Buy once cry once


1850 has a BL of 30, 185C001 has a BL of 21. For horn loading you generally want a higher BL. Take a look at the "scoop compatible drivers..." thread on FSP: [https://forum.speakerplans.com/scoop-compatible-drivers\_topic65235\_page1.html](https://forum.speakerplans.com/scoop-compatible-drivers_topic65235_page1.html) lots of good info on scoop drivers there.


yep, BL is king. Like torque with the engines. More = better.


Fane 18XB sound wicked in super scoops, deep and warm...just watch the power though you cant thrash them.


Yeah we use them too, absolutely love the sound!


Haha, "can't see the forest for the trees" is also an idiom in English! In my opinion, since the driver selection is entirely dependent on your choice of enclosure, I wouldn't think too hard on it if you're not experienced in horn speaker design. Just find out what other people run in those cabs and use them. I built a pair of Keystones years back, and the guy who designed them had done pretty thorough testing (objective and subjective) of several drivers in the same enclosure. There were frequency response plots, power draw, and all. It made choosing very easy. I wouldn't have felt comfortable building them unless I had that information available.


Why do you want to build scoops?


> PD 185C001 >-> Looks to me to be better in every regard than the PD1850 Actually the the 1850 is the best in almost every regard. Based on the price difference I had assumed that the other two would have a somewhat lower Xmax, but this is only really the case for the Fane driver, while both the 185C001and the Fane sacrifice some motor strength, reflected by the higher Qes. The power rating of the 1850 is slightly, though likely insignificantly, lower, but that's about it's only drawback. For horn speakers a lower Qes is almost always preferable. For bass reflex and closed boxes a bit higher Qts, coinciding with a higher Qes, can sometimes be beneficial for a flatter frequency response although the gains compared to a lower Q driver would be based on resonant loading, reducing precision a bit. I don't know which driver the scoops where originally designed for, but I'd only consider other ones with very similar or better TS parameters unless I had verified the design with a "worse" driver in HornResp to see if the frequency response and cone excursion at my intended power and low frequency extension are still acceptable. That being said, there are probably other drivers that are comparable to the 1850, or even better, and may still have a better price.


>That being said, there are probably other drivers that are comparable to the 1850, or even better, and may still have a better price. In Germany, a lot of people are using Oberton 18XB1500 in super scoops. Spec wise, they come very close to the PD, but with higher power handling.


B&C NW100