The POV on this is insane. How big of drop is this? Looks big. Is it over a road. Like a road gap? Nice drop regardless. Think I might have pushed the bike away from me a little but eh you survived so all that matters 👍


https://i.imgur.com/X7CYAif.jpg That’s another view of it. Kid for scale lol. I did not know the kid was there till I saw this pic. It goes over the trail. There were a lot of people on this ride today because it’s a brand new trail and today was like the halfway done party lol. Next time I hit this ima focus on getting my form better. I was nervous as fuck but now that I got the first one out the way I can have fun with it.


Sick video, sick drop, and dope pic, but it's literally the worst angle to judge the size by lol. Impressive send my dude


Lol at the time I responded to that comment I didn’t have much to work with. Now tho since so many people were out there I’ve got a few more vids. https://imgur.com/a/YyXh2zV And thanks bro!!


Nice drop! I would be somewhat concerned about mid air collisions with riders on the other trail though.


Hey, riders on the other trail should think about that before… having… heads.


Heck yeah. That's sick


I forgot to add about the size lol. My buddy who has hit drop the hammer at coler in Bentonville said it’s just a little bit smaller than that.


That's a good sized drop then. Drop the hammer is a true road gap style drop Yeah tbh form was not great. From my understanding and how I do drops you basically want to push the bike forward and away from you once the bike gets to the drop with the front wheel. Then get centered over the bike in air and get ready to match the angle of the landing on impact. Glad you landed it. See a lot of nasty crashes when you dead sailor the shit into the landing. But surviving is what it's all about. 👍


Word bro! Thanks for the advice!


https://imgur.com/a/ktI6KGD Here’s another view someone sent me on Facebook messenger


Noice! Your onlookers yelling was awesome.


Yea that was kinda awesome lol Me and two other people are then only ones that have hit it so far so the stoke was kinda big haha


Awesome man!! I just got into it MTB this season and am just starting to send tiny little drops - seeing you send this huge one is super motivating 🔥 nice job!


Hell yea that’s awesome bro and thank you!!


Great work! Getting out of your own head is the hardest part, and you totally did that! I've got snow down where I live right now so no more drops for us, makes me want to take a trip down south to do some riding


Come on down bro! We planning a trip to spider mountain in between Christmas and new years. If u get ur lift ticket now it’s less than $30


Absolutely would love to come however when I looked up directions it's a 26-hour straight drive from Toronto! LOL


Oh damn lol Stay warm up there bro!!


We need the side view!


https://imgur.com/a/YyXh2zV Here ya go


Smooth! Any tips for noobs like me haha


Don’t get frustrated. Keep pushing yourself. Always wear a helmet! YouTube is a great resource for learning things too. I need to revisit some drop videos and work on my form


Solid drop! Looove the energy mid drop too!


Lol thank you! Happy cake day bro!


Wow! Massive🔥


Nice. Full send!




Sweet drop. I've been looking for my chance to maybe try a drop like this but there are few and far between here in the Midwest. Where is this located might I ask?


This is in East Texas. Near lake Cherokee. It’s a brand new trail that’s not complete yet. They had a halfway done party this past weeknd.