The largest quarantine camp in China's Guangzhou city is being built. It has 90,000 isolation pods.

Those shots look like the beginning of a movie that does not have a happy ending.


Those shots look like the beginning of a movie that does not have a happy ending.


it's like they took dystopia as an inspiration


It does seem that way.




Or a prison labor camp, a la Andor.


One way out


it's a ccp propaganda video. they're advertising this as some sort of epic construction project when this is actually dystopian nightmare fuel.


I appreciate that the politics of the CCP are so fucked up that they won't release propaganda tuned to Western audiences because doing so is a tacit admission that the mainlander perspective isn't shared by the rest of the world. So we get little nuggets like this that some braindead CCP official thinks we should like.


Imagine building all that shit knowing you and your family might just get locked up in there.


Given than a good chunk of the modern concept of a dystopia came from Animal Farm which was an allegory for the Bolshevik ideology being corrupted into autocratic "communism", I'd say it's more likely that this is just the natural evolution of the life that the art was originally mimicking


The worst part is a lot of people over simplify the book as "communism bad", completely missing the point that autocracy, corruption, and unchecked power are the real danger.


Or maybe the point is giving control to an elite cadre of revolutionary vanguards who think they know what's best for 'the people' almost inevitably leads to autocracy, corruption, and unchecked power.


To any elite cadre, mind you, whether they pose as merited technocrats, the rich and wealthy, or a popular leader.


Every dystopia is someone else's utopia.


“Utopia for me, dystopia for thee.”


Every dystopia is one persons utopia.


And one persons utopia is another persons Fruitopia.


Zootopia is better


Looks a lot like District 9 in particular


Fookin prawns


Damn he’s a good actor. I heard it in his voice when I read your comment.


Definitely looks like it’s gonna’ involve Brad Pitt and a satellite phone…


Or Matt Damon & his daughter just trying desperately to survive.


I was thinking more Liam Neeson.


Was that a World War Z reference? Mannnn..in the book people have to reassess what's important to them, and dig deep for a way to win. In the movie, Brad Pitt gets aids and saves the world....missed the point.


I don't know if you've seen any chinese movies recently, but lately, the 'happy ending' in those movies is that after a tremendous amount of sacrifice, an apocalyptical disaster is averted and humanity gets to continue living.


I liked the one where they turned Earth into a spaceship and crashed into Jupiter.


Ah, a reverse Expanse.


The wandering earth?


It wasn't a masterpiece but if you're looking for some easy to watch sci fi eye candy, it does the job.


Do what now...


I don't think it's on purpose. Earth is caught in Jupiter's gravity well, and they're trying to slingshot the earth away from it or something. The trailer is like [5 goddamned minutes long](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lsOwtKNsAA) and I'm pretty sure spoils the whole movie.


Lol at the guy shooting a minigun into the red spot while being sucked into it. This movie looks amazing


They're trying to warn us.


Straight up like a district 9 sequel lol.


I'm still waiting for a sequel 10+ years later.


Have you watched the Korean movie Flu? I don’t wanna spoil it but it looks exactly like this.


I'll have to check it out.


This feels like the scene in the matrix where the machines are using humans as batteries.


These are the bunkers in Black Mirror where people be biking and watching Reddit.TV.


15 Million Merits. I regularly say to people we should have pushbike in our house connected to dynamos that recharge batteries.


Well that just seems like slavery with extra steps!


Thats what you use my universe for? To run your car?! Yea, but don’t flatter yourself! There’s always triple A you fucking cocksucker!


People always forget the cost of food in these proposals. The human body isn't very efficient at turning energy into electricity!


The inefficiency is probably intentional. Once software and robotics are sufficiently advanced they have less need for more bodies. And working people to death in isolation is good for reducing birth rates, too.


What happen to that show was dope


Real world started catching up to their futuristic scripts, and currently outpacing the writers.


I dont likethis timeline


Sounds like you have covid. Into the quarantracion camp you go.


quarantracion camp, is this the first time this word was mentioned?


