Wondering how to use Backtrader and the IBKR Python API?

Check out the tutorials in the “Building Your Automated Strategy With IBKR: From Back Testing to Paper Trading to Live Execution” series:

Part I, Back Testing on IBKR with BackTrader, provides instructions on how to set up the development and trading environment.

Part II, Retrieving Historical Data from IBKR, demonstrates how to use IBKR historical data within Backtrader.

Part III, IBKR Market Data – From Real-time Bars to Ticks, showcases how to use various types of real-time data to run trading strategies.

Part IV, From Back Test to Paper Trading, walks you through how to transition to paper trading using live data.

Part V, From Paper Trading To Real Trading – Monitoring, Debug and Go Live!, outlines the final step—moving from paper trading to live execution.

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