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I know the kids were watching Rhaenerya and Daemons wedding like “y’all fr? Right now? After the FUNERAL???”


They went from aunts/nephewscousins to step siblings all in the same episode


this made me laugh so hard lmfaoooo family tree going crazy within 45 minutes


Poor Jace finding out his dad isn’t really his dad, his bio dad is dead, then fake dad dies and then gaining a step daddy. MAJOR daddy issues! Family therapy gonna be lit!


His betrothed future wife just became his step sister. "What are you doing step bro?"


I’d assume at least a couple weeks to a couple months have passed, which isn’t much but still, I don’t think it was literally the next day lol.


If you thought the "Gendry is still rowing..." jokes got overwhelming.....hoo boy.


Please god don't let Laenor be rowing for 1.5 seasons


I mean Laenor is not coming back, but non-book readers might assume he is. Finally some good might come of those click-bait sites spreading that he dies in the books. Otherwise they might make those jokes.


Well, that's the thing... was this truly a happy ending? A definitive story-exit? Or a wild-card waiting in the wind for the proper moment to reappear? Nice to be in the dark as a book-reader.


Not gonna lie, Luke & jace with the high pitch screeching had me cackling, totally how kids that age scream


wish we had more time with them, they’re actually good child actors


Right?? I'm enjoying the kids quarrels more than the adults.


Lmao as soon as he did that high-pitched scream I started cracking up because it’s very spot-on!


" Well my fake dad died so did my real dad and my new dad is my Uncle." Someone get these kids a psychiatrist. They are going to need it.


I was dying when everyone was filtering into the room after Aemond got stabbed in the eye... Aegon stumbling in drunk asf Rhaenys and Corlys showed up late and were confused Rhaneyra and Daemon were BONING immediately beforehand Laenor was just missing Viserys acting weakly and not being assertive enough Otto Hightower plotting his evil machinations and observing in the back Daemon smirking and watching in the back ALL of their issues were showcased


I did like how daemon immediately engaged criston cole to stop him advancing


When Aemond said “ I might have lost an eye but I gained a dragon” both Daemon and Ottos faces were just like this kids right I’d do the same damn thing lol


>Viserys acting weakly and not being assertive enough What i loved the most about Viserys was the yelling and shouting. It may be minor but him constantly shouting at them, tryong to be assertive, but all of it falling into the void/deaf ears is sto telling of his character and position. He's *trying* to be assertive, he wants to, but it just doesn't work


and Laenor nowhere to be seen 🤣


Laenor "never to be seen again" Valeryon


He was somewhere getting his back blown out


I’m really loving how the show fleshes out the bare bones history we get from reading a historical record. The discussion between Rhaenyra and Daemon was amazing, especially when she says something like, “They’ll always be wondering what we’re capable of.” Then we see what “really” happens at the very end. I just think it’s such an interesting way to adapt the book. It also makes you really think about how we interpret historical records in real life.


I agree. I think the show has made smart choices in filling in the blanks from the book in order to adapt the story to a visual medium. For example, Rhaenyra's relationships with both Cole and Daemon. The whole kerfuffle over the rumor about Rhaenyra and Daemon was a great preview of things to come - there's a lot of conflicting "he-said, she-said" that goes down in the history books, but we viewers know that the truth lies somewhere in between the extremes. Also, the casting of black actors for the Velaryons was a smart choice. That helps make it immediately obvious, even to the least attentive viewers, that the three "Strong boys" aren't Laenor's. It helps highlight the absurdity in how literally the whole court can see it but can't say it out loud, and the degree of Corlys' ambition, such that he's willing to play along with the farce. Showing all of that both visually *and* through dialogue lends itself to a stronger adaptation IMO.


What I love about the book being told through two unreliable people is the fact that even spoilers may not necessarily be true, as we've now seen at the end of this episode. Character fates, events and even allegiances could be dramatically altered or outright never happened.


Can we talk about Aemond just completely selling out his brother lol


Aegon’s little “Me?” had me cracking up.


Right?! Like “TF did I do??”


Drinking, whoring, "TF did I do??"ing. Aegon = Westeros McNulty confirmed!!!


It was way too funny considering the gravity of the situation. David Tennant’s kid is great.


TIL, he plays a good little shit.


I thought because he was looking at his mother he was lying and throwing his brother under the bus


This is what I thought too. Both brothers heard it from her, but Aemond knows not to tell on his mom like that.


He actually does it in the book too, Viserys asks him where he heard the rumor and he says he heard it from Aegon


People saying this series has no humor when there’s Aegon and Viserys with their hilarious look of utter confusion when being dragged into family drama against their will. Those two never fail to make me laugh.


