Adrianna reaction to maya's apology is going to get psychoanalyzed now


Seems miz is throwing maya under the bus


He did mention that he doesn't think Maya would do something like that, though


yeah I don't think he is throwing her under the bus as much as he wasn't there to say she didn't say it


How? He said he can't imagine Maya doing something like that


He also said he wasn't there. He has literally nothing to throw.


He just admitted to wanting to change the narrative so as not to incriminate maya any further. I have to doubt anything mitch says because he sounds incredibly unreliable. The only thing we can go by is if adrianna feels she was being gaslit.


Not really, all he said was that he didnt think Maya would do that but he doesnt say against barry


Because he cant lol, he wasn't there, going against the only witness there when you aren't would be a losing battle, is up to maya to clear that accusation, not Miz lol


Minute 10 of 210 btw




I heard that by minute 80 they're planning how to start world war 4




That happened at minute 40


WW3 was in Destiny's DMs, WW4 is ongoing, and WW5 is tomorrow morning when everyone sees the "Train & Asmon agree Pokimane is one of the most corrupt figures on twitch" post.


Lmao I thought this was a joke and then clicked out of this thread and literally the next thread is this quote. Witchcraft working motherfucker


They are trying to confirm Barry's story with Mitch but he's being a rat.


They'll probably end up in a loop 30 minutes in tho


"I care about Slick and I wanted to make sure he's okay" x1000


We destiny sub now. Every clip on this sub will be a destiny clip, brother.


Dread it, run from it, Destiny arrives all the same.


One career already over in only 10 minutes is crazy


Don't be surprise once this is all over. Miz and Maya will stream like normal, Sub only heavily moderated chats. but yeah most viewers will stop watching them




They will end up with more viewers bet


The last part of this will age like milk.


> but yeah most viewers will ~~stop~~ **keep** watching them ftfy


holy fuck


​ plus this is 3hrs of apparently a 5-7 hr call






Give it 2 months they’ll all be playing among us


They’re playing amogus irl tbh🤣


Sorry for stupid question - who is Barry?


Barry\_74, was around since wow's peak along with Reckful, Soda and Mitch, but got tossed around by twitch for being wild on both his and other people's streams. Used to be a very funny dude tho. On another note, this is a wild timeline, since the last time I remember him interacting with Train was when he defended Reckful after Train punched him irl.


Barry tanked that dmg. Train was zDPS.


hes friends with mitch and train and the other wow dudes and has been for a long time. You can expect that his opinion is probably a bit biased.


newfrogs WeirdChamp


wow this is really going down


Maya said slick was her best friend at the time


I really hated the implication (mostly by xQc, some by Train) that Maya had absolutely 0 motivation to protect Slick on her own. They clearly didn't know Maya's relationship with Slick *at all* so the fact that they're gaslighting Mizkif telling HIM Maya wasn't friends with Slick is crazy. I think xQc added like 1 productive thing to that call but the shit I just mentioned makes me feel like he never should have been there. He was way out of his depth, he almost annoyed me as much as Mitch in that call.




imagine, just imagine throwing away your career for an absolute weirdo like Slik. Absolutely mind boggling


that's love dude




Can't adrianah address this directly, did she feel she was gaslit by Maya?


Yes, Adrianah can literally answer what Maya said. Maya can answer if she was directed to say that by Miz. The entire call so far is hearsay.


Yeah cause its only barry that stated it but mitch doubled it down to the point he said miz ordered them to go there and down play the situation But im curious why didn they added maya on the call cause she was fucking part of the accusation


I wouldn’t be surprised if miz did that, but Mitch said he explicitly told them to go there and downplay the situation and then recounted a conversation that was *anything* *but* an explicit instruction.


From what we have so far he absolutely did not tell them to go change the story, it sounded like he was gassing maya up to go over there saying she can connect to victim as a woman lol. Mitch is a fucking moron and his opinion on what they were told to do doesn’t matter since he wasn’t in the room during the discussion to begin with. The only things that matter, does maya think miz implied they should get here to change the story, guessing the answer is no, and does Andriana think maya intentionally gas lit her, guessing the answer is yes but that she will change her side 10 more times because let’s face it she’s loving the attention but still wants people to like her


Can't add someone who might prove them wrong.