We were here when /u/DaddyFigured coined what would be the rest of our lives... /r/UsernameChecksOut


I'm here I'll remember this day, in my pod They have internet, right?


This was a legit reason they gave


2020 was a thousand miles beyond batshit.


Season 4 was really good.. I liked that USS Callister episode


It’s such a phenomenal show. There are only a few weak episodes for me personally that I’ll skip on a rewatch. Then again I am an absolute sucker for anthology series. It’s a real shame that the Twilight Zone remake was so shockingly bad. You’d think it would be hard to fuck up an anthology show that looks at shit like aliens/cryptids and other paranormal happenings.


Guillermo del Toro's cabinet of curiosities has some great episodes you might enjoy, basically a horror black mirror.




I think they had better conditions in Matrix. At least they were oblivious to their tragedy.


Keep in mind that according to the Architect, the first Matrix was a utopia, but our minds rejected it. So they dumbed down the program and only made it one of our most prosperous ages. There's no way humans treat each other this well in a similar situation.




China all set to host the next FIFA world cup




And people won't boycot it.


I have actually boycotted this years and I have watched every England game for as long as remember. Won’t go anywhere showing it, won’t watch it at home, won’t buy anything that states “official sponsors” of it.


6,500 borderline slave labor workers died in building the infrastructure for the current World Cup, and not nearly enough people are boycotting it. The ones that are are more bothered by Qatar not allowing rainbow armbands. We live in a clown world.


Yeah the news that 20 million people watched USA/England match made me realize that there is no grand, meaningful boycott of the Qatar WC happening despite all the bullshit with it.


You're not going to get any meaningful boycott from viewers. You need the member countries to do the boycotting. If Brazil ever boycotted the World Cup, you'd know things would be shaken up.


what would it actually take for brazil to boycott the World Cup? wrong answers only.


2 dolla


People gladly travel to Dubai and it's just as bad with workers deaths. People may not travel to the games. But expecting nobody to watch because of a bad country killing people is ignoring reality. The games were just in Russia....


The next World Cup is actually being hosted by the US, Canada, and Mexico.


World Cup 2026 hosted by CUM


It's too late, we can't pull out now.


> I recently saw the riots happening at the worlds largest apple factory. Foxconn factory* While Apple are Foxconn's biggest customer, it's not an "Apple factory"


I thought the USA/Mexico was jointly holding the World Cup in 4 years?


And Canada


Ah yes, the CUM coalition


I'm dead


Canada, US, Mexico, and other nations more east. C.U.M.O.N.M.E wait a damn minute


Why do I get the feeling this isn’t for the quarantining?


All the protestors will 'get covid' and be put into quarantine, and if they don't return, 'they died of covid'


It's so hard to just sit by and watch this shit happen. I take it trying to help would cause another war?


Theres economics sanctions that could be taken I hope you can afford the cost of living to sky rocket as the products you rely on that are made in China become more expensive lol


The products that people think they rely on are not really the products they rely on.


Try telling that to all the domestic manufacturers who will raise their prices regardless of whether or not their business has anything to do with China because they can profiteer off the inflation. The current rate of inflation is almost 50% corporate profits, lord knows they didn't raise the wages and *they* aren't paying through the nose for raw resources.


The cost of shipping a container has dropped back to normal and any retailers who blamed high logistics cost still have the increased prices. EVERYBODY. WANTS. MORE. MONEY.


The Oil and Gas Feb 2022 Playbook


I’d be willing to do it to know I’m not funding a literal genocide.


Whoops a daisy that govt provided digital id and vaccine passport says you are at risk? Welp off to the camp ya go for your own good.




Idk ask old Germany or russia


Don't forget to give Armbands to the patients so we can easily identify them




Eh, you can take off an armband, let's just tattoo a number on them, put a chip in their arm, and call it a day




What do you mean *every* Uyghur caught Covid!?


Also every single protestor caught it too. Not a surprise since they should been locked up at home.Oh well…


And the death rate for those people is astronomical.


