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Socialism4All if you like Marxist Leninists like JT, JTs collaboration YT is called the Deprogram


Seconding The Deprogram as a podcast, it's both extremely funny and very informational. Hakim, Yugopnik, and JT are all good and well-read guys.


I recently discovered a YouTube channel run by a Marxian economist called Democracy At Work. I’ve watched two videos and already I have learned quite a bit. https://youtube.com/@democracyatwrk


I like prof.Wolff. He's a nice introduction and with out all the red stars, which will turn away some people getting interested.


He reached me in a time where I needed it, I was doubting my beliefs and was having a hard time retaining new info. His stuff is easy to understand, but very informative.


The Marxist Project is soooo goood


I only discovered him recently and I don't know how!!! Fantastic content.


Don't feel silly, don't push yourself down for being force fed propaganda. Class struggle forces us to keep our head down and not question things.


Thank you for that, I appreciate it.


Hakim Prolekult Socialism For All Marxism Today Viki1999 Rev Left Radio Red Menace The Deprogram


Don't forget Polisturm International.


Vaush Hasanabi That one economic/spanish guy Victor something Unlearning Economics There was a socialist climate change channel that I don't remember th le name of


Vaush is a deeply unserious person. Definitely not Vaush.


Our changing climate? Vaush is not a socialist


Yeah that's the one lol. Yeah I guess he's technically an anarchist but I think it don't really matter tbh


The Finnish Bolshevik also has a lot of good content.


In terms of being late to the party, I also struggle with shame. That said, what's important is that you are now here. You're now accountable for the ignorance of your past, which means you must continue to educate yourself, others, and organize. I often come back to Vonnegut (in "Timequake"): "You were sick, but now you're well again, and there's work to do."


Shame is definitely the right word for it. I really like that quote also, thank you.


Also, when I say "you're" accountable, I mean "we"..!


Philosophy Tube. She is not as "hardcore" as the socialist YouTubers mentioned by other responses but she makes videos that cover a very wide range of topics and offers a feminist and transgender perspective, which I found very inspiring sometimes


Her short series "What Was Liberalism" was part of why I became a socialist.


Yeah been watching her since before she transitioned i like her content.


Boy Boy makes some good videos


Check out Tom Nicholas, his latest video on UK's energy sector is really good.


Hakim, BadEmpanada, Yugopnik and AzureScapegoat The Deprogram podcast


**Actually Existing Socialism** *"A podcast dedicated to exploring, past, present, and future real world manifestations of Actually Existing Socialism by talking to those who've studied, lived in, or currently live in a socialist country*." **Some Suggested Episodes** [How Cuba, the USSR, and East Germany Ended Apartheid w/ Gerald Horne](https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/show/8d546709-2b54-498a-a29d-a0bde330a940/id/25666221) [Socialism v. Capitalism: The Empirical Data w/Howard Waitzkin](https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/show/8d546709-2b54-498a-a29d-a0bde330a940/id/23200622) [East Germany: Stasi State or Socialist Paradise? w/Bruni de la Motte](https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/show/8d546709-2b54-498a-a29d-a0bde330a940/id/24132624) [What Has Socialism Ever Done For Women? w/ Julia Mead](https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/show/8d546709-2b54-498a-a29d-a0bde330a940/id/23349440) [The American Soldier Who Defected to East Germany (Part 1) w/ Victor Grossman](https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/show/8d546709-2b54-498a-a29d-a0bde330a940/id/24590382) [Cuba's Socialist Democracy vs. America's Capitalist "Democracy" w/ Calla Walsh](https://directory.libsyn.com/episode/index/show/8d546709-2b54-498a-a29d-a0bde330a940/id/23761991)


I'm just a beginner, I watch Hakim and HasanAbi, though Hasan's streamer mannerisms are an acquired taste. One hidden gem is Innuendo Studios though. He doesn't talk socialism but his series "the alt right playbook" is actually fantastically produced anti-facist philosophy.


Season 10 of the Revolutions podcast is great. It covers in detail the 1905 and 1917 Russian revolutions (like 50+ hours of content) and includes an overview of a lot of various socialist ideologies leading up to the revolutions.


CCK Philosophy for some interesting deep dives into history and philosophy.


Jonas Ceika (cuck philosophy) and Plastic Pills are good for in depth theory videos.




Nah, still firmly socialist. And if you have a dollar to spare for the Patreon, his community is very chill and helpful. Always answering questions and providing resources. Or just hanging out.


I think they mean any others like him. Like, they're looking for recommendations similar to Second Thought.


