I went to Palmyra before Syria fell into chaos. It was an amazing historical site, I have photos on my walls that I took of Roman ruins that stood for a thousand years that no longer exist because a pack of brain dead terrorist scum got offended by them.


I lived in Syria for few years before the war. The stories I heard about people digging and randomly coming across some ancient site is pretty common. A small town I lived in it was known as Gold Market back in the day. I heard of this guy who was demolishing his wall and came across gold coins. Another was throwing stones at a cliff side and he knocked down what’s left of the wall and came across a treasure. Such lovely sights to be seen in terms of history.


I know a guy who climbed the Great Pyramid of Giza at night, got caught, and has been in Egyptian prison since 2013 and no one will help him. He tee-pee'd my house in 2001. Fuck you, Garamund.


Really? I've seen tons of people climb the pyramids, but granted not at night. I assumed they just bribed the guard. One time during the Arab Spring there weren't even any guards and people were just climbing up. Not that I'd take that risk or even feel the need to


I know for a fact that if I was still a kid, I'd climb that thing in a heartbeat. Now aged near 50, I'd be scared as shit.


I don't think you'd be able to climb it as a kid let alone get down. I haven't seen the pyramids in person but I've seen diagrams of how big each stone is and they look medium big like size of a fully grown man x10


https://youtu.be/rgJL5v1pypA 7 year old would have hard time, but 13 year old could easily do it...


For real? It must have made the papers at least


No Google results "Garamond pyramid arrested 2013"


​ I've heard that climbing the pyramids is a thing that people do, the authorities are against it. You need to Google law against climbing pyramids in Giza and see what comes up. "The climbing law comes alongside the prohibition of simply being found at or in an archeological site or museum without authorisation. The penalty for doing so is at least one-month's imprisonment and/or a fine.' one place said up to 3 years - These are travel sites.


Yeah, it was such a gorgeous site. Did you happen to get into the funerary towers? *Holy shit.* They were a trip. Stone towers, maybe 40 feet tall, and filled with graves packed together like a Tokyo hotel, floor to ceiling, but the wood that held the bodies apart had long since rotted and the bones fallen into piles on the floor. iirc you could still climb stairs and go the upper floors. I think I was there around 2003 maybe. The people were so freakin nice. I met these dudes selling dates at a roadside stand there in Tadmor and they invited me back to their families garden at the oasis. Fuckin gorgeous. Dirt roads winding through tall adobe walls, and finally we went into a gate and they had a palm orchard with all kinds of plants. Whole thing surrounded by like 3 meter high mud walls, it was so nice and peaceful. Life goals man. Sitting around eating fruit in a garden. Later learned that the word “paradise” comes from a Persian word for a walled garden.


I went into a funerary tower but didn’t go up it. The people in Syria were so kind to me and my GF. I remember hitchhiking to Bosra to see the Roman coliseum there and then on the way back getting a little lost as we had to hitch to a bus depot and the make our way back to Damascus. It was a little messy and stressful at times, but all these people helped us along the way and did as much as they could to get us in the right direction. My experiences with the people were so incredibly positive.


Same. I spent 3 nights at a house in South Lebanon that belonged to my grandparents who passed away a couple decades ago. My aunt, who cared for their home, had taken in a family of Syrian refugees. They were incredibly kind people. One man - a veterinarian - tended to the many animals on the farm. His wife - a school teacher - kept the garden beautiful. His brother - a restaurant owner in Syria - made us all incredible meals every night that we ate in the garden. We drank tea on the veranda late into the nights, as they shared with us the heartbreaking stories of their cities being taken over, family members being killed, losing their baby, losing their homes, and fleeing with nothing more than the clothes on their back. My aunt neither expected nor requested anything from them - they were just so eager to repay her in any way they could. She died, tragically, about 4 years ago & their pain was palpable. I’ve thought of them often, wondering where they all went after the house was closed up. In my eternal optimism, I imagine the man is back in his veterinary clinic, his wife is standing at the head of a classroom, and his brother has a restaurant - bustling with customers.


You need to write a book. Those descriptions were gorgeous


Are you perhaps open to sharing some of these with us? I'm honestly envious you were able to stand amongst the ruins before they were lost.


Good idea, I don’t have an Imgur or other image account to post so I might have to make a new post with a few of them as a Reddit album.