Also love how Daemon NEVER misses an opportunity to shit on Otto as well. That Leech line landed perfectly.


> People saying this series has no humor Because these people want Hound/Bronn/Tormund sex and dick jokes, not realizing that catering to that kind of humor was the first signs of the writing going to shit.


That's going to add a whole new dimension to "the crown looks better on me than it ever did on Aegon"


I’m starting to think him dropping Vhagar on his brother might be deliberate


I’ve been saying this forever. Meleys didn’t go for Sunfyre’s wing, she went for the throat. And Sunfyre’s wing was shredded


damn, if they confirm this in the show i’ll love it tbh


I love how they’re treating Aegon lol he’s just tryna get faded and stay out of the drama


I can't even be mad at Aegon at this point. Bro just wants to chill, drink, and have a good time lmao


He was the same in the book I believe. Didn't want to fight, really


I gasped at that! lol He also tattled on him to Otto when he found Aegon on the stairs in a drunken stupor. Aemond was a real snitch bitch as a child!


It’s bc he hates his brother…Aemond thinks he should be king. Aemond not fucking around out here lol I wonder if it’s him who will talk Aegon into using Sunfyre as bate for Meleys…Aemond might be out here playing 4d chess, Daemon style lol


I love how Aegon has the storied name and pretty dragon but is just a useless moron ahaha


Aemond even told the king the truth by looking at Alicent and then gave the king an out, by pointing at Aegon. Aemond giving Visarys pointers! Lmao


Aegon even had enough sense to take the Blame. Alicent has taught them to defy the king


He saved his mother and put blame on his hated sibling. He knows how to play the game. 🤣


I guess Laenor is the true winner of the game.


The wise sailor flees the storm as it gathers lmao


Damn, that’s some foreshadowing


Yet again more great foreshadowing.


This is honestly the first "Happily Ever After" I've seen in Westeroes.


But his poor parents think he’s dead


And his young boys. I assume we’re going to skip over the anguish that could come from having a dead fake-Daddy & immediately getting a new step-dad


Also, the dead and murdered random servant


I had to pause and yell, Whose body is that!?


Unfortunate black guy servant that just happened to be walking at that time. I am happy that Laenor survived but yeah… sucks for that guy!


We need a side episode of a day in the life of that guy. Kiss his pregnant wife and 6 other kids goodbye in the middle of the night in Flea Bottom. Try not to get robbed and make it to the docks. Start rowing a dinghy out to freaking Driftmark. Starts his 6 month long shift on guard duty. Spend most of each day and all night walking patrol, while having to silently listen to all the rich nobles and their spoiled brats scheme and in-fight. Constant highborn drama that he knows might put him on the front lines of a war where he'll probably get cooked or stepped on by a dragon. Just as likely a dragon on "his side". He's just hoping his wife didn't die in child birth and his kids didn't starve while he's away. Praying to every one of the gods that aren't listening, or are actually just watching for shits n giggles. Then Dr. Fucking Who sneaks up, snaps his neck, and tosses him in the hearth... because "this guy looks black enough, but not too black..."


Well, that was the most awkward funeral ever.


Wait till Viserys


IF he gets a funeral


He should stay on the show as a ghost watching everything unfold


Cutting his ghost chicken in anguish


rage eating a salad watching his family beat each other up


A ghostly voice whispers, “right in front of my salad?”


I like how they mentioned it in the post episode discussion how it was one of the first scenes they shot, made things extra tense and awkward


I had never really considered it but it's interesting that they do that stuff on purpose. They take advantage of the awkwardness of the new cast and crew to make the funeral seem awkward...which, of course, funerals often are, with people milling around wanting to say stuff but never knowing the right stuff to say. I also remember a different interview where Milly Alcock was saying that the first scene she shot was the scene with Paddy in front of Balerion's skull and that she was nervous as all hell. Which, they likely intended Rhaenyra to be nervous in that scene, so it comes through more authentically. Just interesting bts stuff I had never thought about before.


Poor Corlys and Rhaenys, burying the daughter they haven't seen in years, while everyone else is running a political sex circus.


Political Sex Circus is a great band name


And on that fateful night Aemond Targaryen perished, and Aemond "One-Eye" "War Crimes lmao" was born.


Kill the boy, let the man be born.


Not gonna lie, I liked Aemond this episode. "Do not mourn me, mother." Fucking chad.


And milfslayer, dont forget. He claimed his first today.


I love how Aemond shifted the blame to Aegon when confronted about the bastard accusation. Aegon's confused reaction was priceless lmao


Hearing Corlys and Otto say the lines from the original series trailer just hit different "History does not remember blood, it remembers names..."


