Parasite eve


Not survival horror but horror elements and can be pretty creepy when played with headphones Hellblade:Senua's Sacrifice. Such a unique game, rich in myths developed with psychologists to accurate depict psychosis and bonus points for the Orcadian Heroine. Really great performances, some real beautiful set pieces and generally an experience to remember!


I second this. The section where you have to travel without being able to see but you could hear something near to you was very anxiety inducing and there are lots of other "scary," parts even though it's not a typical horror game. Senua is a spectacular female protagonist!


Good aaa game but a tad bit short and leaves you wanting more.


When I first played it I too thought it felt short, however looking back it feels like a good length for the subject matter. I am still excited and hopefull that we one day will see the sequel.


Oh yea it is great!!


Control is really awesome and super creepy. I wouldn’t say “horror” but definitely creeped me out a lot


That game is so good


Any of the fatal Frame games. I highly recommend Crimson Butterfly


Amnesia 3 was quite decent! The game wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the themes of motherhood were thoughtfully done. It was a good return to form after Machine for Pigs. (I know it’s already on your list, but wanted recommend it for anyone who’s curious.)


Song of horror and or little nightmares


Loved both of these for different reasons, but they both definitely fit the bill for what OP wanted. LN creates some really disturbing moments that I did not expect based on its aesthetic. Song of Horror I knew would bring some serious stuff, but Little Nightmares had that "kids book" kinda look to it that really helps disguise how fucked up that game truly is if you think on it.


Clock Tower is a fun series. I really liked the third one. Also, check out Remothered.


I love the first 2 Clock Tower games, so seconding this! They have good female protagonists.


I hope you’re not including Clock Tower 2 the struggle within. You’re counting the snes as the first right?


Oh, absolutely. I've played The Struggle Within and it was awful. The only good part of it was the Ghostface voice actor lmao


Playing that game as a child was the first time I experienced ‘buyers remorse’


Martha is dead was pretty good


I’ll have to try it


Silent Hill 3, Detention, Song Of Horror.


Finally someone else knows song of horror


Plague Tale: Innocence Not scary or AAA but it is a fun game. Get it on sale. Does Hellblade count? I haven't played it but it seems freaky


Hellblade counts. It’s more of a psychological action horror, but it is scary in many unique ways.


Hellblade is really good but it's always kind of bugged me that they spelled it hell and not hel considering its about Norse mythology.


silent hill 3 fatal frame series ib alien isolation a handful of chilla’s art games corpse party (mostly) witch’s house the medium a few of the dark picture anthology series games (at points) all of the telltale walking dead games beyond the first but the first is absolutely worth playing rule of rose yomawari honorable mention: milk outside a bag of milk outside a bag of milk


Haunting Ground Little Nightmares Eternal Darkness


A lot of people hate DreadOut but I personally love it


Came here to say signalis, realized you were cultured, now I recommend the fatal frame series. (I’m not 100% sure on it, but I’m pretty sure they all have femal protagonists)


Signalis Silent Hill 3 Dino Crisis D Clock tower series Haunting Ground All personal faves.


Last of us part 2


Can’t do that without playing the first one, but I do second this


Yeah those games have to be experienced together. You'd be completely lost if you jumped right in to Part 2.


Alien is so good


Its not really horror but Metroid dread is kinda scary lmao


Dread was my first Metroid game after 20 years and I loved it! Tried a few Metroidvania afterward none of them gave me the same feeling as Dread.


The Mortician's Assistant You play a female mortician! It's really good imo


Rule of rose, it’s a classical


Silent Hill 3, my favorite horror game of all time. Although for the best experience, you should play Silent Hill 1 first, because Silent Hill 3 is a sequel to Silent Hill 1. Silent Hill 2 has nothing to do with Silent Hill 1 & 3 story wise so you don't need to worry about that


Fatal Frame!


I'm actually a little surprised at how far I had to scroll to find this.


Clock Tower: First Fear for hte Super Nintendo


The medium.


I wanna play that but I don’t have a ps5


Alone in the Dark


"Alisa" too -- especially if you liked the first RE trilogy, since this one was heavily inspired by it.


Yeah I was gonna suggest Alien but you already have it mentioned. Control came to mind but I’m not sure if it’s a purely horror though it’s creepy enough and supernatural. I’d also say Until Dawn and The Quarry even though some of the characters are males, there are several playable female protagonists in each of those games and they tend to be the lead characters.


Them & Us was a fun/good game that fits your parametres.


Resident Evil 2&3 and Revelations 1&2.


Gotta try out the first Dino Crisis, great classic survival horror and has one of my favorite female leads in horror games in general


Resident evil 3 remake


Silent hill 3


martha is dead was pretty good and the artwork and soundtrack was great as well


Silent Hill 3, Clock Tower, Fatal Frame series


Yume Nikki more or less created the idea of a "walking sim horror game", and the protagonist is a girl. If you want more action though try Half-Life Alyx. HL is always freaky to play, and Alyx Vance is a badass.


Haunting Ground is one of my favorites. Being stalked and evading being spotted by enemies for the entire game, with limited ways of physically defending yourself with kicks and the help of your reliable dog. Its a bit of a shame Capcom won't rerelease it. They could and should remake it one day.


The Mortuary Assistant


Resident evil 2 and 3 remake


Not sure if they'd be considered horror, but the Plague Tale games are pretty good.


Resident Evil 3 classic. There is an emulated GameCube version with an HD face-lift. The best way to experience it imo Also OG Resident Evil and Its GameCube remake. The OG can be emulated on your smartfridge and the Remake has been ported to almost everything.


Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem


A Plague Tale: Innocence and Requiem Sure they are more action-adventure but the premise is still about a horrific plague (Worse than COVID)


Signalis! 100%. It has a LOT in common with old survival horror such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. [Here it is on Steam!](https://store.steampowered.com/app/1262350/SIGNALIS/)




Observation. U play as the stations AI but the main protagonist is female and it has an awesome story with unique gameplay


Alien isolation was pretty great


Remothered series


Haunting Ground


Control (scp vibe, horror elements, not really horror) Koudelka (old school tank control survival horror in a gothic horror setting, ps1 game, probably have to emulate) Parasite Eve 2 (never played 1, but I can vouch for 2 being an excellent game)


If you’ve got a PS5, then definitely check out Returnal. It’s so good, one of the best action / horror / sci-fi games I’ve ever played. Anyone that doesn’t have a PS5, keep an eye out for the PC version that should be out fairly soon-ish. Either way, check it out on any platform you can.


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I’m recommending a game that OP asked for that fits their description. A game that’s won multiple awards, including 2022 BAFTA game of the year. Now, how am I a shill / marketing account? What, Sony are paying me to shill their game that came out over a year and a half ago? Or Housemarque are doing the same, and that’s the only reason they won the BAFTA game of the year award because their game sucks in reality and they had to resort to paying people to shill and market their game so they could win that award and all the other awards too. Who are you, Enola f*cking Holmes? Get a life, weirdo.


Vandal from Dead space Mobile, Not only they managed to pull out a "Samus Aran Revelan" but the interactions between her and Tyler are legit fun to watch, like Vandal usually is the one thats more serius about the situation meanwhile Tyler is just a likeable dumbfuck. Best part is that they get along nicely, Probably because Vandal actually thinks the guy is fun or because he is a good distraction of all the horrors that are happening on the Sprawl.