You can upload to imgur without an account.




Wouldn’t that just state where they were taken? Would it have other details?


ISIS and Russia are reasons enough for every government to 3d scan anything of historical interest. Wouldn't help for textiles or paintings but any statue, monument, vehicle, or building could be recreated exactly. Even the ship of Theseus.


Especially the ship of Theseus!


Ah, a man of culture.


A reminder that during the invasion of Iraq plenty of archeological sites were destroyed, and museums looted, [by US forces](https://www.jstor.org/stable/27949280).


>ISIS and Russia And every other imperialistic force on the planet


Sources: https://www.iccrom.org/sites/default/files/Laudatio%20-%20Honorary%20Mention%20Khaled%20Al%20Asaad.pdf https://msu-anthropology.github.io/deoa-ss16/al-assad/al-assad.html YouTube video of his son Waleed’s speech on his Father’s death: https://youtu.be/hO26simdDLE


Thanks for the helpful and interesting rabbit hole I have just been down for....oh...g2g and do some work now lol


Haha - prob the same rabbit hole I fell into earlier, which concluded with this post


+1 Thank you very much, this is the kind of thing that shouldn't be forgotten


I need a TL DR on if we saved the artifacts. because I sure as hell hope so.


a gift that keeps on giving lol


Are these artifacts lost forever now? Since the locations are lost with his life?


If he or someone else found them, they'll eventually be re-discovered (assuming he didn't record the location elsewhere and was somehow the sole person with this knowledge, which seems unlikely). I'm guessing that it was more the case that he was the only person ISIS could capture who was publicly known to have knowledge of the location of these artifacts.


I don't think most of people go out on those expeditions totally alone, maybe he went alone since he's clearly a brave man tho!?!?


He really should have brought someone with him, just to help carry those massive balls.


Thank you for the links. Much appreciated.


Man… your profile just took me on a trip. Haven’t been back in SLO for years after I graduated from Poly :)


RIP to a legend.


Rest In Peace. What an amazing feat of self control and devotion to his profession.


Heavily agreed. A solid 30 days of torture then PUBLICLY beheaded.


I don’t mean to detract from the man’s incredible feat, but I can’t imagine that the fact that it was in public was of much concern to him.


If you were in such an horrific situation there might be some solice in being murdered out of a public space...at least thinking it's less likely your family might find/be sent footage of your death.


Just goes to show how disgusting religion is in the modern world. You have Americans supporting taking away women's rights. Voting for a pathetic racist like Trump yet they still claim to be "good Christian people".


How do we go from Isis beheadings to trump so fast.


It always comes back to the good ol USA


That has a lot to do with the USA allowing the extremists to reign supreme after the cluster fuck of a mess they left in the Middle East. People now automatically tie atrocities in the middle east to the US.


Ya… I’d say this incident is kinda worse tho imo.


*Sees ISIS beheading* “Now see, this is the problem with America”


It will be the problem with America at this rate


Except that Muslims have ruled in Syria since the 7th century and the artifacts and heritage sites remained intact . The man in the article is a Muslim as well and he died to preserve the artifacts . The problem is with extremism not religion .


Are you seriously comparing ISIS publicly beheading people to Trump voters. It's not even remotely on the same level


Americans will start having heroin withdrawals if they can’t mention their politics




And sadly, it's ALWAYS been like this!


What a dumbass irrelevant comment in response to an ISIS beheading. (I never voted for trump and never would. Also not religious)


Even without religion, people WILL find excuses to be extremists anyway lmao. Just look at those [insert color] supremests. Blaming everything solely on religion is terribly oxymoronic when it's basic human nature that ultimately nurtures conflict


Exactly. Unless a Quran or a Bible picked up a hammer and started smashing shit up, it's people that do these things, and they'd do it for any reason they're able to find.


I hate that bad actors are so successful in co-opting. Research has found that religious fundamentalists don't care about the moral teaching of their religions, but they can somehow claim that they are the real religious one. In reality, they are not more moral than anyone else in general. However, when people attack the religions because of them, they become more strongly associate with the religions. In the US, over 70% of people consider themselves Christians. This is more than either genders. It makes no sense to attack Christians. It actually make the Christian fundamentalists (aka evangelicals) more strongly associate with Christians, which is viewed favorably by 70% of people. What I am saying is to call them fundamentalists or extremists, but not religious people (like Christians, Muslims, etc).


