Knick of time because the damn train light is in the last seconds


Mfs almost ended up in gantz.


Would you do Gantz


Underrated. How do you mofos know Gantz?


I saw the movie on Netflix, wild stuff


Titty monster was.... something else


The Manga is 1000X times more insane… in a good way


I read the manga as a teenager and still would like to see a good adaptation. I am not normally into gore at all, but I loved Gantz for some reason.


Are you also reading gantz: E ?


I’ve only seen the anime. Is the Netflix worth watching?


It was entertaining. I’m not sure how different it is compared to the anime though




the original anime Is 10x bettah


read the Manga once a year, love it


edgy teen phase. i probably should not have watched that or r.a..i.n.b.o.w as a kid


Would do from me


Damn you bringing this up. Now I have to reread the whole series.


no, for gantz he needs to run 20 meters straight away from the incoming train ....


Well. Fucking. Said.


Dang ages since i watched it.


Commenting here for visibility If you want to help but don't want to risk your life by jumping on the tracks turn on the flashlight on your phone and wave it in a side to side sweeping motion as you move down the platform in the direction the train is coming from. The phone light helps with getting you noticed but it's the waving itself that is most important. Do it like you're knocking things off of a table. The reason you move down the platform towards the train is to put distance between yourself and the person on the tracks to try and give the train operator more time to notice you and stop the train. If you feel that you can help the person up then make sure to tell someone else to move away and do the wave.


Depending on where you live as well somewhere in the terminal is a giant “oh shit” button. Look around the terminals you use regularly and learn their locations. They usually all follow the same placement pattern often at the ends of the subway boarding area.


What does it look like


It varies by area by it’s almost always red and is clearly marked in signage that says what it is and what it does


Thanks. I'll look.


In Czechia its a red button behind some weak glass that says: emergency stop, in case person on track


To expand on what you said for anyone unfamiliar, the side-to-side motion is the signal to stop for railway work. Up-and-down means go. ANYTHING within the track gauge is a stop, we set up our warning lights off to the side during work so the train can pass by. Having said that though, you'd probably be surprised how easy it actually is still to get hit by a train. Before you jump down have someone call 911 to warn the train or look at the signs in the station, there's a good chance you will see a sign with an emergency number to call that goes right to the operations center. Your first words should be "STOP THE TRAIN, PERSON ON TRACKS, STATION [STATION YOU'RE AT]". This goes without saying hopefully but do not touch the third rail, there is a 1% you will survive, a 90% chance you will die instantly, and a 9% chance you will die not-instantly. If you have to dodge a train, the tunnels should have body niches in the walls every 10 feet, get in facing outwards and get smaller than you have ever been in your life. Don't stand in the center island between inbound and outbound, the air pressure from a train passing in one direction could push you into the path of a train coming in the other direction. Unless the track has a gutter in the center, don't plan on letting the train go over you like that one guy in NYC did. Your very last resort if you're next to the platform is rolling under the edge of the platform but there is no guarantee there will be enough space and also you might get eaten by rats or stabbed by used needles.


Yep all good info. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. It's my 3rd since retirement, former C/R C/F


Wait what do you mean with third rail? Genuinely don't know what that is


If you look in the video, there are three rails. Two for each set of wheels, and a third one in the middle. The middle rail is electrified, and provides power for the train. EDIT: the middle rail isn’t the one that’s electrified, it’s the one furthest from the platform/closest to the wall.


I very well may be wrong but I believe the two running rails have nothing between them, and the third rail is that highway-guard-rail-slotted looking thing between the second rail and the wall, taller than the rails themselves. I imagine it’s placed there to be as far from where humans are as possible.


Safe to assume you're a NYCT MOW worker?


The noise of the train getting closer was stressing me out. I was like, hurry up guys!


r/sweatypalms for me! ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|feels_bad_man)


Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.


In the last second of the clip you actually see the lights on the train at the top


The guy didn’t look like he had any survival instincts. Like ‘ah fuck it, I’m on the tracks, what will be will be’


Maybe profoundly drunk.


