> At her restaurant Kanto by Tita Flips, [chef Diana] Joyce uses a combination of frozen and powdered ube her sister ships from the Philippines to make ube halaya to top off her halo-halo, a shaved ice dessert layered with toppings such as coconut jelly, leche flan (another staple Filipino dessert), sweet beans, palm nuts, evaporated and condensed milk, and saba (a banana from the Philippines). .. > At midtown Toronto’s Mineral, chef Daniel Cancino uses ube extract to flavour (and colour) his delicate and jiggly leche flan, which is finished with pops of caramelized white chocolate and miso crumble, crispy rice, compressed fruit and dots of hibiscus and passion fruit gel. .. > Pastry chef Caroline Marquez of Asukal Desserts started her bakery around the start of the pandemic and her treats can be found in Kensington Market’s 6x8 Market and through her Instagram account, @Asukal_TO. ... Her signature: an ube chiffon cake topped with a layer of leche flan.


bang bang does a tremendous ube ice cream


Has anyone tried Mineral’s flan? Moved nearby but wasn’t sure about it, seems pricey.


The night Baker makes delicious ube cookies!