It's not religion itself so much, it's religious leadership that causes problems. When religious leadership takes hold, dogmatism and supremacy tend to follow. It's important that religious groups live and let live, and follow unbiased laws.


Religion has a bit of a conundrum though when they make insane claims that have profound consequences for the believer of said claims. How are you meant to act in a sane manner if you believe the literal meaning of these insane texts? Religious leadership has the role of proliferating these beliefs, and I don't blame them for being extreme when they live in a bubble of an insane worldview.


Just look at politics. People will hate you for having a different opinion




It's the extremists in every group. Religion is just their excuse. Without religion, those same people would just use another excuse. But thinking that all religious people are like that is a mistake. It's no different than blaming all Republicans for racism, or all democrats for the stupid shit they've done. Falling into the fallacy that the extremists of a group represent the whole group is what leads to so many problems today.


Fuck off with the Trump bullshit. This has nothing to do with him


This is what I want people to remember when they call archaeologists liars and frauds for (accurately) denying the pyramids were built by someone other than the Egyptians. We would literally die for our love of history


It wasn't ancient aliens?!?!?! Hahaha


👽ayy lmao


Who'd have thought!? Lmao


Haha they fill the history channel with mostly rubbish these days


I don't live in America so luckily I don't see that channel. But I hear foul rumours on the winds...


He’s a hero. Fuck ISIS.


ISIS is full of people who do morally wrong things and pretend it's in the name of god


Uh, ain't just ISIS. The day bronze age mythology is pushed back into the bronze age is not going to come soon enough.


Iron Age, actually. The Bronze Age ended at 1200 BC. Islam started in 610.


610 CE, not even antiquity. Not even a millennium before the printing press.


Islam considers itself to be the third revelation of the Abrahamic god, which is a deity who’s cult originated during the Bronze Age. It’s a continuation of Bronze Age traditions.


In so far as being an Abrahamic religion it's bronze age, but most of the idealisms are representatives of its Era, being relatively contemporary. At least compared to Christianity and to a larger degree Judaism.


Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all Abrahamic religions that have their basis in the Bronze Age. They all need to go back there.


Angry, jealous, vengeful desert god is the shittiest concept ever conceived by man.


a dessert god though- there might be something there! also: fuck fuck fuck ISIS


Delicious dessert god!


That description also work for many kinds of religion


And political extremists


He paid with his life a price for his beloved city




Real hero archaeologists don't carry bullwhips and revolvers!


This reminds me of how the Taliban bombed the Buddhists statues in Bamiyan. History scares them! Lol


I might be misremembering, but I think ISIS, pragmatists that they were, were not above selling some of the ~~historical~~ heretical artifacts that came into their hands on the international black market


Oh, absolutely. If I recall it was to the US company Hobby Lobby, or at least they got caught with some stuff they don't know how they got it (it was ISIS) eh.


*Hobby Lobby's Hamurabi robby hobby*


There's one next to me and every time I pass it... my mind goes back to my youth and when I loved the sound of broken glass.


Source on this? Interesting!


https://www.pbs.org/newshour/world/stolen-mesopotamian-tablet-acquired-by-hobby-lobby-finally-going-back-to-iraq https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hobby_Lobby_smuggling_scandal EDIT- Check that, clearly it was fucking ISIS.


Do you know why federal case was structured as “US v [the artifacts themselves]” and not “US v Hobby Lobby?”


https://consumerist.com/2017/07/06/why-does-the-u-s-government-sue-inanimate-objects/ TLDR the goods were not obtained illegally by the person that possesses them, however they may still be illegal goods by the spirit if not the letter of the law. Same goes for any illegal property the government wishes to seize without directly pressing outside charges on the party involved.


Thank you!


The wiki says that alot of the items were looted circa 2003?


Immediately after the US invasion: if you remember Rumsfeld dismissing reports of widespread looting with, "shit happens,"...well, that shit included the Iraqi National Museum (we are of course talking about the former site of Sumeria here....meaning the story of that locale goes back literally as far as recorded history)


That whole ordeal still blows my mind like.. they somehow went from selling holiday decorations and kids crafts to… artifacts stolen by ISIS?? What even. I mean I knew that Hobby Lobby is a Christian company/not that good but still.


