Maybe they pulled it due to the audio drop issues that are being reported? I got the update OTA and get 10 second audio drops when using an external speaker (sound bar via Digital Optical) randomly throughout the day. It's pretty annoying... EDIT: Just wanted to add that I am logged with my Google account. So maybe you're right about that requirement. Sorry my answer doesn't actually help you.


Go to Facebook and get support through messaging them. It took me about a day, but they sent me a file to revert back to the previous firmware using USB. No audio drops now. Now if there was a smart way for us to NOT get updates unless we want them it would be great.


It's too bad you had to go back to the old firmware, unless you aren't having the same issues I was. The new firmware fixed an issue that was really bothering me. I was getting these ugly vertical bars in dark scenes, mostly when local dimming was on high. Now it's gone. But of course I have the sound issue.


For your audio issue, I heard changing your audio setting to Pass through fixes the problems. Try different modes


I'm fully signed in and I keep checking also, still nothing. However I have a 65 U8G US spec


My sound bar is now unusable after working perfectly before. So annoying.


Try changing audio setting to Pass through


You’re not alone, 55 U8G and I haven’t been able to update either.


I just started to set up my U8G 55”. I’ve read the latest firmware is MO422. Out of the box, I checked System Update, and it says my system is up to date. I’m new to this brand of TV and not sure how to go about updating the firmware. I figured there would be an OTA update by now since it’s July 2022, and I just purchased it. My firmware shows: MO210


I have the same situation as you. I'm on L0721. No OTA updates have been offered to me


I sent them a Facebook message. I read on here that they respond on FB. I messaged them two days ago, and no response yet. I called last night, and waited 45 minutes on hold to speak to someone. She said she doesn’t know when the OTA update will be sent to my TV. Then she said they will send an email with a link to download the latest MO422 software onto a flash drive. Maybe 24-48 hours before they email me. We’ll see.