Don’t worry bro just gonna have to grind it out and save them


Okay thanks


I feel you. I only have 19701 of them at the moment. Still.. on track for unhoard though.


Jeez. In order for me to get more command points do I just need to get higher rank or just get a lot from dailysupply? I know you can get like 1 or 2 per event abd some on Deadpool daily but I just wanna see if there's any more ways to get them easier


At your current level, I wouldn't worry about command points so much. But yes, you get more by leveling up more, unlocking higher shield clearance levels, rostering more characters, and cashing in on your champ rewards. Focus on getting all of your 2\* and 3\* champed and you'll see a noticeable bump in your daily income.


Much appreciated


Yeah being such a low rank leaves it hard to really bulk on them. Honestly at your rank, I wouldn’t spend any of them ever. You should save every single one all the way up til your working mid way through 4 star characters and/or when the legends rotation 5 star characters you want to fly through. For instance, I’m rank 100 and I do the Deadpool Daily and play through the stories every other day and I probably average close to 10 command points a day. Some days a little less and some days when I level the right characters I can pull 35 or more in a day. But this is because 3-star characters near their final levels and mid way 4 stars really start producing bulk command points for their champion rewards. But really do yourself a favor that a lot of people don’t and don’t spend any command points ever until you’ve collected and championed all 3 stars and are well into the 4 starts with about 10-15 of them championed. And do your best to wait for characters you want to quick level to show up in Legends rotation


Thank you so much. I appreciate it.


That’s 320 days worth of hoarding as a t10 player in a t10 alliance (less than 100$ spent this year). Also 676 LTs. I average 4,5 pulls earned per day roughly.


bruh. how do you get 4,5 pulls daily? I check the rewards for SCL 10 (im not actually in it) and it doesnt look like you would be able to get that many


The 2, 3 and 4 star farm are not to be underestimated. And don’t forget the sub rewards and the alliance rewards. We frequently get t2 alliance PVE.


The whole concept of useful 4* farms just scares me


You’re telling me. I have 336 roster slots at this point. They cost 2000HP each starting at the 300th slot(or maybe 301? I forget which exactly). And I’m still early in my 4* farm. Only 14 of them are maxed out with a double working their way through the ranks. (Yes I know I don’t have to keep the maxed copies, but It’s way simpler for me to keep everything organized in my head that way).


Starts at 301. I am at 299 and the next one is 1000.


If you think that's wild, consider what it's like to farm 1*s. I do it because there's a minor shield point profit in doing so versus just selling the covers.


Up to a certain shield level, then it’s iso negative.


Crap. I'm shield level 171. Did I do the math wrong?


If I remember correctly, it’s somewhere around 120 when you should sell instead of roster. You should double check.


This is going to sound like a weird request, but can I just see that? I always just spend my stuff as I get it, and I've only got like 225 days of rewards, much less consecutive saves. Is it better to just bank my stuff and then blow it all at once?


Not OC but in a similar gameplay situation as Daiches. https://i.imgur.com/PPu2aq6.jpg


That is just nuts. I don't mean this sarcastically, it's totally genuine. But why? Is there a mechanically viable reason to not open packs as you get them, or are you just apathetic to what's inside?


Hoarding gives you a better guarantee that you focused your pulls on characters that are actually worth using. In the last year for example only Shang-Chi was good. That’s at like 10 other characters that weren’t worth spending on. That’s a lot of pulls.


It's a mixture of both. Once you get to a point where you need to build your 5\* roster, there aren't that many ways to do it. The most popular method is to only spend tokens on special shops or when the latest legends provide a meta-defining character (or trio of characters). The other is to take a spend-as-you-go approach (which I personally use). This method spends CP as soon as you have enough to spend or as soon as you have enough HP to open a new roster slot, but almost exclusively on latest legends. Since each 5\* sticks around for about 3 months, it's usually enough time to fully cover them while they're there. Outside of those methods, you'll find it very difficult to fully cover a 5\* character. Milestones will help no matter which route you take, but it's the difference of enjoying the feeling of spending once a year (if even that often) or a couple times a week. With the former approach, you kinda have to have this mindset of pretending that CP and LL tokens don't exist in this game. So an entire aspect of this game is nonexistent for you, all for the sake of preventing waste, and optimizing the fun out of the gameplay. Could be useful for some, but it makes the game much less enjoyable in my perspective as all I have to work toward are heroic tokens, which are only occasionally useful once you're deep into 4\* land.


