Feel like the government could come out and say “You shouldn’t sit in your running car with the windows down in a closed garage” and conservatives would be like “well I’ll show them”.


we could only be so lucky


This looks like something out of the Simpsons: an out of touch rich politician is concocting some plan to connect with voters, and this is finally what they come up with, gas populism.


Especially when there's gas leak 🥰


Ah yes, in touch with average American.


I have not been following news for a couple of days. What is this all about? I don't get it.


Gas stoves emit harmful indoor pollutants (nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulant matter that gets in your lungs). That has been known to cause a variety of issues including respiratory issues in children. So the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) mentioned they have been considering some kind of "action" on the issue which might include a ban on new gas stoves being produced and sold. They have since clarified they have not, nor intend to propose said ban. Later this year they're going to gather more info and possible solutions but currently nothing is in the works. Conservatives/the GOP have latched onto this as "Democrats are coming for your gas stoves" as their latest Boogeyman as if using a gas stove is super manly and somehow patriotic. You know, cause they're morons but know their constituents are bigger morons who will grasp at anything to hate the Dems. Poisoning yourself and your family to own the libs. Edit: upon further research part of the Inflation Reduction Act allows up to an $840 rebate for those who want to replace their gas stove with an electric one as well as up to $500 to help cover the costs of converting. Also there's a study that was released in December that attributed almost 13% of childhood asthma in the US is directly attributed to gas stove use. Regardless nobody is "coming for your gas stove"


Dude, thanks so much for this great, in-depth response. I honestly didn't expect it and I really appreciate it. That said, that sounds about as on-brand for conservatives as it gets. Pick a headline and run with it, because their idiot base *also* won't read the fine print. Makes perfect sense now. Side note: When I moved here from Germany I was terrified to use the gas stove, because I expected it to either leak gas or explode every time I turned it on, lol. I grew up with electric/convection ovens and using gas indoors was madness to me!


Omg thank you for simplifying this for me


Ah yes. Conservatives proving how susceptible they are to reverse psychology.


Induction heating is objectively better, so go ahead I guess or whatever.


Unless you have ceramic cookware.


You think you can take my casserole dish from me lib?


Oh I'm so triggered that Matt Gates might give himself cancer.


wouldnt they be hot dead hands if they were holding a lit gas stove?


Photo taken by undocumented person "working the oven thing" for me.


All fun and games until the house explodes


Induction cook tops work as good if not better than gas. I do enjoy cooking on gas but I’d enjoy an induction burner more so I don’t heat my whole house while cooking.


I like cooking with gas stoves, but I also like fume hoods that vent outside instead of back into your kitchen. I know that gas stoves produce toxins and are not great for the environment, but they're objectively better for cooking. And realistically the toxins are easily manageable with a good fume hood. My place is already heated with natural gas anyways, the emissions from a stove are pretty minimal. But yeah, fuck Matt Gaetz anyways. I can get behind that.


Why is known pedophile Matt Gaetz pretending we didn't just all see him cooperating with AOC.


Cool thing I've picked up from some dumbass rightoids: they are now saying that the govt is also linking the gas stoves to heart attacks in children. Gotta catch them antivax conspiracy theorists up in the outrage somehow 🙃


I have no idea why they think this is “triggering the libs”. No one really gives a shit about the gas stove thing. People are only confused that this guys are trying to give themselves carbon monoxide poisoning to earn internet points


If Matt Gaetz was actually a foodie, he’d know that today’s electric stovetops are more efficient, cook more evenly, and maintain temperature changes more quickly than any other type of stovetop… Matt struck me as preferring an Easy Bake Oven instead of adult cooking appliances


Unless you’re using like a real wok there is like no reason to choose gas over electric.


His hands will be cold because blue fire is cold


I have a gas stove without proper ventilation in my house. I love the smell of gas when I cook my eggs!


The US has the lamest culture wars.


Very materially comfortable people need to find something to get upset about. Odds are that thing will have something to do with some type of consumer good. Remember when people were absolutely melting down over being told to wear masks in Costco? Being able to walk around and buy shit is a lot of people’s only concept of freedom here.