Kentucky SRA

Hello all! After searching around and a lot of unanswered emails and messages, I'm coming to the conclusion that the Kentucky chapter of the SRA is defunct. Any SRA members or fans or just left minded folks in the Central KY/Lexington area looking to get some range time? I would love some more folks to shoot with that don't test my tolerances by making me overlook their right wing bumper sticker ideologies.


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Not in Kentucky but I sympathize with you big time bud. Rural Midwest has a lot of right wing weirdos


Hoosier here, got the same old shit here in Indiana.


I have also looked into this in the same area and been disappointed. If you want someone to shoot with send me a private message.


Howdy! I’m in Kentucky too, not central though. Communication really slid off during covid. Happy to see others are still around/joining.


The chapter did go inactive, I believe. HOWEVER, if you join the SRA and four other members are interested, they can petition to have the chapter reinstated.


Yeah, I'm in Louisville, and I tried to join officially right after the last chapter in KY folded.


Lexington area here


Southern Indiana here, literally less than an hour from Owensboro KY.


Elizabethtown here.