These were pointed out a year ago but msm played it off as a conspiracy theory. When a government says it’s here to help, it’s good to be cautious




This camp doesn’t look very fun…


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More like the FEMA world cup amirite?


These accommodation looks like it's for FYRE festival though


This looks a lot better by several magnitudes compared to what FYRE provided.not that having a 'quarantine' camp is a good thing


Booo! Boo this bot!




You will live in ze pods and you will eat ze bugs


*Xi pods and Xi bugs


This is either to deal with increased social strife due to the Zero COVID Policy, or they have decided to go after the Hui Muslims in addition to the Uyghur. Up to this point the Hui have been considered the 'good' Muslims, but there have been rumblings that China is changing public perception to allow them to commit cultural genocide on the Hui as well. China doesn't want to deal with multiculturalism. They are going to get away with this as well because while people are going to make noise nobody will do anything.


Quarantine or concentrate what is the difference, as long as it removes the sickness from society? /s


They have literal concentration camps but no one cares cuz cheap shitty products .


Concentration camps get bad press, these are now extended quarantine camps.


It never was about the quarantine


What a convenient way to build a concentration camp


Never let a crisis go to waste, right?


The whole zero tolerance policy is exactly this.


Zero tolerance to individuals rights: Cheeena


Especially those which you may have caused


Nah, Muslims just all got Covid at the same time, must be genetics. Nothing to see here, move on. /s


New figures from a government-funded science center show that people of Uyghur descent are at extreme risk for infection and should be quarantined immediately. Also at high risk are political dissidents and the handicapped.


This should be at r/damnthatsdisturbing


How did this footage get out? Isn't everything scrubbed and inspected?


Through their perspective, this is a great thing, they present this as an effort to "save" people. So no problem in letting this video come out. It's disturbing for us.




Small correction: it's only dystopian if it isn't real. THIS IS REAL!


Wait really? Oh shit, you’re right. Guess I’ve been using that word wrong. dys·to·pi·an adjective relating to or denoting an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice.


Technically you could still imagine something that is real.


Quarantine or concentration camp?


why not both?


Quarantration camp


i mean, buildings can easily be repurposed..




90,000 isolation pods China: this bitch can fit 100,000 Uyghurs


You forgot to slap the hood


You're giving the Chinese government more credit than I would - no way they're only putting 1 person in each pod.


Lol who said only one person per pod? Last I saw they were stacking people in pods. This could easily house a million at a time.


Jesus Christ this isn’t goood… they are getting ready for SOMETHING..


Yes my thoughts exactly.


My thoughts exactly too, which I now need to follow up with de-escalation shit because literally anybody, any day, can fall into the "doomsday" thoughts. Definitely not saying bury your head, but be aware that we're being "reactive" and not 100% logical right now.


For me I can’t turn my stress off very easily so I try to distract myself with a less stressful stress like “I need to finish Christmas shopping”


Same. Right now it's just about making tea, after that I'll fight the apocalypse if needed I guess. One thing at a time.


Growing dissent of Xi's leadership among Chinese citizens. Seems like a great way to handle opposition. Until Covid I used to travel to China for business. I'll never set foot in that country again so long as Xi and this regime is in power. They'd nab me at the gate no doubt. Edit: Came across this just now. There is probably a cleaner way of linking this but I'm old and bad at interwebs... https://www.reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck/comments/z5yqpl/mass_protest_in_shanghai_today_where_people_are/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button


Same here, I used to travel there a lot for business in 2012-2016 but I’ll never go back. The golden age in China was short lived.


What was peak China, the 2008 Beijing Olympics?


I’d say 2005-2015 those years the country was very open, lots of optimism and huge growth for the people.


They are oid hands at this. The fact that we buy so much stuff from them is horrible Government policies have included the arbitrary detention of Uyghurs in state-sponsored internment camps, forced labor, suppression of Uyghur religious practices, political indoctrination, severe ill-treatment, forced sterilization, forced contraception, and forced abortion.


But wait there's more if you order now you'll get the next 5 atrocities free.


China also just love to have people building things constantly. They have whole ghost towns build so that the gov could give out contracts.