Since she hasn't been mentioned yet, I would add Luna Oi! She's a Vietnamese citizen who does a lot of work to dispel myths about Vietnam from a communist perspective. Her partner NonCompete isn't bad either. He's definitely grown as a comrade over the years, so i would start with his more recent videos and work backwards. I recently came across Ben Norton who has a channel/podcast called Geopolitical Economy Report. So far, I've found his takes on current events to be fairly compelling. For some podcasts, I would recommend Marx Madness, which focuses on doing readings and analyses of various leftist authors. They started with Kapital, which they kind of summarize, but in later works, like Fanon's Wretched of the Earth, they essentially do a full reading with discussion. Then, if you like gardening/farming, Revolutionary's Garden has a lot of good advice and goes into the history of various agricultural practices from a Marxist perspective, with an emphasis on farming as organizing/anti-colonial work. Citations Needed pushes back against the propaganda of news media, with main episodes tackling topics like how media skews perceptions about unions and redlining, while they regularly put out shorter episodes about current events. Well There's Your Problem (also available on YouTube as a podcast with slides), does single topic deep dives into various engineering disasters, like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster. Not a lot of theory directly, but they're good at being accurate while also showing how often these disasters are the result of greed, deregulation, or pure ineptitude on the part of business moguls, and it's just damn entertaining. There's tons more, if you know where to look, and often between these channels/podcasts and the ones others have mentioned, they will have various guests come on which can lead to discovering more content.


Seconded for Well There’s Your Problem. They’re Berlin-Brandenburg Airport episode is hilarious.


These seem like some awesome recommendations thank you. Just watched my first Luna oi video on elections in Vietnam. Has definitely changed my view, I always thought they were some dictatorship. The others are all on the list of things to check out.


All the suggestions so far are good ones. [Also come watch me!](http://youtube.com/@comradeferret) Or don't. Probably don't.


Watched the lion king video. Great stuff lol. Subbed. Though I would say your ferret animation is giving me some uncanny valley vibes. Lol


Thanks! To both <3 (don't look in its eyes)


Will definitely check you out. Thank you!


Yo i recommend your channel and i didn't expect to see you here lol. I found you kinda recently because of your tooth and tail video


Thanks! And yeah, I'm here. I'll continue making a fool of myself on Reddit until I become internet famous.


I really like Hakim and HasanAbi


Even tho I’m a fan of Hasanabi I don’t think he is for everyone, but if you like edgier Marxist content I’d check him out.


I love hasan but his "controversies" and yelling at chat is a turn off for people. Leftovers is good, his political podcast with Ethan Klein is a lighter, funnier commentary.


Heres all i got: The marxist project, marxist paul, juche gang, thefinnishbolshevik, halim alrah, afromarxist, the black internationalist, innuendo studios, COLORmind, mexie, Tristan wont shut up, in defense of tucans, viki1999, khaija mbowe, jessie gender, turvarishch endymion, prolkult, swoletariat, tankie talk, redscaretv, in defense of communism, benji, socialism for all s4a, democraticsocialist01, marxist-leninist theory, anti slavery international, azurescapegoat, comrade ferret, fab socialism, the ushanka show, Balkan oddyssy, revolution and ideology, radical reviewer, better red than dead, anticonquista, luna io, and [book club commune](https://youtu.be/XIeXii9b8VU) but they only have an audio reading of the black bolshevik by harry haywood and i don't think they will be posting anything new


HasanAbi is a good choice but is definitely an acquired taste. I like Zoe Baker a lot too.


BadEmpanada, Second Thought and Shaun are my favorites.


Second thought is really well made and thought provoking, pun intended


Sam Sinha Hakim Dissident Theory The Marxist Project Lady Izdihar Halim Alrah The Finnish Bolshevik Caelan Conrad Bes D Marx BadEmpanada Politsturm DPRK Explained Torvarishch Endymion Liberation News


Since a lot of people have already mentioned some of the bigger ones, I'll go with some smaller ones. [Fredda](https://www.youtube.com/@FreddaYT) makes video game and history related content. Unspecified tendency but pretty clearly a Marxist. [GETchan](https://www.youtube.com/@GETchan) is probably not exactly what you're looking for, but they upload socialist/communist music from across the entire world. Really neat channel! [ChemicalMind](https://www.youtube.com/@chemreac.) makes videos related to communist(mostly Soviet, so far) history along with some other socialist content. They do great research and their videos are well worth watching. I'd recommend their [Beardtube](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oYsTRlVbzu8) video as it recommends tons of great Marxist youtubers. EDIT: Got so excited to talk about some of my favorite channels that I forgot one! [Bes D. Marx](https://www.youtube.com/@BesDMarx) is a relatively new and steadily growing channel. I'd specifically recommend their video on the rise of fascism in Italy.


Fredda recently stated his political views, though before you kinda had to pick up on it


Oh he did? I must've missed it


Our Changing Climate is great for an anti-capitalist approach to climate change. That channel is the reason I ended up here in the first place.


*It could happen here* is a socialist/anarchist news podcast, I highly recommend it.


Well Hakim and Yugopnik and the Deprogram is good. Marxist Paul was good but I think he changed the name.


Not Vaush, thats for sure.


Can't believe noone has mentioned Beau of the Fifth column yet And Mexie


Might be the human trafficking thing for Beau


he went to prison for that. he's been out a long time. while people shouldn't get "a pass" for crime, i do think that, someone who does the good that Beau does, both with his help with disaster relief, and the message he spreads, we can see and appreciate his progress, and understand that he works for a good cause. what's the point of wanting rehabilitation for criminals if we don't move forward from their crimes when they have rehabilitated?


a nice one that's a bit on the more extreme side would be Midwestern Marx, I don't agree with all of his stances but I like a lot of them.