I like how corlys treats her boys like blood though. It was a nice change.


i get 'adopted kid's grandad' vibe, it's great


Exactly! You got our name now, so you’re mine. He’s so protective of them and rhaenyra in the hall. Ole girl tho she ain’t it


Which is funny cuz biologically they're still related and Targaryens lol


I genuinely loved Daemon chillin at the door while the whole room was going bananas. His little smirk as he sees everyone’s true colors come out was perfect in that moment.


He’s a leaner haha. Loves a good lean per Matt smith


Same energy as Chris Evans in Knives Out. Honestly, this whole episode felt like Knives Out with dragons and kings.


And he only moved when he saw Criston making a beeline for Rhaenyra. Love it.


I love how he stopped Sir Criston from harming his family.


On the other hand Ser Criston’s little laugh when Rhae’s children were called bastards infuriated me. He really really hates her children.


Love that side-eye Ser Harold gave him like "dude, inappropes".


Probably wishing they were his instead. He’s such a bitter little turd.


He’s so petty it becomes sorely unattractive


By gods, that dragon flight was spectacular


The upcoming dragon fights will be glorious


The way Viserys called Alicent, Aemma…


Yes my jaw dropped. Feel so bad for Viserys. He surely missed his wife. The guilt is consuming him.


good dang vhaegar is huge and the black dread is bigger


The shot of Aemond staring at her as she sleeps is seared into my mind. I know she’s big, but I think that’s the best visual we’ve gotten to the actual scale she’s on.. Legit absolute unit.


The scene he was lying down in the grass, he was looking at this mound-looking thing that I assumed was a small hill. The camera shifts down again & BAM it’s Vhagar. Absolutely terrifying


Laenor living and getting to go off and live his life with Qarl was a twist I did not expect. Rhaenyra gets stronger with her bond with Daemon, and Laenor gets to go and live a life that he would enjoy, despite being willing to sacrifice it all for her. On top of that, the lines seem to have been drawn in this episode. Wow. I can't wait for next week.


Alicent really channeled her Cersei energy. “A debt is owed and the price must be paid.” It really reminded me when Cersei was butthurt over Joffrey, and demanded another direwolf killed.


Still pisses me off to think about.


Also his dragon probably goes to Daemons family so the blacks have a full regiment of dragon riders.


Good point, but that raises a further question, would a dragon realize their bonded rider is dead or just gone?


I’m not ashamed to admit I was fooled


I guess this is possible in the books too? I can't remember exactly but it's not like we had POV's. Though it doesn't seem like Daemons character in the books.


Laenors death in the book is just a qarl kills him at a market fair and no fire is mentioned. The maester suggests maybe daemon payed qarl and then maybe killed him afterwards but there wasn't really any doubt cast on his death actually happening in the book, it's an interesting change.


It’s an interesting change and yet it doesn’t take away from the story by having Laenor sail away to parts unknown. It also benefits Rhaenyra because, up until the point where I realized the guy with the shaved head in the boat was Laenor, I really thought she had sanctioned the death her husband, who is also her cousin and friend. Now, I’d believe assassination of Daemon in a minute, but it was pretty horrifying to see her seem to go along with it. So, whatever the other characters may think, we in the audience know that Rhaenyra hasn’t turned so cold. At least, not yet. Time will tell what she’ll do in the future.


I was fully expecting Daemon to plot it on his own and then kill Qarl to leave no witnesses


It really comes down the question of dragon bonding. Laenor's death is sort of indirectly known in the book - just that Qarl killed him during a fight at a market, and *maybe* Daemon orchestrated it. The death itself could've been staged by Laenor and Qarl if they wanted, but Laenor's dragon Seasmoke later bonds to another rider, which isn't thought to be possible if the current rider is still alive. Though I suppose it's possible that a great distance between them could sever the bond, we don't really know.


Noticed some little things: - Loved the dialogue between Rhaenys and Corlys in the beginning. It was intense! - It’s out there - Aegon “drunk in his cups” Targaryen is betrothed to his sister, Helaena “bug whisperer” Targaryen. - Targaryen wedding ceremony includes ritual bloodletting by dragonglass! Whoa.


I like how Aegon doesn’t really know what to make of the engagement


And Aemond was basically like “I’ll hit that” 😑


Blacks get their uncle-neice incest, now greens will get their brother-sister incest. Incest for everyone!