This is my issue as well. She’s keeps saying maya “gaslit” and “manipulated her” but doesn’t say more than two sentences from the entire 30 min conversation. Her friend who was also there said maya explicitly said “I think you should tell your story as a women shouldn’t be punished for it”. Why did she specifically leave that out? It’s very weird. 5 people in that house and no one’s telling the actual story just “vibes”.


3 hours of people talking about shit without even having the only 2 people that actually had a conversation with each other, in the call. I think it's a perfect description of the twitch community as a whole.


i think they're throwing her under the bus


No doubt. But now Maya, to save her career, will have to come out and say it *was* Miz to sent her. But yeh Miz will throw his own mother under the bus if it meant his stream was going to suffer. Think he isn’t happy to throw this ex, who’s now a big streamer, under the bus?. Is a perfect out.


Maya will come out to say that it is the reason why they break up LUL


Unfortunately Ice was faster and already leaked why they really broke up https://twitter.com/REALIcePoseidon/status/1573202089576202240?s=20&t=rM4h2pHncVWJTro1U-LIZA


Yes, ice is definitely a reliable source


I'm sorry I just don't believe Miz was banging every OF girl that came over. This is mizkif were talking about.


Doesn't miz famously have problems with his libido? I can see them just not loving each other but fucking every girl who came out?


yeah I would be completely unsurprised if it was basically a loveless fake relationship (on both sides even) based on cloutsharking, but I'd be pretty shocked if Mizkif was capable of fucking around given that his dick doesn't work


Barry coming out swinging, holy shit.


It seems like a bunch of BS but i suppose we'll see😅


He's so reliable normally! Never causes any trouble! /S


Barry has absolutely nothing to lose leaking this stuff though. Idk if he's still banned on twitch but he clearly doesn't care


There is another interpretation, that Maya was acting out of genuine concern to see what is the best way to proceed, by asking questions like "are you sure?", and that Barry misinterpreted that as gaslighting.


Also another note is that none of this was coming from adrianah, but her friend - who was literally, as she said, adding things to the story that day that was never mentioned.


Nah Miz has confirmed multiple times he sent Maya cause she's a girl and they can relate. They might be both done.


Surely it’s the intent behind him sending her that matters? If he sent her to check she was okay that’s fine but if he sent her with explicit instructions to ‘railroad’ it’s a bit fucked


I could totally see them just thinking "we need to check up on her" or "we have no clue what happened, we need to at least ask her". But no matter how you put it, there's always going to be a power imbalance with them going to her house and investigating her. They're all bigger streamers than her, and they have complete control of the social circles that affects her career and her friendships. Regardless of intention, they intervened and intimidated her. She would've felt compelled to just answer what they wanna hear, and comply with their requests (to water-down the statement). They simply should've let her put up her statement on her own, **and then** discussed matters/defended their case afterwards.


Absolutely it was the wrong move either way. The question is if they did something stupid and wrong, or if it was sinister and wrong, because it's a big difference.


I agree and this is the biggest takeaway from all of this for me and why I'm diving into all of it. I want to know if Miz and/or Maya went over with bad intentions (threatening/railroading/changing the story) or stupid emotional intentions (freaking out about slick and wanting to know what happened). Both wrong decisions but one is much worse than the other.


Maya claims the latter and apologized for it and Adrianah accepted her apology.




I don't believe in the conspiracy that Miz or anyone in the group orchestrated some sort of coordinated intimidation tactic against Adrianna. I don't think anyone really thinks that. But do I believe that Maya had some implicit bias towards Slick while she was over there. At this point it's hard to justify some of the things she had said (allegedly according to Barry). Like "this is going to be bad for your career if it gets out". The only context I could see for that is if they had already decided to get it out at that point and she was trying to prepare her for what was to happen, but it really sounds fucked even in the best case intent.


