Love the depth going on here. A deck of 12 single cards is going to have a nice amount to build around while not needing a ton to get started. Also the detail on the art and the cards in action with voice lines is awesome! Too bad it’s android only for beta. Hopefully it won’t take them long to get this out to general release.


Thanks for sharing. This is a great video. Excited to see more! Simple card design but it looks like there’s a lot of potential for interesting strategies. Interested to see how big the location pool is. As that seems like it will add a lot of diversity to the games.


Looks like 50+ locations at launch.


They also said that they are adding locations on a weekly basis, and each week the new location will be more likely to come up for a couple of days (before going into general rotation). It seems like an easy way to add some variety to gameplay.


Really excited for this, a quite different and interesting system that sets it apart from what is on the market, plus fast, fun and short games. Card games are really the only ones where the competitiveness doesn't stress me out too much, so I hope the execution goes well.


The system seems to just be Smash-Up. Very little originality, but new to the digital market.


Ah, I wasn't aware, today I learned. Thanks for informing.


I bet 95% or more of Snap players will never have heard of Smash Up. Maybe 99%. It's a fine card game, but it takes too long to set up and tear down when you're playing with real cards. Super fast on your phone? Sign me up!


Smash up system is used in a lot of games. If you are looking for a fast one, check Air, Land and Sea, or Battle Line : Medieval.


Oh nice! Thanks for that description. As a boardgamer, I know exactly what to expect then. It's a pretty good model for an expandable/collectable card game, with lots of opportunities for combos and different card rarities. I think there was another bg similar to Smash Up released within the last two years, but I totally don't remember the name.


How similar is it to smash up?


This video made me very excited… it feels very deep but looks very accessible. Great design!


Can't Wait to play it!


I'm excited, though mechanically this appears to just be (essentially) [Smash Up](https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/122522/smash), a board game with a fair number of expansions. This'll be a perfect phone game.




I mean, it's not _exactly_ the same, but it's _pretty damn close_. I play it with my son pretty often. It's too much work to set up for too little pay off when played in person, but while standing in line at the grocery store, being able to knock out a quick game? Yes please.


One thing I notice is that the UI doesn't seem to tell you what the heroes _do_. Are we supposed to just memorize them?


you might be able to zoom in (like in Hearthstone)


I would guess in the final version, or it even could be just cause it was pre-recorded, that the cards will tell you what they do before hand


I would assume it might be a long press to see what it does. Something similar to that.




It reminds me a lot of Assassin's Creed: Recollection other than smaller deck. That was my favorite TCG of all time. I’ve been waiting for another game like it ever since.


When I saw the trailer mentioning about controlling 2 of 3 areas to win, I thought about AC recollection. Unfortunately, that’s all this game has in common. Like other comments mentioned, this is more like Smash Up. AC recollections was very innovative take on magic the gathering formula in real time. Teppen is the closest to it so far that I’ve seen. Wish we have more of such games.


The main think I liked was the real time turns where you didn’t have to wait for your opponent. I haven’t seen another game besides this new one do that since. Not too familiar with Teppen. Does that have that too?


Yes, Teppen is real-time just like AC recollections. It's not exactly the same of course but combat and spells real time mechanics are very similar. If you like AC Recollections, definitely check out Teppen.


The breakdown definitely gives me a better picture of the game, really excited now!


I missed Ben, glad to see him again


That. Looks. Awesome.


Looks great. Definitely looking forward to the short games.