Soon, all they will be replaced by ChatGPT if they only know how to write gaslighting or exaggerating news.


The problem with AI and machine learning is that the developers tend to transfer their biases onto AI and feed it with information that is biased.


NYT obsess with china....funny they don't focus on the high crimes and failing policies


Funny they don’t focus on New York at all


As their homeless uses NYT to wipe themselves in the streets and look up at the trillion dollar F35 flying by. Maybe they should stop their warmongering and focus more on their own people.


Ha well if homeless people aren’t people we don’t have to take care of then! /s


>homeless uses NYT to wipe themselves in the streets and look up at the trillion dollar F35 flying by Need an AI to draw this


Every single Chinese launch is followed by these now. It's well known and established that you can launch vehicles into orbit in a trajectory that ensures the uncontrolled reentry lands over a specific region of the planet, and doing so saves on having to engineer costly thrusters to have a controlled reentry. It's done, or has been done, by every space agency in the world, but it's only news when it's China. In 10 years, when China is launching reusable rockets and NASA is still working on the SLS, they'll be saying that China stole the idea from SpaceX. But it won't matter, because in 10 years, the iss will be gone, the SLS will still not be ready, and the USA wont actually have any need to send people into space at all, since they won't have a manned presence in orbit.


The real independent US media are now calling that Ohio train wreck- Bhopal 2.0.




search up hk+lazer vs blm+lazer for a laugh as well


When space junk falls from Elon Musk's Space X program the Western media makes it look like a fun Easter Egg hunt saying 'if you find Elon's space junk you hit lottery bingo because you can make money selling that space junk back to Space X'