I don't even know who this woman is


Just a mildly famous person who is vocally pro-life.


Man that's kind of fucked up like I assume she's being honest and like you know that wasn't an abortion but sometimes the way people act online is fucking goofy as hell, especially on Reddit people are acting like fucking morons on here when the pope died


Whenever anyone dies someone celebrates this place is toxic as fuck


Yeah I'm not a huge fan of Reddit, I basically stick on this sub and a few shitposts subreddits because I really don't want to interact with the orange part of Reddit


The orange part is just a religion at this point. No bother in even trying. I did years ago but the interactions never change, they just follow their ideology


What ground my gears to the breaking point were the people trying to accuse him of being a Nazi and a Pedo, when A. Benedict XVI's family was incredibly anti-Nazi (to the point of him deserting the Wehrmacht after being drafted) and B. he was the guy in-charge of identifying and defrocking sexual abusers within the clergy. It's fucking cowardly to try and defame a dead man over things he never did or was actively against in the first place. I may be biased towards him, but I think everyone can agree with what I just said, yeah?


These days I don't even know what a woman is🤔


Hey, at least you know *what a* woman is


Why was this news, who cares


There's a shockingly large group of people on Reddit who hate the Duggar family but still spend an exorbitant amount of time documenting their entire lives, following their family drama, and *wait for it*....celebrating any losses or failures they encounter. It's the classic "I hate you but will consume everything you do until something bad happens to you, which I have preemptively convinced myself that you deserve.


Who the fuck are the Duggars?


I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure they were the family featured on a TV show called 19 kids and counting. Basically they just made a bunch of babies, and, as expected, a couple of them turned out to be shitty (I think one of them is a pedo who may have even abused his sisters). I don't think this girl was one of the bad ones. They're just being ridiculed by the left currently because they're "Independent Baptists" (very traditional Christian), pro-Life, and this girl had to have an already-dead fetus removed from her body for her safety and the jannies are trying to convince you that that's literally abortion and all rightoids would never let you remove a dead fetus ever


I’m not one to question someone’s morality, but if you harass a woman who had a miscarriage and try to weaponize her dead child against your political opponents… these people are straight up fucking evil


And THAT'S why I'm a former liberal. The left drove me away very quickly with their insanity and identity politics; literal weaponized autism.


No, weaponized autism is tearing down that flag in the middle of bumfuck Tennessee. *This* is pure malice.


Link to that story? I don't remember if I ever followed the while thing.


[As told by our favorite Kiwi :D](https://youtu.be/vw9zyxm860Q)


Man I love the internet sometimes. Idk about the political angle here, just the hivemind doing something productive for once is awe inspiring.




From what I’ve found, the left and right are the same when it comes to their radicals. They’re basically terminally online keyboard warriors. The left mainly hangs out on Reddit and tumblr while the right is on Facebook and Qanon forum sites. They hilariously share Twitter though.


Yeah I've often told my friends I don't like radicals of any kind. I don't care what your beliefs are, but if you're aggressive and radical about them, I don't like you, and that include religious anti-abortion zealots that get caught having gay airport sex.


The only standards those kind of people have are double standards.


I usually have no clue who most "well known" people are in memes lately. Maybe that's a good thing


It's probably a good thing especially if it applies to music too


Fuck, I just realized I haven't heard a new band since 2015.


Based and under a rock pilled. I have no idea who the Duggars are either.


They are the greatest danger to your values that has ever existed. They hate you and everything you stand for. The only possible protection against them is to blindly support us. We alone can keep you safe.


Or I could just ignore them. Seems equally effective.


Christian-ish family (they're part of a sect that has some very fundamentalist views, some of which aren't exactly Biblically supported, at least in the way theyre applied) that had a reality TV show because there's a shit ton of kids in the family, 18 Kids and Counting I believe the name was. Lots of controversy over the years, one of the older sons is a convicted pedophile who abused his sisters, so on and so forth. Shit situation for the kids, but they were a phenomenon for long enough that they still get headlines, especially because the whole Josh Duggar situation has continually gotten worse since the initial revelation of his degeneracy.


They are a family of people who are "quiverful" which means they think sex is only for making babies, zero birth control. There's...a lot of them and...a lot more unseemly things.


I can remember parents who are and parents who never were quiverful. I just sympathize with the Duggars right now is all. I just feel remorse.


High profile Christian family that’s hyper conservative and all about god, think they have a TV show. One of them was recently arrested for molesting a bunch of the family’s young children. You know, the usual.


If something bad happens to a high profile right winger/pro lifer, these people are happy. They don't have independent joy and happiness, they're just bad people.


The worst are the subs that claim to hate a ‘personality’ and literally all they do is talk about that person and circle jerk each other about how much they hate them while also spending almost all their time on Reddit in that same sub. Those subs are always filled with misinformation and the most miserable fucking people. I honestly couldn’t imagine spending that much time thinking about someone I didn’t like. Gotta be terrible for mental health. Miserable existence tbh.


Greta Thunberg vs Kyle Rittenhouse, both right and left went crazy over them it was hard to escape, but the crossover memes IIRC were pretty funny.


Ah yes you’re talking about the loving and empathetic progressives of Reddit who among other things recently [celebrated the suicide of 3 Trump supporters](https://www.reddit.com/r/PoliticalCompassMemes/comments/10ud6o7/redditors_try_not_to_celebrate_the_death_of_their/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) They truly are on the right side of history.


"The right side of history" is the most dangerous phrase ever constructed and it's not even a contest. What it does, in effect, in allow for an almost entirely consequentialist view of politics and social interaction: that is to say, they believe anything hey do or say will be completely justified if it helps them bring about a perceived "better future" (Vaush is a prime example of this). *Anything*. This makes them accountable to nobody. Not ethics, not codes, not even God. Instead, they base their morality off of A. their political goals and B. what they perceive the historical narrative to be. This makes them capable of *anything* so long as it serves their ends. *This is the fundamental, guiding principal behind some of the most heinous actions of the 20th Century.* If you want to understand large-scale, sociopolitical violence - from the Nazis to Rwanda to ISIS - it always starts with the simple sentence of "I'm on the right side of history".


It allows them to justify their actions on a hypothetical future that can only be proven in their own imagination.


Anyone claiming that their beliefs make them "on the right side of history" should be asked about the crystal ball they have in their attic that tells them what morals will look like in the future, because I doubt those morals will look anything like theirs if they have to use that as a justification.


I 100% agree. Consequentialism is one of the world's greatest evil philosophies, it ethically justifies lying and cheating and dirty politics and all manner of authoritarianism, and it currently driving the woke left.


We call this "living in your head rent free." It's a pandemic among terminally online extremists.


So the lefties can play "Gotcha!" on the rightoids.


There's a whole sub dedicated to these idiots, and those guys are crazy. Absolute echo chamber, and if you don't get on board they just permaban/mute. You say what they want to hear or fuck off.


These mods are honestly getting out of control


It’s gone from using thinly veiled excuses of preventing hate speech to just blatantly banning all political views aside from their own.


I liked our old, classier reddit mods like Ghislaine


No fucking way it's the same Ghislaine I'm thinking of.


Yeah, there was a power mod that went dark when she went to jail. And a lot of tiny details that indicated it was her


You're taking the piss, there's no fucking way. That'd be TOO perfect.


You must be new here. Yes, it's real. The account went offline the day she was arrested. Never been back on since.




Paging u/MaxwellHill.




If you go to their posts and sort by new, you’ll see mods removed a bunch of comments. They’re all people commenting after her arrest, and saying it’s ghlisane (or however the fuck you spell it). Mods ran interference for her after her arrest.




it's worse. it's not even political views, it's "we'll ban anyone who's not willing to mock this stereotype we have with us"


Same shit, different day. Thinly veiled anti-white racism has boiled into blatant anti-white racism and policies/laws which discriminate against white people Thinly veiled misandry has boiled into blatant misandry and policies/laws which discriminate against men Thinly veiled excuses to prevent hate speech has boiled into blatantly banning all political opposition And so it goes. It's so frustrating to see the early phase for what it is, call it out, and get accused of having a victim complex, only for it to inevitably bubble up into being a blatant version of the thing you've been saying it is all along.


nOnE oF tHaT's hApPeNnInG!


