Luckily my phone doesn’t bother me, but I have these exact same symptoms, like exactly, if I play any video games or use a computer for more than like 3 or 4 minutes, idk if you play games at all but ever since this burning pressure in my head started I can’t play any games at all or use computers. It never goes away but as long as I avoid games and computers it’s not as bad, but still constantly there. Gets super inflamed and extreme if I play any games or use/look at a computer. I think we probably have the same, or very similar issue


I’m definitely more sensitive to my phone then I was before. I’m a software engineer and I can’t really look at the screen like I used to. Even my computer hurts. Try the black and white filter on iPhone. Just google it. I don’t really want to explain (Lc brain lol)


Blue light of phone is harmful,whenever we look in phone it causes strain in already inflammated eye and brain nerves


This hasn't happened to me but I'm def going to pay more attention as I use my phone throughout the day. 😬


This happened to me too early on. Time will help. It subsided around 3-4 months for the most part.


It’ll be a year on 5/11 :( Was it just the phone? Did you take anything and find relief?


Computer work did the same to me. Nothing but time really helped with that and brain fog.


I'm extremely light sensitive and can only look at my phone with an extra blue filter app on the darkest mode. My screen is basically red and dark, but it doesn't hurt then, so who cares. When I got the new TV and the led backlight was on, I got insane migraines, with vertigo and nauseous and spent 3 days in my dark bedroom with earplugs in. Maybe a bluelight filter can help? Or neuroathletic exercises for the eyes? I can't read books because my eyes can't do the movement I get extremely dizzy, and brain fogged. Like I'm hitting a wall inside my brain..


Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I searched blue light filter in the App Store and doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for. Do know the app name?


I know you can order glasses with blue light protection. If you don’t need them perhaps straight glass with blue light lenses. 🤓


Twilight is an app for it, I use a German one "Nachtmodus"


Is it possible that you have a sinus nasal infection? I did and your symptoms sound like mine.


My entire body burns for almost a year and immediately came on the heels of Covid. A year ago. Definitely not a sinus infection. Long Covid nervous symptom dysfunction.


This is extreme light sensitivity. It can be to any light but often it is to artificial light. Artificial light flickers causing pupils to constantly adjust. This is fine when your eyes are normal. But when nerves in your eyes have been sensitized, and covid and inflammation can do that ( there are published studies looking in corneal nerves of long covid patients), this is perceived as pain, i.e. nerves are responding to non painful stimulus in a painful way. Check things like "corneal neuralgia" or "neuropathic corneal pain" you might have some version of it.