Maybe an older person or any other generally mobility impaired person.


It’s NYC, this dude was high. I see guys like this completely zoned out on drugs every single time I take the subway after midnight, which is what this looks like given how empty the platform was.


Yeah the bent over at the waist look was how I learned to spot them when I lived in New York… the first time I saw a smacked out junkie I thought it was a guy with back problems trying to stretch it out


Something cute and wholesome about that last sentence


This is something somebody who hasn’t seen this in person would say.


Its NYC. it could be any number of things. What if it was a seizure?


Look at how he’s standing when back on the platform. Completely bent over at the waist and his body is just hanging. An elder or mobility impaired person would have fallen over at that point. This is textbook heroin slump.


That's very obviously not the case.


He looks like he has the heroine lean. I see a lot of people standing still on the side of the road, leaning over like he does at the end. They’re sort of drifting in and out of consciousness I believe, and can somehow stand while also not being able to lift their upper body. They are often on the ground bent over or in fetal on the ground as well, and usually wake up often enough to stay out of the road.


Or he could be having a medical event. Or hit his head when falling. Imagine seeing someone needing help and jumping to thinking drugs. If you ever get hurt I hope you run into someone like yourself. Someone who leaves just thinking you are in some stupor. Someone nearing falling asleep high wouldn't have had the presence of mind to do the move they both do to get him up the platform I think.


I don’t think anyone said they should have been left there because they’re on drugs? Unless I missed it or it was implied. But also, even if they were on drugs we should still help them. You never know someones story, nor who they may become.


Are you saying people on drugs shouldn’t be helped out of dangerous situations? Always try to help, and also diagnose if there’s any physical or mental (including drug induced) impairment that could affect what actions you might need to take to save them. If you have the capability to save someone’s life, it shouldn’t matter what got them into the situation. Who are you, jury, judge and executioner, deciding not to save someone once you can’t assume anymore that they’re not a junkie?


Hey, being high doesn't make people less worthy of help. Just because someone is struggling with addiction doesn't mean that they arent still a human being. I don't think this comment was saying that they should have been left


It’s a guess. I’ve just seen those mannerisms before, lots of times. It’s possible it was just a medical event though for sure. I hope you know I would help a person like this. In fact, once in that very area a guy crashed his car into a tree and took the entire tree out. I jumped from my girlfriend’s moving car (she wasn’t happy about that) and ran across busy traffic to pull him out of the wreck. Marijuana smoke and pill bottles literally spilled out of the door when I opened it, but I HELPED HIM BECAUSE WHO GIVES A FUCK. I told him to get out of the car asap and pulled him from the smoking wreck because he very out of it and obviously was extremely high. I checked on him and made sure he wasn’t bleeding or seriously injured and tried to get him to sit down. I told him he needed to stay still and wait for the ambulance, that he had been in a bad accident and needed help, but he left the scene. I should be so lucky to find another person like me if I need help. I only tell you this to illustrate that in no way does a heroine addiction or drug use preclude anyone from deserving help, rather I wish the government would fucking help them rather than ignore them and evict them from camps and imprison them. It says a lot more about YOU that you would think I wouldn’t help a person just because they might be on drugs.


Could have been concussed falling down that far and hitting one's head.




Ah fuck it, why not both


"Can someone revive me plz?"


"I need healing!"


"Que sera, sera"


I'm a gonner....oh well Rando Savior: Not today!!!


Looks like he can barely stand lol


Dude this is fake af, it's clearly a phone camera set up. Dudes look clean and fresh, how or why did this get uploaded if it was just a security camera lol


I think it’s funny how you reply to every comment thread, like what you have to say is so important that you just gotta spread the word.


The sound of the train is chilling


😬 that was close


He's very lucky that he didn't touch the electrified third rail on the other side of the tracks, otherwise, an NSFW would appear on top edit: more sense in my comment


It’s always the rail further from the platform in the subway in NYC, we know this.