And yet we still have morons saying "the slippery slope ends here".


Nah they come with shit like „slippery-slope-fallacy“


Yeah im curious as to why it is a fallacy in the first place? What is fallacious about it?


You can't definitely prove the future. If I let go of my coffee cup, it might just float instead of falling to the floor. It won't, but it might.


They've been like that for years, now they're just being honest and proud of it.


Hate speech is speech I hate. Edit: accidently used the German word for speak.


Every time somebody has a minimum amount of power without control it goes to tyranny. And with reddit mods you end up having super stupid tyranny


All the money they get for modding has gone to their heads lol


Imagine if these tyrannical lunatics had any actual real power. There would absolutely be re-education camps for wrong-thinkers like yourself.


> Imagine if these tyrannical lunatics had any actual real power. I live in Canada. I don't have to imagine.


Getting? Where have you been the last 6ish years?


If you want abortion to be more accepted maybe don’t misrepresent it and further alienate people who are willing to change. Morons


Reddit mods at it again


ive never seen a more illogical and irrational person online than a reddit mod. ive received racist profanity laden MW2 xbox live rants with more coherence than a lot of mod decisions on major subs


I've always been on the fence with abortion but I've never met a single pro life person who was against medically necessary abortions, and I have lived in some dark red parts of the country.


That’s been my experience as well. How the fuck could any reasonable person be against an abortion to save the mothers life?


Even the Catholic church says if you have to choose the baby or the mother, you save the mother. But only if no other option is available, and if every effort has been made to preserve the lives of both.


I think most pro-lifers have no problem with exceptions for abortion in extreme cases, same as pro-choicers often don't support abortions in third trimester.


> same as pro-choicers often don't support abortions in third trimester. I know that's been the case for a long time but it feels as if that may be shifting, some non-trivial amount of the voices in the movement are now saying if you oppose 3rd-trimester abortions you are not pro-choice. I've been told this personally, more than once, IRL. My wife is an ICU nurse and has encountered the same when expressing a limit on when abortions are acceptable...


Yeah, I also noticed a shift on pro-choice voices saying that "even if it is human, it's her body so..." which is very disturbing. At least in the past they dehumanized the fetus, or pretended it was not human, but now they are willing to double down even agreeing on its humanity. Now, I always knew that human rights were doomed to be refuted by the same arguments they use to refute God or the metaphysical. Just as God cannot be proved scientifically, human rights neither, so if you use materialist arguments for one you also have to consider them against the other. However, I didn't expect it to come so soon.


I really would respect the whole thing a lot more if they would say "yes we know it's the extinguishing of an innocent life and we deem the mother's happiness/convenience to be of higher value than preserving innocent life". As terrible as that is to say, I think to a point it's acceptable... any would-be mother that makes that choice probably shouldn't be a mother.


You have a point. I cannot disagree they are more honest now in that aspect.


>some non-trivial amount of the voices in the movement are now saying if you oppose 3rd-trimester abortions you are not pro-choice. It was some of the weirdest dissonace I remember from the pro-choice camp during Repeal of Roe vs Wade. As RvW stated from the beginning of the third trimester on that a state's interest in protecting prenatal life became so compelling that it could legally prohibit all abortions except where necessary to protect the mother's life or health.


> pro-choicers often don't support abortions in third trimester That's weird, because I've had choicers motte-and-bailey the fuck out of me when I say how appalling pbas are


Oh hey finally someone got it mostly right. It's actually double effect you are looking for.


We (speaking as a Catholic here) usually put it a different way, but yes. Essentially, we invoke the principle of double effect. We say that doctors have an obligation to save the mother’s life, and if such an action would endanger the baby’s life, that’s just a risk you have to take. But this is categorically different from abortion, which is the *intentional* murder of a child in the womb.


> Even the Catholic church says if you have to choose the baby or the mother, you save the mother. No, it says you can choose the mother.


Because the problem is with how the law defines "medical necessity". You're basically relying on the state to competently write a law then relying on complicated medical and legal bureaucracies to interpret that law. For example, my wife had an ectopic pregnancy. If left untreated, she would die. But the ectopic had not ruptured. It *would* rupture at some point, but at the point of diagnosis her life "was not in risk". Dipshit state legislators aren't writing laws clearly enough to say "the diagnosis of an ectopic pregnancy constitutes a life risk to the mother and is grounds for an abortion". They just say "abortion illegal unless mother's life is at risk". As a result, chickenshit medical bureaucrats/lawyers tell the care team "No, don't do the surgery yet, wait until it ruptures or is about to rupture. Only then is the mothers life at risk and we won't get sued". My wife didn't have this problem, she lived in NJ, and was able to get Methotrexate injections, saving the tube and now we have a 4 month old daughter who is cranky and teething but...she's here. My wifes friend who lives in Oklahoma had to go to New Mexico for her ectopic, because her hospital said "yeah we won't do anything until the rupture happens because of legal risk".


> How the fuck could any reasonable person be against an abortion to save the mothers life? Well, yeah - but let me introduce you to a significant portion of the population: The unreasonable ones... Unreasonable people exist in all quadrants, and the scary thing is - the more unreasonable and extreme someone is, the bigger the chance for that someone to actually get their fat ass out of the couch and do something - ie. becoming an activist for their cause... and the bigger chance that this person having actual influence. To make this easier - look at the polar opposite quadrant, at the libleft feminists. Your average self-labeled feminist (in real life, not on twitter) is a fairly normal person who doesn't hate men and mostly just believe in fairly mundane things like that workplace sexism sucks, people should get paid fairly, sexual harassment/rape is the worst, etc. Now look at the people who run feminist organisations - at the people at the top of the movement who control most of the resources, who are the people with a real voice, who influence policy and are heard in the media... now how many of those would you classify as "unreasonable"? My guess, a big majority of them... As much as it sucks, it's not exactly the reasonable ones who float to to top and get their voices heard, no matter what political ideology you look at.... and that's why you have this kind of shit: [Ireland to clarify abortion rules after Indian woman's death](https://www.reuters.com/article/ireland-abortion-indian-woman-idINDEE8AE0DX20121116) > ... > Four out of five Irish voters support a change in the law to permit abortion in cases where a mother’s life is at risk, according to a recent opinion poll. > But a vocal anti-abortion minority has dominated the debate on abortion in Ireland in the past, with campaigners arguing that the adoption of legislation or guidelines for medical terminations would bring in abortion through the back door. > ... 20% of the population being unreasonable and *against* medically necessary abortions - with even more unreasonable activists being the most vocal and influential ones - that's more than enough to make their wish into policy, with people literally dying as a result.


It’s a red herring. It’s incredibly rare for an abortion to be medically necessary to save the life of the mother. Same goes for the rape incest exception. At least 92% of abortions are done for elective reasons—that is, not medically necessary.


>How the fuck could any reasonable person be against an abortion to save the mothers life? Once you see a doctor saying that any pregnancy is a threat to a mother thus every abortion is to save the mother's life, it starts to get messy. People will abuse an exception until the exception ends up being removed.


My wife and I literally did this. Went in for our 10 week ultrasound to discover that the little dude had died at 6 weeks. My wife felt like it was more dignified for it to have the operation rather than to try and pass naturally and just... flush it. All of my family is pro-life and nobody even blinked at her choice. I've never talked to anybody who had an ethical problem with what we did.


I'm sorry for your loss. Praying it goes better next time.


We've lost another since, but this time earlier. It was also hard but truth be told the first was harder. But my wife is currently 24 weeks pregnant, and at 20 weeks we were given the good news that she was alive and had no abnormalities. We're very hopeful.


Christ, and I thought I was having a bad week. I can’t imagine going through that once, let alone twice. Best of luck, friend. Godspeed.


Best of luck to your family. You are already through the halfway point


It was a corpse removal and dignified for the child as opposed to an abortion.


My wife had one at 20 weeks. Just after we started to let people know. 2 healthy kids later and she is still impacted by it. People who want to politicize a D&C are idiots, it can literally put the mother's health at risk to the point of sterilization or death.


That wasn't an abortion, it was removing the deceased to a place less likely to harm the living. I'm sorry you went through that.


It's almost as if the whole point really is about not causing deaths, and not a moronic push to "control women's bodies".


My body can be conscripted to die for the state, why can’t women’s bodies be made to breed for the state? I think I may be onto something here but I’ll need to huff a bit more propane first


Hey stop hogging all the propane.


Yes. It's such a strawman to say pro-lifers oppose abortion when the fetus is already dead or endangering the mother, yet that's what everyone in the thread was talking about.


Never met any personally, though, my sister seems to lean more and more into right wing extremism as time goes on, so she *might* think so...


Your sister sounds hawt.


I too, chose this guy’s sister


Where do you draw the line at medically necessary? The local hospital near me won't abort a doomed pregnancy untill mom is septic. At that point you're highly likely to lose the uterus permanently and got a decent chance of dying.


Apparently because one or two wackjobs have been against it thats how the entire pro life crowd is. Im not even pro life Im just anti government supporting abortions (its just eugenics with a shiny name)


Nobody pro life wants a mother to die. In most cases, the child is already gone so why not save the mother


There's a big legal difference between gone and will be gone.


Orange mfs on Reddit always attempt at a gotcha with rape, incest, medically necessary abortions, etc and my experience with pro life people has been the same as yours. I've never met a pro lifer who was all or nothing.


Pro lifers are usually pretty split on rape and incest. Ben Shapiro doesn't give the exemption and he's probably one of the biggest advocates out there.


Rape and incest are morally arguable from a philosophical standpoint, which is why you have a split. I've never once met someone who was anti-removal-of-an-already-dead-baby. I've met a few who are against abortion in the case of a child that WILL die, but they're universally conflicted over the matter and just barely lean into the "I'm afraid this will lead to societal disregard for the sanctity of life" camp.


So your dark red parts of the country are nothing compared to Poland. > On 22 October 2020, Poland’s discredited Constitutional Tribunal ruled that abortion on grounds of “severe and irreversible fetal defect or incurable illness that threatens the fetus’ life” was unconstitutional. The ruling followed a case filed by members of the Polish Parliament and formally supported by the Prosecutor General. The ruling came into force on 27 January 2021. Both the European Court of Human Rights and the European Commission have found that the Constitutional Tribunal does not meet fair trial requirements due to its lack of independence from the legislative and the executive powers.


Doesn't this decision refer more to when the fetus has a disability that would prevent the baby to live for much longer after being born rather than to when the mother's life is at risk?


In theory, yes. In practice, there were deaths already. Looks like doctors needed to wait to help the mothers until the fetus was definitely dead. https://www.americanpost.news/polish-woman-dies-after-being-forced-to-carry-a-dead-fetus-in-her-womb/ https://edition.cnn.com/2022/06/28/europe/poland-abortion-law-izabela-sajbor-death-intl-cmd/index.html


Gonna take a wild guess and say that came from a sub that rhymes with shitereopleshitter


Me, apparently a completely indescribable monster, barely human, incapable of empathy, just want to watch people suffer: My condolences to the family and I wish peace and healing for the family. Reddit pro-choicers, completely morally right on every issue, the true holders of humanism, the party of love and tolerance, the last bastion of decency: HAHA YOUR BABY DIED ISN'T THAT FUNNY, ITS WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING POLITICALLY DIFFERENT FROM ME


It's like saying morticians are murderers because if you did an autopsy to a living person it would kill them. I mean... Yeah, it would, but what's your point?


Anyone who thinks removing a dead baby after a miscarriage and getting an abortion on a perfectly healthy viable baby are the same needs to have their head examined


It's because they are both medically called "abortion", so most people don't actually read anything and just assume they had had an abortion and are being a hypocrite.


Me when I see some jannies say insane shit for the 8th time today: 😐


I swear it’s always the same mod to they are constantly on Reddit and have sent pms saying that Reddit is all they have and are Disabled




There’s a pretty huge difference between an elective abortion (the majority of abortions) and a miscarriage 😂


Nope they’re the same exact thing, you’re banned.


Reddit mods are getting so out of control that I wouldn't be surprised if one of them is invited to a funeral and decides to spred their agenda there: \- So, how did he die? \- Workplace accident. \- Oh what a shame... but you know that if we lived in a socialist utopia that wouldn't have happened right? \- Emily get out of here and never contact me or my kids ever again.


There’s actually a portion of the right that’s pro abortion


Yep. Hitler was a big fan. Eugenics and super late term


1 miscarriages =/= abortions. Anyone who believes that is not a serious human being. 2 Reddit mods like this and the general shift to the extreme left on this issue put me in the pro-life corner.


Nothing turns me towards the right more than leftists’ bullshit.


Wait, are they saying pro lifers oppose abortions that are necessary to save the mother’s life? Is that the take?


Their take is two fold. 1. Because Duggar had a fetus removed from her body it’s technically an abortion even though it was already dead. This makes her a hypocrite apparently. 2. Pro-lifers are against any and all abortions even if it’s required to save the mothers life.


Its so offensive. It happened to my wife 3 times when we were trying for a child. We didn't ask for a dead baby. We wanted a child. The connotation they are putting on the word is offensive, insulting, cruel, and wrong.


People are generally afraid of situations like [the one that occurred in Ireland](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Savita_Halappanavar) where a woman died of sepsis because she couldn't abort the dead fetus. We've already seen some abortion laws suggested in America that are so vague that they *might* also potentially create such a situation, but I don't know if any have been passed. Regardless, it's not an inane worry for people to have and sometimes you really should just call a spade a spade even if it hurts your agenda.


**[Death of Savita Halappanavar](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Death_of_Savita_Halappanavar)** >Savita Halappanavar (née Savita Andanappa Yalagi; 9 September 1981 – 28 October 2012) was a dentist of Indian origin, living in Ireland, who died from sepsis after her request for an abortion was denied on legal grounds. In the wake of a nationwide outcry over her death, voters passed in a landslide the Thirty-Sixth Amendment of the Constitution, which repealed the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland and empowered the Oireachtas to legislate for abortion. It did so through the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Act 2018, signed into law on 20 December 2018. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/PoliticalCompassMemes/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


I have an uber liberal family member that calls her miscarriages abortions, and uses that as a cudgel in arguments to justify her positions. I mean, I kinda get it; it's a lot less painful to pretend that you chose "birth control" than it is to acknowledge that the children you desperately wanted died and there was nothing you could do to prevent it. It sucks. And I feel for her, but it's irritating as fuck when she uses it as a tool to argue. I mean, what do you even say to that? I know what I say, and it's basically what I said in this comment, but I can't help but feel like an asshole saying that to her face.


While me and my wife have never dealt with it, two of my very close friends/coworkers that worked for me had miscarriages within a short period of time. It was awful. Anyone trying to use a miscarriage for political platform purposes is a straight up anti-feminist/human piece of shit that lacks any sort of moral compass.


I don’t understand what they think they’ll gain by conflating the two. People treat miscarriages as tragic deaths, something which prochoice activists vehemently deny abortions are


>I have an uber liberal family member that calls her miscarriages abortions, and uses that as a cudgel in arguments to justify her positions. Tell her to go up to a woman grieving over a miscarriage and tell her "it's not a big deal, it's just a clump of cells". She'll either change her tune quick, or she'll demonstrate that she's a monster.


She’s arguing in a manipulative, bad faith way


Removing an already naturally-dead fetus ≠ killing a fetus and then removing it is this really that hard to understand?


"Report anyone who gives a nuanced opinion from the other side because it fits my narrative if we only keep my views or views that make the other side look psychopathic" this shit makes me reeeeeeeeeee


Agree with me or face the wall, comrade!


I'm with libright here


Even if you're pro life I still don't see the problem if the baby died..in fact it'd probably only be worse to not get the dead body out


Removing a miscarried child is not an abortion. For those in the back: REMOVING A MISCARRIED CHILD IS NOT AN ABORTION. There’s nothing to fucking ABORT. The pregnancy was over as soon as she miscarried.


60 thousand scumbags upvoted a mocking post about a woman's miscarriage


Discgusting, hateful jannies 🤮


I am once again proposing an unwritten law that if you moderate a certain number of subreddits - or one that’s one of the most popular subs - you have to show your face. Guarantee you that these mods are exactly the type of people you expect them to look like.


I'm radically pro life. And my wife has recently had 2 "abortions" due to miscarriages. No one, not even the most radically pro life people like me, object to procedures to deal with miscarriages. This is just another example of leftists being willfully ignorant about right wing positions.


For the last line of that Jannie's statement, I'm sure that applies to vaccine mandates as well right?


No it applies to the things she likes, it doesn’t apply to things she doesn’t like.


Sounds like they aren't for woman's bodily autonomy then?


That is some AuthLeft mod shit not libleft. “Here’s what **they** believe, and I hate them because of what I say they believe.” Damn they’re dumb.


How about you leave this woman the fuck alone you goblins, she's clearly devastated by this.






Textbook example of how propaganda is imposed in supposedly "free" forums and they have NO SHAME.


It's true because I said so. - Ministry of Truth.


The linked "source" is literally just a page saying abortion is illegal in Texas. Here're [direct quotes](https://capitol.texas.gov/tlodocs/87R/billtext/pdf/SB00008F.pdf) from [Texas's abortion law](https://statutes.capitol.texas.gov/Docs/HS/htm/HS.245.htm): > Sec. 171.205. EXCEPTION FOR MEDICAL EMERGENCY; RECORDS. (a) Sections 171.203 and 171.204 do not apply if a physician believes a medical emergency exists that prevents compliance with this subchapter. --- > Sec. 245.002. DEFINITIONS. In this chapter: > > (1) "Abortion" means the act of using or prescribing an instrument, a drug, a medicine, or any other substance, device, or means with the intent to cause the death of an unborn child of a woman known to be pregnant. The term does not include birth control devices or oral contraceptives. An act is not an abortion if the act is done with the intent to: > > (A) save the life or preserve the health of an unborn child; > > (B) remove a dead, unborn child whose death was caused by spontaneous abortion; or > > (C) remove an ectopic pregnancy. Plus, even if there _were_ pro-lifers who would oppose what she did, that wouldn't mean _she_ were against miscarriage-management or life-saving abortions.


Is this what they meant by "believe women"?


Libleft permabanning everyone with a differing opinion. Say it ain’t so.


Most of Reddit is utter trash. “We will ban everyone who dares speak inconsistent with the Prevailing Narrative (TM)


Literally the *Catholic church* endorses D&E for ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages that need them. They are medically necessary. Lying about this repeatedly just shows how much respect the left has for the truth on this matter.


This sub has one of the most unhinged people you would ever encounter in your life as mods, nothing surprising


Altering information is lying. No exceptions. I swear, the extreme sides of politics are fucking intolerable. Its like arguing with a toddler.


Its not abortion if its removing a miscarriage. that's just dumb. they are very different things.


Why do redditors hate this family so much? Is it not possible to just ignore people? I'm not saying live and let live as some kind of moral value. I'm saying ignore things which are not important for your own sake so you aren't wasting your time.


The whole pro-**life** argument is about preserving the **life** of a baby. It's kinda in the name.