Not so much interesting as it is disgusting


Yeah this is horrifying not interesting. And then to stick some epic hollywood action movie music over the top as if it's something good lol.


They misspelled “concentration”


Why are they building it? Is it because of all the protests and they wanna hide it as a quarantine thing?


China has made a mandatory covid app that people have to use to get around. It is basically a virtual ID that says if you are infected(red), in close vicinity of people infected(yellow) or if you are completely clean(green). If you are yellow you are restricted from entering certain public spaces and if you are red you have to go to a quarantine camp. The system itself is ok, a bit dystopian but the idea works. But the system is being abused by the Chinese authorities, who use it to find and arrest people. If the government wants you arrested or removed they simply change your status and next time you are out in public and a police officer or other authority checks you, you will be red and immediately be sent off to a “quarantine” camp. It has proven effective at stopping protests. Edit: Guys I’m not saying it’s ok, I’m saying it works ok. I think it’s dystopian AF and very fitting for the CCP.


“A bit dystopian” he says


Just a smudge


Sounds dystopian, I rather stay at home than go to a quarantine camp


Here's 2 weeks of food and water, stay inside while we bolt your house shut.


I've often wondered what the rest of the world must have been doing and thinking when the holocaust happened. Observing China over the last few years it seems apparent to me they were us and history will look on this event in a similar light and wonder why the world allowed it to happen.


This is actually worse in some respects. The concentration and extermination camps built by the Nazis were largely unknown outside of the Reich (and inside if you believe the German 'ich habe es nicht gewusst' line) and largely unknown to the Allied general public. What China is doing is being filmed in full colour and published for everyone to see, everyone knows about it, and still we do nothing


German newspapers explicitly talked about the existence of the camps. The idea that German citizens didn't know about them is an often repeated idea but it's totally ahistorical.


What are we supposed to do exactly? Are we willing to start a global conflict over it? Serious questions


Yeah this is it in a nutshell. China is very good at setting up the board so you wont take action. I also think of Eddie Izzard's line "Hitler's mistake was he killed other people. You want to kill your own people, sure. We've been trying to kill you for *ages*. But kill people next door... Well, after a few years we wont tolerate that will we?"


Unless they interfere with US shipping channels, trade routes or anything else that directly affects their money, nothing will happen. That's why the US even got involved in WWI.


Telling world leaders to quit relying on China? Its been obvious for years, especially during the beginning of the pandemic.


what a fucking nightmare that place is


Interesting? That's terrifying.


Actually getting covid is significantly better than doing that shit


This thread is now a choose your own adventure story. Here are your starting points; 1 - they’re actually concentration camps and political dissenters are going to be put here until they become unalive 2- this is an advanced barracks for Chinas military when they attack Taiwan to sure up chip supply 3- China can’t create a working COVID vaccine so they’re expecting a major outbreak bEcAUsE tHeY kNoW *sOmEtHiNg* 4- these will be used as government housing for folks because China knows the housing bubble is fit to burst and nobody will be able to have houses 5- it’s just China spending money on useless construction projects because that’s what China does Choose your story and write your favorite version of “Who Fucking Knows What’s Happening So I Guess Let’s All Speculate - Chinese Edition”


Agreed. While I can think of quite a few nefarious reasons for these concentration camp like buildings to be constructed, the bottom line is I don’t know the source of this video or the context. Does anyone know where this came from, who filmed it, or what the official purpose of these buildings is?


There is this AP article that talks about adding quarantine facilities for nearly 250,000 people in Guangzhou: https://apnews.com/article/health-china-social-media-beijing-94dee24454984179f79b493cf0589d62 It doesn't reference OP's video specifically. If anyone can read Chinese (not it), there are some words at about 8 seconds into this vid that could possibly add context.


Given the fact that the footage exists and we are looking at it, it's most likely exactly what the CCP says it is: a covid isolation camp.


