Upping my water intake and my salt intake helped, as well as prescription Lorazepam when it's being extra rough.


Glad you’ve found some things that help you :) I think my salt intake should be okay but I could drink more water


This is called neuro covid. The nerves are misfiring due to inflammation. I wrote some articles on this. [Functional Nerve Disorder (FND) and Long COVID - covidCAREgroup.org](https://www.covidcaregroup.org/blog/Post_COVID_functional_nerve_disorder) [Long COVID prevention and treatment guidance - covidCAREgroup.org](https://www.covidcaregroup.org/blog/covid-19-prevention-and-treatment) [Cranial Nerve Inflammation and Long COVID - covidCAREgroup.org](https://www.covidcaregroup.org/blog/cranial-nerve-inflammation-and-long-covid)


Magnesium glycinate seems to help me some.


Rn I’m trying a magnesium complex. I have tremor, involuntary muscle spasm and heart pain/nerve pain. Before my symptoms were much different it was triggered from a flu.


I'd check Iron/ferritin, I had those symptoms and mine were Iron deficiency


I’m not sure about ferritin but I’ve had blood tests and they came back clear.. I’ve been taking an iron and B12 supplement for 2 months in case it may be due to that but my doc doesn’t think so


The same treatment for ferritin deficiency is Iron, when do you take it and how matters (empty stomach with vitamin C) A neurologist was the one who diagnosed me and did CT scans, have you seen one yet?


Not for iron deficiency but for your tremors, from this page" You can ask your doctor to check your bloodwork including complete blood count (CBC), electrolytes, ferritin, a full iron panel, a full thyroid panel including reverse T3 and reverse T4, metabolic profile, cholesterol, C-reactive protein (CRP), ANA, rheumatoid factor, D-dimer, cytokine inflammatory markers interleukin-6 and interleukin-1b, along with kidney function tests" This I got all this test done [https://www.reddit.com/user/CovidCareGroup/comments/10irl8r/brain\_fog\_updated\_research/](https://www.reddit.com/user/CovidCareGroup/comments/10irl8r/brain_fog_updated_research/)


Sorting out my nutritional deficiencies seemed to help the most. Especially b vitamins. I was low on a lot of stuff. B12, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin D.


I had this and got to the bottom of it using somatic Experiencing


Please take it very easy. Do not push yourself for anything.