Wow, has the injury rate been that bad that this is now common knowledge?


A lot of people take the subway every single day. It’s not really a secret, just looking at the rails you see the third rail. It would be like driving every day and knowing how to pop your hood even if you haven’t had to do it.


What??? You can pop a hood? Get outa here!


I can pop all sorts of stuff, pimples, bubble wrap, art, and lock.


If it’s anything like Chicago they’ll have occasional posters too, indicating which rail is dangerous.


Makes sense


and if there's an injury on track level... that's a suicide.


Everyone who has a commute knows about the middle rail. It’s not because of injuries. You just know about it.


Why middle rail? It's the outside rail here. It's always the farthest one from the platform. And it doesn't look like the ones the train goes in.


It can be common knowledge for those who take metro rail transport in general. Why does the injury rate have to have something to do with it????


Don't know how it's done in NYC, but normally the live rail on subways are covered and the power connector touches the underside instead. So you won't accidentally zap yourself unless you reach in under the cover.




Oh wow. Over here it's a sort of a bent sheet metal covering the top and side facing the tracks. I wouldn't step on it, but it still makes it an effort to get to the live rail.


I learned something today


That shiny silver rail or?


_Too_ close .


they need holes in the station so you can hide in there if you fall in


The indents in the wall are for that purpose actually.


They’re for the railway workers, and they don’t seem to be at this station lol


Why the hell are there no safety rails that can just open when the train comes in?


It's NYC. Where the MTA (Mass Transit Authority) takes tax money but, as a private company, doesn't invest any if it into improving infrastructure (CEO's third yhat won't pay for itself!). Most places are not even wheelchair/low mobility accessible. Honestly, this stuff happens all the time and doesn't even surprise me. It's just another Tuesday morning video for a slow news day there.


That's awful. I feel sorry for people living there who have to live in fear of being three feet ftom an abyss of death.


Can’t say I’ve ever seen something like this? There aren’t any barriers at the edge of the platform in the UK. We do have a painted yellow line, though.


That probably works best with automated trains that can stop at the exact same point every time. If the driver slightly overshoots the gates would be useless here


System is ancient, infrastructure costs in the US and especially NYC are outrageously high, and many lines have different length trains which makes platform screen doors unfeasible


Because they would last about an hour before someone destroyed them and no one could get on the train.


this guy is way too calm with that rising noise from the train.


It's obv fake lol


Haha no. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/new-york-subway-rescue-cornell-student-b2140965.html


How do you fake a subway accident? Especially when train lights are _visible_ in the end




Geez the light on the wall gave me so much anxiety


It's good to finally see a video about something like this that didn't give me a panic attack because both people missed the train by 5 cm


Train light visible in last frame


I know, but as I said, not as close as the usual ones you see.


I just do not know if I could have done that. You are in such a vulnerable spot jumping down and people can be so evil. Guy could have punched him, shoved him, prevented him from getting out after he got out. I know I am wrong but people can be so evil.


Seen too many videos where they both die because the one being rescued pulls them or does something to fuck it up. I cant say i would have helped other than get staff


There's videos like that?!?! Omg, imagine the families of those who died watching their family member try to help and die such a hellish death


How many videos like that have you seen!?


Yeah how does one stumble upon that more than a couple times 😭


you alright? r/eyebleach


Everyone's got their priorities but if I saw someone down there and I didn't help them, I don't know how I'd sleep at night knowing that they could still be alive...




What’s up dummy


I knew you’d be back 😏


The Curse!!


“Social conservative, fiscal liberal”


Wait don't you guys have emergency buttons on the platform for situations like this that will stop the train?


Got them in my country. Emergency button on the platform, and people get fined when they abuse them.


No. Assholes would push that button relentlessly. Or just break it.


Jeez that’s horrible.


It is!


Work in subway stations. Never go down when someone is on the tracks if you are not sure the power is cut. There are power interrupters for that.


