You know what doesn't fit well? A boyfriend who makes you feel insecure about your choices. That dress is lovely, fits beautiful, and suits your skin tone. What's not to love?! You look like a fairy princess and you should feel like one!!


All of this! Plus the dress has a very classic, timeless feel to it. You’ll be able to look at picture of this dress in 20 years and still love it! The boy may or may not still be in your life in 20 years, but the confidence and happiness you experience NOW will last forever.


Yes! My first thought was honestly that this gorgeous dress would look great with some fancy 1950’s accessories, like lace gloves and a feather hairpiece. And a string of pearls (fake is perfectly acceptable).


Ooooh, pearls would be so fun!!!


OP, I just showed this to my husband - a grown up boy - and he responded with, “Dress is fine. He’s an idiot.”


Lmao awesome husband!


hubby passes the vibe check :)


I also concour with your husband's response. That dress is awesome and the "boyfriend" is an idiot. 41 yr old boy here.


It's one of those dresses that, even looking back on it from a time when it no longer fits the current fashion, anyone could appreciate its intricacy and construction. It's a gorgeous dress.


You could still WEAR this in 20 years and it will be amazing! My prom was not all that long ago and my dress is already super dated. This was a great pick!!


Came here to say this exactly. It looks glorious and is perfect for prom.


I would not wear it to the supermarket, but a prom seems like a fitting occasion to me. Did he state he hated this dress or did he think this dress is too grand compared to what the other girls will be wearing? Like, are most of the other girls wearing gowns or cocktail dresses. This looks like a very classy dress for a classy young lady. And that might just be the source of his concerns: this isn't the dress of a girl making out (or more) in the grass at the end of the prom.


Ha yes! OP- YOU LOOK SO GOOD If your boyfriend won't shut up about this and apologize for making you doubt yourself, I think he's the one that needs to be exchanged for something better 👍🏻


She looks elegant. I thoroughly enjoy whatever the beaded shoulder jawns are called. Thats a dress made by a fairy godmother


That's a beautiful dress! Looks like it fits you nicely, also. Tell your boyfriend to shut his face. If he didn't buy it, and didn't come with you to pick it out, he gets no opinion. Have fun at prom!


Amen! It’s stunning and it really complements your figure. The embroidery is beautiful and the color is classic. Your bf can shove it. You’ll look great at the dance - have fun! (From a big sister who would tell your bf to “shove it” to his face for you if I could).


Can we start a big sis for a minute subreddit??


I always wanted big sis to tell me I'm doing fine and no need to compare myself to others. A piggy back ride would be great too


You are doing fine and you have no need to compare yourself to others. You are unique and wonderful. I don't have to know you to know that. I am sorry I am too physically weak to give piggy back rides. - your big sis


Big sisters, we have a job to do. r/bigsisforaminute


I’m ready! My big sis was basically my mom, and I miss her every single day since she passed in 2007. I’ll do my best to fill in for her.


I know you'll do your best. - your big sis


It's absolutely charming. The color is great and it fits you perfectly. The embroidery is lovely adds interest to the whole dress. I'd keep the dress and ditch the boyfriend.


Absolutely! Looks fantastic. Rock that thing at prom OP, you queen!


Happy cake day!! 🎂☺️


Thisssss. He doesn’t know shit about dresses. Keep the dress, yeet the bf.


It’s a good thing he’s not wearing it!


The dress is beautiful. Why does he hate it?


I think the color and he says it’s too much for prom.


Tell him he can wear a simple dress himself if that's what he wants lol.


Boyfriends come and go - but a good dress is forever ❤️


omg yes!! my dress for prom was amazing. I remember it more than my date. 😌


I still have my prom dress! The date however, I couldn't tell you where he is to save my life hahah


I had to seriously think about who I brought to prom. The dress though? Perfection.


Are they really that big of a deal? My side hustle was making prom dresses whole I was in high school and I never really put that much thought into how memorable they might be. That said I'm a dude who skipped prom sooo.


Can second this. Junior year boyfriend didn't last into senior year, but damn! That dress made me look like a Bond Girl!


Literally cannot remember the name of the guy who took me to prom, but I remember how that dress made me feel 🥰


Best comment ever.


Sister here. I will tell him this if you don’t.


If I had an award to give, it would be yours!


Too much for prom? Oh dear, prom is the perfect time to wear a floofy princess dress. It's a lovely dress and the color is perfect on you.


Yeah, I promise there will be nearly no opportunities outside of high school prom that you will get to wear a floofy princess dress, or ANY fancy formalwear. You got prom and your wedding and that’s about it. LIVE. IT. UP!!


And prom is the only one where you aren't expected to pick a dress that doesn't clash with the tablecloths and floral arrangements. Go all out on a prom dress. Ditch the boyfriend.


I came here to say this. He's for sure not the one, and that dress looks BEAUTIFUL on you. You need a partner who will only care how YOU feel in your dress. Also, he can wear whatever dress he likes to suit his tastes. Rock that shit girl. And have a great time! Edit: I came back after taking a closer look at your pics- serious fairy tail vibes, like go watch Enchanted right this minute and find yourself a bomb ass tiara and some woodland creatures to accompany you instead of some lame not-supportive-wannabe-fashion-critic dude. Make sure you bring comfy shoes, have a plan to stay hydrated, and don't let anyone talk you into a wrist corsage. 💜mom


u/agentgaitor Your entire Edit made me smile.. OP, do this! You still have time to find adoring woodland creatures to accompany you haha


Also agree with the edit here! (And the rest of the comment) the dress is stunning, that embroidery is amazing and definitely getting Enchanted vibes.


OmG I adore this idea, If someone said that I should tone it down I’m definitely one to go above and beyond. Yes! Tierra and woodland creatures maybe even a purse in the shape of a flower. Great advice on the wrist corsage as well.


This is a good sentiment, but also, I'm a proponent of wearing princess dresses just because you feel like it. I've put on my most expensive dresses just to go hang out and buy some groceries. Live your life whenever and however you want, if you're not hurting anyone!


After the Marine Corps Ball one year, my husband and I went out for fast food in our formal wear.... it was so much fun


Also, Tiara Tuesday is totally a thing.


I actually wore mine again for my college SR formal. I had it altered from floor length to tea length and love getting a second wear since I loved it so much the first time!


Exactly this!! And men also prefer tight fitted dresses for obvious reasons lol, they'd always go sexy over princess, they're the same when it comes to a wedding dress, but it's your prom! I think it's breath taking and the norm for proms where I live in UK


Exactly. There are plenty of occasions to wear short slinky dresses that many wear to prom, but rarely will you get to wear foofery. Not everyone finds out they're a princess of Genovia randomly.


Military Balls! I had a giant floofy ball gown!


As a former Marine, I still go to the birthday Ball, and invite a lady to attend so she can fancy up like this.


If you can't wear it at prom, where CAN you wear it? Floof it up princess!


That’s the best time to go floofy.


The fanciest dresses I've ever worn in my life are my prom dresses from high school and my wedding dress. Prom is when teenagers get to dress up in sequins and shit and have fun.


I think it's a great prom dress and I wouldn't hesitate to wear it to a formal event. How did you feel about it when you first tried it on and decided to buy it?


Honey, the ONLY thing that would be too much for prom is a wedding gown. The whole point is to be fancy and feel beautiful! As for the colour, he really should have said something before you bought it if he cared so much. Now, it's too late and it's not your problem. It's your dress, the only thing that really matters is whether *you* like it.


It is both formal and elegant. Clearly his good taste ended at choosing you. Personal opinion: if 5yo girls aren't asking you if you're a princess, you chose the wrong prom dress! It looks beautiful and it fits you really well. Don't let his negativity talk you out of something you love.


This one. Be a princess. Get a small tiara to go with it.


Can confirm, a tiara really completes the look at prom since you’ll never wear it again except for maybe at your wedding.


Pfft, forget that! Girls' night? Game night? Social zoom call? *Break out that tiara*. Have your friends bring their own. Be royalty together, live your best life!


My friend is planning a "Wear Whatever You Haven't Worn in Forever" party now that covid numbers are dropping in our state. I'm debating between a formal dress and my Ren Faire outfit.


Boyfriend does NOT understand Prom. Let him eat his words when he sees what everyone else is wearing. Yours is gorgeous and you'll fit riiiight in. He, however, needs his words pointed out during prom once in the night...with a request for apology right then and there.


A prom is exactly the place to wear this dress! There are too few occasions in life where you can go and doll up so seize the moment when you can Edit: seize not cease


He is wrong. My niece's dress was a similar style, but blue and glittery. Your dress is gorgeous and suits you well. Enjoy your day of looking like a princess!


That was the exact same color my dress was for prom. You look beautiful. He can kick rocks.


it's formal and elegant though. maybe your boyfriend is just a twat lol


Homeboy must be blind. That’s a perfect dress and you look stunning in it.


He’s ridiculous and I don’t think I like him tbh


I don't care for him one bit


The color is my favorite part. It goes well with your skintone! Wear some silver make up and pop!


It’s formal and elegant. Put a tiara on and you’re on a princess. Add a tiara and a wand, and you’re now a Fairy Godmother granting wishes. Keep this dress- you’ll be the hit at Halloween parties for years to come. (Source: a wizard with a wand granting wishes every Halloween.)


The whole point of prom is the opportunity to do too much. :) It’s beautiful, it fits you very nicely, and you love it. Tell him to deal with it and wear it!


See, what I'm hearing here is "he was expecting something slinky and clingy in bold satin." When clothes don't fit the body type or fashion style of the wearer, they are not attractive. Let that boy know you aren't a floor model red corvette, you're a silver gray Mercedes-AMG GT coupe. (if you or he thinks that sounds like a bad deal, maybe look up both cars and think again)


Prom is the only time you’ll EVER need a dress like this!! (Unless u r in a very fancy wedding or in your own wedding but I don’t wanna get married ) BUT ANYWAYS I think it’s great and he should like it because you do and I have a boyfriend that says opinions like that too and they get on my nerves but ya know what you only have one life and a prom dress is not even worth making comments over and he needs to learn that. Also you only have one life and if nobody likes the dress besides you you should still wear it imo bc it’s your dang body! You dang prom!! Everyone else can worry about their own damn selves!!!!!!!


Nonsense! I've seen people wearing hot pink with rhinestones with big ol' cutouts and that's not considered "too much." It's a lovely color, very flattering, and you will look amazing in it!


I think it's beautiful as others have said, but if you're worried about it being "too much", counteract some of the formality with some silver hoop earrings and a simple hairdo (perhaps pulled back in a low ponytail)? -- I think that would balance any concerns nicely. You'll look gorgeous, be confident!!!


This is an incredible, high end, super fancy prom dress and I'm frankly jealous lol WEAR IT WITH CONFIDENCE!


Confidence is the best accessory!!! This dress is badass and fits you really well. Someone said pearls, and I’m feeling that. Have so much fun.


The dress is beautiful, the boyfriend is a whole news-stand of issues.


Does he have eyes?! The dress is beautiful - and such a great color.


Maybe he's worried OP looks so stunning in such a beautiful, well fitted dress that all the other boys will be chasing her, and he doesn't want to admit it for some reason? Or he just had really bad taste in dresses because OPs looks like something from a fairy tale if you ask me, the embroidery alone is to die for!




>OPs looks like something from a fairy tale That's what I thought too! It's a perfect Cinderella at the ball dress!


Yes! Pair it with some lace or satin elbow length gloves, a small tiara and a simple necklace for a classic fairytale look!


Such Brandy Cinderella vibes.


Ugh sounds like my high school boyfriend. What a dumpster


Omg, that was my high school boyfriend, who I stupidily married right after high school. He was like this clown. Told me I looked bad in things I looked good in because he wanted me to look bad in public on purpose. Then he’d tell me “see, no one else finds you attractive, you’re lucky I’m with you.” OP, please see your worth, please see that you are beautiful and the dress looks great, the color is awesome. You are awesome. The boy, not so much at all.


I hope you’re free now?


IMPO don't make excuses for men, most of them are hot garbage.


I really thought this was going to be much darker. "Does he have eyes? He's not gonna."


saved just in case my friend starts venting to me about her boyfriend saying something rude about her outfits


>a whole news-stand of issues Love it.


Hahahahaha I didn’t get it til this comment and I love it!!


He doesn’t just have issues, he has entire subscriptions


"Time magazine wants a word because he surpassed them for number of issues" was my go to, but this one is amazing.


Real talk. It's gorgeous fam. If he doesn't like it too bad there's plenty of jaws to drop without his. Much love Big Bro


Screw him, it's contemporary Cinderella.


This! It actually looks pretty similar to the live action Cinderella movie dress.


As your mom, he is no longer welcome for lasagna. And I make a top notch lasagna. I don’t feed people who are rude to my children. He hasn’t learned the first lesson of relationships — “honey, you look beautiful”. You do, and you will. I had a princess style dress and my hair was a pixie cut and I felt very modern and pretty for my prom. You’ll look great too. Edit: I think it’s time for a Mom for a Minute cookbook


None of my frito chili either!! No amazing mom-made food for this boy!


He’s also cut off from my “worlds best vegan brownies” and every baked food that I make from my family’s recipes!


You’ll have exactly two events in your life that are definitely appropriate for a dress like yours, prom and your wedding. Live it up and wear that gorgeous dress. It is absolutely stunning and it fits you perfectly. Your boyfriend has no idea what he’s talking about, I promise.


He said he thinks it’s too extravagant and it’s not what he had in mind for prom. No one has ever worn anything close to this so it makes sense. He said he likes the dress in general and if I want to I should wear it.


Dad here. I think he's being a jerk, but he did say something I agree with. If you want to wear it (and it sounds like you do), you should. No matter what he or anyone else thinks. I don't really know much about dresses, but it looks great to me!


Yeah dude here. Is it the most beautiful dress I’ve seen? Not by a long shot. I’m sure sure looks beautiful in it but it’s not for me. The appropriate answer from the boyfriend should have been: you look hot af in that. But come on guys. Give the poor dude a break. They’re 17. They’ll figure it out. Just tell him how it made you feel. If he’s a good guy, he’ll understand and you’ll both have a great night. Be safe!


Yeah this comment section is absurd with how everyone's assuming that the guy is controlling or abusive off of a single negative comment? They're in high school, chill.


"No one has ever worn anything close to this" That's definitely not true. If you go to any store and ask for "prom dress" they will give you many different - but similarly extravagant - dresses. Prom dresses are your once in a life time chance to wear a dress that extravagant - besides your wedding.


Yup. Watch season 6 episode 4 of queer eye. They help out a class to do their senior prom in one week. They show a huge range of different styles of dresses for prom. Several are beautiful poofy princess dresses. It's gorgeous and the color is amazing on you.


Exactly!! The only time I've had a more extravagant dress was at my own wedding! My prom dresses were fantastic, I loooooved my first one, deep red that had a fitted bodice and flared out with lots of poof, with beads on the bodice and down past the waistline. The boy has no idea what he is talking about! Wear the dress and deck it out with pearls, fancy gloves, and a tiara! Because that is *exactly* what prom is for!!


Tell him that Reddit has come together, and in a display nearly nonexistent in this era of history, unanimously agreed that the dress is beautiful and perfect and that he has no idea what he is talking about. I thank him for bringing us all together like this.


I knew there was going to something that would bring all of human society together. I did not realize it would be a prom dress. But here we are. 😁


Right?? Here we are 😄


even me, i'm here too!


California in solidarity, gorgeous dress confirmed


I hear this post motivated North Korea to become a democracy.


Hi sis. I just commented, but I’m going to say it again. You look like Cinderella in that dress. You will see so many different kinds of dresses. There will be black, red, white, purple, pink etc. two piece, mermaid, tight, poofy dresses and everything in between. Go there look stunning take lots of photos & videos, dance your heart out with your friends. Last piece of advice, don’t delete those photos you take for any reason because while you may not like some now you’ll look back at the goofy photos and remember the fun time you had.


Too extravagant for prom? Hahahahaha. He obviously has no fucking clue what he is talking about.


Is not what "he" had in mind? Honey. This isn't about him. Who does this boy think he is? Lol.... for real tho If you're worried about overdressing, here are my thoughts. First off, it's prom. If you're dressed up more than everyone else, I would honestly be surprised and think everyone else is underdressed. My little sister just went to prom dressed up in an equally as fancy dress and she fit right in. Usually, less fancy and shorter dresses are for homecoming. Second, even if you are overdressed, it's only awkward if you make it awkward. Unless everyone is literally in jeans and t-shirts, you just appear more regal and elegant if you do it with confidence. Confidence is what makes something look fitting for an occasion. I know that sounds like flowery mom-talk, but I'm telling you, it's actually and legitimately true-- I mean just look at the Met Gala lol. Confidence is like make-up. Makes everything you wear look amazing. You got this!! You look stunning and if I was at homecoming with you I would be wishing my dress looked like yours.


>This isn't about him Sooooo much this. This is YOUR dress and if you loved it before your boyfriend opened his mouth you can tell him to shut it.


Not to put too fine a point on it, but... what *he* had in mind? He isn't the one wearing it. You look perfect.


Well, his dress can be whatever he wants. Yours is this gorgeous getup.


It's not what he had in mind? Your dress is beautiful. He's not the one wearing it so it doesn't matter whether or not he had it in mind. You look like a princess and I think it's a lovely choice. I certainly never regretted going all out to look like a princess at my prom. :)


I guess I’m no one. My dress for prom was similarly floofy and sparkly, but in peach. It was great. Roll with it. You look amazing! You chose something that fits you perfectly, matches your skin tone well, and makes you happy. You got this!


good thing it's not just his prom - it's yours too. I am older, but not that old, and it seems exactly in line with what I think of when I hear "prom dress". It also fits you perfectly and the color is beautiful. You don't get to wear fancy floofy gowns much as an adult - Prom is the exact place for this dress.


You're your own person, it's your prom too, you can wear whatever you want. Also I know that others have said this, but he doesn't sound great if he talks to you like that.


Hey sis! Beautiful dress, I love the colour and the detailing, and it looks amazing on you! Can we talk about your boyfriend for a minute? Saying he hates the dress is such a strong reaction. Does he express negative judgements about you often? Does he try to tell you how to dress? I dont want to jump to conclusions but I want to make sure you're ok


Another sis here OP - telling you from experience that this is an important conversation to have with yourself. A boyfriend who degrades your appearance doesn’t really love you. And you deserve to be loved. ESPECIALLY in that total banger of a dress.


Third sister coming through with a reminder of what our grandmother would say…: *”What would he know about looking good, anyhow? Men are like buses. There’ll be another one along in a minute.*


The fourth sister coming through. My sisters are right. You need someone that lifts you up. A man that makes you feel badly, insecure and uncomfortable is the wrong man. Think about this. Please reflect on this honey. Btw, what grandma said is true.


Grandma is always right.


Your grandmother doesn’t hold back. I choked laughing. Wise words!


Big brother coming in with a bear hug! :-) u/fluffybabycow, your dress is S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. and you look amazing! Your boyfriend on the other hand, is not amazing. Anyone who puts you down or degrades you is someone to move on or walk away from. Also, you've mentioned elsewhere on this thread that he has said: "it's not what \[he\] had in mind". Sis, this is the start of controlling and abusive behaviour; he is trying to control what you wear and - by extension - what you do. You can do soooo much better than this! Kick his arse to the kerb ASAP. Plus, he isn't wearing the dress. **You're wearing it...and you look fabulous!!! HUGS!!!** Go and shine - yeet the boyfriend - enjoy your prom sis!


Where’d you get that from? It looks absolutely gorgeous! Gives of “I’m a princess in a fairytale” vibes.


Yeah I'm getting strong Cinderella vibes


First thing I thought is that dress is beautiful, looks like Cinderella’s dress


The dress is rad. Tell your boyfriend to stay home and ask a friend to go instead.


I think this is seriously a good idea. You do not HAVE to go with him— you can change your mind now that you have better info (that he’s not dating material). If you allow him to go with you and he says **anything** unkind please say to him “this date is now concluded.” And hang with your buds instead. No fight, no bad vibes, just done.


I went stag to senior prom and spent the entire night dancing with my girl friends and eating fruit at the chocolate fountain. I dont remember what anyone was wearing besides myself, it was semi dark, loud af and I was too busy having a blast. I second your opinion of ditching the boy toy and going with a friend or even a group.


I love it!! It's beautiful and fits beautifully!


That dress is drop dead gorgeous! It’s perfect for you and it’s going to be a beautiful dress for prom. Your boyfriend is wrong and I’m sorry he’s being so unkind. I hope your prom is wonderful!


omg it’s prom!! go alll out!! YOU LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS!! if your boyfriend can’t appreciate it, that’s his loss! you look beautiful 🥰🥰


This dress fits you well, it flatters you, and it’s 100% appropriate for prom. It’s too bad he doesn’t love it, but that’s seriously not your concern. **We don’t dress for men’s approval, we dress for ourselves.** I’m concerned about this boyfriend and the way he handled this. It’s really important that you date people who show they care about your comfort and well being. If you had a date pick out a dress you didn’t care for, how would you behave? Because I really doubt you’d be insensitive about something this special that they were naturally excited about. He should have kept it to himself if he wouldn’t have chosen the same dress. And he should have reassured you that you look *beautiful* no matter what you wear. Sounds like he didn’t think of that. Notice how he talks to you. Notice how it feels. Then consider how you’d show love and respect for someone if you were in his shoes. Your style is cool. You look like a queen. Do exactly what you want even if others don’t validate it. Hold your beautiful head high. Have a wonderful time at prom!


Sib, I see your comments saying your boyfriend says it’s too much for much. Sib for my prom I wore I dress similar to this in a lime green color that looked like Princess Tiana’s dress. My dress was huge, even a bit bigger than yours. I had to hold half of it up anytime I walked and I took up the whole back seat of a car by myself. But I loved every second of it. I definitely didn’t look like any other girl there, but I looked great, like you do in your dress! Just because things haven’t been done before doesn’t mean we can’t do them! It’s good to be different sometimes and I think this is one of those times sib! You should wear the dress and for future don’t let your boyfriend influence what you wear! I know you think he’s just being helpful, but I think he should be happy to see his girlfriend look amazing in a very stunning dress no matter if it has been done before or not. Sending you a lot of love sib <3 I hope your prom goes great!


Oh honey, it makes you look like a fairy princess! I love the color, and it fits you so well. Don't ever regret something that makes you feel beautiful. He doesn't have to wear the dress, that dress is for YOU. And you're right, you are gorgeous!


Hey love, never take fashion advice from a teenage boy. They have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. I am sure of this as I have two and half the time their shirts are on backwards and their socks don't match. You look fantastic. The color is gorgeous and the cut really suits your shape. You are one strapless bra from perfection.


It looks great; the colour suits your skintone and it is very festive. It fits you very well, too! Men can be very peculiar about what they like unfortunately and it sounds as if he thinks that the dress shouldn't be as playful/whimsical. He absolutely has no say in which dress you choose, but I understand that knowing he doesn't like it might spoil your prom night. Maybe the two of you can talk about it in a few days (take some time to reflect on the issue)?


THIS!!! You look wonderful. He has his preferences but so do you. Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful :)


It’s gorgeous and looks amazing on you.


Your dress is absolutely beautiful and it fits so well!


I graded in 2004 and one of my peers spent $500 on her dress (well her parents did, you get the idea). Mine was simple and on sale, less than $100, and honestly I wish my dress had been fancier. Your dress is perfect! I love that shade of blue and all the detailed sewing. Have fun at prom! 🎉🎊


Keep the dress, ditch the boy. Nah, the dress is lovely though and as long as you feel good, remember what it is that you first loved about it and forget any external input.


There has to be a better guy out there than this little chucklehead


Yes, sometimes you just need to throw the whole man out and start over.


So .. did *you* love the dress before your bf started expressing his opinions? Are you thinking he's right because of how vocal (or hurtful) he's been when voicing said opinions? You look beautiful, and the dress is gorgeous. Your boyfriend sounds like the turd in the punchbowl, though.


The dress is exquisite. Lose the boyfriend not the dress!


I'm sorry your bf gave you negative feedback on something you really like. I think it's beautiful! People wear all kinds of things to prom and the last thing you want is to blend in with the crowd of similar strappy dresses with huge heels, I really hope you keep it and wear it. I'd tell your bf that he's being goofy and say I only have 1 prom and I am going wear whatever I want.


Your boyfriend isn't wearing it, so he can shut his face.


Get a new boyfriend


I’m not a mom but my first thought was “wow that’s a gorgeous dress and I wish I had somewhere to go so I can wear it:)” you look amazing and that dress is perfect!


In the illustrious words of Mama RuPaul “unless they gonna pay your bills, pay them bitches no mind”! It’s the perfect prom dress. Wear it with pride and the fabulousness that you are, sweetheart.


Girl, the next time he tries to claim something like "too much for prom" you laugh in his face! What does he think that prom is for little cotton sundresses? No! It is for big, glorious, floofy gowns, or long slinky gowns or amazingly spectacular suits! Be glorious my princess! Accessorize, get your hair done, experiment with new makeup with friends. Let nothing stop the fun and anticipation of prom night! At my equivalent of prom night we had a couple girls dump their partners right before the whole prom event, one of the guys in our grade escorted anyone who wanted a partner but didn't have one. Some girls walked on their own to hog in the limelight. There's only one wrong way to do prom, and I'll tell you if you like. The way to do prom wrong: spend the whole time worrying about other people. Have your friends backs, of course. But don't let anyone take your fun from you! Your dress is beautiful, I hope your boyfriends criticisms get easier to ignore so you can get back to loving your gown!


It’s so pretty, the colour is subtle and sophisticated and that perfectly balances the little bit of extra that is the (gorgeous) beading. It fits you so well and I bet you just shine in it, BUT someone is trying to dull your shine and undermine your confidence (which is 90% of looking good) and I hate that for you. What is the deal with your boyfriend because what he’s doing isn’t kind, and you deserve better. Maybe he’s intimidated by how good you look, maybe he’s controlling, maybe he wants to hurt you because a confident you doesn’t need him, idk but none of these makes him a good person. Even if he genuinely dislikes the dress that’s his problem and a supportive boyfriend would tell you you’re beautiful in a plastic bag. Keep the dress, lose the bf.


Wow that's a gorgeous dress that looks great on you. I've been learning a lot about healthy boundaries lately - what YOU wear is your business and should make YOU happy and make YOU feel good. No one else has a say. He can kick rocks. \*hugs\* you're gorgeous and so is that dress :) rock it!


As a 28year old dude, who didn't get the chance to go to my own. YOUR DRESS IS DAMN FINE. Drop bf if he does negging Shite like that. Been there, done that. Fuck that noise. Shit I'm not a nice person, I just try to be the best I can. Dress is fine, color is fine, decor is fine. Now the real question, will you be with your negging bf or will you be going stag? Going alone is fine, going with someone who make you feel bad, cheap or any kind of negative emotion to an event that you will remember till you drop is not worth it. Don't let anyone cheat you out of great memories. Take it from someone who had all his stolen. Be safe, be loved and most importantly have fun.


Oh honey. This dress is amazing and perfect for prom. Your boyfriend needs to keep his opinions to himself. My dress for prom wasn't a"prom" dress either, but I still wore it anyway, and I think so fondly of that dress and that day. You look amazing. This dress looks amazing.


the neckline is beautiful and the colour looks great on your skin tone. what is he on about it's a super cute dress


Oh hun its beautiful!! You should dress up for prom ! It fits your body perfectly!! Be careful with that boyfriend- don't let him live in your head rent free - you look like q queen and he shouldn't bring you down


Not mom but as a sister Are you starting to dislike the dress or do you just value his opinion more than your own? You bought the dress, so I'd assume you liked it.. Until your boyfriend didn't. He's allowed to not like something but please, please stick to your own believes and opinions even after listening to his. Don't lose yourself trying to keep him pleased, take care of yourself 💜


Wow this is so beautiful!!!! He’s probably insecure with himself as all men are.


It’s quite lovely. You love it. Fits your curves perfectly. BF can go suck eggs. The only thing I can think of that’s a problem is that there’s so much dress it could be difficult to get in and out of smaller cars. Is that his problem?. Or does he feel intimidated by such elegance and can’t say that? Is he emo or goth or country and just not his style? so what? It’s your prom and he doesn’t get to be the fashion police.


Big sister here. That dress is gorgeous. I know you usually steal my clothes, but I might have to be stealing that one 🥰. You look amazing. If your boyfriend doesn't like it, he doesn't have to look at it.


As a middle aged man, I will gladly say this as a your mom right now. This is a very beautiful and elegant dress, please wear it with pride my dear. I would have been speachless 🥰. Your boyfriend should be ashamed of himself 😤. He does not seem to be worthy of you my dear 🥰


Baby girl, you listen to your mama! Do not let ANY MAN dim your motherfuckin light or dilute your vibrancy. What does he know? Only how to make dumbass comments? You look like a gorgeous prom queen. Nurture every. single. moment that makes you feel beautiful and carry those moments with you throughout life. So many people, even those who love you, will discourage you from feeling beautiful the *way you want to feel beautiful* . Consider this practice, mija. Be as bright and colorful and "too much" as you want to.


If you’re keeping the boyfriend, insist on a beautiful corsage to compliment the dress. The color is nice. What color is your hair and how do you plan on it? Have you picked out a makeup palette to match? Accessorizing this neckline will only make it more beautiful! You picked it out because it spoke to you! I wore a strapless golden yellow Beauty and the Beast-esque for senior “lead out” at my school. I started to regret it similarly to you. But looking back I’m so glad I embraced it and followed my heart and wants! I hope you will as well. 💜 I can’t help but think about the beautiful corsage colors that would pop with this seafoamy dream! You’ll look stunning, and I wish for you that you’ll *feel* stunning as well. Edit: some eucalyptus and your choice of complimentary colored flower of choice- I’m partial to tea roses- would look lovely! Bonus points for mini succulents on it! I’m totally out of touch of what the trends even are in the last 5 years for prom but I know corsages are timeless! So is having confidence in yourself. I hope you’ll pamper yourself for your prom and feel comfortable and beautiful in your skin, u/fluffybabycow!


I think it is gorgeous! You will look like the Belle of the ball!


I think it is a beautiful dress that fits really well and a wonderful colour as well.


Oh hun, that looks wonderful on you! What a great choice!


Omg I love it its beautiful!!


I think it's lovely; your boyfriend sounds like a jerk. Idk what shoes you picked but if this is full length, i suggest a flat shoe or closed toe pump. Strappy heels are cute and fun but it's not worth the headache. Pro tip: if you DO choose heels, spray your feet with lanacane before a night out and you will thank me later.


Im not even a mom, I’m a dad I guess and I say this dress is beautiful! Looks great on you too. Don’t let your boyfriend get to you!!


Sis, you kidding me right now? That dress is gorgeous!! I have no idea what his problem is, but don't let him bring you down no matter why he's acting this way. Wear that dress, and wear it proudly!!


Get a new boyfriend, this is very pretty


Your boyfriend doesn't sound like a nice person. Why would someone ever say that to another human.


Sib you look like a princess or a queen. You look stunning. The dress is amazing as well.


It’s gorgeous! I personally love the embroidery. You’ll certainly have the best dress at dance. Dudes who moan generally wear jeans to formal, so it’s not worth your time even to listen


Hi little sis! I just want to say that when I saw that dress I immediately thought you look like Cinderella. It’s such a pretty dress and looks fabulous. Don’t listen to your boyfriend, he’ll see on prom night how many compliments you get on it!


Your dress is beautiful! I love the color and the detail work, it's not too busy but interesting enough to allow the eye to flow from area to area. As far as prom dresses go, it's pretty traditional even! Not really sure what there is to dislike, really 😕 Unless he's the one wearing the dress, he doesn't get much say! Don't let him bully you over something as little as clothes. If you two are old enough for prom, he is old enough to know he has no business grousing about your beautiful dress and ought to keep his mouth shut. I'd talk with him, pick his brain a bit. Why doesn't he like it, specifically? If he doesn't give you a real, honest answer, you can tell him he can go to prom alone. Imagine him explaining to his friends and family why his date skipped prom when shed already bought a dress? Absolutely embarrassing.


I think it’s gorgeous and looks amazing on you! If your boyfriend hates it, find another boy who will treat you like the princess you are.


NO. It is sincerely a beautiful, timeless look for a dress. You could easily rewear this as a guest to a fancy wedding. I love the embroidery and the boat neck collar. I also fully adore the silhouette with a full skirt. It is a beautiful dress and you look lovely in it!!! I feel so agitated that your boyfriend said that he hates it. I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt because you’re in high school, but he should really learn some basic consideration and understand that you put a lot of time, thought, and money into making this purchase. He should sit down with his rented suit.


It's gorgeous, fits great as well. Ignore him


You look like a Princess. It's a beautiful dress!


Oh honey it’s beautiful, and so are you! It fits you perfectly and looks amazing. Time for a new boyfriend who respects you and your choices and thinks you’re amazing because you are!


Why does your boyfriend have such a strong opinion on something you’re wearing? I don’t know him, but this is a red flag. I’ve never felt so strongly about my partner wearing something that I felt the need to put it down to them. Tread with caution!


I was mindlessly scrolling when this gorgeous dress made me stop… Sweetie, you look stunning! The dress is beautiful and fits you really well. The only thing that matters is how you feel when you wear it. If it makes feel anywhere near as good as you look, keep the dress and tell your “boyfriend” that he doesn’t get to control what you wear. Enjoy your prom.


You look like a princess! The dress is beautiful, I love the color, and the fit is superb. The only accessory I don't like about it is the boyfriend. He should be worried about how the dress makes you feel, and only that. If I were you, I'd take him to a dress shop and ask him which of the (very expensive) dresses he would like to purchase for you. My guess is he will change his tune pretty quickly.