There are wealthy people among us in the Western world who buy these stolen goods, knowing well enough what is and how much blood is attached to it. That has always been a mindblowing part to me. They could easily live near you in big metropolitan cities such as Paris and London. Plus, they are directly supporting and funding terrorism. Just so they can have something old and stolen and precious. That’s so fucked up.


They chilled on destroying the artifacts when they realized people would pay for them. Waging (a holy) war isn’t cheap.


Hmm wonder why all these extremist groups want to erase history. Seems like they don’t want people remembering who they were before they took over


well these are hardcore Islamists who believe that idolatry of any kind is sinful. Even a more "moderate" faction like Wahabis demolished many mosques or locations where Prophet Mohammed himself lived in Mecca on the premise that keeping these locations will lead to idol worship of these locations.


How do they feel about the city of Mecca and the worship site that is a pilgrimage destination?


There are endless reasons to despise them, in addition to their generally inhuman behavior, the destruction of cultural assets, of people's identities, always upsets me. Dying in defense of such cultural assets is truly heroic. May he Rest In Peace.


He knew they would've killed him anyway. Might as well not give them what they want! Brave.


Still, torture is known to make anyone say anything to make it stop, false confessions, you name it. The fact that he held out until *they* gave up... I can't imagine.


Cuz Khaled is a real one and he’s resting in peace


Man, ISIS is so wack


Bunch of knuckleheads even


Dare I say numskulls


group of rapscallions


They are dorks for real


Serious dweebs


All my homies hate ISIS.


Total nincompoops


Those imps!


Can't even imagine the horrendous month he went through. RIP.


The real Indiana Jones *It BELONGS in a MUSEUM*


But someone posted above about all the plunder in the British Museum. smh I agree with you, put it all in a Museum, a free one no less, and let everyone see it


There’s a book loosely based on this. Empire of Lies. In the book the secret artifact he is hiding is a spell that allows time travel, the ISIS soldiers do not use it for good…


And Boom! We have a conspiracy…


I want to read it, but there are two. Is it the one by Andrew Klavan or Raymond Khoury?


Raymond Khoury


Truthfully, how many of us would do what this man did. These are the role models that the world needs!


> Truthfully, how many of us would do what this man did The ability to endure a month of torture and to suffer the ordeal of an impending death which goes against every fibre of our natural instincts can only come from love, an emotional bond so strong you value it over life itself. vast majority of people would endure death and torture to protect children, loved ones etc he endured it to protect something he loved as well he's a great man.


Exactly! I would give up the nuclear launch codes, the holy grail, and give the silly rabbit some Trix after 3 minutes of torture!! R.I.P. man 🫡


Not often you learn about modern day martyrs. RIP Khaled Al Assad.


What a legend


Thank you for sharing. Thank you for all you are, rest in peace, Mr. Al Asaad, God bless you!




Yep, pretty much. Everyone except for the terrorists are on the same side when it comes to this


ISIS is the ultimate embodiment of r/iamatotalpieceofshit. Fuck the lot of them.


With a three foot 4 point chisel…


ISIS has got to be in the top 3 worst people in recent memory, along with Khmer Rouge and Nazis. Maybe even the worst, considering the whole sex slave stuff. Completely delinquent retards.


Beheaded by a group of deranged teenagers and men in their 20s. Its shocking how young a lot of those ISIS nutters were.


Young people are easy to manipulate


Honestly it will always make me sad how many relics and ancient sites are have been lost or destroyed in the middle east because of religious extremism


IS killed more other Muslim like Khaled AI Asaad than europeans, but no one asked yeah. Thats a fact tho


Thats some Braveheart type shit


A month of torture is fucking insane. Rest easy brother.


And that's what the hero does... I hope more people will be like this man and as always FUCK ISIS


Such a tragedy.


Fundamentalists are fucking evil pieces of shit.


A true legend


Hero all the way.


Can what isis does be called beheading? It’s fucking torture for the last horrifying minutes of your life


You know its really weird, but because of all the war and terrorism and unrest in the Middle East I decided to research more about it so that I wouldn't just be saying racist things from an uninformed point of view. And I made a terrible mistake. Because now, as a lover of history, I would fucking love to go to Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and all these other places that are filled with such incredible human history, but it just feels too dangerous. It's a shame.