>Targaryen wedding ceremony includes ritual bloodletting by dragonglass! Whoa. a good detail that makes them distinctly foreign


lol It took me like half a second to process that Viserys said "Aemma" to Alicent.


i love what they did with halaena’s character. Definitely one of my favourite changes from the book


The girl is dropping prophecies left and right, and no one even bothers to listen...


Sir Criston wasn't about that life, to walk in and take a child's eye, but hot damn was he quick to step in wanting to lay some hands on Rhaenyra.


"YOU'RE SWORN TO ME!" "As your *protector*." Glad he didn't actually try to go for it. Then again he probably would have been killed if he tried lol.


He was being side eyed by Harold that’s why.


I love Harold, I would let him protect my dynasty any day of the week.


Harold: *seven hells boy, don't make me slap you silly*


Yes, and I loved the casual, smirking way Daemon intercepted him, like “absolutely fucking not.”


This is a man of standards. Not high standards, mind you, but standards none the less. Hit a women? Equal rights means equal lefts. Hit a child? Not a chance. What you do is train another child to beat him up for you. Hence the Dance of Dragons.


I mean, the head of the Kingsguard gave him that look of don’t even think about it.


That one clinger friend who got a pity lay 10 years ago and is still bitter he wasn’t chosen


I’m glad Laenor got to live his best life but damn…RIP to the unwilling NPC participant who made it happen.


The Funeral drama was sad and drama filled, but the kids fighting was intense as hell tbh. I had no idea children could be so vicious....I don't know what was worse for the king, his young son eye being taken, or the obvious revelation of his grandsons paternity being an open secret that everyone knows. Otto being so happy that team green got themselves a dragon at the expense of his grand boy eye was typical of him. and laenor finally wanting to step into his role as head of house is about 10 years too late and the future queen having him fake murdered? really set the stage for things to come. All in all a great showing once again and can't wait for next week.


I do wonder if Laenor will eventually turn up again or if he’s gone for good. Also, Otto getting annoyed of Aegon’s shit was funny.


Hahahaa I laughed out loud when he looked around and then kicked him awake. Grandpa wasn't having it. At all.


But also it shows why Alicent might have been so scared of him and a nervous wreck as a young teen.


Oh yes clearly. When he's pimping her out to viserys he doesn't care of her discomfort at all. He's a shitty person.


Well when you train kids to fight and fly on giant living war machines their conflicts will get a bit out of hand.


It was great because girls were deeply hurt about Vhagar and boys about being named bastards. They had really strong motivations to beat the shit out of Aemond.


Aemond certainly learned the importance of wearing a seatbelt tonight.


Larys: Yo, u want me to take this kid's eye, kill him, torture him, chop him to pieces my queen? Alicent: Dude, calm the fuck down.


You want an eye? I can get you an eye...believe me, there are ways, you don't want to know about it, believe me. Hell I can get you an eye by 3 o'clock with a green iris.


How to Train your Dragon but for adults.


I love how they’re portraying Aegon that drunk little fuck lol


lol He’d really have no problem with drinking and fucking his life away. He’s really getting thrown into shit he wants no part of


The balls on Aemond, to creep up on a sleeping Vhagar go on a midnight cruise and end the night with a 1v4 brawl


If I had just ridden Vhagar there's no challenge I would back down from


Right? Kid was flying on that adrenaline lol


Owning the largest dragon…. You’re looking down from a high place at everyone else


Vhagar is like: "Bro I just wanna sleep"


They showed Laena adjusting the chains on Vhagar that kept her from falling off last episode, and now Aemond nearly falling off on his first ride because he didn't. I wonder what lesson he learned there...


Fuck that’s good foreshadowing


The foreshadowing in this show is astounding. Love finding those little Easter eggs.


I was watching that, and just thinking “I would have puked.”




I feel like the coolest part of that was the clarity it provides to the dragon-bonding. Super hinting at a weird psychic connection. Even ends up changing Aemond's personality. Interesting implications for the personalities of dragons and dragonriders.


Aemond was all about that smoke after the dragon ride. Kid was on a whole new kind of high


so happy for bald laenor! he’s alive and the wig is gone!


i liked him with the wig


Finally the Targcest episode I've been waiting for. Straight back to the start of the episode to soak it all up again. If they fucked us up this good in episode 7, can't wait to see what hectic shit goes down in E9


I’m expected viserys to die at the end of the next episode, the battle at storms end to happen at the end of episode 9, and open war to come in 10. I really wish we got more time with viserys though.


I think this was the first time we've seen our two queens in their proper colors together. Might be wrong, but I know I was disappointed when Alicent's first green scene had Rhaenyra in white.


I also think this the 1st time someone has used the term "Greens".