I had to get a guy off the tracks at a tube station in London one Christmas a few years ago. He'd jumped down there willingly _to get his novelty modelling balloon hat that he dropped_


Ok I'm glad you saved the guy and you're a great person but, I hate to say this, like... Darwin award almost. Did he get his hat after all that lol


God tell me about it. I absolutely berated the guy once I got him onto the platform again. He just kinda shrugged and held up his retrieved hat like, 🤷


My dude 👊🏻 I love that there are still good people out there. To all of you good peeps - I love you and Happy Thanksgiving!!


For sure bro


Curious how he set up a camera before the rescue….and arrived just before the train…..and the guy who fell can move just fine after being touched………..




So would I


We need a guide on how to save someone that falls onto a train track without electrocuting ourselves


The best guide is: you don't. Too dangerous for both. I watched a lot of videos from subway staff and they all say that you should never jump down to save a person. In my country at least you call staff and run to the side the train comes from and signal with hands to stop it. (also the gap between rails is wider in our subway so the person who fell down should be safe if they're conscious enough to get into it.


Why the hell are there no railings and gates set up to stop this?


These guys nearly end up in a locked room with a black orb telling them they need to kill aliens....


Or with a useless goddess


Why aren't there rails that sink into the ground when the train arrives?


I am struggling to picture what you mean




[In Hong Kong a lot of stations have platform doors](https://i.imgur.com/Z3mKTOO.png)


I think you’re referring to platform screen doors, or PSDs. If you have the time to go through [a 3920 page report by the MTA](https://new.mta.info/document/73241) (or have to for school… fun.), you can learn all about it. Basically the subway system is fucked in so so many different ways (mainly station/platform/consist geometry) for so so many different reasons (mainly age and lack of standardization) that unless everything was completely done over from scratch there’s no way to bring every station up to even ADA compliance, let alone installing PSDs. Currently only 27% of stations can be outfitted with PSDs.


Meh, this isn't even that common in London or Paris metros, although some platforms have it and especially the new ones. What is crazy to me is that there's no a button on the platform somewhere to call for help/stop the train asap.


It would be expensive to implement that everywhere and a lot of cities can’t afford it. Living in the Bay you’d take the train into Oakland and it’s sooo shitty. People kill themselves by jumping in front of trains all the time, and the city doesn’t have the money to stop it. It’s for sure a bummer when your train is late because they’re cleaning up a body.


That’s what I was just thinking


What do you think this is, japan? Guaranteed if they put any type of moving rail or gate someone would break it in less than 3 days.


The real question is if there would be piss on it before or after it breaks


Sorry if i am wrong but this looks fake.


After five seconds of googling: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/new-york-subway-rescue-cornell-student-b2140965.html


Yes you are wrong


Nah not wrong, added audio is ez, where did this footage even from lol


I agree. Camera seems to be set up on a tripod.


It is just a fixed security camera


in portrait mode?


Videos can be cropped. Someone else linked an [article](https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/new-york-subway-rescue-cornell-student-b2140965.html) explaining this event and another [comment] (https://www.reddit.com/r/HumansBeingBros/comments/z34u8x/saving_a_man_who_fell_down_on_the_tracks/ixkff01/) explained the camera setup. I guess those could both be faked too but I'm not that interested in looking deeper into it


This looks like a very standard NYC subways camera thing. You can look at the screens in some of the stations and that's how all the cameras are pointed and sorta stretched, I guess it's to see further down the track, but yeah after the train pulls in the conductors car is right in front of the cameras and they can see what (or rather, who) is holding the damn train doors open when they need to leave the station, not sure what else they use the screens for


Thats nutty I would do the same but I'd be absolutely shitting myself. And imagine if you couldn't lift him up or something and you had to leave him behind or even worse you get stuck! Gotta have the big balls for this.


Who was filming?


Me, obviously. I'm very tall. No, it's probably security camera.