The closest I've gotten are Jordan and Lebanon, though the safety of the latter can wax and wane. When I went, the advice was to just stay on the coast, but there was lots of beauty and history to see there too.


Maybe not better than those places (in terms of historical artifacts) but you could go to turkey it’s pretty safe there and there are also many interesting historical buildings you could visit. The people there are also really friendly so maybe you would enjoy it


Someone should place a bust of him amongst the ones he spent his life protecting


May history never forget Khaled Al Assad’s name.


There really aren’t words that do justice to the heroism or barbarism. Literally the best and worst of humanity in one situation.


ISIS destroyed many historical sites here in Iraq. Goes to show that they are just a bunch of attention sucking scumbags.


What a fucked up world this is. Sickening.


ISIS wants to erase humanity's history, they're LITERALLY a threat to humanity and they hope to establish their shiity authoratarian fanatic religion. Mofos need to get bombed asap.


In the name of mankind, thank you Khaled Al Assad.


I want their money men to burn in hell getting sodomized every minute of every day for all eternity.


Literally sounds like the intro scenes in an Indians Jones movie. That’s some intense shit.


They likely would have killed him anyways. Good for him.


I admire this man so much! These artefacts belong to the human race collectively. They are our heritage and it broke my heart seeing those zealots destroying countless ancient artefacts.


This man has my respect, I hope he rests in peace. I hope ISIS suffers for what they did to this man.


Such a great man who did not deserve such a cruel and painful death. ISIS are subhuman scum of the fucking Earth and deserve to suffer punishment far worse than what they deal out.


Fuck ISIS.


What a savage way to go :(


A real life Indiana Jones. RIP


It's sad he had to die but at least he preserved history. I'm still pissed at that massive Buddhist statue that was destroyed in Afghanistan. All because some stupid warlord from the 7th century had some pagan idols destroyed.


I don’t believe in heaven but I sure wish it exists for people like him. Almost none of us can’t comprehend what torture is like, this man resisted through a FULL MONTH of it. I have so much respect for him.


Isis was doing all type of fuck shit including blowing up ancient scriptures and items barely being discovered in Iraq


This man's story has a great movie potential


ISIS really were a bunch of inbred morons. Frustrated at their lack of progress they kill a 83 year old man. These types of islamofascists all look the same. Just look at the talbian in afghanistan. You can tell they are all married to their first cousins for centuries.


Incredibly brave man. Fuck ISIS, fuck their Saudi financiers, fuck extremists.


And French financiers.


Pretty sure Saudi Arabia is like one of the main enemies of isis but aight


What a hero 👏


Hard as fuck.


Rest in peace.


Rest in peace sir


Haram man that’s so sad. What an absolute legend


A real mf G


Strong respect, may he live on




Yup! Very much a hero and real man.


what and interesting life he had, only to go out in the name of his life's work


He’s a hero that’s for sure! 🙏🏽


Captain price won’t be pleased


Nihilistic fuckfaces.


RIP fine sir.


I once read a highly upvoted reddit comment that said that no artifact is ever worth a human life. It stuck with me, but I'm not sure I agree. Surely we wouldn't, for instance, bulldoze the Pyramids just to save one human life, right?


Eh. That artifact will last longer than me. What of value do any of us really do? Though, I'd sign up for a 1 way space trip no second thoughts.


My heart goes out to his family…he is a hero and this had nothing to do with religion…evil people do evil things in the name of anything…any excuse (political or religious) to satisfy their egos. May he Rest In Peace.


Pretty sure I saw him in a documentary back in the day. Man what a shame. This dudes a legend. Send Isis to Mars with no supplies.


Wait, isis kills Muslims?! Man here i was thinking isis is just a threat to non Muslims


Most ISIS victims are Muslim.


It feels like a lot of historical atrocities committed in the names of gods have occurred between people that believe *almost* the same thing.


ISIS is a bigger threat to Muslims, particularly Shia Muslims, then to any other grou, their main victims are people who are the "wrong kind of Islam" until Wahabbism is stamped out of the world the middle east won't be safe. For context I'm a shia so my view is obviously biased.


He made ISIS his bitch




Now that is a shaheed.