Keep Damian's characterization is the only thing I ask for and it's supposed to be a spin off of World Finest but at the same time combined with Robin and Shadow War, it's weird. Waid is coming along well but I am tired of seeing Damian going back and forth with Bruce since the character was introduced , at some point he has to evolve either to Bruce's side or Talia's but let him grow up.


They really did Damian dirty since his inception They always have had him walk this line of taking 2 steps forward and 2 steps back Anytime this dude makes progress DC destroys it Jon is a good Influence on Damian making him loosen up / act like a kid = Jon gets aged up / grows distant from Damian Damian actually grows to respect his brothers and soften up = Create random conflict that makes them all Dislike one another Damian begins to lead a new Titan team of fresh faced heroes = DC refuses to let a Titan team exists / thrive


The problem with Damian ( and Jason) is that som many of the stories are redemption stories rather than moving on from it, and it's not because of the Comics usual resets it's like the editorial has no direction for them. heck the new team with flatline Rose and Hawk and Damian would've been an amazing outsiders team. Instead we got that stupid team with ghost maker.


> the new team with flatline Rose and Hawk and Damian would've been an amazing outsiders team Oh man, how has nobody thought of this yet? That's fucking great, DC needs to make it happen ASAP.


To add a cherry on the top, give Damian the Flame bird mantle and have the first few arcs around Nightwing's territory abd have him be their mentor. People really like the dynamic duo of Damian and Grayson, and that doesn't have to be limited to Grayson's time as batman.


Sigh I was really hoping they’d settle everything between Bruce and Damian by the end of Shadow War. Or maybe they will and they’ll briefly regress anyway. Wonder if this is before or after Dark Crisis. If it’s before, looks like Bruce switched back and forth with his suit again. I hope Mark Waid knows what he’s doing, and as a legendary writer he probably does. It’s awesome that his World’s Finest is confirmed to be in the new continuity. Wonder how he’ll follow up Williamson’s Robin since he’s ending his run on the book.


I think the demon in the world's finest is somehow connected to the Al Ghul family. like probably their ancestor and that's why their called the head of the demon?


Yeah good call I thought so too and it looks like they hint at it here. That would show a lot of communication between him and Williamson considering how tied it is to the Robin book where we learned a lot more about the al Ghul's family history. Surreal to see Waid back to DC like this after all these years. Hopefully he makes Bruce and Damian fighting again worth it.


Now, i might be wrong but we also could see Neron show up later in the book ( maybe he's the one that has awakened the demon dude) considering Mark waid likes neron and considering Shazam showed up in the World's finest book probably along with Mary marvel.


Yeah he wrote Underworld Unleashed, which Williamson brought up in interviews since Neron's also going to be in Dark Crisis. Eclipso was in Flash so it's possible this could lead up to Dark Crisis too I guess.


I love Mark Waids writing, but I’m honestly so tired of the yearly Damian fighting Bruce stories. It hasn’t even been a year and a half since the [last](https://scienceagogo.com/store/img-large/g/hJ0AAOSwiZZg5bC0/s-l1600/TEEN-TITANS-2016-44-Back-Issue-S-.jpg) time they fought. You know what would actually be a new storyline for once? Damian actually working WITH Bruce for more than one issue. The last time we got multiple arcs dedicated to them working together was all the way back in New 52, which saw Damian killed by the third arc. They fight more often than they work together.


Why are we even supposed to care at this point? There isn't much of a relationship left to destroy anyway. I used to think, oh, yeah they get an arc where they fight but surely that will end with them making up and Damian finally coming back to the batfamily. But no, then they just announce another story of them fighting.


Remember when Batman and Robin were the dynamic duo?


Yep the batfamily in a weird state. Dicks rich and will hopefully settle down with someone (Babs). Babs and the batgirls are doing fine. Jason working with two face on task force z for now until that book ends. Tims dating Bernard and is now back to just being robin. Damian gained another brother and has lost one again. He's gained a girlfriend as well. Now Bruce and Damian are gonna fight again. Hopefully since its mark waid I hope its just one of them is brainwashed story and they have to save each other type story.


I brought this up yesterday On the sheer lack of Dynamic duo action we Have seen since Damian/Bruce became a proper team post dick giving the mantle back to Bruce Im really over the Jason/Damian vs Bruce angle Can’t even remember the last time all of them shared a genuine moment


The funny thing is that Waid is giving us the most Batman & Robin content we’ve had in a decade via World’s Finest, but it’s Dick instead of Damian


Mabye the stories start with conflict and ends with them working together. Like im with you that it becomes tiring that every one of his sons has a conflict with him.