Anyone that believes this is even remotely grounded in sound reasoning, logic or science is utterly delusional


Yeah it’s weird to see how many people are saying “they know something” or other dumb theory’s. Like have they been paying attention, china loves construction scams and has been using covid as a way to crack down on and track movement since day 1. This is just a way of promoting both.


Oh, they know something alright, it just doesn't have anything to do with the dangers of COVID.


Yeah seems way more work than buying a decent vaccine from the west.


Too proud to admit they can't make a good vaccine.


Strange you guys have almost the same exact comment https://www.reddit.com/r/Damnthatsinteresting/comments/z6xjdf/comment/iy3tfw5/ "Anyone that believes this is even remotely grounded in sound reasoning, logic or science is utterly delusional" "Anyone that believes this is even remotely grounded in sound reasoning," And actually I guess they are the exact same comment... You even see the linked one ending with a comma.. so it was cut off


It's a karma farming method. Bot finds a top-level comment a few scrolls down then copies it as a reply on a higher voted comment. You'll see it pretty often if you scroll through popular posts with a lot of comments. ETA: The account often gets deleted if someone points out what is happening and reports it.


Bots tend to cut off half of a random popular comment and post it, it’s pretty annoying.




This is north of Hong Kong across the border.


Almost all of China is North of Hong Kong


So question ? Why are they needing this ? What are they anticipating???


***China has been in a massive housing bubble for over a decade. Like, far worse than the one in US that triggered 2008 financial crisis. They are running out of options to keep it from collapsing. And the only reason that China's educated population puts up with their bullshit government is continued economic growth.*** Unlike the US, most of the houses involved in this bubble aren't even real. We're talking unfinished apartments in abandoned buildings. Their real value is nearly zero and people are buying them at 20 years average salary. And people have been feeding the bubble for decades because in China there's no other way to invest your money into something "safe". Unless you're rich, then you move it out of China. The bubble started collapsing earlier this year and is accelerating. the CCP is trying to parachute the market down gently... But that's not going to work. Most of the "houses" cost 300k USD and are worth nothing, they're unlivable. The CCP is preparing for massive civil unrest and attempted revolution. Maybe even civil war. When the bubble goes boom, a large part of China's population will see 90% of their wealth evaporate overnight. The tacit agreement that CCP would be oppressive but deliver them prosperity will be naked


It’s crazy that a country supposedly built off Marxist ideas seems to have no concept of [the tendency of the rate of profit to fall](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tendency_of_the_rate_of_profit_to_fall). It’s crazy economic mismanagement when basically the only reason the government is tolerated is that they have made things economically better for a lot of people in China. If totalitarianism can’t even keep food on the table why wouldn’t you revolt?


It's just the hundred years Chinese cycle. Dynasty gets power. Creates stability and welfare. The dynasty gets too corrupt and tired. Shit hits the fan, economic downturn is inevitable. China has a Civil war and fractures into 20 warlord states. One win and becomes the new dynasty. Repeat.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_rebellions_in_China Not even hundred years, it’s like every 50 years if you technically count the beginning to end of PRC vs ROC I think the problem is that China is just way too massive. If they broke up into a united states or united nations maybe they’d maintain their culture and be small enough to stay stable. Either that or China’s basically a cursed country.


China out here building more concentration camps.


China is preparing for war. These camps will house either arrested anti-CCP protesters or Chinese military members being staged for strategic deployment. The XI government may claim these camps will be used to isolate people who have Covid, but look at the video and notice the total lack of any kind of hospital, clinic, or other medical buildings.


Have you seen the way China treats it's citizens? I can completely believe they built these pods to house sick people without giving thought to treatment. You come out alive in two weeks or we dump the body and hose down the interior. NEXT!


How can you possibly tell from this video whether these buildings will have medical facilities inside them?


My thoughts exactly. If it was military they would still need clinics, mess halls etc...


War against whom?


Their own people.


Kinda interesting, China basically has had a civil war every 50 years for the last few thousand years. It’s nearing the 50 year mark since the end of the latest civil war that forced ROC out (before that the ROC overthrew the Qing dynasty or something).


The Chinese government doesn't look at their people as people. They are just units to them.