Adrianah said she herself said "I don't want this to ruin my career", so Barry is either misremembering or just blatantly lying.


That on its own is not a smoking gun. In fact, that probably makes the most sense in terms of who Adrianah would be most comfortable talking to. I guess the question is whether anyone needed to go at all?


Mizkif literally threw maya and mitch under the bus, by saying that "if they did that" "it was because they are friend with slicks, not cus i told them"


alot of the shit he is saying is really inconsistent, and looks like he just trying to save his own ass.


You have to realize that *everyone involved has skeletons in the closet* so you can't trust anyone because they all want to save their own asses. This entire group of friends/aquaintances/rivals is toxic as fuck and I'm never gonna watch anyone who hangs out with any of these people again.


W take


they absolutely are — it’s honestly disgusting.


Yikes man. Destiny does give different view points. Maya is trying to make sure she's 100% sure so they don't make a mistake kicking Slick out but Barry interpreted her questioning as gaslighting. He said she said. But Mitch and Barry have both said Maya gaslit her. Miz has now thrown Maya under the bus because he says "Why the fuck does what Maya did effect me?"


Miz threw her under the bus so quick.


Miz said he doesn't think Maya would say those things.


I mean if someone gotta fall, the ex-gf seems like an easy target.


I just feel bad that she wasn't in the call to defend herself. Because Miz instantly threw his hands up and said not me being accused, so not my problem to defend her.


I still can't believe she slept with him.


I would have treated her right


All of the streamers involved only care about themselves and their career, 100%. That's what this has always been about. Not SA or protecting women. It's about money in their pockets.


Mitch said he wasn't in the room and was outside. We only have impartial Barry, we need the girls POVs


The more I'm learning about Barry the less impartial he seems.


We already have their POVs. And the most trustworthy versions of their POVs as we're going to get, because they gave them before hearing this call. Adrianah, while not stating it as strongly as Barry did, basically said the same thing. That her career prospects was held over her head, her allegations was proofread by Maya, and that she was told to change some wording etc. And Maya's telling her POV in response included slip ups like "we agreed that it wasn't sexual assault", and that she told Adrianah to state that Slick had done no such things in her statement. I don't think she disputed anything Adrianah said, she just seemed apologetic and that she didn't have any bad intentions. So, I think we already have a pretty clear picture of what went down.


This is my take too, idk why everyone is taking Barry at face value here. Not to say that it’s not how he genuinely interpreted the situation, but it’s possible it’s present in power dynamics and also not intended on Mayas side. I think it explains everyone’s reactions for the most part. I think releasing the call only really could hurt Maya, so I wonder if someone thought they were getting the super nuke (xqc/miz/train/Barry) and didn’t care if Maya got dragged or if it was something else.


Well Adrianah in her stream did confirm Maya asked those questions.


even in the view that's generous towards maya, i can't fathom the logic behind saying "if you say this it's going to harm your career" that can only be understood as a threat


In Adrianah's original statement she herself said to Maya "I don't want this to ruin my career". So Barry is most likely misremembering or just blatantly lying.


If she actually said those words or something similar with the main key points intact, she's fucked. Those are definitely leading questions that were trying to steer Adrianah away from implicating Slick. And the part with harming her career is irredeemable. That's 100% intimidation


Not trying to defend Maya, but the depressing part of this whole thing is that it absolutely did harm her career.


In this case that could've possibly been due to things Maya and others in the group intentionally did but it's also 100% true no matter what Maya does or doesn't do, coming out against a WAY bigger and more clouted creator will brand you with that association for the foreseeable future and that fucks your reputation up hardcore. Like as much as I wanna find a simple narrative to bring out my pitchfork for, a woman creator telling another that complaining about mistreatment will come back to bite her isn't farfetched by any means, I mean shit that's common sense even in the offline professional world.


