Yes, random redditor, I have. I've been carrying their wallet around with me every day since my old one was falling apart and I needed a new one. I like it so far, and it holds everything I need it too.


Same here. I like a slim wallet and theirs works well for my needs. Nice quality and no complaints. Would consider other products from them in the future.


I have a wallet from them! No complaints. It holds a few cards and some foldable money well, but if you need to have more than two or three credit cards + ID + ~10 bills, this one isn't suitable. I also put small amounts of coins in one of the pouches, though that isn't particularly comfortable or easy to access.


Bought one of their key clips on a whim a year or two ago and it’s very well made, I assume the wallets are just as good


That's good to hear, I was thinking of grabbing one of those, too. Thanks!


I got one of their wallets and beanies about a year ago and they are still great!


Yes! I bought one of the clips, the Velcro strap with the carabiner and it’s awesome. Never leaves my rucksack!


My wife got me their key clip, I love it.


Don’t have the wallet, have looked at the key clip, but I do own the beanie and it’s one of the comfiest dang things I own. So for my small personal experience with their small business, everything has been great!


I have the key clip and the wallet, love them both. Both good quality and still holding up after almost 2 years


I've had the key clip for about a year or so. Love it, very well made, perfectly clips amd slips into my back pocket.


I LOVE my beanie so much. Extremely comfy, warm, and classy.


I replaced a worn out wallet with theirs and love it, would recommend


I have the key hook and my gf bought (and loves) the blue flower hat


I bought beard oil, when he was doing that with his sister I think, a few years ago. Legit, and I enjoyed it! Can’t speak about the wallets but I was also skeptical


I am a QuickDraw wallet enjoyer.


i switched out my old wallet for one of these about two years ago, and it still looks and feels great! i knew it said it was small, but i was still surprised by how small it was when it arrived. my previous wallet was massive tho, had a zipper.