Midwestern Marx is a good one


Breadtubers: [Anark](https://invidious.namazso.eu/channel/UC1CjJYTUeor8EUFsbgwu5TQ) [Zoe Baker](https://invidious.namazso.eu/channel/UC3FD64RRsrCLpiZNkq7ZkSg) [Skeptical Leftist](https://yewtu.be/channel/UCIw_d_Ek2L2KNjgT5H7ObdA) [Three Arrows](https://yewtu.be/channel/UCCT8a7d6S6RJUivBgNRsiYg) [Unicorn Riot](https://yewtu.be/channel/UCeHbMlHDec5NmJfiQXMYGXQ) [Renegade Cut](https://yewtu.be/channel/UC9infsKo33_2LUoiqXGgQWg) [Queer Armorer](https://yewtu.be/channel/UCPziNJJjKwfAx3dA5-u1HOA), [Tactical GF](https://yewtu.be/channel/UCrf47t3Id9HEpO5R6Icn4kQ), and [In Range TV](https://yewtu.be/channel/UCeUNM9NqJqZXfRNeuW4_2sg) for firearms and training related. -- Podcasts: Pretty much anything on [Channel Zero Network](https://channelzeronetwork.com/) like: [It's Going Down](https://itsgoingdown.org/category/podcast/) [Crimethinc](https://crimethinc.com/podcasts/the-ex-worker) [Final Straw Radio](https://thefinalstrawradio.noblogs.org/) [Live Like the World Is Dying](http://www.liveliketheworldisdying.com/) [Working Class History](https://workingclasshistory.com/category/podcast/) [Sub Media](https://sub.media/) [Coffee with Comrades](https://coffeewithcomrades.com/)


Continue with reading books. Youtube and podcasts are wastes of time beyond a very short point. All they'll do in the end is just kill your attention span for actual learning.


Nah just depends what your watching/listening to. is it brain rot like debating right wingers or is it [an audiobook of the black bolshevik](https://youtu.be/XIeXii9b8VU) or some other learning based channel


By "youtube" i meant youtubers who are making "content" specifically for youtube. Fair point on audiobooks though. Theres still no substitute for actual concentrated reading and taking notes. 500 hours of watching youtubers/listening to podcasts isnt worth 5 hours of that. Leftists should have more intellectual respect for themselves and their time.


The Best of the Left Podcast initially got me into left wing politics. Its basically a clips aggregator podcast, organized by topic. I was introduced to a lot of content creators through it.


I've been recommended [BreakThroughNews](https://www.youtube.com/@BreakThroughNews) lately, I'd recommend it myself.


FD Signifier. Not theory-heavy, more social-cultural-political critique. From a cishet Black American man’s perspective that is pro-choice, anti-racist, pro-feminism, pro-trans, etc. To me he is very thoughtful, down-to-earth, humble. I can barely watch Hasan bc there is enough brashness in the world (I believe they are YT friends/are cool with each other) that I need a break from, and FD Signifier is so chill and pleasant to listen to. I feel like he is a strong role model for young men today.


I don't see Perspective Philosophy mentioned so far. He's not theatrical, though, just talks


Revolutionary Blackout Network & Black Power Media


https://youtube.com/@MrReco12 Democratic Marxist is another good one.


the Adam friedland show is a great center-left podcast!


Second Thought makes good content


The best one is: second thought


I can recommand the channel "The Filmanalysis". It a german youtuber called "Wolfgang M. Schmitt" and he does ideology-critical analysis of movies in english. I don't know if he would call himself a socialist but he is a marxist for sure. He read about Marx and is highly influcend by Marxs analysis of capitalism. He also does podcast but they are in german but I checked the english subtitels and they are fine. So if you want to give it a try, the podcasts name are "Wohlstand für Alle" or "Die Neuen Zwanziger". Just write them in Youtube. If you have question, just ask me and else, have fun!


Andrewism and philosophy tube is my personal favorites tbh, hasan is good for casual watching


depends on what content you want to see apart from those already mentioned (Hakim, Yugopnick, Richard Wolf and his Democracy at Work channel) there is Bad Empanada that makes amazings videos about history of different subjects, Viki1999, Marxist Paul, halim alrah and the finish bolshevik are also good channels to check.


Podcast of the Lotus Eaters


Checkout @jysexton and his podcast. While definitely not ML or even socialist he is a good anti imperialist. Has had two books published American Rule expose on us imperialism and The Midnight kingdom,m how the rich have used conspiracies for a 1000 years to maintain their rule his podcast called Muckrake podcast. Occasionally has a life Q&A on Sundaysq l.I've Q& A . His new books on audible and shorter talks on youtube


Oh, Politsturm International. Seems very well researched and high quality short videos that respect your time.


The deprogram fs, a podcast