Worst is when they remove a movie or a show from their platform. Basically, the users don't own anything. No media preservation for the future generations.


Right. Using their way, if it ain't physical media, it ain't yours. Btw, anyone old enough to remember mp3 players that held 64gb? Ever wonder where those went? Cloud-based rental service, bitches! Everything's a rental.


They had 250GB iPods. IPODS. Then they made them the same form factor as the iPhone and began removing storage like storage was causing global warming. Fucking horrible dystopian bullshit. Fuck this stupid world.


To be fair, those were only the full size classic iPods, they used small spinning hard drives to hit those high capacity numbers. The smaller iPods (nano/shuffle) and iPhones used solid state flash storage, much smaller, lighter, more power efficient, and more impact resilient, but also much ***much*** more expensive per MB, especially in the late 2000s and early 2010s. Today with 128GB micro SD cards costing me around £12 a pop, there's not really any excuse anymore. Don't buy gadgets without micro sd slots people!


I'm confused now, did you mean don't buy gadgets **without** micro SD slots? Or why are cheap af micro SD cards bad.




You act like it’s the consumer’s fault for buying devices without micro SD slots when in reality you’d have to deliberately seek out older models to achieve this. I love micro SD cards, and the ability to easily add more storage for cheap is a great feature, but I also want the latest tech and am generally not willing to sacrifice things like better CPU, camera and battery life for it. We need a regulatory body like the EU when they stepped in demanding that USB-C be the universal charging cable across all devices. A similar ruling must be made for removable batteries and the option to add more storage. Apple and Google are both guilty of this.


True and real


My first mp3 player had 64MB of memory. This was 2001.


Right? At least with piracy you actually own the stuff. No one can just take it away from you.


I just got a new phone and compared to my last phones, it doesn't have: * a micro sd port * a wired headphone jack * the ability to over the air radio stations (not an app, literally using wired headphones as an antenna to pick up FM radio signals) We're going the wrong way with this stuff.


Budget phones still have them. The little Motorola G31 does everything I need a phone to do, without the bells and bullshit that add $1K to the cost.


I remember those days man. I recently bought a Sony mp3 player. The sound quality is unmatched.


I don’t mean to sound rude but why would you buy a separate device for mp3s when most likely your phone can play mp3s? Just curious.


It's fine. I wanted to relive the nostalgia of iPods. I enjoy the sound quality. It is rich and much better than what I can hear on my phone. Plus, I've never owned a walkman before so I wanted to have one with that name tag.


I used to have a MP3 player that could hold 500mb!! Take that......


> remove a movie or a show from their platform This is what got me into saving everything I can. I started off with a pi and a 4tb external Nowadays I’ve got a bit more money I’m subbed to hbo/D+/Netflix but I’m up to 22tb on my plex server. Usenet access is like $7/mo and absolutely worth it


This is a concept I've been trying to explain to my parents. My mom is just not understanding why Disney+ doesn't have a movie she wants to see, even though it's definitely a Disney movie (live action Cinderella) On a tangent, this is also why I'm wary of how much money I've spent on Steam. Any day in the future, steam can just go away or remove games from their platform and I'd just not own them anymore.


Now if only we could pirate food and medicine


And rent.


You could torrent 3D print a house


And put it where?


Torrent some land ofcourse.


Damn didn't think of that!


Now that you have, please seed!


Its been 3 weeks I'm stuck at 91%


In the end it was always about farming


International waters duh, might as well prit it shaped as a boat


government property


I will download a house


Ooo good call


You’ll get your rent when you fix this damn door!


And love 🥲


Dumpster diving: allow me to introduce myself


I’ve recently started having breakfast at hotels a few times a week. Not because I need to, but because it’s advertised as free on the Google listing, and on billboards. It’s kind of fun, the food is relatively decent, and the bathrooms are much cleaner than rest areas. The coffee sucks though.


I learned this trick where you bury old vegetables and new vegetables pop out of the ground. Shits crazy. I made salsa.






Fella, I think this every time someone posts here. And by golly I wish we could pirate petroleum or diamonds by clicking a button on a computer.


Allow me to introduce you to theft


“yOu wOuLDnT DoWnLoAD a cAr”


Yeah, but I mean from the internet. Like, I just wanna download a new York strip steak


[Best I can do is kidneys.](https://www.ted.com/talks/anthony_atala_printing_a_human_kidney)


Or even whole countries


Why stop there? We fucked this planet up pretty bad. We could use a new one


How about whole universes?


