast man