A indoor stadium is definitely better financially not only because of better conditions but it gives you the ability to host other events aside from football for example concerts, pro wrestling, March madness, Super Bowls, that sort of stuff but it’s a very expensive investment. Also football historically was always played in the elements and that’s part of its glory For some of those teams though playing in the outdoors is a advantage because they can get used to playing in the cold and have that advantage against warmer city teams. Also it’s a matter of tradition and history, some teams and fans love the cold outdoor football. Lambeau field will never go indoors because it’s such a iconic stadium and atmosphere although you are correct in the conditions affecting the play. I love snow games though, are just so much fun and are a beautiful spectacle to admire , especially at times when the home team wins and all the fans go crazy and start throwing snow everywhere it’s quite a treat.


Bad weather means the people in the stands *really* want to be there, which just makes the atmosphere that much more fun


I think this is an underrated comment. In a stadium full of people that want to be there so bad, they are willing to brave the elements, there is little room for AHs to ruin it for others. It creates an atmosphere of comradari (sp?). It’s probably more fun than you can explain. There’s something in the air. You know.


At the same time, ive been to a snow game in playoff season. I was too cold to be as rowdy as I would like to be.


I still can’t feel my feet from the Broncos/Raven’s playoff game in 2013 where it was a toasty -10 and went into double overtime.




The bad weather is a part of the appeal/culture. I don’t get it either but it’s in Green Bay’s blood to invite people up to die in the cold.


It’s warmer than you think when we’re all packed in.


ahhh I see what you did there


ground at Lambeau Field has been heated since 1967 when the franchise installed electric coils underneath the playing surface to keep the ground soft in frigid conditions Otherwise I like the weather. Generic indoor games would take a lot of the fun out of it. I LOVE a snow game. I love when the rain won't stop and it turns to chaos.


Nah I think all venues should be indoor


The cold can be a home field advantage. There are some players that don't do so well playing in Denver in November.


Rodgers looks alot better indoor to me


It’s part of the culture and it’s an advantage vs other teams because they aren’t used to said conditions


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I'm relatively new to the sport but I think when the Vikings changed to an indoor stadium there was a feeling amongst fans that they had lost something that gave their team an edge over the visiting team.


The weather is the appeal, and those teams use it to their advantage. Speaking as a life-long Michigander, when you're born and raised being outside in these winters, you do get acclimated to it, and it's far easier to tolerate the cold and weather than say, someone who was born and raised in LA or Dallas. And yea, do NOT ever go to Green Bay and try to argue this lol. Games where it's below 40 degrees just hits this team and fanbase different (source: Am Packer fan). I'd rather go to a game in Green Bay in December/January than September any day.


What's there to fix?


A New Englander who fears the cold is no New Englander at all. When you wear our colors, you take up our ways.


If think the bears just announced they’re moving from soldier field to Arlington heights it might be indoors


Yes the Bears are officially going to Arlington Heights and will have a retractable roof.


While the Buffalo stadium will be open 80% of the seating will be covered with a roof. It was revealed this week that it will also have state of the art wind confusing technology. Think of the Patriots game last year, the new stadium would make that a non issue. Currentl vost is 1.4 billion a dome would have cost an extra $800 million dollars.


Man oh man, I love games in the snow!


Alot of people are bringing up the home field advantage, and while I agree there is an advantage, I think they are overselling it. Depending on your sources, there is no advantage for the home team in snow/cold games or it's small. It's not going to make a bad team beat a good team. Most of the time it won't be enough to skip the scales on two similarly matched teams. Most teams also practice inside, so they are only getting "used" to the cold and snow in at most a few games a year. You only play half your season in November or later, so that's 4 games home and in Winter. Looking at Chicago it only snows 1.5 days in November, and at 2 games, that's a 1 in 7 chance of a snow game. It snows 6 days in December, and at 2 games that's 1 in 2.5 chance of a snow game. So if a player is on the team for 4 years, they might only play 2 to 6 games in the snow at home in their career. So how much better can a player be in the snow who practices inside and has played single digits more times in the snow than the players on the other team? You also need a covered stadium to get a superbowl. There's also alot more you can do with the stadium outside of football if you get it covered. ​ As a fan at home, I LOVE snow games, and heavy cold games, and hope they don't go away. From a team standpoint, I'd get the covered stadium.


The Bears are building a indoor stadium in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I genuinely think over time most of the northern teams that face inclement weather will eventually have indoors stadiums, I don't want to hear about the Bears, Packers, Steelers etc being "Coldwater" teams, that shit sucks I've sat in late regular season and playoff games in Chicago and green bay, and 9 times out of 10 that shit fucking sucks, your sitting in the stadium freezing to death and if its a bad game ontop of that, it can just ruin your whole weekend. For that reason I refuse to buy any nfl tickets for games after Halloween (I would only go to bears or packers games.) because of the possibility of having to deal with winter weather, I don't care, call me a not a real fan or a wussy IDC I just know how I value my time and money.


Money is not a problem for any nfl team


Their very few NFL teams that actually pay for their own stadiums and a lot of times what it is is the fans think it shows their team is tougher if they have an outdoor stadium


the owners have their warm suites. They don’t care about the peasants that line their pockets with their meager wages.