100% agree. Fucked up world we live in but that's the reality. There's so many examples of women being blacklisted for doing the exact same thing. That said, my takeaway is that although that part I'm on the fence about, I do feel like it was a shitty move on Maya's part to ask if Adrianah felt it was sa. Cause cut and dry it was, not to mention still hanging out with slick after the fact. Shitty move from Miz to throw Maya under the bus like that with the new info. Shitty move of Train and Xqc to use this as some sort of chess move. Just shitty all around with people fighting to see who's shittier.


Yeah when she said that there's no interpretation where that is an investigative remark. Its a persuasive one. She's attempting to persuade Adrianah not to go with it, and I'm pretty doubtful that its for Adrianah's own good.


Maya is best friends with crazyslick


In balance, it isn't entirely wrong though. SA allegations are risky for the accuser, and it's why they aren't reported very well/kept under wraps a lot of the time. So – charitably – it could be legitimate concerns she's voicing. Regardless though, her intention's don't matter; she definitely shouldn't be there and definitely shouldn't be delivering that kind of message at all in the first, especially given place with her position as a large streamer and her connection to the accuser. Just messed up.


The other issue is she is/was seemingly (from what I've read, in fairness) good friends with Slick. So it's not Slick, a minor acquaintance or even a near stranger to Maya and she's just trying to get complete clarification from the victim. Now it's Slick, Maya's good friend, who she is seeking clarification on which adds another layer to the interpretation that she's gaslighting the victim. Even if she was trying to just gather facts as a neutral party it *really* doesn't come off that way to an observer. She was either coming from a good place and it still looks bad or she was being a scumbag and trying to protect Slick which makes this look insanely bad.




Holy shit


Why was Maya not on the call for this?


So that she can be fodder and thrown under the bus


I don't know Barry sounds like a PoS too. He is acting like he was Adrianah's friend. But she messaged Destiny and clearly said she had no idea Mitch and Maya were coming to her house. So Barry "her good friend" blind sides her with two people who are friends with her attacker? This whole thing is so strange.


Apparently her friend Kyle knew and might’ve not told her


Yea, Kyle and Barry seem extremely sus to me. Sounds like they're using Adrianah to settle some beef with Miz/Slick.


Didn't somebody say recently that Slick was making out/kissing Kyle's girlfriend at that same party? That could be a good enough reason for beef.


Yep, Kyle made sure to mention that multiple times. He, Barry and Mitch have some explaining to do.


Like Destiny said just after : it could be gaslighting or it could be her checking the informations before to kick out Slick


"according to barry"


I thought it was fucked that Maya was not in this call. But we shall wait to see if she has anything else to say.


-1 sanctuary LULW


Does those animals *really* need sanctuary though? Maybe they're just confused and imagining things? /Maya




I'll hold my pitchfork. Maya have no representation in that call and if Maya went that hard, Adrianah would be much harsher against Maya and wouldnt have accepted her apology so easily. While what Barry said could be right but he is also known to be a troll and banned from Twitch, so I will wait till I hear both sides.


Adrianah accepting Mayas apology make it seem like everyone else is just trying to throw her under the bus.


I'm just thinking of the animals :(


Miz brought her into this world and he’s gonna take her out. Edit: I’m excited I finally said something good! Growth.




Everyone's out here trying to keep what they got lucky with, multimillion dollar income streams.


HOLY FUCK he didnt give a single fuck about Maya LMFAO.


To be fair she made it clear she didnt give a fuck about him either when responding to drama recently


This. Maya did the same shit to him with all this drama recently. Don't see why he needs to do anything for her when he wasn't even there at all.


when did she say this?…im just ask i actually don’t kno


step 1: clickbait shippers step 2: grow her as a streamer step 3: steal her viewers by restreaming her streams (the ones with adept etc) step 4: end her career SIGMA GRINDSET


Miz really liked Death Note holy shit


He just said "What does this have to do with me" lmao not even trying to defend her


They clearly didn't break up on good terms. They're only 'friends' for the sake of civility among their shared social network. Makes sense that neither of them are interested in defending each other, just themselves.


