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Hi Space people! I am a big fan of Jetbrain's tools. I use CLion, Rider and Youtrack almost daily. Here are my questions: 1. When will the standalone self hosted version of Space be available? 2. Is there any features that the self hosted version will lack over the cloud hosted one? 3. What will be the pricing for self hosted Space? If nothing specific, maybe a ball park estimate? 4. How good is the integration with 3rd party git hosting (gitlab)?


Do you have plans to add more functionality to the Issues? Right now Issues seem fairly basic, I guess about feature parity with what GitHub has. My company is currently using Jira for tracking issues. We're not "power users" by any means, but it's important to us to be able to assign issues with a standard "type" (bug, enhancement, idea), "priority" (high, medium, low), and one or two other custom fields that are meaningful for our product. I have been checking back on Space on a regular basis to assess switching from our Atlassian-centred tools to Space instead. Lack of functionality in Issues is the biggest stumbling block. Is your thought that organizations who need something more than basic issue tracking should use a product such as YouTrack or Jira instead? Thanks!


Hey guys! Space looks like it's headed in the right direction, replacing multiple popular services at the same time. However, in comparison with YouTrack, it seems like it's fairly behind on actual issue tracking. The stuff that matters a lot in complex projects, like custom fields in tasks, issue dependencies, issue hierarchy, roadmap views is not there. Most of it does exist in Youtrack. Right now it feels like that Space has a hole in it that could be filled by YouTrack. So the question is are you planning to merge the services at some point? Or are you planning to redevelop YouTrack features for Space? If yes, then to what extent? Thanks!


Is there a way to sync Youtrack and the issues feature of Space together? If not, what are the plans regarding YouTrack, mid/long-term?


Been using Space on trial since beta launch. I teach programming part of my time. Considered using Space as a teaching platform. Communication, code sharing, documentation and such. I know it’s a niche use case but do you have any plans to work with that part? Or perhaps I should build a plug-in for the parts to fully support a teaching platform...


Hi Space! 1. Do any teams at JetBrains use Space internally yet? If so, how has their migration (from presumably YouTrack) helped their team become more productive? Does the company have plans for *all* teams, even those that are publicly facing, to migrate in the future? 2. Do the Space developers refer to themselves as "astronauts"?




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Hello JetBrains! I have only one question: when the web version of Space will get a normal dark mode? 'Cause making only sidebar dark is a bad decision


Hello! I am very impressed with what I've seen so far. This sounds like a perfect replacement for something like Basecamp, while doing even more. My question is, what is the idea about helping companies adopt Space? I wish I could suggest space as an alternative by showing everything that it can do better and how it will help us in our goals as a company. Any sort of training programs or any showcase on how it might be superior to alternatives would be great. Otherwise it's hard to convince a whole company to change the tool everyone will be using without good incentives. Is there any information around that already, and if not, what are tha plans for it? Thank you!


Look I understand you designed this software for companies. But can you please replace the stupid "Login to company url" with an email + password login? It will make it a lot easier to convince friends to try using the software, when they can just easily try the basics of the software and see if they like the UI and so fourth. Also, while I know slack also does this, I don't get how the url system is secure at all. Makes far more sense to me, to be able to ban specific accounts. Or be able to invite people with accounts registered to a specific email.


Hey, Spacefellas! I'm in the process of migrating our team from several apps into Space, but there's problem that comes from our team not being only software focused, but also having multiple engineering and marketing teams that are used to organizing their work using Kanban Boards in Trello. So far it seems that boards in Space are clearly focused for software development and lack various features for using it otherwise. Are there any plans on expanding Space's Boards to be able to act as full replacement for Trello?


Are you going to introduce something for team/personal effectiveness and health measurements? Since you basically have all the work-releated data there are many options starting from personal advices regarding effectiveness (like too many meetings etc), personal surveys about engagement and ending with measuring code churn etc. But without going [too far](https://twitter.com/WolfieChristl/status/1331221942850949121). The question is where is the balance, but definitely sounds like a future of the workforce.