No way we arnt doxing reddit mods lmao


I mean... If its dead...


Reddit mods are the most disconnected losers out there. The fucking worst.


I'm not a fan of abortion at all but if I try to restrict body autonomy, I wouldn't agree with my other stances. But lib left here getting all snippy is cringe


I will tell you as a birth doula and Prolife activists. When prolifers are protesting, we are protesting *ELECTIVE ABORTION* not spontaneous abortion (also known commonly as miscarriage) and the removal of the DEAD fetus there after. There is a huge moral difference between cremating a dead body and burning someone alive. We should not have explain this every time. Stop being disingenuous, by pretending we are talking abt all things that fall under the MEDICAL umbrella term “abortion”. It’s clear we are using the COMMON and COLLOQUIAL terms for these things to engage with other regular ppl without confusion. Please actually engage with our arguments instead of attempting to convolute the conversation.


I love Jessa. Don’t agree with much of anything she thinks but she is obviously a kind and loving person. If you think trying to pull a gotcha on a grieving mother is anything besides disgusting then you need to touch grass.


Nobody is more opinionated about what pro-lifers want than people who hate pro-lifers. It's almost as if the bulk of anti pro-life arguments are just straw men 🤔


Pro-life LibRight represent!




hey, prolifer here i support abortions for both rape victims and women with health risks. we may disagree on the extent of your freedom/responsibility when it comes to pregnancy, but we are not sick bastards.


Why do only crazy people use reddit?


Am I the only one triggered most by that power trip mod? Earlier this week my comments were removed for not being liberal enough on 'entrtnmnt' sub. I respectfully voiced a different opinion, in a hail of downvotes, then removed. No curses or rule breaking language. This website is going to shit so fast.


Medically necessary abortions should be allowed. No more no less


Vehemently pro choice but I agree with blue and yellow here


Safe, legal, rare. Should be as simple as that, I’ve never met anyone who’s said the mother should risk death for a non-viable fetus.


Out of all the pro-lifers I've met, not one has opposed the death of a fetus when the mother's life is in danger. I phrase it that way because some do say they oppose all abortions, but they just define abortion as only elective procedures, so it's the same stance. I'm sure there are some very fringe people who really oppose anything that could harm the fetus, but it would have to be less than one in a thousand pro-lifers who think that way.


I'm against abortion in literally every possibility outside of medical necessity. If the mother has a serious likelihood of death giving birth, abort the fetus. That's just killing 2 people instead of 1. It's very much a "there are 100 people, we can save 50 or they all die."


Mod literally creates a strawman in their own comment.


My mother had about 7 or so miscarriages before I was born. She still goes to mourn at the grave of one developed enough to be buried. From her I know how painful it is. Whoever calls a miscarriage an abortion, or in anyway positive, is morally disgusting.


They aren't the same. Unfortunately, some lawmakers would like to treat them as the same by banning both.


Emily out there telling pro-lifers what they believe


So just to get this straight: Her baby died 3 weeks before a D&C procedure. She had the fetus removed, and people are calling that an abortion? People claiming this are either woefully stupid or so full of rage that they don't care about facts. Or both. As for the comment that braindead mod left, I have met exactly *ZERO* pro-lifers that oppose medically necessary abortions, and I live in a deep red state. It's *mainly* pro-lifers here.


If you celebrate the tragedies of others or use them to further your own ideological agenda, you really have to ask yourself if you're the good guys that you fucking think you are.


Yes this Jannie needs a serious “are we the baddies?” moment.


Today on liblefts agenda: [x] Promote and celebrate defiling the graves of your political opponents and sharing it online. [x] Accuse a woman who recently had a miscarriage of murdering her own child out of smug righteousness. I'm sure I missed a few things on the sheet but they're not even pretending to be the good guys anymore.


[Sometimes](https://www.fox8live.com/2022/08/27/woman-forced-carry-fetus-with-no-chance-living-due-louisiana-abortion-law/) the right thinks aborting a non-viable fetus is still murder