I wonder if Maya will try to throw Mizkif under the bus.


In her apology/explanation video, she pretty much started her statement off with "im not here to defend anyone but myself". So yeah, I don't think she'll care to defend Miz, especially now.


The best defense of Miz happens to be the best defense of herself now though. That all the stuff Barry says is a gross exaggeration. I'd be shocked if she takes any other path out of this mess than that or possibly just ignoring it. The "I gaslit a sexual assault victim to downplay her allegations because I cared so much about best friend Slick and because Mizkif told me to" route is extremely weak.


birds got fried


just write a statement and take a couple of weeks off


after Poki came back vs Fed I don't trust anything anymore lol




People are going to go off on this hardcore but Destiny is actually doing a decent job at characterizing the factions and the various interpretations from a 3rd party perspective.


Yes prob the best streamer to have access to this call lmao


Destiny and Asmon should be on a call more often.




Destiny gonna be all over that monthly upvote and he aint even on twitch lmao


Maya thrown under the bus to save Miz




Birds sleeping hungry tonight.


I'm really hoping that Destiny got his hands on the version of this audio file that includes the directors cut featuring: the raw cut 12 hour footage covering the Dr Disrespect ban and a sneak peek into the next big upcoming drama: Jerma sextape


Man, I never thought I would see then day when LSF is filled with a majority of youtube clips over twitch clips, but here we are.


Wait who tf is Barry?


Anyone who takes anything Barry says seriously is a poor soul.


bro, barry has never spoke a single word of truth in his life, ESPECIALLY online. What the fuck are you people doing listening to him?


Everyone is getting taken for a ride by Barry and Kyle. I'd bet on it.


Is Barry reliable?


doesn't seem like it




according to Barry


[Same Barry btw](https://youtu.be/9aOcnOsj2DA)


Maya talked about it in her response a few days ago, adrianah intially didn't want to come out with it, until the novaruu clip, because it would be bad for her career/she would get the short end of the stick https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1595968280?t=0h6m22s Barry is untrustworthy, lying about their breakup. Those girls on stream came after the split https://twitter.com/REALIcePoseidon/status/1573202089576202240


The thread that had this was deleted. It is crazy that things like this are censored.


This fucking call just proves that no one really cared about AL, miz trying to save his career, and train tryna destroy miz so he can continue gambling thats it, both are shitty people


Miz and Maya not sounding good, this call is bad for them. Asmongold is the only one who comes off well.


Train sounds like a lunatic pushing his narrative too and yelling and manipulating the conversation. Train clearly wants to bury Mizkif and that makes his perspective very questionable. Mizkif wants to protect himself, so that makes his perspective questionable. Really, the only people that matter are AD and Maya in this. Too much hearsay. I don't think anyone on this call sounds good (other than the neutral parties, i.e., asmon)


Okay, this is even more confusing but now we know who the real players are here. First, let's go over what we know for each player in the story: 1. **Mizkif** - it seems he wants to know what Adriannah was saying so he knows what happened and what to do with CrazySlick, since he was worried his best friend raped someone and was ready to throw him out but wanted to be sure. 2. **Train** - thinks Mizkif was covering up, doesn't know anything except what he was told and caught Mizkif tripping on his words on sending Maya there to find out. 3. **Mitch** - the one that started this by telling Train. His story is most crucial here and yet it turns out he knows nothing as he was outside playing with the dog. 4. **Barry** - was there and says Maya was going pretty hard on her, saying how she was sounding threatening and gaslighting her. Now Barry is the one who they need to grill. 5. **Maya** - spoke to her but we don't know what happened, Miz says he never told her to say the stuff Barry was saying she apparently said and Miz doesn't believe Maya would do that. Basically the only people that should be questioned now are Maya and Barry since their stories contradict each other. Either Maya is innocent and Barry is lying/exaggerating, or Maya was actually going hard on the victim either with Mizkif's encouragement (which is denied) or her own volition. Personally I think either Maya was the one that stuffed up or Barry is misrepresenting. But no one really knows until those two get everything out in the open and get questioned since everyone else is just shit-flinging. Destiny is right that everyone here is biased too, it seems Train and Miz just have different opinions on what transpired but neither actually know, unless Maya throws Miz under. I don't know this Barry dude but I'm sus, this all hinges on whether he's telling the truth and if Maya played a part in orchestrating this or Barry is being shady. The only other person that could corroborate this is Adriannah, who hasn't mentioned much about it at the moment.