Hi Space folks, I am a freelance app developer and I was wondering if Space is the kind of product that could become a "hub" of sorts for all my client projects and communication, source control, CI/CD (e.g. native iOS, Android, Kotlin Native) etc. I am obviously a team of 1 + my clients (and sometimes other developers I work with on a project). In any case, it was really cool to see the keynote... it's amazing what you've achieved in the past months (years?). 🤩


Hi Space Team! I see Space as a very promising tool for improving internal collaboration within a company. However, increasingly software shops have begun engaging the greater software community by open sourcing components, accepting contributions, and publicly tracking issues. Are there any plans to make Space a tool that helps with this increasingly common internal/external hybrid approach to software development?


Do you plan to create migrations from Jira and Confluence?


Kind of a weird question, but I believe it's interesting to know, as using it alone at first would be the first stepping stone to say that one is familiar with Space and can safely recommend it for their work place with good arguments as to why. Is Space designed for single-person projects as well? What is the story there, why would someone who works solo on a project adopt Space?


Heey folks. I'm a huge fan of all your tools! I have a some small questions about notifications: Can I link a to-do inside Space to a specific Pull Request and automatically complete the to-do when the PR is merged? And if someone marks me as reviewer, will I be notified? As someone comming from Basecamp, is there a "zen mode" where all notifications are disabled?


Hello! 1. Is there a company Wiki (not only for one project)? 2. Is there voice and video chat? 3. Is there UML or the opportunity to integrate some UML-Tools like StarUML? 4. Can I insert my private and company address in my profile? 5. Can I add subtasks to tasks, issues and checklists? 6. Is there a skill sheet for my skills in the user profile?


1. The documentation section was shown in the recent release video, it looks very simple, are there any plans for improvement? So far, confluence looks better against its background. 2. Does Space have a work calendar (project tasks, writing off working hours, etc.) for the employee and if not, when is it planned? (Sort of like Jira) 3. Your chat is very similar to telegram chat, are there any plans for integration?


Hi!Would it be possible to deploy not a multi-tenant installation of the Space to something like [AWS VPC](https://aws.amazon.com/vpc/) while still getting it as a SaaS? I may be missing something but looks like a trade-off between full SaaS and on-prem.


Is there a way to open up a part of the issues to the public, as it's already possible with YouTrack as we can see on [https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/](https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/), where most, if not all issues from JetBrains products can be found?


Very excited about the product! It was already said in the kick-off stream chat that Standalone will propably arrive next year (and propably in "More than 1 month" 😄). Can you already tell us about your plans for the pricing of the standalone version?


Do you plan on having any sort of Outlook integration? I participated briefly in the EAP and tried it out with a couple team members, but there's no way we'd be able to pry Outlook away from the majority of the people in our organization.


Space looks super awesome! can we have a public demo access to an example project like the space travel scenario, to test things out? That would be really helpful. Wouldn’t want to start with an empty project to try things.


Hey Space Team, Very nice tool you have been working on! My question for you is: **Do you plan to use "Compose for Desktop" for upcoming Space client applications?** This would be a huge improvement over Electron apps.


YouTrack proposes pricing based on team size (free for teams under 10). Why did you choose to set the plans based on features? Not having private project/repos in the free plan seems to be a big barrier to new users.


Hey, Space looks realy nice, the only question i have is, when do you plan to release the Standalone version and are there any limitations to the Standalone version.


How is youtrack an space related? Does space replace youtrack in the future? Can I import youtrack projects, issues, timetracking etc. into space?


Hi, is there detail blog or YouTube video to show us how Space team use Kotlin to build whole stuff. Much appreciated


Currently, there is any way to generate CI scripts from CircleCI configurations? To speed up to migration?


Hi, there! Will Space's projects issues have a time tracking like in YouTrack?


There is any plan to support Windows and Mac VMs for building projects in the CI?


I'd like to know if there is any plans for guest or external access to projects.


Hello everybody. Will you implement binding of commits to issues?