People hoped Teen Titans would eventually end with them making up, then they hoped Tomasi's last Tec arc would fix things, then we hoped Williamson would do it in Robin or at the end of Shadow Wars...only for DC to announce this story. Oh and of course there is Dark Crisis. Not that I think Bruce is really dead, but even if Waid's story ends with them making up then we still won't get any stories with them working together because Bruce is "dead". Again.


This problem could’ve been solved if DC let Priest retcon Slade into his father.


Gross. No.


The time DC lets one of the horses die, will be a miracle.


They haven't been much of a dynamic duo for years. I miss New 52 Batman and Robin.


I know the one time there back to being a team again is in shadow war. Now there gonna fight again.


Just give Damian to Dick and get this shit over with, DC.


Wow batman vs damian again.


Can we not with these Damian stories? It's the only story they want to tell with the character.


Looks like they are going to continue using Flatline which is kind of a relief, not a fan of DC abandoning new characters also she has been a really fun character.


I think the villain in the world's finest book is going to be revealed as Damian's ancestor( or something close) and the demon that Ra's and his mother said had visions of. that would also make sense considering Ra's and his origins with that deman are being brought up again after so many years. considering that Villain seems to be the centre of the Batman vs robin book.


On one hand I really like Mark Waid as a writer and have been enjoying World's Finest a lot so far and hearing that it will set up other stories is very exciting but damn it feels like DC is content to repeat the same 5 Damian Wayne stories forever. Seems like we're going more into the mysticism/magic Williamson introduced to the Al Ghul lore which honestly not a fan of but Devil Nezah has been a cool antagonist so maybe him being involved will turn me around on this development


Well in one of the issues of shadow war. Ras al ghul mother said the true demon will rise again and she said Nezha.


For whatever reason, I thought World's Finest was out of continuity. This also seems kind of annoying (to me) if it comes out with Dark Crisis where Bruce is "dead". I thought the stories/events in other stories will converge/lineup with a Post-Dark Crisis DCU sooner than August. As someone that loved Damian's characterization from Morrison/Tomasi, I feel like we're back to Damian's first-appearance characterization and it's really....really unfortunate.


Ugh. Again?


I'm not super fond of the premise, but it's Mark Waid, so I'll read it.


Can we please have stories where the Batfamily is not at each other's throats and are actually supportive for a change? If feels like we have not had something like that in the comics for over a decade. Oh, and please stop resetting Jason and Damian's character development. Thanks.


There’s a reason “Wayne Family Adventures” is popular, but fun stories don’t sell comics.


Is the visual of the woman behind Damian supposed to be Talia? That makes the most sense but her design looks more like Zatanna's most recent look. Edit: Okay, so reading at the article and seeing the image in full, it is Zatanna as Talia is behind them with her swords. But also because the synopsis mentions the Devil Nezha supercharging DC's magic users. My hope for this though is that they finally bring Alfred back to the main continuity as the person "haunting" Bruce, which might be the crux of the conflict.


No Talia is above him and Bruce. the woman in the white outfit.


Thanks for the clarification. I didn't see the full image until I read the article.


yeah, it seems that she's having her leviathan outfit again.


Great, because what we really needed was for these two to revert to being on opposite sides of the line. Did we not just get this for the last couple of years? 🙄


What is the obsession wit making damian a bad guy? At this point im so tired of this whole batman and damian have a problem and that damian cant decide on being “good” shit. It jus gets tiring to read they literally have his character on loop constantly. Cant they jus have him and batman doing normal batman and robin stuff thats all i ask. This tension is so overdue and pointless and is a disservice to damian character. Let jason be the angsty moody robin who doesnt change.


Chill out dude. This is probably more like a attention grabber than anything else. it seems that the villain in the world's finest book is the main villain here as well. and he can control people so give him some time. also the same treatment to Jason is wrong as well.


So they are calling it an event limited series? So will there be tie-ins? Nezha supercharging magic user makes me hope we see a bunch of JLD members.


The only thing that i know is that the writer said this is not the onlt series coming out of the world's finest.


I read the article and it isn't so Damian saying "FEUCK U DAD" more "dad one of the literal demons in the family has taken control of me or is using me to take over the world" ​ it literally says *Damian falls into Nezha's clutches*


Only way this book will be worth it is if it brings Alfred back and Damian & Bruce make up for good.


I thought Bruce was going to die with the Justice League?


In the “Justice League” comics. He’s smoked there currently but still doing detective work in Shadow Wars