Games are supposed to be about 3min long. Very little reason to have any kind of async mode added.


I understand it's not for everyone and games are short but it's more about being able to have a game on the go with friends even if you're unable to match times when both are free to sit down and play, having busy schedules and families etc. It's be a big draw for me personally.


dude its only 3 min, trust me you don't have as busy schedule so you don't have 3 min ( even Elon Musk have free time to post tweets) and if some way you do, maybe there is better things to do in your spare 3 min


Man, I never said I don't have 3 minutes. Let's say I have half an hour a day to sit down and play. That half hour I have spare may not align with my friends' spare half hour. I can play randoms but I want to play with my mates also. We've always looked for games with async as the solution as that is what worked for us. Still hyped for the game but just personally less so without async. Really not sure why you guys are trying to convince me what I need or want. Again, I know it's not something most people care about but it is what I want and has worked for me. It was just a question and what I personally want to see.


impossible. Second player will get a huge advantage, like gwent.


I thought the game mechanic is simultaneous reveal.


Yeap, it does, so when both players have made their moves, you'll get the reveal, whether both make the move at the same time or one after the other.


How so? It still functions as per a normal game. Things will resolve end of each round when both players have decided their move.