Sure, they generally have crappy quality, and may not be in colour, but there's no rule saying they can't they be in colour or have decent quality. In fact both of those things should be found on a security camera at a train station. It's not that strange. Also, it's clearly not that close to the ground, it's next to the roof of the station nearly. I can't say how close it actually is, but it's definitely not that close to the ground.


NYC subway stations have cameras mounted in the ceiling and pointed at the incoming tunnel. Some stations are setup so the engineers can use CCTVs to view the rest of the platform to make sure everyone is inside the train.


someone tall with IMPRESSIVE stability


Anyone know when/where this was?


Well, this was a fun exercise: I know from the tiling on the platform wall that this is an A division station, so that cuts us down to the numbered trains. The tiled sign as well as the info sign on the I-beam both look like they show a ‘3’, so I traced the numbered lines to find a station that was likely to be abbreviated as just ‘3’ on signage, and found [the 3rd Avenue 138th Street Station in the Bronx](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Avenue–138th_Street_station).


Very likely NYC


Haha, fair. I guess I should have said which station [in NYC] and what day.


Literally says on the fuckin video lol


I hope they're best friends now


drugs. this is the 3rd ave-138th st station in the bronx. big, big drug/junkie neighborhood.


How come in 2022 there isn't a technology that can detect a human on tracks amd stops incoming train?


Probably comes down to money, sadly.


You can see the train approaching at the end. Scary.


For the kids here, most train railways are running on electric power so don't do that. There should be a off switch on every train station, find that first and when it's off, when there is a cave under the rails, push the person there and save yourself. Only when the power is off, of course, otherwise the railway company has to scratch two corpses off the track.


Pro-tip: If you can’t make it up onto the platform in time, some subway stations have a crawl space formed by the concrete ‘lip’ of the platform that you can duck into to avoid getting squished. Source: A prominent case from the 90’s involved two guys saving a man who had an epileptic seizure and fell onto the tracks, using this method.


Oh nah the train lights at the end gave me insane anxiety even with the sound off. Couldn’t be me!


Just in case you will be in similar situation: dont do this, you can get shocked by power rail. If no train is coming, notify staff and go past platform end where train stops, they will get you out. If train is coming, lie in a lowered space between tracks face down, towards the train, train operator will see you and get you out, you will be well below the train in there. Dont try to get out by your self like this, you can get shocked


The increasing volume raised my anxiety so much


Is it just me or does this look staged?


I’m so glad this ended well. All I could think about is how this scenario is event that opens for the Japanese manga Gantz however let’s just say it’s much more gruesome for the students who help the man on the subway tracks.


Disgusting. I aint touching no subway floor


Looks fake af


Yeah, that's not a security camera. This is staged and fake.




https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third_Avenue%E2%80%93138th_Street_station Bet. Go find out if there is a camera there…….


FYI: Many train stops have emergency brakes so you can save someone's life without endangering your own.


Let me set up the camera first and save this guy in the nick of time


Is this real? Who is filming? Why no video of the fall? Why doesn’t the guy on the tracks appear to be injured when he climbs back onto the platform?


Prolly drunk or high


>Is this real? Good question. Skepticism is good on the internet. >Who is filming? CCTV camera footage >Why no video of the fall? Isolated footage from CCTV camera. >Why doesn't the giy on the tracks appear to be injured when he climbs back onto the platform? He's probably drunk or high.


That’s a Snapchat text filter put over the video, and the best damn quality I’ve ever seen on a CCTV.


And a camera just so happened to be up there? Yeah okay this totally happened on accident


This doesn’t look like security footage either (unless it is, correct me if im wrong)


Nah it is real, he’s a student at Cornell and this happened over the summer I believe. Someone linked the article about it further up in the comments.


With a Snapchat text filter on the video too. Idk a lot weird about this.


Cameras are everywhere. The government wants you to believe they're "birds." It was probably one of these government surveillance devices ("birds") sitting on a beam. That's why the footage is so clear.


Shut the hell up


So sad to be a sheep... If it flies, it spies


Sad that he pushed him down there for content