It’s certainly not the only way to cover 5star characters, that’s actually become much easier as time goes on. But I want 550s, and I’m not gonna get those spending as I go.


Many will tend to advocate that hoarding is the only way to progress your account in this game, but the spend as you go approach is completely viable as a 5\* F2P player. Check this thread: [https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/81450/grand-experiment-2-treading-water-in-the-scl-10-post-shardpocalypse/p1](https://forums.d3go.com/discussion/81450/grand-experiment-2-treading-water-in-the-scl-10-post-shardpocalypse/p1) The strategy is to spend on latest until you champ 2 of the 3, then spend the rest on classics until one of them leaves, all the while accumulating the latest legends tokens you pick up along the way in preparation for the new incoming character. This gets you the best of both worlds, covering both classic 5\* characters (albeit much more slowly), but also having a robust 5\* roster in the process.


I’m in a different situation. Only adding more 550s will improve my roster. I did my first year and a half hoard (Wanda/Colossus/Knull) because adding yet another 460 to my roster wasn’t doing anything at all anymore to improve my roster. Your first step is to get a roster that allows you to play competitively in both event types (you need to have the time for that though), ao you can maximize your income.


What is a 550 and 460? Is that a max level on a 5\*? For reference I'm CL9 L70 so I understand a bit, but a lot of terminology is beyond me.


550 is the maximum level of a 5star character. I have 4 of them. 460 is a base champ 450 with 10 champ levels. About the average level I got on characters in Latest while I was pulling as I go.


Do you save the 3 star covers to max champ them in one go or add level by level?


There’s zero benefit to saving them up. If you go one by one, you can at least shift around favorites and work towards CP/LTs faster. Only reason I can think of to save one up is if you’re really really ISO poor? But I’ve been post ISO for years.


Also, if you're apart of a good team, you could get CPs according to what they buy & Vice versa & especially if they're active during huge events like Galactus, Thanos & other stuff.


35k here




every time i get 20 i spend em on a legendary pull. i never hoard. but maybe i should. i don’t know:


I'm in the same boat. I have all 4* rostered, with all the metas champed. I have no idea if I should be hoarding my LL and CP to work towards 5* or if I should just make pulls when I can.


I'm getting a lot of advice that you should so maybe you should


My brother in christ, I am broke on command points, iso, and hero points. I am just broke


I feel you man. It honestly just stresses me and makes me said when I see 0 next to my command points


I’m broke on tokens and CPs. I just don’t care. Doc Ock is sitting at L298! So close to getting 250 electro shards. Waiting is boring. I farmed CPs for whole week to get Gargantos! And I didn’t even get him! I’d rather get my 4* shards sooner than later.


Whats the best use for them? Pretty new and currently champin' 2 and 3 stars.


Early game I suggest reserving them to unlock slots. And on a related note ALWAYS try to keep 1000 cp in the bank just in case you get a new cover. (Related guideline is to avoid pulling covers when you can't afford a new slot.)


Huh didn’t even realize you could unlock slots with CP, thanks!


You can't; the other commenter may be mixing up HP and CP. Early game you should save all your CP and only spend HP on roster slots.


Im always broke of CP and LL, grinding those shards. Has worked out well enough 21 of my 39 5* champs are from shards.


Me... I'm still champing all my 4s, so I spend them as I get them


I’ve got 3,433 Command Points. I’ve only got around half the 4\* characters rostered and I’m saving them until I have them all. I do wonder if I should have spent a few trying to get some 5\* Shang-Chi covers...


broke broke broke