Somehow this episode made the previous 2 episode alot better. Well done


Aemond as a kid fighting off 4 opponents was weirdly fun to watch


Feel like he's gonna be a helluva fighter later


He woke the dragon!


Ending had me fucked up


Very happy we got a soft scene between Laenor and Rhaenyra showing that they do love each other. It was something I really wanted to see again


I loved the change for Laenor’s fate, honestly great episode. Favorite so far


I was so worried! I screamed "No!" At my TV lol. So glad they went this route. Laenor is truly a good man.


It was the fate Laenor deserved, but it does feel very unlike Game of Thrones Guess I'm glad someone gets a happy ending


On the other hand, the fact someone got a happy ending actually improved it because it shows that the constant bad shit that happens to most characters didn’t “have to happen” and makes that bad shit more tragic in contrast.


I was so disgusted at the blacks until the reveal. Whew! (I mean, they still killed an innocent guy…😬)


That scene in the hall after the brawl fucking RULED. Best scene in the show so far.


Reminded me of the scene on GoT season 1 on the Kingsroad after Arya cut Joffrey!


That first scene was absolutely incredible. Every little glance, every conversation feels so weighty. That’s not easy to achieve.


i wonder how the ending will affect addam and ayn arc and will we see laenor again


I’m just so glad they’re sticking close to “Fire and Blood”, while adding the small details that a show requires in a way that make it a better story. -Corlys and Rhaenys arguing over her claim and the Strong boys. -Viserys calling Alicent “Aemma” lol -Seeing more VHAGAR and Aemond claiming and flying her. This episode showed us how truly HUGE she is. We could still see her flying away at the end of Rhaenyra and Daemon’s conversation about marrying and Laenor. -The drama following Aemond’s fight with the Strongs. So good! -That reveal at the end truly surprised me. Not at all like ASOIAF for someone to live and have happy ending. Wonder what this means for Addam and Seasmoke. -Wonder how the internet is gonna react when they find out their Rhaenyra/Daemon ship sailed. There were many more moments I’m forgetting right now, but this episode was the opposite of boring. “Though Viserys I would reign for nine more years, the bloody seeds of the Dance of the Dragons had already been planted, and 120 AC was the year when they began to sprout.” -Fire and Blood


Who was in the fire?


Probably the guard whose neck got snapped by Daemon


Oh! I was wondering WTF that was about. Kind of weird no one questions the random guard being gone though.


It could play off as Sir Qarl payed the guard off and both fucked off after killing Leanor


The guard what was killed in the staircase


Giving Laenor a second life that was not written was great. Also half this episode felt like a Harry Potter movie that went off the rails


Aemond on Vhagar gave me flashbacks of Harry on Buckbeak. Right down to the whooping laughter atop a flying creature.


Neville Longbottom just straight gouging out Harry's eye.


Cut our lips then make out? I want to know who started this tradition! My mouth hurts.


Calling it now that since Laenor is alive, and dragons can only have one rider, “Addam” is actually Laenor which would explain why Corlys was so quick to accept him. It can’t be a coincidence that Addam also happens to ride Seasmoke. The only question would be who is Alyn really?


I never thought of that, will be a great twist indeed. That way, Laenos warrior character will be flushed out more, along with his loyalty


Alyn = Carl with a tan.


Thank god for that fucking twist ending. I would’ve been fucking pissed if they just had Rhaenyra kill Laenor.


I went from loving to hating to loving Team Black all within 2 minutes. I cannot take this level of intrigue, the resulting erection will last hours.


You may want to contact a Maester about that.


Finally Laenor is free….of that wig


Woah was not expecting that Laenor ending.


I also feel like an asshole but the kids fighting was hilarious all the yelling and shrieking. Lucerys especially, until the blades came out that is


I’m loving these parallels of rhaenrya’s kids and alicent’s kids as well as the obvs parenting difference, shows directly through the kid’s personalities and behaviors also Harwin would’ve been proud


How is Seasmoke going to be claimed if Laenor is still alive? Also wouldn’t Seasmoke follow Laenor?


This episode was further evidence that Dameon simply cannot behave anywhere, and Aemond as an adult will be very fun to watch.


Aemond IS Daemon. Even Aemond’s name is just “Daemon” with the “D” moved to the end.


In the end of this episode, both Laenor and Rhaenyra got to fulfill their duty and find happiness


Poor kids, both Rhaenyra's and Daemon were mourning their lost parent and *uncle but then their parents decide that their horny affair must continue and marry asap Like their marriage is good for their own stability but damn so soon


Aemond claiming Vhagar was so intense and beautiful What an insane dragon they made