We're basically gods at that point lol




no Edit: Redditors trying to not support an utterly failed ideology, or completely misunderstand the politics behind it. CHALLENGE: IMPOSSIBLE.


Imagine the absolute cognitive dissonance of being in favor of piracy and opposed to socialism.


Their 28 day old account also has a post about Star Trek. Ya know, that ultra pro-capitalism/anti-communist show Star Trek.


Piracy is one aspect of socialism in microcosm working incredibly well. I'm putting myself at risk by seeding and I get nothing from it, but I do it anyways.


It..... Literally isn't. Not even close. > I'm putting myself at risk by seeding and I get nothing from it, but I do it anyways. That's called altruism......


literally doesn't know what socialism is, but is quick to shit on it because IT BAD


Propaganda is a helluva drug.


The first person to respond to me is confusing altruism and socialism... The second one is somehow claiming that piracy and socialism are even remotely related concepts... Yet I am the one who doesn't understand it? I shit on it because I actually know what it is, and know every country that has ever attempted it turned into an authoritarian shithole. The most successful countries on Earth with the highest quality of life are all explicitly capitalist countries, and the ones with higher happiness rating have a strong social safety nets.... Which isn't socialism. People here are the same people who think the Nordic countries are somehow socialist because they have no idea what the hell it actually is, let alone what the Nordic model is.


No... you obviously don't have a fucking clue what it is. But keep dreamin


So go ahead, tell us what it is then. You can already read minds apparently, so enlighten us.


First of all, you're not "us", you delusional fuck. Second of all, I'm not your fucking parents, I'm here to laugh at a clown.


So you literally don't know. Got it.


If I didn't know, I wouldn't be laughing at you.


Redditor fails to understand Europe as a whole continues to exist, full of countries which run on socialism, prosper, and have healthier and happier citizens. CHALLENGE: IMPOSSIBLE.


And here's yet another person who proves my point by not even understanding what they are supporting. Name one socialist European country in the modern age. There literally aren't any.








Squatting, Containering


> Now if only we could pirate food and medicine I'll get me cannon.


You wouldn't download Walmart...




Just grab some hostages from Chesapeake Bay and string them up on your yardarm.


I bought Dwarf Fortress on launch day on steam. I bought every DLC for Deep Rock Galactic and the latest one on its launch day. I support my favourite artists by donating to them, buying their officially released art/music, and buying their merchandise. I purchased The Long Dark back when it costed as much as a regular coffee and now purchased their first ever DLC on a launch day, to give my support. I pirate unreleased movies which corporations produce for a tax write-off. I pirate everything from Nintendo and buy their hardware second-hand so my money don't land with them. We all know their greedy tactics and shitty treatment of genuine fans. I will keep pirating things from shitty corporations, because that's the only way to fight with their greed, shitty behaviour, and unethical practices.


TLD is so good. I think I paid $12 for it like 8 years ago and have gotten so much out of it since then. I respect that they kept improving on the game for free for so long even after they got out of early access. They definitely deserve to cash in on future updates.


I paid for my steam deck, then loaded it with pirated Nintendo games. If you create a product worth my money *and* aren't a stain on humanity, you'll get my money. EA made Sims4 free and I still don't want it. But there are literally $300+ worth of indies coming out this year that I intend to buy outright. That's right EA, $60 is too much for anything you make but I'll spend hundreds on devs that aren't pieces of shit.


Damn, people don't say it enough: fuck Nintendo.


Remember, it is always normally correct to pirate Adobe Products and Streaming services




I'm a pirate not a wordsmith


I'm not educated but the statement seems perfect to me


Wordsmith is amazing


i dont have any normals anyway


YouTube to mp3? Is it 2008 lmao


Use VLC and MusicBee to get the highest quality audio and album covers for your songs.


1. get audio from deemix or free-mp3-download . net 2. Add metadata using MusicBrainz Picard. 3. when I hit CTRL+S in Picard, the files are automatically imported to MusicBee. 4. MusicBee files are automatically synced to all my devices for me to listen everywhere anytime.


How'd you get your music bee set up to sync with your devices like that?




Check out soulseek or nicotine+ both so much better then downloading music on YouTube, you can find lossless FLACs on there


I've been seeing SoulSeek being recommended for a few months now, I think it's time for me to try it out. It's also my first time hearing about nicotine+. I'll check those out, thanks!


Nicotine+ is the same as soulseek but a much nicer updated UI, it's my music downloader of choice :)


"Sidify + Spotify" – amazing shit


Or just use ytdl


Everytime I use ytdl it downloads at incredibly slow speeds, is there some kind of adjustment I can make about it?


Are you using yt-dlp? Yt-dl has been abandoned a couple years ago. Yt-dlp has a fix for that I believe


Ah, that would certainly explain it, I'll download yt-dlp later, thank you for the help!


I just use spotdl which downloads from YouTube but apparently it has lossy compression and can affect sound quality?


Doesn't matter, YouTube is using lossy compression, can't do much about it.


Thanks i didnt know about this


>YouTube to mp3? Is it 2008 lmao Covid? Tik Tok dances? Subscription services for heated car seats? Self-driving cars that drive themselves back to the dealership if you miss a payment? What are you talking about, man? C'mon, lets play some Halo 3 and watch some Hutch videos, or that funny MakeMeBad video about the rapey ghost with a spooky cock!


> MakeMeBad Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.


True, men of culture in 2023 use yt-dlp!


All those saying "nah it's not political it's not about those corporations I just want it for free": Why do you think those are not commonly free to begin with? Think about your medicine, why do you think countries where corporations have their hands on it pay twice as much per capita for it than countries where it's freely available? You think there is any difference with media and other sectors? If you even have to resolve to piracy to begin with, it is all eminently linked to those corporations. It is eminently political.


Comparing medicine to a movie. Lost me.


And that's not even stealing, you just get a copy, you don't take anything from them.


It blew my mind when I had this revelation as I was debating if I should pay a high asking price for some classic games or download a rom. Either way it’s a copy. Me shelling out $75 for Metroid Zero Mission doesn’t get me the original code from Nintendo.


Even as someone who doesn't like to pirate often, I emulate the *shit* out of anything that's hard to access on modern hardware. There's no sense in paying some rando on Ebay $75 for a game like that unless you're a collector. Plus, Nintendo isn't getting a dime, either way, so what do they care? It's a second-hand sale.


Correct, and something sooo many people don't understand because they have been brainwashed to think "if someone gets something for free that I pay for, that person is stealing." In reality, 90% of people are lazy as fuck and will just give money to companies to avoid having to do anything themselves. The reality is that stealing is removing something from another person or entity's possession. And digital media being copied does not remove anything from the owner. It is exactly like fire. If I have a candle that is lit, I can light your candle without affecting mine. Same concept, but a lot of morons don't seem to get it.


> It is exactly like fire. If I have a candle that is lit, I can light your candle without affecting mine. Same concept, but a lot of morons don't seem to get it. It's not quite as simple. Producing Avatar 2 electric boogaloo costs quite a bit more than building a fire. Somebody spent millions of dollars doing it, their only reason for doing that being that they're gonna make that money back, selling people the right to watch it. I'm not saying you shouldn't pirate, or that hollywood will go hungry if you do, but there's more to it than you're making it out to be.


I'm not above torrenting movies for but this sounds like semantics.


This whole sub is a bunch of degenerates who pound their chest, because they think they are sticking it to the greedy corporations. Everyone here tries to think of themself as some kind of Robin Hood but after all they are just stealing things they didnt pay for. They all just sound like bunch of 14yr olds.


And then there are the real ones who don't post here and who are actually doing most of the cracking/ripping. *Those* are the ones doing God's work


But...but....lost revenue! Lost potential sales!! If you have a copy and haven't stolen anything then how can they take your money they feel entitled to?? I won't even waste the bandwidth on some products like anything Adobe makes. Been using GiMP for a while and its worked just as well, if not better.


It is stealing though even if you don't get caught. Of course it's a copy, it's literally made of 1s and 0s that only your computer can interpret, how else are they supposed to provide you the product? But it's fine cuz it's stealing from multi million dollar companies who won't even be hurt by it tbh


Yup, still stealing. Sure, you may have decided to define stealing in a very narrow way that makes you feel good about pirating, but in the real world it definitely is still stealing. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/steal > to take the property of another wrongfully and especially as a habitual or regular practice > to take or appropriate without right or leave and with intent to keep or make use of wrongfully https://www.dictionary.com/browse/steal > to take (the property of another or others) without permission or right, especially secretly or by force > to appropriate (ideas, credit, words, etc.) without right or https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/steal > to take something without the permission or knowledge of the owner and keep it https://www.collinsdictionary.com/us/dictionary/english/steal > If you steal something from someone, you take it away from them without their permission and without intending to return it. I could go on forever. I pasted the relevant definitions but also included the links just in case there’s one I missed in there somewhere. So, look at all these definitions. Not a single one mentions anything about the owner being left empty handed afterward. It all centers around taking something without the owners permission, which absolutely does happen when pirating. Let’s say Bob makes a song that he’s super proud of. The only person in the world to have heard it though is Bob himself. He wants to release it and decided to skip the major labels and do it himself. He opens a storefront, uploads a preview snippet that he makes publicly available, then uploads the song in a password protected zip file. He’s ready to start selling but hasn’t opened the store yet. That song belongs to Bob. It’s his property. As of right now, there is no possible way to hear the song without Bob granting you access. There’s also absolutely nothing entitling you to hear that song. If Bob changed his mind and takes the store down without ever listing the song, you may never get to hear it. But that’s the decision that Bob made, and he’s the one who created the song, invested money into creating the song, etc. If Bob never shares the song with another human being ever again, that’s acceptable. Because the song is his property, and nobody is entitled to it but him. Let’s say you’re at Bob’s house and you see his laptop sitting there. You open it and enter Bob’s birthday. Surprise, the password works and you’re now looking at his desktop. Right there in the middle of the desktop is the file with his song. That song is digital, and making a copy of it will not remove the original song. You are *still* not allowed to copy it onto a flash drive. Doing so would be blatant theft. Listing the song online doesn’t change that one bit. The only way to hear that song is to first give Bob $.99. If you don’t follow those terms then you have no right to listen to the music. It’s still his property, and taking it without permission is still theft. Now just to take this one step further, there are files that exist on government servers containing highly classified information. Files that are also digital, meaning copies can be made without removing the original. I can guarantee you, being digital is not going to stop the government from prosecuting you should you find a way into those computers and copy those files. That’s data and information that you don’t own, and taking them off those government servers is absolutely stealing, along with a whole list of other criminal violations. Claiming “I didn’t take the classified documents, you still have a copy on the server” will get you laughed out of the room. And fined / imprisoned of course. Stealing does not just involve physical objects, and it doesn’t require the original owner to be left empty handed afterward. If you take someone’s property, whether it’s a physical bike, a digital song, or a digital classified document, unless you have the owners permission then it’s absolutely still stealing. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t do it. Have at it, enjoy. Just don’t delude yourself into thinking that what you’re doing isn’t stealing. Really smart lawyers and politicians got paid an obscene amount of money to craft laws like this. I can promise you, they thought of the “but it’s only data” argument a long, long time ago.


you're conflating stealing/theft with copyright infringement. Taking an item that doesn't belong to you is stealing, while making an unauthorized copy is copyright infringement. Making a copy isn't "taking someone's property" like taking their bike would be, not logically and not as defined by the law.


> Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying don’t do it. Have at it, enjoy. Just don’t delude yourself into thinking that what you’re doing isn’t stealing. Exactly this. I don't get why everyone here is so hell-bent on trying to act like what we're doing is for the common good, when in fact we're doing it cause we'd rather not spend any money I pirate things, but if I made things worth pirating, and other people pirated them instead of paying, I sure as shit wouldn't be thrilled, and I think most pirates would feel the same. But of course, that's not the prevailing theme of this sub, cause for some reason people have this urge of theirs trying to moralize about how what we're doing is noble or some bullshit, instead of only helping others to pirate things But I think posts like this one are probably made by edgelords who until a year ago didn't know they could download movies online and now they're feeling like they're the towns new hot shit - so perhaps it's just a generational cycle, cause I know I used to be edgy




That's the main reason I've keep my seedbox running for what seems like ten to fifteen years now. I am the lone survivor on many seeds. Long many they live.


I pirate for archiving. Beavis & Butt-Head got completely screwed over by copyright and I host a collection where I have mostly TV recordings that have most music videos.


I archived bevis and butthead too, those are classics!


No, no. He’s got a point


No. He doesn't. Digital media piracy is not stealing.


It's not really stealing..


We know.


Just saying, people keep using that word around here.


OP doesn't. Posts like this need to get taken down and repeat offenders perma banned. Piracy is not stealing, but OP makes the claim in this post. It makes us all look bad.


It is not the idea of stealing that interests me. It is the fact that content kept getting deleted and removed that led me to pirate what I want. A funny show or skit on Youtube? Oh too bad, it was removed and copyrighted by some scam company that uploaded it for itself with lower quality and watermarks. Fuck that. It also made me think. Why waste my internet bandwidth on Netflix every time I want to watch some show I regularly watch when I can just download it with perfect quality and not keep wasting data over and over.


Who is stealing? We are copying digital media files, not taking anything away from anyone... We are pirates not thieves. I really wish some mods would start banning people who use the S word. ...Corporate bootlicker.


> We are pirates not thieves. This is so fucking funny tbh. Maybe you (we) should come up with a word that isn't synonymous to thief if we want to say we're not thieves.


Opportunistic Data Copier?


Read the OP before whining.


Now that we're on the topic, where do you guys download music from? And I don't mean one song at a time, I mean like every song from a band at the same time.


Servarr is pretty nice




This motto, is how I live - Robin Hood style, except I'm the poor one getting that chedda


Anyone still pirating music to cassette? I certainly do.


I'm restoring a classic car, it does not have a radio at the moment, I thought about getting a tape deck and copying my library to cassettes to mimic my childhood for my kids. Haha they are so gonna hate it.




Where are Jackett sonarr radarr


I am running a pirated version of windows 7 in 2023


Lol that picture doesn't look right no sonarr radarr or jellyfin or Plex


Would love to find "a place" with lots of old music.


What style and age? Most trackers I belong to for audio are all by style more than anything else.




What's that cassate logo?


Copying *isn't* theft.


Wait till you find out about shoplifting


What is the website on the bottom left?


Let the man speak!


Any* corporation is fair gain. Down with capital.


you wouldnt download a car


Omg I so would.


OP. Piracy is not stealing, numb nuts. Stealing is removing something from someone's possession. We are copying digitsl media. Like lighting 1 candle with another, the original candle is unchange and the amount of fire does not remain the same like a tangible good would.


I don't try to put a moral spin on it, or try to justify it. Free shit! The only way to threaten corporations is organised labour.


Honestly i think posts like this, justifying piracy as a rebellion against the corporations are fucking lame. I pirate because i want free shit.


delusional subreddit trying to justify piracy on idealist mantra. most people pirate because it's the next best thing. if i had the 60 bucks (times the number of games i want to play) to pay i'd pay them, but i don't, so fuck it i'm going to do this somehow complex shit nobody could held me accountable thing to get it for free


Most people don't pirate cause they have no money. Like Gabe Newell said, Piracy is a service problem, not a money problem.


not being able to pay 5 subscription-based streaming platforms does seem to me like a money problem


its not stealing, I was never going to buy the games so its no potential money lost for them when I copy it.


"Potential money lost" isn't a real thing. That is fancy corpo propaganda to try and make it seem like they are being robbed when in reality people are just hitting copy-paste on their media.


I don't know man, this might be an unpopular opinion here but in my opinion all piracy is stealing and I am well aware that what I am doing is wrong. It's not that the corporations are greedy, they are just doing business at the end of the day. If you don't like their business, look for an alternative. If the alternative is pirating then I'm fine with but don't get butthurt if you are caught and charged accordingly.


Of course they are doing business and need to pay their employees, I totally get that. But when they charge ~1000 Dollars for a game including all expansion packs (Sims 4) and bring out those packs broken and buggy and half assed you cannot tell me that they aren't being greedy. Like they had WAY less expansion packs for the Sims 3 and somehow the game still has WAY more content, is actually fun to play in live mode and not basically just a build and CAS simulator. I won't them give another cent and am totally happy being a criminal for it.


And nobody is forcing you to buy those expansion packs. So it's really not that big of a deal.


Oh yeah no you're absolutely right it isn't I just love bitching about EA 😭


If you saw 2 identical barrels of apples and one said "$60 per apple" and the other said "free apples", yet I only have $20, why the hell wouldn't I just take a free apple? I did not steal them. Maybe someone else stole them so they can give them away for free, but that is not my moral responsibility to play pretend that I am Sherlock Holmes to try and suss out the origins of every single good or service I use.


Sorry you have been brainwashed, bud. Those corps really have convinced you that not rebuying the same bullshit countless times is morally correct, huh? You sound exactly like the NFT bros. "Please delete that bro, you arent allowed to screenshot this bro. You are PIRATING it from me brrooo. Nooo you aren't allowed to copy and paste nooooo." <- That is you.


I personally always think it's a shame that these people forget that if everyone starts pirating it, at some point no new movies or games can be made. If you really don't have the money it's fine in my eyes but don't forget that if you do have the money and then don't want to pay where other people have a lot of work time and money Are you the stingy bastard instead of the corporations. You're not a hero for stealing things for yourself, that makes you a common criminal.


I'd like to reply to first part of your post. If we assume corpos are greedy, so if they would loose enough customers they would only then start thinking why is that. For now they are happily increasing prices, lower down quality for savings, add micropayments and don't give a shit about the customer. They say you don't want to pay that much then don't buy! Now, for the customer the problem is an alternative to that. If only this is piracy then what choose a person have? Corpo can last for generations and human being had limited time... So, yeah it is lost position.


Say it louder for the folks in back!


100% agree with you. Nice to have a civil response here on reddit, don't see that everyday. Have a nice day.


What about music from some dead person, what is the rationale about companies "owning" it? I get your point and it has valid sides, but for me, things should be available to everyone after a so not very long time, not 99 years after the death of the creator but like 5 years tops.


Bit of an exaggeration. Just wanna watch toons jfc


Hey I’m new to piracy, anyway I can get started? Any YouTube channels or documents or anything?


You can start by joining r/FREEMEDIAHECKYEAH There you will see an option named 'Wiki' wherein you will find all sorts for links for streaming, torrenting etc. (It's moderated and updated as well so not much to worry). If you're still sceptical about some website you can search for posts related to it on other Piracy subreddits to get user feedback about it.


NAL but YouTube downloading isn’t stealing. It’s protected under time shifting provided the content uploaded didn’t pirate the data. (Yes I get this wasn’t made by you, I think)


Doesn’t pirating a game for free make you greedy as well?


100% facts! I don't wanna pay corporations like disney a dime! I was going through Adventrue time too and noticed the amount of depressing degeneracy they have introduced in kid's shows. Adventure time was full of teaching kids things that would lead them down a dark hole of depression and emptiness. Would've been so epic if they just focused on the content. Easily one of the best cartoon shows out there if so. And we don't talk about Disney. Everyone knows what's wrong.


Adventure time was meant to be a dark fantasy thing from the start. It was just hidden in the background of bright colors and shit but if you look at it and the backgrounds you will see it is a very bleak world.


i want to steal media. no need to qualify from whom.


You will need to break into a store and rob it to steal media. Piracy is COPYING media. Humongous difference. If I clone your pet dog I have not stolen your dog. Your dog remains in your posession and your life remains unchanged.


Imagine a guy who built his pc after saving for months & Then some guy on interent says "piracy is wrong" Sure it is wrong but are you really expecting a guy to buy a game where he can barely afford his own pc...!!! & Where is your so called "wrong" morality when game developers make fake trailers to trick peoples into pre-orders....???


You wouldn't steal a policeman hat!


YouTube pays the artists for the videos they post. We should follow the wishes of the artists here.


That's all corporations.


It isn't stealing


Can you pirate movies to download? If so can anyone show me how pls?


Ah yes, the moral pirate


...and never again pay for a service that would be dirt cheap. If it weren't run by a bunch of profiteering gluttons.


Do I want to: pay numerous subscriptions to media services, spend time searching through all of them only to find my movie is on the one mega overpriced one, OR Click one little magnet icon and get it quickly in good quality, easily searched and rewatched whenever I desire?


Anyone knows where I can download shows and movies in a google drive link? For some reason it’s faster than any other host.


i love rarbg


What's the best counter-argument to "without financial support no quality art would be made" when arguing for piracy?


"Without piracy, works become lost to time. Piracy *is* preservation. Always has been."


What is that black caset and bones.