none of this makes any sense to me after maya's stream the other day explaining what happened and then adriannah agreeing with her so either barry is making shit up or adriannah has stockholm syndrome or something


Yep, I feel the same. This call just showed me that most people involved don't actually know shit, the only people that know are Barry and Adriannah v Maya, and Mitch up to the point that that he went outside. What's funny is half of those people aren't in the call, and the other half are contradicting each other or not speaking up. Barry, Maya and Adriannah need to say **exactly** what happened because so far none of this makes any sense. The feud between Mizkif and Train is absolutely inconsequential since they're just speculating on what Mizkif's *intent* was, and no one seems to be giving any conclusive information one way or the other. Mitch is the one that started this by gossiping and isn't speaking up on the truth and sucking up to both sides. Either Barry is making shit up, which I don't understand why he would then again he also mentioned "*they*" when only him and Maya were talking to Adriannah and didn't say what Mizkif said (so either lying, made a mistake/tripped up his words or he's leaving something out), or Maya lied but why would Adriannah agree with her? Or if she was instructed why Mitch didn't say that but gave Train the impression he did, unless he embelished the story and got caught in the middle? Mitch also seemed to nudge against Adriannah but he stopped expanding on that point and gave a lot of non-answers. This is just too weird.


Same Barry who said this btw: https://twitter.com/realiceposeidon/status/1573202089576202240?s=21&t=5IBHxAUb7y2pZv8qNUEGKA


Yeah I just saw that video while taking a dump, now I'm double sus.


I like how the one thing everyone involved agrees with is that Mitch is dumb.


yall should look into barry if you don't know who he is.


So Barry is going extremely hard on Maya an Mitch isn't backing him up. I want to really ask do you guys think the reckful situation put a bad taste of Maya in barrys mouth? im still watching the whole thing so i may be wrong but barry seems to think the worst of the worst of Maya


Just look at Ice’s latest tweet and you can see there is a hidden agenda against Maya


Mitch is claiming he wasn't in the room


Looks really, really bad but without Maya on the call to defend herself I wouldn't read too much into it.




Idk it’s weird in general that all the big streamers are talking about this as they were the ones that got SA. Or they’re trying to be investigators.


Jesus fucking christ everyone in this call looks like a fucking gigantic clown. Its literally like 3rd graders argueing.






Who is Barry and what is his relationship to all of the parties involved?


dude clearly has a long standing beef with Miz.


Adriannas story changing every few days or adding new stuff is kinda weird.


Because it's all coming from Kyle and Barry (who hate Miz). She was unconscious so she is forced to rely on them. Just an aside, Kyle dislikes Slick for flirting with his gf at the party. Idk nothing passes smell test for me.


Oh no




its quite simple and idk why anyone is looking any deeper. Miz sends people over to adrianahs house to “gather more information”. this already offers red flags. if you want info let the victim come out at their own terms WHEN THEY FEEL LIKE IT. miz circling to “my bestfriend being cancelled” is the weakest argument ever. poor adrianah having to deal with all this because this is LEGIT what she wanted to avoid the entire time.


They keep saying Barry may have been biased, any context in the ice drama??? The other guy that gave an account of the events didn’t say maya was gaslighting in fact he said the opposite.






Maya Maxwell WeirdChamp


They was miz worries more about slick than anything else is crazyyyyy


If you had a best friend you might understand. This isn't daytime TV. These situations are extremely tough in the moment.


oof this is worst than miz ngl


there is going to be a lot of homeless birds soon